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Join us each Friday evening as we explore the rich American history of booze and bootlegging from the early days of prohibition through the new craft beer and spirits craze that has taken the country on by storm today, along with our own tales of drunkenness and debauchery.



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The gang from Wolfoos, Digital Wolf, Putt’s and the music man, Ike Guitar, are still drinking and carrying on with the Pigs at Putt’s Bar & Grill in Rochester, Indiana.   Drinks and conversation flowed on, so the mics kept on for your listening entertainment.  Thanks again to owner Monica Ann for hosting another afternoon of fun and thanks to Ike aka Kelly Isenhower for lending us some tunes to start and take us out of this episode.   Tune in for the second installment of the boys’ most recent trip to Putt’s and then be sure to make your way in for a few drinks and laughs with a great local crowd any day of the week.   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate. Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.    Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 4/9/2021

The boys had a great time once again at Putt’s Bar & Grill in Rochester, Indiana.   Great friend and pimp, Jessica Shafer sits in as Co-host for a fantastic show she once again set up for the Pigs. Local musician and heartthrob, Mr. Kelley Isenhower tells stories from the road and the guys of Wolfoose quenches their thirst with some of their tasty craft brews and talk about their unique craft beer business.   Our favorite co-host, Jessica, who is always up to great things, gets into what’s new and what’s coming around the bend for Rochester and its many local artists.   And of course, dear friend and gracious host for the night’s fun, Putt’s owner Monica Ann talks Putt’s and some of it’s many great things that makes it the best place to be for cold suds, scrumptious food, and welcoming staff and patrons for a great time, anytime.   Grab a craft brew and enjoy Part One of this two part funtastic day at Putt’s.     Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Evan Williams;  Black Circle;  The Native Nook;  Digital Wolf;  The Record Farm; and special thanks to those other Indy animals, The Dead Squirrels for the use of their tune, When You Fall   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate. Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.    Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 3/27/2021

Pauly G, Dougy Fresh, Cowboy and the boss, Mrs. Cowboy got silly drinking lagers and chatting about everything except the night’s topic of old time rock n roll.    Pauly’s early sidetrack on an awkward spa day took the night in a whole different direction.  But some great lagers, old and new craft fueled some fun beer and oddball conversations.    Shout outs include:  Carlsberg Beer;  Broad Ripple Brewpub;  Primeval  Brewing;  Chilly Water Brewing Co.;  Moontown Brewing Company;  Lakefront Brewery;  Mobcraft Beer; Crasian Brewing Company;   Metazoa Brewing Company;  Elm Street Brewing Co.;   Blind Pig Bourbon Bed and Breakfast;     After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate. Cheers!   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 3/13/2021

A bit soused and surly after hours home show with Pauly G, Dougy Fresh, Jerry, Ryan, and while he lasted, Mr. Kluck.   Conversation goes in many directions as the boys pick on one another as well as standup comedians while they drain some craft brews from Adroit Theory, pFriem, and Hardywood.  Get buzzed, then tune in for more drunken tales from the Pigs.    Shout outs include:  MobCraft; Blend Bar; and Coot Crabtree   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate. Cheers!   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 2/19/2021

The boys first brew fest since the pandemic was hosted by their good friends at 10-56 Brewing in Knox, Indiana.  Their 2nd Annual Torn in the Corn was a special one for the boys since not only were they covering this highly anticipated event, but they also released their own Hulabrew Pineapple Porter brewed in collaboration with 10-56.   An incredible fall day with live music from JohnnyV and some stellar, area craft liquids.  Tune in for some beer drinking and great conversations with some of folks from the breweries in attendance for the day including Windmill, Viking Artisan Ales, Wildrose Brewing,  Vern from Chesterton Brewing (and amazing BBQ), Tom from Craisians, and of course, Mike and Erica of 10-56 to help the boys close out the show after a fantastic day.    Shout outs include:  Hop Station Craft Bar;  Four Fathers Brewing;  Coffin Coffee Company;  Ironwood Brewing Company;  Elm Street Brewing Co.;  Kopacetic Beer Factory;  Big Woods West Lafayette; and Aftermath Cidery & Winery   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate. Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.    Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 1/30/2021

A BPC North home show with Dougy Fresh, Pauly G, Kluck, Jerry, and Ryan featuring some delicious from Tavour brews from Freemont Brewing and Perennial Artisan Ales, along with Metazoa Brewing Company of Indianapolis, Indiana. Some fine brews are shared and the laughs, as always, are quickly followed as the boys chat up some of their favorite South Bend/Mishawaka hot spots, Hopstation, and the brand new Fatbird for all you foodies out there.    Shout outs include:  1205 Distillery;  Adam Lepper;  Founders Brewing Co.;  Indiana Whiskey;  Brewdog;  Barehands;  18th Street Brewery;  Fiddler’s Hearth;  Anchorage Brewing;  City-Wide Liquors;  Three Floyds, and Hoplore Brewing   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate. Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.    Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 1/16/2021

Enjoy a drunken, geeky, adult brew show from the vault. The boys were already three sheets to the wind when they turned on the mics for this one. Great craft beer, Star Wars, and inappropriate conversations for your listening pleasure. Cheers!   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate. Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.    Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 11/21/2020

One of the boys first Wisconsin craft crushes was on one of the many fabulous brews from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee.  So they made it their mission to be sure to get into Lakefront on their recent trip the cheese state.   Treated like beer stars, the boys were warmly greeted and enjoyed an afternoon of wonderous craft brews and mouth watering food while recording a show with Russ and Michael, the Front’s owner and brand manager.   Beer up and tune in as the boys were guided down the brewery’s historical, craft beer award winning path and make it a point to visit and indulge at the Lakefront Brewery the next time you’re near Milwaukee.     Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Bier Brewery;  Kopacetic;  Great Lakes Distillery;  and The Guardian Brewing Co.   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 11/7/2020

Day two of the Pigs recent retreat to Milwaukee, Wisconsin the boys met the Willie Wonka’s of the craft brew scene at the wild and wonderful MobCraft.  Co Founder and brewer, Henry Schwartz, took some time out of his busy schedule to hang out with the Pigs and enjoy an amazing plethora of, some crazy, but all delicious craft brews.   Grab a few cold suds and tune in to hear about how Henry and Andrew got things rolling and a wicked fun crowd sourcing beer program which you could be a part of.   Shout out in this week’s episode include:  Valentine Coffee Roasters;  Milwaukee Pretzel Company;  Milwaukee Girls Pint Out;  Left Hand Brewing Company;  Primeval Brewing;  1205 Distillery;  Great Lakes Distillery and Ross Salchow   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.    Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 10/23/2020

We are only a week away from the 2nd Annual Torn in the Corn BrewFest hosted by 10-56 Brewing in Knox, Indiana.  To prepare for this grand occasion we recently got together with our good friends and owners/brewers of 10-56, Mike and Erica Hemphill, to brew a special holiday brew to release at the event.  A wicked porter was mashed and will soon be spun into a pineapple Hulaween surprise for your tasting pleasures.  Tune in to hear the boys as they brew up a holiday porter and talk beer shop as they enjoy some cold suds with Mike and Erica.  Then be sure to snatch your tickets up and join us next Saturday, October 24th, at Torn in the Corn.  Ten breweries, live music, and lots of fun to be had.      Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Ironwood Brewing Co.;  Crasian Brewing Company;  Mad Anthony Brewing;  The Chesterton Brewery;  Windmill Brewing;  Wildrose Brewing Company;  Viking Artisan Ales;  Aftermath Cidery & Winery;  Running Vines Winery;  HopLore Brewing;  Sick N Twisted Brewing Co.;  Harvest Hosts;  Hop Station Craft Bar;  Kopacetic Beer Factory;  and Josh Garbison   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate. Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.    Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 10/16/2020

Part 2 of Great Lakes Distillery where we continue our adventures with the all-knowing Guru of Alcohol Ross Salchow. The first show focused on the core spirits that everyone is familiar with. This one takes you down a rabbit hole to the more obscure, lesser known spirits. We dive deep into some Brandy, and even a spirit made from pumpkin beer. Find out more about the wonderful days of the Gin Holes, great Wisconsin prohibition history, and some very strange and unusual cocktails that you can enjoy.

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Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 10/3/2020

The Pigs saddle up, brave the pandemic, and head north to Milwaukee Wisconsin. This episode is the first stop on the tour and takes us to a craft distillery nestled on the corner of 6th and West Virginia in Milwaukee. We head down to the production room in the distillery where we meet up with Ross Salchow, a man of many talents and a wealth of knowledge about booze, prohibition, and Wisconsin history. This show is all about the amazing liquors that Great Lakes Distillery produces but also takes us back to our roots as we discuss prohibition and alcohol history. We even get educated on some fun Wisconsin history during our visit. Did you know that Wisconsin has an infamous Pirate? What about a famous Madame? This started as a stop to do an hour show and turned into an epic 3 hour adventure and a 2 part show.  Once you listen you will get hooked and the cliff hanger will have you waiting for Part 2.   Shout Outs: Mobcraft; Kopacetic; Leininkugels; Anderson’s Maple Syrup; CompassBox   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate.  Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.  

Publish Date: 9/18/2020

We were stoked to be able to brew a beer with our good friends at the Kopacetic Beer Factory in celebration of our 5th year anniversary.  It was released to the public last Friday at One Eyed Jack’s in Winamac and we had the pleasure of having owner, Michael Kasten, join us for some drinks and convo.  As always the conversation hits numerous subjects including beers and sports along with everything Jack’s has to offer including an over-the-top 500 Beer and Liquor Club.   Grab a cold one, tune in, and then stop in at Jack’s to try a brew from one of, if not the largest, craft beer selections in Indiana.   We are pleased to also be serving our collaboration brew, 5-Kubed, with Kopacetic at their home in Monticello, the Riverside Pub & Restaurant in Monticello, and of course One Eyed Jack’s in Winamac.     After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 8/28/2020

Part two of our brew day at the Kopacetic Beer Factory brought friends, Steve Miller of the Hailstorm Brewing Co. and local craft brew aficionado Wayne Horn to join the growing buzz around the table.   Tune in for more brewology and laughs and don’t miss the release of the mighty DBIPA, 5-Kubed, the boys brewed that day being tapped at One Eyed Jack’s tonight.     Shout outs include:  Dovetail Brewery;  Binny’s;  Brokerage Brewing Company;  Jonathon Mullens;  People’s Brewing Company; Escape Velocity Brewery;  18th Street Brewery;  Metazoa Brewing Company;  Pipeworks Brewing Company;  Hop Station Craft Bar   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 8/14/2020

The boys had the honor of brewing a Double IPA with Dr. Hopenstein himself, Sean Manahan, at his kick ass brewery in Monticello, Indiana for a special release for the Pigs recent five year anniversary.   Joining in on the fun was owner and head brewer, Tom Bulington of the Crasian Brewing Company in Brookston, In for part one of a crazy brew day.  Tune in for beer shop talk with lots of laughs and good tips for fellow home brewers.    Shout outs include:  Sierra Nevada;   Jonathon Mullens and Broad Ripple Brewpub;  Josh Miller;  The Guardian Brewing Co.;  and Indiana City Brewing   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 7/31/2020

Pauly G and Dougy Fresh were joined by dear friend, Jessica Shaffer of Digital Wolf, to help co-host the show in downtown Rochester, Indiana at a local favorite, Putt’s Bar and Grill with new owner, Monica Ann. Putt’s may have the moniker of a biker bar, but it’s really a place for all to come and meet new and old friends, play a game of pool, enjoy the best burger in town, and wash it down with a cold brew or cocktail.  We even had the pleasure of meeting a pirate during our visit.   Monica has done made some renovations during the recent shutdown to give Putt’s a fresh new look.  All are welcome and we promise a good time while you’re there.     Shout outs in this episode include:  Schnabeltier;  Rick Garrett;  robert rolfe fedderson;  Total Head Case;  Three Floyds Brewing;  WROI 92.1 GIANT fm;     After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 7/24/2020

Dougy Fresh and Pauly Gee Wiz donned a couple masks and made it down to one of the brewing staples of Indianapolis, Indiana City Brewing, for a warm and hazy afternoon filled with good conversation, laughs, and of course, great craft beer.   Tune in to this week’s episode as the boys meet with founder Ray Kamstra as he fills their tummies with some scrumptious brews and tells them about the birth of Indiana City and some pretty amazing history of the spacious and homey building.   Whether you’re looking for a spot to hold your next party, or just a cozy spot downtown to have a delicious cold brew and meet new friends, Indiana City Brewing is the place to go.   Shout outs include:  Head Brewer, Nick Shadle;  Crazy Horse Hops;  Indy Brew Bus;  Brew and Grow;  Old Nation Brewing Co.;  Half Acre Beer Company;  Hubbard & Cravens Coffee and Tea;  Journeyman Distillery;  Great Fermentations of Indiana; The Chesterton Brewery;  Bootleg Biology;  and Briarsratch Brewing   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 7/17/2020

The boys missed their Uncle Jerry, so we traveled down to the 65th street location. Uncle Jerry and Ace join us for our triumphant return to the Bier Brewery. We have some great beer conversation and talk about surviving Covid when you are a brewery.  Ace (The new Bier Brewery Spokesman) hops on for a while with us as well. Miller’s first trip to Bier Brewery and he may have actually orgasmed when he got a sip of his favorite beer fresh on tap. Uncle Jerry also puts the newbie in his place. Join us for a fun filled show. Cheers!

