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For our second #HouseBeer we discuss the No.1 selling Indiana IPA, Daredevil Brewing Lift Off American IPA. We dive deep into the history of Lift Off, compare it to the BJCP style guide, and tell you why it's a beer that should always be in your refrigerator..

After that we get into what we've been drinking and where we've been drinking. Lots of different beers and breweries covered in this episode including, Black Acre Brewing, Ash & Elm Cider, Sun King Brewery, and Heretic Brewing.


With a recent change in ownership, Fountain Square Brewery is hitting the refresh button on their branding. We sit down with their President Brad Smith and head brewer Mike Grap to discuss the rebranding, what fears accompany a rebranding, and what's on the horizon for the brewery. And don't worry, none of the beloved beers will be rebranded, but be on the lookout for a few surprises (barrel aged beer anyone?) in the near future!

Beers on the show:

Fountain Square Brewing Saison Dujour

Fountain Square Brewing Barrel Aged Backyard Porter


On this episode we learn all about hop farming from Ross Sorensen and Nick Reutter, owners of Land Locked Hops in Loda, IL. It was an interesting conversation because they didn't hold back on the difficulties of starting a very small hop farm, 1/8th acre. They've since purchased an 80-plus acre plot of land to expand their hop yard up to 5 acres. We also learned how hard being 100 percent organic in hop farming is, whether a brewery makes good beer or not matters to them when selling their hops, and why they both love Comet hops so much.

During the show we sample several beers that Ross and Nick brought from Illinois. One included their hops and the other were beers from one of their favorite breweries.

Beers on the Show:

Monarch Brewing Company - Allerton Amber (Cascade hops from Land Locked Hops)

Marz Community Brewing - Cloudy Boyz NEIPA

Marz Community Brewing - May 1968 Saison

Marz Community Brewing - Jungle Boogie with Mango Pale Wheat Ale


Here it is, our first House of Beers episode! We started off with the king of Indiana house beers, Sun King Brewing Sunlight Cream Ale. With the rise of barrel aged, hazy, and fruited beers, we decided to take our listeners back to the roots of craft beer with a dive into the history of Sunlight.

Dustin then regales us with his tales from Boston, including trips to Trillium Brewing, Tree House Brewing, Aeronaut Brewing, Harpoon Brewing, Idle Hands Brewing, and Night Shift Brewing.

To wrap up the show, we discuss our trip to Monticello, IN which included a stop at Whyte Horse Winery and Kopacetic Beer Factory for their May the 4th Be With You event where we got to sample their new bottle release, Russian for Maple. Flat12 Bierwerks, Fountain Square Brewing, and Burn 'Em Brewing also made an appearance at the event.

While Dustin was gallivanting in Boston, Matt sat down with Sean Webster, owner of Monon Beverage. They talked about his company, the importance of cleaning beer lines, selling beer, and imbibed on beers and ciders from companies that work with Monon Beverage.

No guest this week but we brought beer! While sampling beers from Triptych Brewing and local homebrewers The Brothers Grissom we discuss our separate trips to Michigan and Washington D.C., ponder when a flavored beer is no longer considered a beer, and announce our new podcast, House of Beers, that will be dropping in our feed soon.

We traveled to McClure's Orchard in Peru, IN to imbibe with Jason McClure, the man behind their cider and wine program. Jason educated us on the history of the orchard, how his family came to own it, and the different kind of apples they grow. From there, we learned how those apples are turned into cider, how a cider's vintage is similar to a wine's vintage, and about the insane laws the wine industry has. Grab your favorite cider, a pair of headphones, and come imbibe with us!


Chance Hoover the Beermonger for Goose the Market was nice enough to imbibe with us this episode. We learned more about his journey from a server to a butcher to the beermonger, how a butcher shop created a go-to beer cellar, and sampled some of their best available libations.


Brooklyn Brewery - Cloaking Device

Bruery Terreux - Ngongo

To ├śl - Mr. Blonde 2018 Edition

Taxman Brewing - Red Wine Qualified

Assistant brewer/film director Joshua Hull joins us on Scarlet Lane Brewing's Dorian Day to talk all things Dorian Stout, how he went from managing restaurant kitchens to brewing beer, and whats on the horror-izon for the brewery.

On this episode, we imbibe with Jimmy Misner, head brewer of Door 4 Brewing, and his wife Karalee. We learn about Jimmy's home brewing career, how he made the immediate transition to head brewer, and sample some of his libations.

On this week's episode, we speak with Jason Tapp, owner of Greek's Pizzeria & Tapp Room in Franklin, IN. Jason has created an amazing partnership with Greek's Pizzeria, one that features not only their famous pizza but 30 taps of legitimate craft beer from all over the country. What makes Jason's taproom unique is his ability to procure top-of-the-line libations like Founders KBS & CBS, Goose Island BCBS, and plenty of 3 Floyd's Zombie Dust. He's gone even a step-further by offering one-of-a-kind services like selling kegs to customers. Find out more about the Tapp Room and Jason's plans for the future.

