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Two guys talking about craft beer in Ontario, Canada and around the world, getting inside, to the guts, of the industry. Featuring different segments including news, beer school, interviews, unique beer reviews, plus fun, games and much much more.



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Episode 6 - Beer and Beef Jerky

In this episode we catch up and talk beer trades, learn about a new beer and location from Steam Whistle, plus a couple of breweries getting some government funding, a looking on the lighter side of beer, and the 5th Annual Albino Rhino Beer Festival; a beer festival giving to a good cause (Tickets HERE).


We'll also talk about about our beers of the night, Amber 6.6 from Skeleton Park in Kingston, Ont., and a big pilsner right from Poland, plus we'll give them a Haiku Beer Review.


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In this episode:

In the news:

Also discussions on the cancellation of the CanAm Beer Festival, and talk of beers with outside the box ingredients, plus haiku beer reviews on beers from Nickel Brook Brewing and Cameron's Brewing.


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In this episode:

News about the Ontario Goverment giving tips on how to start a brewery, Niagara College's new Brew Academy, Steamwhistle joing forces with Golf Canada, and the Can-Am Beer Festival.


Plus Haiku Beer Reviews of Ace Hill Vienna Lager and Bench Brewing Citra Grove Dry Hopped Sour, along with a Beer Guts Beer School Class on the origins of a delicious summer beer, the Radler.


In this episode we talk about the government doling out grants to Ontario breweries, beer's connection to the 2018 Winter Olympics, and a look at Beer Canada's Ax the Beer Tax campaign and why it might all be nonsense.


We also take a visit to beer school and give our #haikubeerreview for a Stigel Grapefruit Radler and Big Rig Brewing's Midnight Kissed My Cow stout.



In this Episode:


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A look back at the 2018 Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival


Haiku Beer Reviews

Mystery Beer Game

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What's in this episode?



Nickel Brook Funk Lab and Mystery Pack News

How to Buy Beer in Your 

Seven Word Beer Reviews

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