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Publish Date: 7/10/2020

This is a heartfelt, emotional tribute to one of the Great Blind Pigs. We really dive deep into our feelings on this one to send off one of our own to a new life. Yeah who are we kidding that’s not our style. Please join us on this episode to send off Hunter in true Blind Pig fashion. We drink some beers from Big Beach Brewery in Alabama where Hunter is off and running to, along with some Florida and local brews. It doesn’t take long for us to sidetrack off onto some great stories and memories. There might even be a quick moment between Miller and Hunter where they become besties. Cheers.

Shouts Outs: Big Beach Brewing Company; 3 Floyds Brewing; J. Wakefield Brewing; Heretic Brewing Company; Atamu Carroll

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Members of the Hopped Up Network . An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 6/26/2020

It’s been an obscene 2020 so far and they’ve been in hiding like most of the world, but the Pigs are back together to support craft beer and spirits once again.  Keeping it low key for the 1st show, the boys gather at the new Blind Pig Patio for some special brews and a special toast to some friends in the business.  But never fear(or maybe you should…), the Pigs will be hitting the towns, breweries, and distilleries to bring you the laughs and highlights while making more new craft friends around Indiana and our surrounding states.  Keep an eye out for upcoming shows at Putt’s Pub in Rochester, Jack’s in Winamac, and West Fork Whiskey just to name a few. So crack a cold one, stay safe out there, and tune in to the 1st show back in business. 

Publish Date: 6/19/2020

The Pigs attend the 5th annual Pie’s n Pint’s charity beer n pizza fest.

It is always a great time and our own kick off to spring. It is for the Arts for learning charity, so it is all for a great cause to keep the fine arts in our schools. This episode runs a little long but, hey, you have plenty of time right now to sit back relax and listen. We take a tour of the amazing breweries and pizza places that are at the event, along with some fun bantering between the pigs. Paulie G asks for some Hot Honey, Grandma Style after his Tickle Belly while Jordan does his Star Wars Nerd thing. Silent Griswold breaks his mold and speaks his mind, while Dougy Fresh gives us some great humor and gets some good jabs in on the boys.

Shout Outs:  Garfield Brewing, Bier Brewery, Blind Owl, Guggman House, Mash Craft, Circle City Kombucha, Tinker Coffee, The US Pizza Team, DJ Littletown, Moontown, Missing Brick, Brozzini, Donatos and special mentions of Tavour, Taxman, and Indiana City Brewing.


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Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 4/3/2020

Schnabeltier burst onto the scene making some fine wines and artisan cheese.  Recently they turned to a young brewer, Haley Lehman, who has helped them extend their reach into the craft scene with some fantastic craft beers.   Pauly G. and Dougy Fresh had a splendid afternoon with help from the day’s co-host, Jessica Shafer of Mixed Medium Design who talks about her Digital Wolf Network and new podcast.   Tune in to hear about these special people of the Rochester community and then pick up the latest copy of Digital Wolf Magazine and head over to Schnabelteir for a pint or glass of wine.   Shout outs include:  The Guardian Brewing Co.;  Bryce Hardesty;  WROI 92.1 GIANT fm;  The Chesterton Brewery;  Kopacetic Beer Factory   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 3/20/2020

This week the Pigs travel to Chesterton Indiana where they found a new home away from home at The Chesterton Brewery as they sampled a mouth watering array of brews with owner, Vernon Brown. They were surprised to not only find some fantastic beers being crafted, but some of the most amazing BBQ on the planet. They run into a local YouTube celebrity, Larry Carpenter of Beer-N-BBQ by Larry, who jumped on for a segment to talk shop as we enjoyed his collaboration brew with Chesterton, the tasty LarGaarden Wit.  An amazing place in a great community where you’ll quickly feel like family.  Tune in to hear more about Chesterton and how they give back to our nation’s vets donating to a new charity every month with proceeds from every pint. March charity is for Indiana Fallen Heroes, so get to The Chesterton  Brewery help our heroes while enjoying some craft brews and making new friends.    Shout outs include:  Bare Bones;  Burn ‘Em Brewing;  Primeval Brewing;  Elements Wine Bar;  Redemption Alewerks;  Black Circle Brewing Co.; Guardian Brewing;  and the Journeyman Distillery   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 3/6/2020

The boys take a break from the road to break in Paulie G’s new home.   As always when they don’t have to behave themselves, the wheels come off early and the booze quickly becomes the star of the show.   Thanks to Bloomington Brewing Company for sponsoring this episode and supplying some tasty craft brews.   Also showcased in this episode are some delicious, craft suds from The Fermentation Project and our beloved Taxman Brewing Company.   Shout outs:  Woodford Reserve;  Jim Bean;  BJ’s Brewhouse;  and Backstep Brewing Company   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 2/21/2020

An East Lansing Michigan(Go Green) brewery has made it’s way to Indianapolis and we couldn’t be happier.  Ellison Brewery has been quickly making a name for itself and rapidly expanding.  A few sips of their brews and you’ll know why.  Bold, crisp flavors while staying true to the styles make Ellison a delight for the most passionate of craft beer lovers.   We had the pleasure of spending a Sunday afternoon with one of the spirited mangers, Kevin, to dig a bit deeper into the brewery and much deeper into some fine craft beers.   Not only is the beer fantastic, but they have committed to pairing their beers with some outstanding food to keep you coming back for more. The great location within walking distance of so many great downtown spots, especially Lucas Oil, will make Ellison a must stop for many years to come.  Tune in, and then dive into Ellison Brewery.  Tell ‘em the Pigs sent ya.    After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 2/8/2020

Some of the boys gather at the Jordan house to take a trip around the land of cheese and bars. Wisconsin has long been known to have some great beer history. We had beers from all over dairy land, from Milwaukee to Madison and even everyone’s favorite Wisconsin Brewery New Glarus. We then jump through St Louis and end back in Indy. Hunter, Jordan, Griswold take you on a wild ride and we are joined by very special guest Dr. Robert Miller Esquire. Take a listen to some great banter and beer reviews. Sit back relax and pass the Butterfly farts.

Shout-outs: Bier Brewery, Schlafly, New Madison Brewing Company, Milwaukee Brewing Company, Lakefront Brewing, Brenner Brewing Company, One Barrel, New Glarus Brewing Co.

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Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 2/3/2020

Paulie G, Jordan, and Griswold travel home to Alley’s Alehouse and decide to have a night of Milkshake stouts. We go through the gamut of Milkshake beers from Rochester Mills Beer Co. We try some other beers along the way and have some great banter. Tune in to learn all about Alley’s, Milkshake beers, and our discerning pallets.  We talk some old days antics and just have a fun time at one of favorite places.

Shout outs in this week’s episode include: Rochester Mills Beer Co., Topling Goliath, Atamu Carroll, Corner Pocket and Craft Beer Emporium, TaxMan, Bier, Old Style, Hooters

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Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 1/17/2020

The wait is over.  Primeval Brewing has opened its door to the public . . . and the public has rejoiced. The boys have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Primeval owners and brewers, Tim Palmer and Nathan Compton, for a few years now from running into each other at craft beer festivals.  They have each jumped on a mic in the past to share their excitement about craft beer and the progress of opening their own place.  Indiana craft beer fans well know the special comradery within the Indiana craft beer business scene, so we don’t take it lightly when we say Tim and Nathan are a couple of the nicest, and most passionate gents in the scene.  We were rooting for them even before we were able to taste their beer.  But once we had a sample of their, soon to be famous Rauch My World, Rauchbier, it was all over for us.  We knew at that moment something special was brewing in downtown Noblesville.   Tune in to hear about this classy European-inspired craft brewery inspired by the classic beer styles of Germany, Britain, and Belgium as well Cowboy’s new quest to nitro . . . everything.  The masses flooded this German style beer hall on opening day and more keep coming as they hear about their tasty brews.   There is plenty of room and plenty of brew, so stop in today and tell them the Pigs sent ya.   Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Great Fermentations of Indiana;  the one and only Kevin Fertig;  Mike Partin;  Blichmann Engineering;  Alley’s Alehouse;  Backstep Brewing Company;  Ron Smith;  and Barley Island   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 1/10/2020

Once again camped out at the kick ass Hop Station Craft Bar in Mishawaka, In, the Pigs and friends spend time jarring some more with co-owner, Casey Stuber while co-owner and brother, DJ Stuber delivers non-stop goods to the table.  Brian Star Forsberg, Ryan Douglas, our main man Jimmy, and Josh Spencer (who will now be known as Local Joe) hang out for the day to share in magical brew delight that is always to be had any day of the week at the Hop Station.  We start the after noon with an area beer legend, Joe England of Bare Hands Brewery to talk beer and hopefully sneak a way in the backdoor to a Bare Hands show.   Tune in to hear more about what is, was, may be again on tap at the Hop, Warren’s real middle name, and Dougy Fresh’s bold, yet unfortunately easy preseason Lions football prediction.   Shout out include, but not limit to:  Burn ‘Em Brewery;  Decadent Ales;  Suntory Whisky;  and Journyman Distillery   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 11/22/2019

A tasty, craft beer fueled day indeed for all was had on a recent trip to the freshest hot spot in Mishawaka, Indiana, The Hop Station Craft Bar.   Dougy Fresh, Pauly Gee, The Huener, and Kluck spent the afternoon downing malts and barley with owner Casey Stuber and getting the smackdown of this fierce pub.   32 Taps of some of the best global craft beer in constant rotation.  Don’t drag your feet, beers this good don’t last long so be sure to stop in often to get a pint or snifter of what is on tap.  Plenty of canned brews and top notch bourbons also adorn the walls of this special place to please and quench any thirst.   While your enjoying your favorite booze juice there is plenty to do to keep you drinking and having fun from board games to killer throwback arcade games.   Get to Hop Station soon . . . you won’t want to leave.       Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Burn ‘Em Brewing;  Taxman;  The Bier Brewery;  Ash & Elm;  Rivertown Creek;  450 North Brewing;  The Porter Beer Bar;  Brew Link Brewing;  Kopacetic Beer Factory;  Grand Rapids Brewing Co.;  Founders Brewing;  Evil Twin Brewing;  Decadent Ales;  Old Nation Brewing Company;  Windmill Brewing;  Fantome Brewing;  Jonathon Mullens and Broad Ripple Brew Pub;  The Guardian Brewing Company;  HopLore Brewing;  Central State Brewing; Prized Pig BBQ;   Topping Goliath Brewery; Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House; Elm Street Brewing Company; and Untitled Art Brewing    After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 10/18/2019

Blind Pigs Pig Out at Alley’s Alehouse.

This show is brought to you by Captain Picard and an Inter-Dimensional Donkey’s Ass. You may have to listen to understand that one. In this episode it only takes Jordan 17 seconds to make a Sci-Fi nerd comment, and that catapults the group into an interesting conversation on all thing’s Sci-Fi. From Star Wars to Star Trek, DC to Marvel, and everywhere in between including the inter-dimensional donkeys’ ass. The boys do stop the Sci-Fi banter for a moment when the Burger parade brings the boys the new Blind Pig Burger created by Chef Larry. It is a burger that will change your life. Jordan, Hunter, Paulie G, Roberto, and Griswold all enjoy some great banter, food, and beers. What makes Griswold get giddy? Why does Pat have a surgeon on retainer? Who put a little wang in it? Take a listen and find out for yourself. Cheers.