We traveled to Franklin, IN to visit the River City Winery Franklin Tasting Room. There we chatted with owner Brian Alvey about the winery, why they opened a tasting room, why they chose Franklin, and learned more about the wine they produce.

Ant Blair, the face of Craft Picks TV, drops by to imbibe and chat about his journey into craft beer media. His story starts back in the 80's but it wasn't until last year that he found his true calling. With a background in marketing, Blair shares the knowledge he has gained on how to create and market your content. He also brought a treasure trove of beers (Sip of Sunshine, M-43, Foggy Nuggets, and many more) for us to imbibe on throughout the episode.

We traveled to St. Peters, MO to sit down with Abbey Spencer of Third Wheel Brewing. Abbey explained how she got her start in the industry, started homebrewing, and was then asked to be head brewer of Third Wheel without any professional experience. Throughout the conversation we sample the beers that Abbey brews and learned that most of them were her homebrew recipes, which by tasting them helped explain how she was snatched up without needing any professional brewing experience. Yes, they were that good.

James Dulhanty of Kitto Insurance dropped by with Russian River Pliny the Elder and 18th Street Candy Crushable so we let him tell us more about his unique adventure into the brewery insurance game. We also discuss Dog Fish Heads mace beer and pop open a few cans of beer from Michigan thanks to a recent trade with our new friend, Jake.

Amanda Lewton (owner) and Jack Sramek (brewer) from Tin Man Brewing Kokomo joined us to talk about the brewery, their background in the industry, and the unique situation they found themselves in when Tin Man Evansville went up for sale last year. They also brought six beers, including 2016 & 2017 Barrel Aged Csar Russian Imperial Stout.

Lyndon Smith and Rob Seivert from Cedar Grove, NC-based Botanist & Barrel joined us to talk about their wines and ciders. Lyndon and Rob had the distinct honor of being our first non-Indiana guests and unfortunately, the opening seconds came out distorted thanks to the software we were using. However, the rest of the episode is great. We learned a lot about their techniques, the blueberry farm they own, and the six cider/wine samples they sent us. So grab a drink and come imbibe with us!

On this episode, we visit with our current Beer of the Month sponsor, Kopacetic Beer Factory. Owner Sean Manahan let us taste several new beers he was working on; we learned about the impressive number of Indiana beers he had on tap in 2017; and we tried his first bottled beer, Murkules.

On Thursday, December 7, Moontown Brewing Company hosted an Indiana on Tap Tasting Society event. We made our way to Whitestown, IN to see how the new brewery was coming together. During the show we spoke with friends of the pod, Kelsey and Kevin Groover, Moontown's owners and brewers Bobby Mattingly and Cody Peczkowski, and IOT founder Justin Knepp. Tune in to find out more about the brewery, their beers, and an interesting contest Indiana on Tap is currently holding.


We are lucky enough to know Kevin Boyd, sales rep for Indiana City Brewing and amazing beer photographer who runs Drinking Craft. You have likely met Kevin at one of Indiana City's tasting events and you have likely seen his photographs on Instagram. On this episode he teaches us what goes into his breathtaking photographs and what life as a brewery sales rep is really like.

A big thanks to Kopacetic Beer Factory for sponsoring this episode! Make sure you check them out in Monticello, IN and let them know that Barrel Chat sent you!

Beers this episode:

Kopacetic Beer Factory Porter's Porter

Cerebral Brewing DDH Rare Trait

Finback Brewing Whale Farm

Great Divide Brewing Chai Yeti

8 Wired Brewing Company Bumaye

AverIy Brewing Company Tweak


It's our first official episode and Shawn Kessel, shift brewer for Taxman Brewing Company, was nice enough to be our first guest. His journey into the craft beer world started with homebrewing. That passion led him to working with the top homebrewing store in Indiana, Great Fermentations. Thanks to a chance encounter while working at the homebrew shop, Kessel became the head brewer for Grand Junction Brewing, a startup brewing in Westfield, IN at the time. His time at Grand Junction ended not as he would have liked, but it ultimately led to his employment with Taxman Brewing and he says he couldn't be happier.

Thanks to our Kopacetic Beer Factory for sponsoring this episode! Make sure you check them out in Monticello, IN and let them know Barrel Chat sent you!

Beers on the show:

Kopacetic Beer Factory Porter's Porter

Taxman Brewing Royalty

Taxman Brewing Tax Holiday

Taxman Brewing Barrel Aged Deduction

Taxman Brewing 2017 Evasion


What is Barrel Chat? It's a podcast dedicated to learning more about the individuals who move the craft alcohol industry forward. That includes, owners, brewers, distillers, winemakers, assistants, sales reps, and those who have created businesses to support their craft alcohol-centric industry.

This episode is a teaser...well more of an episode since it's 41 minutes long, but we talk about our ambitions with the podcast and begin the journey by drinking lots of barrel aged beers.

Beers on the show:

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Beer Geek Brunch

Indiana City Brewing Udder Annihilation

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2016

Wolf Ridge Brewing Dire Wolf Rum Line


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