Shout outs:  18th Street, 3 Floyds, Old Style, Upland, Kopacetic Beer Factory, Bell’s, Bier Brewery

After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at   


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Publish Date: 10/11/2019

Brews O’ Plenty flowed freely on a recent trip to the young Guggman Haus Brewing Co. in Indianapolis.  The 1st morning of Sunday football and the Brickyard was spent priming at the young Guggman.  They are an overnight success story who went from brewing in their basement, to opening their doors this past May, to winning Gold medals for their brews at the Indiana Brewer’s Cup.  They came into the scene blazing hot and we could taste why they were a judge and crowd favorite.    Tune in as owners and brewers, Derrick and Ryan, delight the Pigs with some delicious craft suds and talk about their humble beginnings to their already award winning brews.  They also jump on the Cowboy bandwagon for his plight to change the name of New England IPA’s.    Be sure to stop into this unique brewery in the city for a few pints and enjoy the outdoor seating and dog friendly atmosphere and make some new beer friends in Indy.    Shout outs include:  Mashcraft;  Scarlet Lane Brewing Company;  Black Circle Brewing Co.;  The Dead Squirrels; Sugar Creek Malk Co.;  Bier Brewery;  and Backstep Brewing Company   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 9/27/2019

One of our best friends in the business, the doctor of hops, Mr. Sean Manahan invited a couple Pigs to his house of craft beer pleasures, the Kopacetic Beer Factory in Monticello, Indiana for a special evening of drinks and conversation.   The place was crowded(as always) on the eve of 1st Annual Brews Cruise hosted by Kopacetic on the Madam Carroll on Lake Freeman.  Sixteen breweries will unite for an afternoon of live music on the open seas.  It was awesome to see other brewery friends joining us to pregame the night before at Kopacetic (be sure to check back in for a couple short segments with Crasian, Teays, and Backstep Brewing).  Tune in to this week’s episode to learn more about Kopacetic and how Sean is helping to grow the craft movement by bringing big beers to small town USA.  You’ll quickly understand why the community has embraced Kopacetic and why you need to get there as soon as you finish listening for some fantastic beers and awesome homestyle atmosphere.  The craft beer will get you there, and you’ll want to come back often to see what Sean has created as well as the great food from The Scoreboard and the many Indiana spirits that make your visit even more memorable.   Shout outs include:  People’s Brewing Company;  Everybody’s Brewing;  Tippy’s;  10-56 Brewing   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 9/20/2019

We return to our home away from home, Alley’s Alehouse. This show is all about collaboration beers. We take a trip around the Sun King 10-4 Good Buddy pack and get a little sidetracked on the way. We also have some pretty exciting things coming up on Blind Pigs. We discuss and stumble over the history of Alleys. We may have had a few since it opened. Take a listen to this episode and see what new things the boys have headed your way. We have Paulie G, Hunter, Griswold, and Jordan on this episode, and we are joined by the World Famous Power Drinker Miller, and the All Powerful OZ of Alleys the one and only Jack Vermillion.

Shout Outs: Sun King, Cigar City, Indiana City, Austin Brew Works, Claude and Annie’s, New Glarus, Rheingeist, Three Floyds,

After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 8/23/2019

Another relaxing home show guzzling brews with the boys.   Local comedian and beer lover, Jeremy Brown, joins the round table for an evening of beer and nonsense . . . a bit of hating on Budweiser(I know, what’s new?).   The boys kill and review numerous brews, some from their #1 craft beer delivery service, Tavour, and a few others from around the Midwest.   The show ends with a mighty chocolate boom from a California brew that was the highlight of the night. Crack a cold one, tune in, and then please go to and vote for The Blind Pig Confessions as The Best Podcast in Indianapolis in the “Things To Do and See”  section.       Shout outs:  Alley’s Alehouse;  Evil Twin;  Tommi Jean Bell;  LickingHole Creek;  Monon Beverage Brokers;  Bottoms Up;   Josh Springer;  Nikki Reed;  Knob Creek;  New Belgium;  New Holland;  Firestone Walker;  Mr. G’s And a special thanks for our buddy, Mr. Donny Coyle for his tune Rock Revolution to take out the show on a high note.   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 7/26/2019

The Grand Junction Brewing Co.’s event that kicks off our summer each year was another huge success.  Sadly Rock the Junction 2019 had to come to a close but we had a blast with all our guests.  We can’t thank our good friend Mr. Jon Knight for letting us be part of this grand, annual event.   Tune in for the 2nd hour of Rock the Junction as we rap with friends from Tin Man Kokomo, Rian Umbach of Field Brewing, Kimmy Shivers Kercheval of Jan’s Village Pizza, Tim Palmer of Primeval Brewing, and last but never least, the one and only Brian Graham of Four Day Ray.   And be sure to join us next May for another afternoon of great craft beer and live music at Rock the Junction 2020.   Shout outs include:  Indiana Brewers Cup;  Tippy’s;   Nawty;  Craftroads Beverage; Alley’s Alehouse;  Evil Czech Brewing and Public House;  Metazoa Brewing Company;  Kevin Fertig;  and Shawn Kessel   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 7/12/2019

Recorded on May the Fourth at the home of Pauly Gee(the e’s are silent), the boys got together to drink and discuss some of the most important topics of our time while enjoying some cold craft brews from The Lost Abbey and 18th Street Brewery.   Tune in as the conversation flows from Helen Keller, non-religious/religious mumbo jumbo, vintage video games, End Game spoilers, and more hatred for the overrated Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.     Shout outs this week include:  Jeremy Brown;  Hoegaarden;  New Glarus Brewing;  Chris Burch;  The Dead Squirrels; and the Founders Brewing Company   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 6/28/2019

After hanging out at Pies and Pints 2019 earlier this year and Jordan & Griswold stopping by for some happy hour libations the week before, we were finally able to get the Pigs together for a visit to Mashcraft Fishers....and it was well worth the visit.    We walked up to the counter, looked at the board and said...."We need one of each".  That's where the fun began.  We greedily took flights of every beer they had on the menu.  Everyone was especially astonished by the IIPA LUPU Imperial IPA boasting a 10.1% ABV but you would never guess it was a 10% brew and we had to double check we had the right beer.    We ran through the gamut of beers on tap and eventually David the general manager joined us after getting back from another event they had been supporting in the community.   Tune in to hear all about the many tasty, clean brews and then stop on in to wet your whistle and dine on some of the great food also available at Mashcraft.   Shout outs: Blakes Cider, The Bier Brewery, Pies and Pints, Briarscratch, Kopacetic Beer Factory, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Untappd, New Holland Brewing Company, Anchorage Brewing Company, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery, Jonathon Mullens, Final Gravity, Great Fermentations, Taxman   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 6/21/2019

One of our favorites festivals and the kick-start to each summer is and will always be Grand Junction Brewing Co.’s Rock the Junction.  Live music and plenty of incredible craft beer from the many local breweries that bring their tasty creations to Westfield each May to raise money which all goes to well deserved charities.  Grand Junction owner and festival founder, Jon Knight kicks off Part One of this year’s annual event with the Pigs.  Tune in to hear about the charities and why they are so close to his heart and more up and coming news from Grand Junction.  The boys get a little nutty with their good friend Jimmie Boros of  Backstep Brewing Company and R2 explains how he went from rock climbing to headbrewer of Grand Junction.   As always, the gang had a blast, so pour a brew and turn up the volume and stay tuned for the release of Part 2 of Rock the Junction 2019.     Shout outs include:  Four Day Ray;  Big Lug;  Taxman;  Primeval;  Pax  Verum Brewing Company;  Tin Man Brewing; Deer Creek Brewery;  and The Bier Brewery   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 5/31/2019

Pigs at 10-56 Rerelease We are re-releasing our recent show at 10-56 Brewery due to some editing issues which we have since cleared up(thanks to our wonderful IT piggy, Pauly G). We had too much fun with some of the most creative and all around nicest brewers in the biz, Mike and Erica. They do too much and give back too much to the community to not show them the respect due that we have for them. So, tune in and get your butts out to 10-56 Brewery in Knox, IN to meet the fine people there and enjoy some fantastic craft brews.   Shout outs:  Tippy’s;  Greenbush Brewery;  Starke County Humane Society;  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 5/25/2019

The gang as been dying to finally get in to do a show at 10-56 Brewing in Knox, IN after meeting owners and brewers, Mike and Erica at Tippy’s a year earlier. and had the pleasure of enjoying some of their unique and tasty brew creations.  They have been supplying the area with their delicious beer for awhile but their young tap house opened it's doors in July of 2018 and things keep growing for this special brewery.  From a weekend hobby to a growing business, you can taste the love of the craft in every pint.   Tune in to hear more about a couple of our favorite brewers in the business and their family friendly and dog friendly brewery with lots to do while your enjoying a few pints.  Bring your own vinyl, play a little cornhole out back, or play a few games indoors while you enjoy a few pints.  Tune in to hear more about 10-56, their beginnings, a typical brew day, how they give back to the community, and some plans for the future, as of course, while we sample some fine craft brews.  A big thanks to Mike and Kim Olivarez for joining in for the afternoon and helping us drink all that brew.    Shout outs:  Tippy’s;  Greenbush Brewery;  Starke County Humane Society;  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 5/10/2019

The Pigs spend and entertaining evening once again at Tippy’s in Winamac, IN.  

Dougy’s main squeeze, Mikki, jumps in again to review some brews and the Pig’s bodyguard, Griswold brings along his better half, Becky, to keep him in check. 

The gang was in for a treat as Tippy’s was taken over by New Belgium Brewery.  New Belgium Ranger, Lisa Kerman, delights their palates with some old favorites and some fresh suds new to the Pigs such as the delicious Black Lager.  Lisa gets into some history of the brewery as well as some future goals before going off the rails with some buzzed up, entertaining conversations including some bad alcohol memories and cat pee brew.  

A Tippy’s regular and local brewer jumps in at the end to help take this one out. 

Shout outs include:  Briarscratch;  Bootleg Biology;  Redemption Aleworks;  Kopacetic Brewery;  Devil’s Trumpet;  and Carolina Bauernhaus Ales

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Publish Date: 4/26/2019

Paulie G, D Fresh, Mikki, and the Gris took some time before the Belgium Brewery Tap Takeover at Tippy’s to enjoy a few craft brews from their Tavour crate as well as a specialty from Founders.  Before things got crazy the gang tried a few new brews include a sour plum from Carolina Bauernhaus, a coffee stout from Modern Times, a wild (no pun intended) sour Experiment from the Anchorage Brewing Company, and Dougy cracks open a Founders CBS just for our good friend, Tippy’s owner, Shiela Jimenez.   Tune in and pretune with the gang and come back next Friday for the release of the Belgium Takeover Show.   Shout outs include:  Taxman Brewing;  Bier Brewery; Pies and Pints;  and Upland   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 4/12/2019

Deep into a number of rounds the gang continues to spiral into drunkenness with talks of music and nonsense.  Part Two of an afternoon of craft brews at Ryan’s casa is almost as entertaining to listen to as it was to be there.   Tune in as the beautiful Mikki, Dougy Fresh, Pauly G, Ernie, Rick, and Ryan do some bonding and kill a few more brain cells.     After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 4/5/2019

Jordan, Paulie G, and the Great and Powerful Security Griswold head to Indy’s Biggest St Patrick’s day tent party at Alley’s Alehouse. This was one crazy party from start to finish. We talk about things St Patty’s, and get to hang out at one fantastic party. We get a chance to sit down with Jack the GM of Alley’s and talk about the party and the pigs. We are also joined by the lovely and talented Mel Reffey of Red Remains. We have a few other special slightly inebriated guests on to share their St Pattys fun. Join us for a wild ride episode.

Shoutouts: Pinheads, Mel Reffey, Jack Vermillion, Bier Brewery (Uncle Jerry), Four Day Ray, Pax Verum

Publish Date: 3/29/2019

The Pigs love this annual charity event.  Pizza pies and craft beer and all the funds go to furthering education.  An amazing time each and every year and this year did not let anyone down.  A packed house with lots of great craft beer and local pizza fueled the party.   Anya from Arts for Learning help the boys kick off the shindig and tells some of the many things they do for the community and what’s coming up after Pies and Pints is behind us for the year as well as how you can donate after the party ends.  New friends such as John Roberts of CenterPoint, Dave from Mashcraft, and the young Carly from Upland along with old and dear friends, Cody and Patrick of Moontown join the boys to talk beer and a bit of the usual nonsense.   Tune in to check out what you may have missed if you didn’t attend and be sure to join us next year at Pies and Pints 2020.   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 3/15/2019

The pigs head to Bier Brewery north to meet up with Uncle Jerry. We start off with some sexy yet oddly disturbing conversation.  We soon turn our attention to the fantastic lineup of Beers that Darrin the head brewer of Bier has whipped up.  We discuss their brewer again and come to a realization…He is elusive like a big foot, could Darrin really be sasquatch?  Uncle Jerry leads us through their exciting new awards and their new taproom.   This is an amazing place.  Tune in to find out how to get some amazing brews and your oil checked at the same time.  Sarah Burns joins us on this episode and talks Whitestown and Vikings with us.  How do you say Shark Cooter Re?  Well we say Fuggit and tune in to hear more about the delicious beers of Bier including:  John’s Porter, Irish Red Ale, Electric Crystals and of course Fuggit!!

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Sarah Burns, Whitestown Brewfest, Urban Vines,and Moontown Brewing

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Publish Date: 3/8/2019

Welcome to this episode of Blind Pig Confessions where we go back to one of our favorite places Redemption Alewerks and sit down with Brandon the owner.   We get to discuss everything going on with Redemption.  We talk about beer styles, pepper beer, and Worm Wood Beers.   “Goodbye Dan Gohr”, and now Goodbye Horses is stuck in your head.   We wish Dan all the best in his new ventures.  Find out what exciting things are coming up at redemption and about Paulie G’s Cold Duck.     

Tags:  Dan Gohr, Jekyll Brewing, Union Brewing, Jonathon Mullens, Quaff ON, Geeks who drink  

Publish Date: 3/1/2019

Hanging out at the Douglas residence in South Bend Indiana with the host, Ryan Douglas, and friends Rick Greenless, the sexy Michelle Dickey, and Ernie.   The day was sponsored by 10-56 Brewing and Tavour who provided some tasty craft beer which fueled the afternoon.   Only think better than talking about music and beer is listening and drinking beer.   Crack a cold one and tune into the latest from the Pigs and be on the lookout for Parts 2 and 3 when things tend to get really weird.     Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Chris Burch(still waiting for our song);  Three Floyds;  Rare Barrel Brewery;  Upland Brewing;  Bier Brewery;  Carolina Bauernhaus Ales;  Plan B Farm Brewery;  Hailstorm Brewing;  and Scarlet Lane

Publish Date: 2/22/2019

Loosened up and ready to go, the boys take up some more beers and bourbon with their bff, Kevin Thorn Fertig and their new friends from Primeval Brewing, Tim Palmer, and the Parker Mortgage Team and host of the night, Mike Partin.   Tap into Part two of a blurry evening as the gang samples So Happens It’s Tuesday from The Bruery, and some delicious bourbon from Four Roses.   They discuss some of their favorite every day priced bourbons and Kevin shows his musical skills and takes out the episode serenading fan boy, Jeremy Brown.     Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  George Dickel;  Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland, Oregon;  Buffalo Trace;  and Evan Williams       After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 2/15/2019

Always bigger than life and never needing an introduction, WWE’s Mr. Kevin Thorn once again joins the boys for an evening of amusement and consumption of some fine bourbons and craft brews.  Now going by his Christian name, Kevin Fertig, the myth, the man, the legend, has put breaking backs aside to help people become home owners.   Accompanying the gang is the man behind the Parker Mortgage Team, Mike Partin, and the soon to be open craft brewery in downtown Noblesville, Primeval Brewing’s Tim Palmer.   Also co-hosting the festivities along with Dougy Fresh and Cowboy, straight out of the Pig Pen, Mr. Griswold Stout and Fan Boy, Jeremy Brown.   Tune in to hear about Kevin’s new adventure, the birth of Primeval, and our host and bourbon master, Mr. Partin teaches the boys a few things about this fine spirit.   Over the course of Part One of this night out with the boys, they featured beers from Primeval, The 10 Commandments of The Lost Abbey delivered from our sponsors at Tavour, and some bourbons from Hard Truth Distilling Co., Ezra Brooks, and Wild Turkey.   Stay tuned for Part Two coming soon. Cheers!   Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Nathan Compton;  Ford Field, WWE WrestleMania;  The Bier Brewery;  New Holland Brewing Co.;  Quaff On Brewing;  Next Hop Model;  Danny Boy Beer Works;  Alley’s Alehouse;  Rick Garret;  Mashcraft Brewing; and Glencairn Glass    After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 2/1/2019

Back for another round, or six, Pauly Geee, Dougy Fresh, Mikki, Troy and Paula Lawmaster, Keith Oden, and Mike Olivarez get back in the groove at the Taco Shack.   More Dougy dirt and talk of aliens, parachute pants, Abba (the greatest band of all time), and bad beers while consuming some more craft beers from around the country delivered by the best beer app out there, Tavour.   Tune in for what could be the start of a reoccurring segment with the Ptown gang.  Maybe one day you too can join us for a night of debauchery at Hot Carl’s Taco Shack.     Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Jeff and Beth Schoberg;  Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery; and Drake’s Brewing Co.     After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 1/25/2019

Enjoy one from the vault.   In a not so distant past, the Pigs spent an evening to enjoy some great craft beer and food with their good buddy and local musician Chris Burch at the Big Lug Canteen.   Along with the usual, sometimes disturbing conversation, this is one of the first appearances of Tex Mex and the episode Cowboy quit the band . . . and then came back.   Tune in for a listen into past and then rush down to Big Lugs for some fresh brews.   A big thanks to Mr. Burch for the use of his tune “Ready. Fire. Aim.” to take out this week’s episode.   Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Journeyman Distillery;  New Holland Brewery;  Evil Czech;  Kammy’s Kause;  Ryan Michael Gibbons;  Jessie Marcum-Phelps;  Eric Pedigo;  and Henry French   After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 1/18/2019

Somewhere in the outskirts of Northern Indiana is a hidden treasure where men can be men and women can shake their head and roll their eyes at their stupidity.   Paulie G and Dougy Fresh took the wrong exit and ended up at Hot Carl’s Taco Shack and ran into some good friends, Troy Lawmaster, Keith Oden, and Mike Olivarez and decided to turn on the mics and record the evenings shenanigans.  Co-hosting for the evening and trying to be the only voice of reason among these idiots was the lovely Michelle Dickey.    As usual, the conversation takes some odd twist and turns with some stories of past drunkenness with old friends and as always, fueled by some great craft beer.   Big thanks to Paula Lawmaster, Kim Olivarez, and Kirsten Lawmaster for putting up with the night’s endeavors, and also to Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers for use of their groovy tune, Life Won’t Wait which to end the episode.     Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Koontz Lake Brewery;  Anderson Valley Brewing;  Evil Czech;  Pfriem;  1205 Distillery;  Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery;  Brew Link Brewing; and Hoppin’ Frog Brewery    After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 1/11/2019

The boys spent another fun afternoon at Goodfella’s in McCordsville with their good friends from Monon Beverage Brokers.  Bar Manager, Aubrey Roy, tried to keep the kids on track through the afternoon with some of the craft beers and fine Italian cuisine available at Goodfella’s.  Whether you’re taking your family out for some award winning pizza or fantastic Italian food, or just an evening out for drinks in a cozy atmosphere, Goodfella’s should be your destination.  

Tune in to hear more about Goodfella’s (tell them you heard about them on this podcast and get a 10% discount) as well as how to get a CenterPoint Derrick hug, and what’s going on with Monon Beverage Brokers including the upcoming Pours for Paws.   To go with the dizzying conversation, the boys reviewed some killer suds from Right Brain Brewery, CenterPoint Brewing, and Evil Czech

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Cheboygan Brewery;  Burn ‘Em Brewing;  Shaun Cook;  The Dead Squirrels;  Separatec;  Flat 12 Brewing;  Hamilton County Humane Society;  Shawn Kessel of Taxman Brewing Company;  LaSalle Tavern;  Lauren Steinhofer;  and the Noblesville Brewfest


After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at   


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Publish Date: 1/4/2019

Some of our favorite and most reoccurring guests, Jim, Donny, and Jamie of Dead Squirrels unite with the Pigs at The Yard Line for an evening of craft beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and possibly far too much laughter and inappropriateness for one night.   Before the boys hit the main stage to entertain the crowd, they spent some time pre-gaming with the Pigs and as usual, things quickly got out of hand.   Tune into hear what’s going on with the Squirrels as well as some random discussions on musical inspirations, festive nuts, cult de sacs, that one good Blake Shelton song, and the new Separatec underwear that may save lives.   Also some more on our newest sponsor, Tavour, the best way to get your craft beer fix.   The Yard Line isn’t just a great place to hear live music, but the place to go for a great craft beer line up, awesome bartenders, a few games of pool, and a kickin’ golf simulator.     Shout outs this week include:  Moxie;  Licking Hole Creek;  Founders;  New Holland; Redemption Alewerks;  Sun Records;  and Dos Ringos

Publish Date: 12/21/2018

  Whenever Sean Webster and newly crowned Employee of the Month, Scott Hardwick of Monon Beverage Brokers get together with the Pigs, things happen.  Not always good. . . but things happen.  Last Saturday was a good day.  No hurt feelings and Cowboy left in one piece.   Their gracious host, Goodfella’s bar manager, Aubrey Roy, joined the dysfunctional group for a afternoon of hysterics while Carlos kept the Bigsby flowing.     Tune in to hear what’s going on with Monon including the upcoming Pours for Paws and Aubrey tells more about the amazing Italian food, craft beer, fine wines, and spirits available at Goodfella’s.  Then on your next visit to Goodfella’s tell them you heard Aubrey on the Blind Pig Confessions and get 10% off your meal.   Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Fountain Square Brewery;  Pax Verum Brewing;  Digital District;  Guardian Brewing;  Wick’s Pies, Inc;  New Corner Brewing Company;  Four Day Ray Brewing;  Pink Shots;  Jim Ricketts;  Nobelsville Brewfest;  Alley’s Alehouse;  Bloomington Brewing Company;  Embassy Suites by Hilton Hotel and Conference Center Noblesville;  Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana);  Burn ‘Em Brewing;  Brew Dog USA;  Old Nation Brewing Co.;  Scarlet Lane;  Tavour;  Flat 12;  CenterPoint Brewing;  Ash & Elm Cider Co.;  Pizza X;  Cedar Creek Brewing Company;  Corn Dance Tavern;  Evil Czech;  Four Fathers Brewing LLC;  Sean Manahan;  and Taxman

Publish Date: 12/14/2018

The boys were pretty hopped up for show number two at the LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern due to their gracious host, Casey Dvorak, and his amazing staff keeping the table full of food and glasses overflowing with malt and barley nectar. . .  and some incredible bourbon.   Tune in for Part Two as they get silly with the evenings entertainment, the Low Lifes, and the beautiful and talented, Lauren Steinhofer.  Things go off the rails early and often in this one, so grab a cold one and strap in for the ride.     After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 12/7/2018

Hunter, Dougy Fresh, Paulie G, and co-host Jeremy Brown, get looped on some dark brews including some fruits delivered from new show sponsor, Tavour.  Paulie G stumbled(pun intended) upon Tavour while killing time surfing the web before a recent show, nudged Dougy Fresh about this interesting craft beer delivery app, and the two filled a few virtual crates of brews from around the country and waited for the magic to happen.   Unlike most of those other craft beer clubs out there, Tavour gives you the power to decide what you want them to send without any depressing monthly dues.  You’ll enjoy the daily notifications and descriptive write-ups on the newly featured beers from the many craft breweries around the county you are not able to get in your area.  Once you crack open your crate and dive in you can return to the Tavour app to rate your chosen brews.  You don’t have to know how to pronounce it, you just have to know how use it.  Tune in to hear the usual hilarity and antics from the boys including strange places Cowboy puts his vegetables, a rant about Avatar, the upcoming Titanic Two, and some Part Twos the boys would like to see.  And learn more about the only craft beer delivery app you’ll want to download immediately and start filling your own crate.  Let us know which craft beers you’ve been turned on to from Tavour.     After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at    Cheers!   Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Back Step Brewing;  Lickinghole Creek Brewery;  Oakshire Brewing;  Dust Bowl Brewing;  Odell Brewing Co.;  Taxman;  Crown Liquors;  Mr. G’s Liquors;  Indiana On Tap;  Alley’s Alehouse;  Old Nation Brewing;  Brew Dog;  Clam Lake Brewery; and Redemption Alewerks   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 11/30/2018

Paulie G, Cowboy, Tex Mex, Dougy Fresh, and their co-hosting buddy Alan get down at 1205 Distillery with owners Brad and Nolan.   Since opening their doors in the Fountain Square neighborhood in 2014, an area of Indy booming in the craft and music scene, 1205 has quickly become a must stop for great cocktails and conversation.  You can’t have a great cocktail without a great spirit and 1205 does not disappoint.  Flavorful gin, smooth whiskey, incredible rhubarb liqueur, and a wild gem distilled from beer you have to try to believe.  The boys day went much too fast, but they will be back often and they’re sure you will be as well.   Tune in to hear some 1205 haunted history, the gruesome story behind their delicious Four Finger Rye, and the usual shenanigans you’d expect from the Pigs.   Cheers!   Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Flat 12;  Pearl Street Pizzeria and Pub;  Repeal;  New Holland;  Peach Street Distillers;  Pink Shots;  Indiana Whiskey;  and Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery    Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 11/16/2018

Staring out a show a little looped may or may not have been the best way to go.  You decide.  But no matter what the outcome, it was a blast.  

We’re not certain as to the why, but Hunter’s wife was gracious enough to let the boys sit around, drink, swear, and eat her food for another hour as they enjoyed far too much great beer.  

They begin with some ESB from Back Step Brewery and continue to gush over this wonderful brewery once again before moving into a few Wisconsin brews brought back from some of Paulie’s recent travels which included more from 3 Sheeps and New Glarus.  

So, sit back and enjoy the ride with Cowboy, Dougy Fresh, Paulie G, and tonight’s host, Hunter as they indulge in some fine brew and talk a whole lot of nonsense.  


Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Nashville Flying Saucer;   BJ’s Brewhouse;  Round Town Brewery;  Four Day Ray;  Burning Mules;  Hopcat;  Bier Brewery;  Big Hoffa’s, and Jonathon Mullins of Broad Ripple Brewpub

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Publish Date: 11/9/2018

Sheila Jimenez always throws a fun bash and her Halloween Brew Fest at Tippy’s was no exception. In the depths of Tippy’s cellar, costumed freaks and craft beer lovers mingled in the dark and enjoyed some fines brews, wine, and meads.   Sheila and her sister Sarah Brewer sat with Dougy Fresh, Cowboy, and Paulie G before the scare fest began and talked brews and nonsense.   Listen as the gang gushes over Dr. Manahan’s special, spicy pumpkin ale and vent over cheap, fake Anheuser craft beers.   A big thanks to brother pig, Jordan, for donating the creepy Halloween decorations to help make the night a success.  Can’t wait for an even bigger and better year next Halloween. Tune in and be sure to get to Tippy’s for some of the best wings and pizza around.   Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  10-56 Brewing;  Dogfish Head Brewery;  BriarScratch Brewing;  People’s Brewing Company;  Upland Brewing Company;  Revolution Brewing;  Kopacetic Beer Factory;  and Adam Lepper of Founders Brewing Co.   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 11/2/2018

With Halloween right around the corner, the boys decided to talk scary movies and a whole lotta nonsense with Pearl Street owner, Dave Andrus, Summer Harper, and evil Vinny.   Lots of delicious craft brew fueling this episode along with some tasty bourbon.   Tune in for another rousing show at Pearl Street and then be sure to make your way there for some of the best pizza the city has to offer along with the best craft beer to wash it down.  Ask to have your picture taken with Vinny and maybe you’ll get your photo on their fb page.     Shout out to Scarlet Lane (another must stop over the Halloween season…or any time you want a great craft brew)   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 10/26/2018

Kammy’s Kause Music Fest Part II

As always, an amazing time was had at the two day music festival dedicated to one very special little girl, Kammy.  From its humble beginnings 15 years ago to the unstoppable juggernaut now hosted at the Hoosier Racing Park and Casino, Kammy’s kause has raised over $400,000 for 4p- (also known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome).   If you haven’t been, this should be a must add to your next summer’s calendar.  You get to enjoy two days of incredible live music from some of the best artists in the area, high-end silent auctions, and lots of great activities for the kids. 

Tune in for Part II from Kammy’s Kause as the boys, with a little co-hosting help from the beautiful Sara Bishop, rap with Audiodacity after their kick-off, killer live performance.  Jared Hiner, the father and founder of this special annual event, explains more about 4p- and the enormous amount of love that is in the air each year during Kammy’s Kause.   And Kelly Zullo stops by after her live set and does a little impromptu picking to end another fun episode of Confessions.

We hope to see you all at Kammy’s Kause next summer but remember you can donate year round.  For more information and how you can be a part of search for a cure, go to

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  The luscious and legendary Jamie Jackson of Sam Ash Music;  Ben Jarvis;  Twin Cats;  Josh Kaufman;  Jenn Cristy;  Chad Mills, and Chicago Loft Bed

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Publish Date: 10/19/2018

The boys spent a rousing afternoon in Geist at the Pearl Street Pizzeria and Pub with a quiet Vinny and owner, Dave Andrus, enjoying some fine local craft beer and bourbon and getting to know more about roots of Pearl Street and probably too much about Cowboy.  Dave was just glad he showed up in pants.  (We can’t promise he left in them. . . )

Tune in to hear Dougy Fresh and Dave bond over their Michigan heritage and love of Pabst Blue Ribbon, some bottle or can debate, Dave’s soon to be famous cheer, and Cowboy’s haunting dead babies story. 

Whether you’re looking for a place for a great pizza, some of the best craft beer in the area, or to catch a game, no need to look further than Pearl Street. 

Shout outs this week include:  1205 Distillery;  Bells Brewery;  Pure Eatery;  Scarlet Lane;  Workshop Brewing;  Scott Hardwick of Monon Beverage;  Burn ‘Em Brewing;  The Bier Brewery;  Union Brewing;  Mashcraft;  Jon Knight and Grand Junction Brewing Co.;  Moontown Brewing;  and Backstep Brewing


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Publish Date: 10/12/2018

The Pigs and gals of Pinkshots bring “family friendly” to a new low.   Be sure to put the kids to bed before tuning into this provocative edition of Confessions. Sabine and Nicole team up once again with Dougy Fresh, Cowboy, and Paulie G along with friends, Jerry Huener and Sabine’s better half, Mr. Emmit Muckles, for a afternoon of splendid brew fuel from Burn ‘Em Brewing and more inappropriate laughter.   Lots of birds and bees discussions, Nicole describes being sober drunk, Cowboy delights with some perverted grapefruit tips, and we end with the longest signoff in podcast history.  Too much fun to have to come to an end.  They did keep the party rolling at the home of the Heater afterwards thanks to Mr. Huener.   Cheers!   Be sure to look up the girls on their Pinkshots Podcast Facebook page or tune into their shows at   Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.   Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 10/5/2018

BPC - Episode 167 - Noblesville Brewfest 2018

It was that time of year again.  The annual Noblesville Brewfest & Wine Garden at Noblesville’s Forest Park.  This is our third year attending this great Brewfest with some of the widest varieties of wine and fresh draft and bottled beer to temp the taste buds and cure the long summer heat.  Lots of activities and prizes given out throughout the afternoon as well as a live band and a silent auction all for a great local cause.  All proceeds, as always, will go to the Forest Park Aquatic Center. 

This year the temperatures were cooler and the conversation crazier.  Tune into an hour from this year’s Brewfest as the Pigs sample some of the days tasty brews and talk shop with Sean Webster of Monon Beverage Brokers, Triton Brewing, Primeval Brewing and our old friend “Canadian” comedian Jeremy Brown.    

Shout outs in this episode include:  Triton Brewing Company;  The Bier Brewery, Redemption Aleworks and Metazoa Brewing Company

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

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Publish Date: 9/28/2018

A festival of delights was had in South Bend, Indiana when the Pigs had the pleasure of spending a glorious evening filled with friends, conversation, live music, and some of the best craft beer and bourbons around. 

Casey Dvorak, Manager and craft beer expert of the LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern, invited the boys in for drinks and to learn more about the history behind this special place.  Everyone in the city knows The LaSalle Grill is the place in town to go when you want to experience some of the best food and wine in the Midwest.  Some still don’t know about the surprise you’ll find on the third floor waiting to temp your senses.  The LaSalle Tavern has all you need for a great night out on the town from the cozy ambiance to the killer food, a wicked top shelf Whiskey and Scotch selection, live music, and of course, carefully selected craft beer. 

Tune in to hear some of the unique history surrounding LaSalle as the gang enjoys some of the finest craft beer and whiskey finds from Mr. Casey Dvorak.

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Upland Brewing Company;  Bare Hands Brew Granger;  Journeyman Distillery;  Angel’s Envy;  Cigar City Brewing;  Fiddler’s Hearth;  South Bend Brew Werks;  Short’s Brewing;  Brewdog;  Backstep Brewing Company;  The Workshop Brewing Company;  Sarah Buschmann of The Bier Brewery;  Great Lakes Brewing Company;  Greenbush Brewing Co.;  Half Acre Beer Company;  Alain Michel Helfrich of The Crooked Ewe;  Jeremy Nicely;  WhistlePig Whiskey; The Peat Monster from Compass Box Whiskey;  Tapestry Brewing;  New Glarus;  and Burn ‘Em Brewing

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

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Publish Date: 9/21/2018

Cowboy, Dougy Fresh, and Paulie Gee(e's are silent) are back one again to graciously cover this amazing two-day music festival and benefit. The event that started back in 2004 for one very special girl is now bringing families and friends from across America and beyond for a weekend of celebration and to bring awareness and more support for those affected by 4p-, also known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS), an extremely rare chromosome disorder. As always, the Pigs bring their own brand of silly, laid back fun to cover Kammy's Kause, without forgetting the heartfelt reason why they are there. Helping to co-host the event is the beautiful Sara Bishop and the Pigs' personal bodyguard, Griswold Stout. Tune in to Part One as they are joined by numerous band members and friends who come out each year to play music and give their time throughout the year to support Kammy and the 4p- Support Group. A big thanks for those who jumped on a mic to talk about why this event is so special to them as well as what's going on with their respective bands, Mr. Zach Garner, Chris Sarber and David Charles Bailey of Pinky and The Basterds, and Ben Jarvis of Audiodacity. The boys had a great time, once again, being part of the Kammy's Kause family and talking to friends and supporters and they give a shout out and request to their fans in Lebanon. Be sure to stay tuned for the release of Part Two when they are joined by more band members and the very busy, father and Kammy's Kause founder, Mr. Jared Hiner.

Shout outs in this week's episode include: New Glarus; Kopacetic; Founders Brewery; Spring Mill Bourbon; Mr. G's; D.G Yuengling and Son Inc.; Corey Michael Cox; Breakdown Kings; Rob Dixon; The Fighting Jamesons; Cole Woodruff; Benjamin Cannon; Crepitus; Twin Cats; Ryan M. Brewer; Kevin Fertig; Nate Gray and Steve Lee; Josh Kaufman; Ark Barn Productions; Jenn Cristy; and Spark Joy Music

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Publish Date: 9/14/2018

Jordan, Paulie G, Tex-Mex, and Griswold assemble at Primanti Bothers and are joined by the one and only Sir Dan Gohr of Redemption Alewerks.  Also Joining us on the show is Manager of Primanti Brothers Jeremy Pittsford and a Dynamite Drop in from Abby Scott of Primanti’s (No Cue Cards were used in the making of this show).   The boys enjoy some fabulous brews from Redemption and get to sample some amazing Primanti Brothers food.  Sit back and enjoy a roller coaster with many twists and turns.   This is an entertaining, and informative episode of Blind Pig Confessions.

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

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Publish Date: 9/7/2018

The 2nd show with our good friends Nicole and Sabine of the Pinkshots Podcast got a bit crazy, as we expected, and we’re delighted. Fueled again by some amazing beer from Burn ‘Em Brewing, Cowboy, Paulie G, and Dougy Fresh kick back with the ladies and talk sex, a little beer . . .  but mostly sex.  Any chance of being “Family Friendly” went out the window at about the two-minute mark.  Joining the gang once again at Burn ‘Em was Jerry Huener, Burn ‘Em founder, Blake Murray (when he wasn’t running around trying to keep up with a big Saturday crowd), and Mr. Emmit Muckles.  They touch on fetishes(no pun intended), nude vacations, bad dates, and the possible need for an intervention for Nicole. 

Keep the kids far away from the speakers this week, but a must for those who need a good laugh.

Check out the Pinkshots Facebook page and tune into their shows for more female insight on life . . . and alcohol.  And be sure to get your butt over to Burn ‘Em Brewing to grab yourself a few fine pints of craft goodness.  Tell ‘em the Pigs sent you. 


Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  New Glarus Brewing Co.,  Rick Greenless;  Smugglers Coffee;  Round Town Brewery;  and the Elm Street Brewing Co.

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

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Publish Date: 8/31/2018

Cowboy and Dougy Fresh spent a wonderful afternoon in Traverse City, Michigan with their new comrades at The Workshop Brewery.  Founder Pete Kirkwood and his Minister of Propaganda, Jessica Rohloff sat and drank with the Pigs and talked shop, beer shop 101. 

FOH Manager and bartender Greg Manley kept the afternoon powered and the table full of fresh brews as Pete gives some of finer details of their many beautifully delectable suds. 

Love and suds continuously flow through marvelous establishment from the moment you walk through the front door.  You can feel the passion for the mission from the founder, the workers, as well as the patrons, and you can taste the passion in every beer. 

A must stop whenever you’re in the Cherry Capital.  Take time to stop and smell the yeast.

Have a few brews and then wander back through the hall to the adjoining Mammoth Distilling for some incredible Michigan craft spirits (don’t forget to try the Rye!).  And a big thanks to Stuart Hickman for setting us up and introducing us to Mammoth.  We will be back!

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Right Brain Brewery;  Clam Lake Brewery;  Back Step Brewing Company;  Danny Boy Beer Works;  Rare Bird Brewpub;  Scott Pierson and The Coin Slot;  and Shawneecraft Brewing Company

Special thanks to Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers for the use of their tune Life Won’t Wait to end tonight’s episode.

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

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Publish Date: 8/24/2018

Another segment from the home of Hunter.  Dougy Fresh, Cowboy, Hunter, and Paulie G (formally known as Pauly G) kick back once again to sample some brews and do what friends do best. . . make fun of each other.  They started things off with a Saison from a young brewery in northern Indiana, the Koonzt Lake Brewing Co. then shuffled through some Wisconsin brews including beers from MobCraft Beer, and 3 Sheeps Brewing Company. Hunter’s wife gives the boys a history lesson on Iowa, Paulie and Fresh fight over which town is better, Sheboygan or Cheboygan, and there is some creepy van talk as the Pigs gear up for Vannin’ 2019. 

Special thanks to Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers for the use of their tune Life Won’t Wait to end tonight’s episode.  A must-see live show whenever you get the chance. 

Shout outs in this episode include:  Hopped Up Network;  Central Waters Brewing Company;  Topling Goliath Brewing;  and the Noblesville Brewfest & Wine Garden 2018

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

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Publish Date: 8/17/2018

Today the boys return to the original Studio A of Blind Pig Confessions to record an old-fashioned garage  show exactly where this show began.  Pauly G, Jordan, and Griswold are joined by special guest the Charismatic, Bewitching, Mesmerizing, Beer Guru the one and only Sir Dan Gohr.  We explore some unique brews from Georgia, Wisconsin, and even here at home in Indiana.  We discuss the difference in  Bottle and Can Art.  We find out about Dan giving Pauly a  “sweater  tongue”. We dabble a bit into the  realms of new beer styles, Dan’s Jealousy issues, and Mannequin Fascination and we find out all about the Dark, Strong Germans that Pauly G is into.  Join us for a fun adventure that derails over and over again, but is a fun-as-hell ride.     


Shout outs in this episode include:  Redemption Ale works, Dan Gohr, Sprecher, Great Lakes Distillery, Capital City Brewing, Jekyll Brewery, Darrin Snyder, Indy In-tune Radio

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

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Publish Date: 8/10/2018

Dougy Fresh, Pauly G., and Cowboy spent a fun filled afternoon at Burn ‘Em Brewing in Michigan City with a couple beautiful ladies, Nicole Kehoe and Sabine Hankiewicz of The Pink Shots Podcast, who turned out to be as delightfully inappropriate as The Pigs. 

One of the Burn ‘Em Founding Fathers, Blake Murray, hosted the gathering and provided some of the many delectable brews Burn ‘Em has to offer and delivered some of the low down on the humble beginnings of the brewery and what’s to come next from this quickly growing local hot spot.  Also joining in on the mic for the afternoon was Mr. Jerry Huener as well as some background commentary from Sabine’s husband and Pink Shots bodyguard, Mr. Emmitt Muckles, who only knows how to live the billionaire lifestyle. 

Tune in for the antics and get your butt to Burn ‘em for some great craft beer and entertainment such as their Tuesday night Vinyl Night hosted by the one and only Robert Rolfe Feddersen. 

Shout outs in this episode include:  Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick of Monon Beverage Brokers;  Greenbush Brewing Co.;  The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast;  Franklin House;  LaSalle Kitchen & Tavern;  Kopacetic;  Matthew Raney of Blue Rectangle Designs;  Beer Hippies;  New Day Meadery;  Misbeehavin’ Meads;  Moser’s Austrian Café;  Ron Smith;  Breckenridge Brewery;  Smugglers Coffee;  Bare Hands; Noblesville Brewfest(happening on Sept. 22!);  and Black Circle

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 8/3/2018

Noblesville Brewfest 2017

It’s getting close to one of our favorite craft brew festivals of the year, the annual Noblesville Brewfest & Wine Garden at Noblesville’s Forest Park.  One of the widest varieties of wine and fresh draft and bottled beer to temp the taste buds and cure the long summer heat.  Lots of activities and prizes given out throughout the afternoon as well as a live band and a silent auction all for a great local cause.  All proceeds, as always, will go to the Forest Park Aquatic Center.  Help us beat last year’s record sales!  Tickets go on sale for this amazing one a year event on August 1st (Psssst… if you go to their Facebook event page, you may find a way to get some discounted early bird tickets).  

Tune into an hour from last year’s Brewfest as Jordan, Dougy Fresh, Pauly G., Hunter, Cowboy, Roberto, and the Pigs’ bodyguard, Griswold sample some of the days tasty brews and talk shop with Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick of Monon Beverage, Molly from Indiana On Tap, Brian from Big Lug, and Pauly G’s babysitter.  A special thanks to Riley M. Wunnenberg for showing up from the Pig Pen and running brews for us all afternoon.  

Shout outs in this episode include:  Triton Brewing Company;  Whitestown Brew Fest;  Moontown Brewing Company;  Crooked Ewe;  Fiddler’s Hearth;  Madison Oyster Bar;  Indiana Whiskey;  Burn ‘Em Brewing;  Hoosier Brewing Company;  Tin Man;  Flix Brewhouse;  Scarlet Lane;  Robert Rolfe Feddersen;  Taxman;  Sun King;  Quaff On;  Journeyman Distillery;  and Mr. Chris Burch

Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune.

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Publish Date: 7/27/2018

Too Hot to Hook

The Pigs get back to basics with a good ol’ fashioned Home Show for an ode to Wisconsin craft beer.  Hunter, who’s been out on a corner for a few months since sponsorship is a bit low this summer, opens his doors to let the Pigs drink and dine at his pad.  

Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, and Cowboy join Hunter for a rousing afternoon of laughs and some mighty fine Wisconsin brews which featured, New Glarus, MKE, Third Space, 3 Sheeps, Fermentorium, and the heavenly smoky Bacon Bomb from the Brenner Brewing Co.  

The boys were delighted as the afternoon gave way to some really fine brews from the cheese state which brought back the talks to bringing the show on the road to Wisconsin.  

Tune in for the entertainment and then go seek out the brews.



Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Jonathon Mullins;  Dan Gohr;  Darrin Snider of Indy In-Tune;  Noblesville Brewfest;  Mathew Muncy from our new family at the Hopped UP Network;  Barrel Chat; Fountain Square;  Crooked Ewe;  Pink Shots;  Scott Hardwick;  Mob Craft;  Danny Boy Beer Works;  Grand Junction;  Alley’s Alehouse;  Brewlink;  Round Town Brewing;  Sean Patrick Webster;  Aqua Teen Hunger Force; and Music to my Beers


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Publish Date: 7/20/2018

Lurking in the depths of the old Monon Hotel in Crawfordsville, Indiana is a very young, and new Pig favorite, high end craft brewery, Backstep Brewing Company.  A place already rich with history now has a new community hot spot to make some history of their own.   Walking into Backstep you immediately feel you’re at home.  Owners, Jimmie Boros and Patrick Pennington, wanted a place where everyone from all walks of life could come in and enjoy some great conversation to accompany their choice of high end craft beer and spirits.  The Pigs believe they nailed that objective.  A plethora of some of the finest craft beers the state (and surrounding states) has to offer as well as an impressive bourbon collection line the back wall of the gorgeous bar.   As you’ll hear on the show, they could have ridden on the success of the tap house alone. . .but brewing great beer was the dream that started it all and now they have it all put together.

Dougy Fresh, Pauly G., and Cowboy had the utmost pleasure to spend the afternoon with Mr. Boros and Head Brewer, Josh Miller to learn more about the planning, follow through, and future goals of the brewery.   The boys knew Josh from past endeavors but were more than pleased to see how Josh has flourished as the head brewer.  His wealth of knowledge and passion for the craft both come shining through each beer he makes.  

Tune into this week’s episode and then walk, drive, fly, bus, bike, however it is you travel, as soon as possible to Back Step Brewing in C-Ville.  

You can also sample some of their tasty brews at the upcoming Micro Brew Fest and Beers Across Wabash.  We’ll see you there! 

Shout outs on this week’s episode include:  Robert Rolfe Feddersen (and Honey Bee); Tailboarder Brewing; Round Town Brewing; Flix Brewhouse; Chris Burch; Noblesville Brew Fest; Ron Smith; and Brokerage Brewing Company


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Publish Date: 7/13/2018

Taint Dragon

Pauly G., Tex Mex, and straight outta the Pig Pen, Griswold, take over the mics for a night of Trivia at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub.  The monthly trivia night hosted by BRBP’s GM, Billy Hannan, has become a big, and entertaining, success so the Pigs were more than willing to send a team to compete along with BRBP’s head brewer, Mr. Jonathon Mullins. 

The boys quickly found out just how challenging the night was going to be with some difficult questions from Mr. Hannan. 

But as always, with the help of some delicious brews from the BRBP, much fun was had as usual, especially when Mullins is near, some odd conversation and laughs discussing what’s new at the BRBP, child star trivia, sock & sandals, and inappropriate adult theme parks. 

Tune in and be sure to join the trivia challenge next month at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub.

Shout outs in this week’s show include:  Lafayette Brewing Company; Mike Hofferman; Sean Manahan; Union Brewing; Red Lion; Brewed IN the Fort; Noblesville Brewfest, Beer Across Wabash; and Mr. R Feddersen


Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy In-Tune

Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities.

Publish Date: 7/6/2018

BPC - One From The Vault - Robot Feet Here’s an “after hours” show that slipped through the cracks. Back in the very early days before better sound quality and professionalism, the original three Pigs had one (or two) too many and decided to keep the mics hot. Long after the show ended and after many more brews, a slightly intoxicated Cowboy, Dougy Fresh, and Jordan shared some muddy thoughts on life. Topics shift quickly from Jordan’s fear of small holes, South Park, dirty girls, dating women on parole, and Cowboy’s odd fascination with Carol Burnett . . . and feet.

Publish Date: 6/29/2018

Jordan, Pauly G and Tex-Mex return to Four Day Ray Brewing in Fishers and bring on a favorite, Brian Graham.  We revisit some topics from our day at Rock the Junction, their summer Break Series and FDR’s charity work like Tapped for a cause Tuesdays.    We sample some the current stock of released beers and even get a crack at some of the upcoming releases not yet available.  Jordan pleads his case for the creation of the MILF Stout and we get into some music and movie talk.  Warning, there might be some Star Wars spoilers in here. 

Publish Date: 6/22/2018

Pigs & Founders at Tippy’s Two (Premium)

The tap takeover night was going to well to call it quits with Founders Brewing Co.’s Adam Lepper and Tippy’s owner, Sheila Jimenez, so the boys hung out for another power hour of laughs and more Founders brews to keep the party going. 

A few local home brewers (AJ Berger, Kenny Fisher, & John Crist) joined the round table discussion and talk about some home brewing hits and disasters.  

Adam delivers some beer mixing tips and sorts out some confusion for Pauly G. on a Tap Room versus a Tap House.  

Off the rails is where this one begins, so pop a top, put your seat belts on, and enjoy this week’s episode. 

And of course, head on down to Tippy’s afterwards for some cold beer and hot pizza.  And be sure to made Founders Taprooms in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan a stop on any Michigan adventure.  


Shout outs this week include:  Taxman; Mind Over Mash; Marshall County Brew Club; The Bier Brewery; Sean Manahan; Great Fermentations of Indiana; Ron Smith; Final Gravity; Jeremy Kosmicki; and the one and only Mike Hofferman

Publish Date: 6/15/2018

The Pigs were delighted to cover the 1st annual Blood, Sweat, & Beers hosted by the fine folks of Round Town Brewery and Indiana On Tap on a beautiful afternoon in Indianapolis to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Mackenzie Schenk, owner of Round Town, sat down to start the show and explain her thought process behind this wicked day of brew ha-ha and Brewery Beer Olympics.  Although the Pigs helped shape some of the Olympic games, Mack wanted to turn things up a notch and start the games with a growler chug which made some of the brewers nervous, and in the end, wound up being a thorn in Round town’s side as their very own Mr. Eric Fear was the first to . . . unload some of the tasty brew and put them behind right out of the gate.  In the end, the gents from Brew Link came out with the win and the first crown, and a taco hat. 

Tune in for some beer talk and laughs with many of the breweries who came out to serve some of their freshest summer brews and take part in the day’s activities. 

Joining the piggy round table during the afternoon included, David Yancey of Taxman, Eric (The Pinball Wizard) and Jerry of Round Town, Josh Miller and Jimmie Boros of Backstep Brewing, Seth of Elm Street Brewing Co., and of course the winning team from Brew Link, who are great with beers and balls. 

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  CenterPoint Brewing; Tappers; The Sinking Ship; Black Circle Brewing Co.;   Fountain Square Brewing; Carlos Guzman of One Well Brewing; Indy High Bines; Big Red Liquor; Sean Manahan of Kopacetic; 10-56; Guardian Brewing Co.; Burn ‘Em Brewing; and the Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co

Publish Date: 6/8/2018

The pigs take on Westfield at the 3rd annual Rock the Junction (A beer fest that’s all about local charity) sponsored by none other than Grand Junction Brewing.  Jordan, Doug Fresh, Pauline G, and Tex Mex along with their security guard Griswold try beer from many breweries along with some special guest interviews from Grand Junction, Taxman, mad Anthony, Tin Man, Ash & Elm Cider Co., Four Day Ray and even Evan Williams himself.  Learn about the horrible prank played on Jordan by the Great Jonathon Mullens and the other pigs, Find the cure for erectile dysfunction, New beers, the Milf Stout and Stripper Dust, and much more on this long episode of Blind Pig Confessions. 

Shout-outs to:  FDR, Metazoa, MashCraft, Bier, Foam Blowers, Ash & Elm Cider Co., Broadripple Brew Pub, Jonathon Mullens, Redemption Alewerks, Brew Link, Moontown, Round Town, Mad Anthony, Tin Man, Taxman, Wooden Bear, Mind Over Mash, Deviate Brewing, Union Brewing, Pax Verum, Jan’s Village Pizza 

Publish Date: 6/1/2018

United in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the boys, Pauly G., Warren Kluck, Dougy Fresh, Ryan, Carol (Matt Patricia) Guzman, Jerry Huener, and Ernie, get buzzed up on some savory brews from One Well and discuss some of the most important topics challenging our Nation today.  Just kidding, it’s just beer talk and nonsense as usual. 

They discuss Jerry’s lady (Alexa) issues, Michigan sports, Norte Dame hockey, the Kalamazoo Promise, bad roommate stories, and for a special treat, Tales of Romance by Kluck. 

Tune in for another ride with the Pigs and be sure to check out One Well Brewing for some great beer and fun for the whole family.

 Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Crooked Ewe Brewery; Alain Helfrich; and Four Day Ray

And a special thanks to 800lb gorilla for the use of their tune, Commander Wax 2 to end tonight’s show.

Publish Date: 5/25/2018

Owner and operator of Tippy’s, Sheila Jimenez, invited the Pigs into her place once again for brews and laughs, this time fueled by some glorious craft beer from Founders Brewing Co. 

Sales Rep, Adam, Barry White, Lepper, brought the good time with a plethora of groovy brews including, Rubaeus, Solid Gold Premium Lager, All Day IPA, Green Zebra, and the luscious, limited release KBS.  Be sure to get Tippy’s before the kegs run dry!

The night was kicked off with a typical Dougy Fresh rant on Nirvana, DMB, and other horrible bands of the 90’s. 

Adam delivers some history and background of Founders and some of their most famous and loved beers, such as that Dirty Bastard.  We learn what was behind the shortly disappearing baby, and the story of Bob, inventor of the 15 pack. 

Grab your favorite Founders brew, kick back, and enjoy this week’s episode and be sure to get to Tippy’s for more beer, and of course, pizza.  Outdoor seating is now available and don’t miss May’s special, The Blind Pig Cheesy Pork and Brew. 

And keep your ears open for Part Two of the Founders Tap Takeover with the Pigs as some local home brewers join the round table for more brew ha ha’s.

Founders Brewing Co.

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Founders Brewmaster, Jeremy Kosmicki;  10-56 Brewing;  Flatwater Restaurant;  Twenty Tap; Kopacetic Beer Factory;  Laura Newman of INKsignia;  Tony Walters of Garage House Studios;  Eddie Renner, Suki Snickerdoodle, and  Haynze Whitmore of Crepitus;  UAW Black Lake Gold Club;  and Cavalier Distributing

And special thanks, as always, to 800lb Gorilla for the use of their tune Radboy which graciously takes us out of tonight’s episode. 

Publish Date: 5/18/2018

This is a roller coaster ride of an episode.  The boys return to Alleys Alehouse to hang out and talk about their 1st times (with beer), their go to beers and their developing palates.  Paulie G, Tex Mex, and Jordan round out the Pig crew on this one.  We are joined by special guest the elusive A.J.  Lalani, and Chris Clark.  We start off diving into our beer pasts, our favorites and some old school experiences.      Suddenly things derail way and I mean way off the track and we learn about everything from Jordan being violated to Trey Deuce and his naked boat time.  We also had some unfortunate revelations about a 50’s singer but for your piece of mind we omitted that from this episode.  Join us on a hilarious romp in the style of Blind Pig Confessions.

Publish Date: 5/11/2018

Brews Theatre Enjoy a look back with one from the vault.  Recorded shortly after Super Bowl 50, one of the most boring bowls of all time, an agitated Dougy Fresh, Jordan, and Cowboy talk beer and movies.  Or at least attempted to talk about beer and movies before it turned into a “What grinds my gears” episode and how much they truly hated Super Bowl 50 and just about everything that went along with it.  (They apologize to any Coldplay fans who may be offended in advance.) Tune in to a rousing show highlighted with some tasty brews from Great Lakes Brewing Co. and Shorts Brewing Co.    Shout outs this week include:  Jerry and The Bier Brewery;  Dos Ringos;  Otis Gibbs;  Audacity;  and Whitey Morgan   Special thanks for those fine fellows of The Dead Squirrels for the use of their tune, Calabash Joe, from their fifth album, SQ1RL5.

Publish Date: 4/27/2018

It was a cold night in April and the boys decided to seek shelter in a quaint little tap room down in the city.  As we walked in we noticed the wooden furniture gave this place a warm and cozy feeling.  We looked around to see chalk boards that were decorated so well they looked like they belonged in an art museum.  One entire wall was covered with awards from every possible beer competition out there.    Then from across the room a Distinguished Gentleman came walking towards us, in slow motion from the back of the tap room.  Could it be?  It was King Jerry of Bier Brewery. It had been way too long since we got to sit down and chat the night away with one of our favorites. We talk about all things Bier Brewery, sample some great beers and have some great laughs. It was good to see the talented Sarah Buschman and as always, our favorite bartender Cheryl McCarthy. King Jerry even shared a bottle of this year’s incredible Barrel-Aged Sanitarium with us.  Jordan, Paulie G, Tex-Mex, and Griswold were like kids in a candy store with all the amazing beer we enjoyed that evening. What’s on the horizon for Bier Brewery?  How did some of their Biers get their names?  Is there a Blind Pig Collaboration with Bier on the Way?  How many Stars did Griswold earn this episode?  Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and more on this episode of The Blind Pig Confessions Bier Brewery and the Amazing King Jerry!

Publish Date: 4/20/2018

One Well Brewing – Fat Man Tears

Dougy Fresh, Pauly G. and Kluck spent an amazing afternoon with good friends and an abundance of beer at One Well Brewing in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Other friends making the voyage, Ryan Douglas, Jerry Huener, and Ernie sat with One Well’s, Carlos Guzman, for a day of beer and bonding as they learned more about this wondrous brewery. 

Couldn’t have picked a better spot to spend National Beer Day.  Arriving just after lunch, the place was already packed as they quickly learned how much the surrounding community loved and supported this quickly expanding brewery.  The child friendly atmosphere has something for everyone of all ages, from pinball and steel tip darts to video and board games, to make your experience at One Well unforgettable and a place you will want to return to as often as possible.  Whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, the menu is stuffed with delicious meals to pair with some fantastic craft beer.  

Tune in to this week’s episode for lots of laughs as they reviewed a plethora of fine craft brews and learn more about One Well, how to become a Mug Club member, and its High Fives over Hand Shakes program.  It was true as they said, the Pigs may have come as strangers, but they left as friends of this great community.

Lots of shout outs this week including:  Crooked Ewe;  Upland Brewing Company;  Journeyman Distillery;  Round Town Brewery;  Snowbelt Brewing Company;  Michigan Mobile Canning;  10-56 Brewing Company;  Water Street Coffee;  Sweet Water’s Donut Mill;  Old Nation Brewing Co.;  Distant Whistle Brewhouse;  Alley’s Alehouse;  Clam Lake Brewery;  Dougy’s daughter, Raven and her bf Dan Charbonneau(thanks for coming out and supporting!);  Boyd Risner;  and Mike Olivarez

Click the Pig below to listen now or find us on all your regular podcast services.  You can also catch our show Sunday evenings on Indy In-Tune

Publish Date: 4/13/2018

Part two of the recent Jordan Kitchen series was a dark beer and laugh fest with Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, Jordan, and friends, Griswold and local comedian, Trey Deuce and his lovely wife.  

It’s typical for the Pigs to derail quickly . . . but we never even made it on the tracks on this one.  

Lots of great beers from Brewdog, Barehands Brewery, as well as a few we couldn’t quite rave about.  But the conversation never slows as we get a little TMI on Dougy’s biscuits, some insight on Pauly’s mad pool skills, a discussion on Sunday laws, and Jordan serves us the beer of his people to take us out.  

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Warpigs; Grand Junction; Brewlink; Dan Gohr and Redemption Aleworks; Indiana Whiskey; Jason Lee and Kluck Show and their podcast, Music to My Beers; Joshua Lakins and Twisted Crew; Robert Rolfe Feddersen; Round Town Brewery; Black Circle; and Mr. G’s

Publish Date: 4/6/2018

In this episode the boys return to their roots and record a good old-fashioned home recorded show with lots of beer sampling and crude humor. Dougy Fresh, Paulie G and Jordan are joined by Security Griswold and the one and only Trey Deuce to discuss some good and not so good brews from Green Flash, Fat Heads, Volbier, Lagunitas, Bison Brewing, WarPigs and the infamous Evil Twin.   We learn some interesting facts about Paulie G’s Tongue, the effects of Blueberry on your throat, and even a touch of Jordan’s alter ego’s ancestry.   This is a fun, crude old school episode that should not be missed.   Tune in to reminisce about the old school days with the bad boys of blind pig confessions.


Shout Outs:  Green Flash, Fat Heads, BriarScratch, Taxman, Volbier, Lagunitas, George Dickel, 812 Farms, Bier Brewery, Bison Brewing, Alleys Alehouse, Evil Twin, Mob Craft, Chilly Water, and War Pigs

Publish Date: 3/30/2018

Let us take you on a journey.  A journey back in time, to the year 1994 when Brendan had flowing lochs and was headbanging to his favorite 70’s metal bands, Pat had brown hair and was wearing his signature shell necklace, and Jordan actually had hair.  Wait!  It’s not the 90s it is Savor Lebanon.   The boys head up north to attend this once a year beer, wine, and food festival.   The DJ this year made us feel nostalgic for our youth as he turned out all the best and worst of the 90’s.  Indiana On Tap again hosts a great festival with great breweries represented.   We get to sit down with Erin Edds the owner/co-founder of Garden Party (crafted cocktails anyone), Allison Zook or Cardinal Spirits joins us to discuss their impressive line of craft spirits and liqueurs.  We had some of their coffee liqueur in a milk stout and it created heaven on earth.  We got to speak to Tell City about their triple boner and the Pour house their impressive tap room down south.   Tune into this episode for some hilarious antics and good-hearted fun.   Should brewing beer be a boy scout merit badge?  What is that burning sensation in Pat’s pants? Why are the guys giggling so much about the Boner?  What happens when 2 drunk guys show up with peach candy necklaces?   All these and many more questions will be answered for you on this episode of Blind Pig Confessions.

Explicit Episode

Shout Outs:  Brewlink, Cardinal Spirits, Bier Brewery, Sun King, Cedar Creek, Metazoa, Tipsy Turvey, Rock Bottom, Tell City, Moontown, Arni’s

Publish Date: 3/23/2018

The 3rd annual Pies and Pints has come and gone and once again left us wanting more. So many tasty brews and pies filled the room at the Ivy Tech Community College Culinary and Conference Center along with jhhugames and music from DJ Kyle Long.  Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, and Jordan enjoyed spent another fun evening meeting new beer friends and reminiscing with old friends.   Arts for Learning Development Director, Jennifer Collins, gives the ins and outs of this special event where all the proceeds go each year along with some “chocolatey” upcoming events.   Even though they hit their goal early on, the Pigs thought it would only be right to donate, on the behalf of Indy comedian, Jeremy Brown, an extra $500 since he decided to go to church instead of joining us for the evening. (They do take cash, Jeremy, and thank you in advance.) Beer and pinball extraordinaire, Round Town’s very own,  Mr. Eric Fear, chats about the so many fabulous brews and events coming up for Round Town.   The almost too young chef from Hops & Fire Pizza chats for a few and dishes out some of his killer pies, and as usual, the boys from Moontown (overall winners for the evening) join the Pigs for a few rounds of laughs and brew talk with their new Brew Master, Cody Peczkowski.   Tune in and then join us next year for the 4th Annual Indy Pies and Pints.     Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Fountain Square Brewery;  Quack Daddy’s;  Black Circle; New Holland Brewery;  Next Hop Model;  Sinking Ship;  One Well Brewery;  Hot Box Pizza;  Brozinni Pizzeria;  Kevin Fertig;  and Upland Brewing Company

Publish Date: 3/16/2018

BPC - Episode 140 - Buck Nasty Size It (Kettle Top Brewhouse) “On a long and lonesome highway East of Omaha“ Wait! There is no Bob Seger in this episode, but we sure do miss our cowboy, just like Kinky Kelly missed his Donkey. In this episode the boys travel to Anderson to meet with Kyle Buck, and the ne of owners of Kettle Top Brewhouse, Daniel Hiles. We have Papa Smurf, Jordan, and Tex-Mex with Special guest Dr. John and of course of Security guard Griswold is present as well (This was about a 7* Gris episode). We explore the inner workings of Kettle Top and learn about the “coming soon” Creatures of Habit Brewery. We have some great discussions about Jay and Silent Bob, how to get Buck Nasty, Cheese in the bumper, and how Tex Mex Rubs it out. This show could be several short stories in one titled: Brett The Funk Up, Cheese in my Bumper, Buck Nasty Size It, The Whiskey Pickle and the Mushroom Stamp, and What makes Papa Smurfs Jaws Hurt. Tune in to see how it all turns out. We sample some great beers from Creatures of Habit, Five Rabbit, New Day Craft and 18th Street.

Shout Outs to: New Day Craft, Redemption Alewerks, Chris Burch, Neon Black, Ben Cannon, Wonky Tonk, Von Stronce , State of Mind, Jesse Phelps, Brother o Brother, Stampede String Band, Anderson on Tap, Jay and Silent Bob, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and Zima

Click the Pig to Listen to our latest episode or catch us on Sunday evenings on Indy In-Tune.

Publish Date: 3/9/2018

Part two of our series from the Crooked Ewe Brewery & Ale House in South Bend, IN with Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, Warren, owner- Sean Meehan, Chef- Alain Michel Helfrich, and friends, Melissa, Kendall Smith, Jerry Huener, Wesley August, and Ryan Douglas.   We dig deeper into the craft goodness of the Ewe while we discuss some of our many Michigan ties, Jerry’s Do’s and Don’ts of his upcoming retirement, how to get fired from Bob & Dave’s carwash, some drunken ramblings and opinions, and our new found glory, thanks to the Chef, The Peat Monster. You won’t want to miss a minute of this joyous evening.  Tune in, and then wander into the Ewe for some fantastic food and craft beer.   Cheers!

Shout Outs tonight include:  Shorts Brewing Company; Carlos Guzman; Black Circle Brewing Co.; Dogfish Head; Right Brain Brewery; Fiddler’s Hearth;  Madison’s;  Compass Box Whisky;  and the Journeyman Distillery

Publish Date: 3/2/2018

This episode finds the boys of the Blind Pigs returning to the town of Westfield to drink some beer at a fan favorite brewery, Grand Junction. Paulie G and Hunter lead the way with the help of Griswold, special guests Mike Hofferman and Jon Knight of Grand Junction round out this motley crew for a fun filled evening talking, history, brews, and life in general.  Anyone want their very own Griswold sticker?  What’s the Gris scale?  Ever wonder how the Hefeweizen style of beer got its start?  What special ingredient does Jonathon Mullens have that is quite coveted?  Find out the answers to these questions and more on this episode of BPC.

Shout outs to Jonathon Mullens, Broad Ripple Brewpub, Crown liquors, big red liquors, party pack liquors, Sam Adams

Publish Date: 2/23/2018

So, the boys travel to Pittsburgh to check out the world famous Primanti Brothers.   Well not really Pittsburgh but Noblesville is close.  Hunter, Tex-Mex, Jordan, and Griswold are Joined by FDR’s own Brian and Mitch!   We get to sample some amazing food and drink some great FDR Air Raid beer while we learn all about this awesome Pittsburgh based bar and restaurant.  We get to talk to Logan the manager about the history and inner workings of Primanti Brothers. This episode is full of good information and good laughs.   Tune in to find out about Beer Milkshakes, Sandwiches too big for your mouth, and all-around fun.   

Shout outs to:   FDR, Sun king, daredevil, quaff on, scarlet lane, Beer Army Draft Magazine, and Evil Czech

Publish Date: 2/17/2018

Tipsy at Tippy’s

Pauly G. and Dougy Fresh get nutty (it will make sense when you listen) at the newly located Tippy’s in Winamac, IN.  Still serving their great, well known, pizza and wings, Tippy’s now has a full bar with a variety of domestic and craft brews on tap.  Co-hosting for the evening, and taking great photos as always, is Dougy’s crush, the beautiful Michelle Dickey.  

Arriving first on the scene to scope the place out, Pauly was bit nervous when he wandered into a restaurant packed with tiny unicorns.  But all was soon well as the unicorns left to graze and a thirsty hoard of pizza and beer lovers soon packed the house.  

Joining us for the evening was the fine folks of 10-56 Brewing of Knox, IN, Mike and Erica.  A couple new to the brewery scene and already making a noise in the craft beer society.  We’ve been hearing about their brews for some time now, so we were thrilled to have them join us and finally dig into a sampling of what they have to offer.. and we were glad we did.  Starting with a little monkey nut, which had us all wanting more, they pulled out the big guns as we were some of the lucky first to try their pizza beer creation.  That’s right . . . pizza beer . . . perfect for the occasion and we were floored at how well this worked.  

A very busy and proud owner, Sheila, who wasn’t expecting quite the full house she had this evening, did find a little time to take a break and tell us a little about her friendly neighborhood bar and restaurant.  

Also joining in the fun, the good friend of 10-56, and now friend of ours, Aaron of Copperhop, grabbed a mic to introduce us to his very cool craft beer trail business you will want to know more about, as well as a little of his background and love of craft beers.  

Grab a brew, tune in, and then head on down to Tippy’s to see just what the fuss is all about.  

Shout outs this week include:  Terre Haute Brewing, Briar Scratch Brewing, Evil Czech, Four Fathers, New Holland, Moontown, Stan and Maggie Czech and their unicorns, Noda Brewery, Kopacetic Brewing, Carlos Guzman and One Well, Quack Daddy, Crooked Ewe, 1205 Distillery, and Indiana Whiskey


Publish Date: 2/9/2018

Blind Pig Confessions is geared towards a 21 and older audience, explicit lyrics and good fun humor contained within. In this Episode Paulie G, Jordan, Tex Mex, and Griswold sit down with Brian and Dave of Quack Daddy’s Donuts and explore the world of Beer Pairings. We pair up some Evil Czech Bigsby, and Maple Bacon Donuts then move on to Scarlet Lane Dorian, and Bier PDG with a host of other donut styles. Did you know that these guys have 118 different donut combinations? Have you ever had chocolate milk in a frozen Mug? These guys are a lot of fun and we get to learn a lot about the world of donuts. We also learn all about how large framed Jordan is in this episode. If you wanna hear Jordan get picked on, here is your chance. Lots of good information and laughs in this hilarious installment of the Blind Pig Confessions.

Shout Outs to: Madison’s, Mogul, PBR, Bier, Evil Czech, Scarlett Lane, FDR, Primanti Brothers, Quaff On, New Day Craft

Publish Date: 2/2/2018

The boys of the Blind Pig Confessions are excited to do this special release show. We are back at Alley’s Alehouse on a very special night. The kick off to the 2018 Beer School Season, and Niko’s open stage on its new night immediately following beer school. Tex Mex, Jordan, and Griswold sit down to chat with Nick Wengler about his move to Thursdays and to get some inside information about the national act that is coming on stage. We are then joined by the lovely and Talented Mel, the manager of Alley’s and the Lead Vocalist of Red Remains. We get some more insight into what this beer school thing is all about and where we can find Red Remains. This year's beer school line up is INSANE 12 weeks of amazing brewery, beers, and of course Alley’s legendary Food and customer service. We also sit down with Fat Heads Brewery, Beer school regulars, Beer School Virgins and of course Matt Monta of the Haymakers. We talk beer, music, food, and much more. Take a listen to the show and here the amazing lineup for Beer School. We are extremely excited and proud to bring you a very special musical release. Matt Monta is allowing us the opportunity to help him release his new single “ I won’t be Scared”. We tease you at the start of the show and if you stay tuned immediately following the show you will get to hear his new single in its entirety. Here is what Matt himself had to say about this song: “As we're faced with mounting uncertainty, both individually and collectively, it's  important for us not to escape or tune out, but to move ahead with dignity and poise and without fear. That's what this song is about. The track was performed by Matt Monta & the Haymakers with Savannah and Ron Freeman contributing backing vocals. Music and more can be found at” Huge shout out to Matt Monta, Nick Wengler, Fat Heads, and Alleys Alehouse for allowing us this amazing opportunity. Cheers!!!

Additional Shout Outs to: Evil Czech, Bier, FDR, Sweet Water Brewery, Sam Adams, Two Deep, 3 Wise men, Victory Brewing, New Belgium, Sun King, New Day, Center pointe, Quaff on, Scarlett Lane, Haymakers, Nikos Open Stage, Indy In-Tune, Studio Live Indy

Publish Date: 1/31/2018

The Pigs share an elegant evening of brews and humorous conversation with Owner, Sean Meehan, and Executive Chef Alain Michel, of the Crooked Ewe Brewery and Ale House. Resting on the shores of the St. Joe River in South Bend, Indiana is one of the utmost sought after places to enjoy a relaxing craft beer, fine, yet casual dining, while taking in the spectacular view of the waterfront. Young, but already winning awards for their beer, the Ewe is a must for the locals as well as the city's many visitors. Joining the Pigs, Dougy Fresh, Pauly G., and Warren P. Floyd, are friends, Ryan Douglas, Kendall Smith, Jerry Huener, and Wesley August to round out the table of hooligans. Tune in to tonight’s episode to find out where the Ewe got its name, Jerry’s confusion of the Ewe’s vegan “segregation”, where Alain gets his inspiration, and the many things coming around the bend in the Ewe’s future.

Thanks to 800lb Gorilla for use of their groovy tune, Radboy, to round out tonight’s show.

Publish Date: 1/26/2018

The boys travel to So-Bro to a great little Nano-Brewery called Black Circle. Papa Smurf and Jordan run the show with Griswold and Owner Jesse Rice. This is a fantastic place if you are into 80's & 90's Nostalgia, or are a Vinyl, Rock, Hair Band Heavy Metal Fan. They have a great stage with local acts, an arcade with classic Video games, they play Vinyl, and do obscure Horror movie nights. This is a very unique and amazing venue. Their Beer is amazing, and they offer a variety from stout to gose. You can swing in and get some great Cuban food as well. Join us on this episode to learn more about this fantastic little brewery.

Shout outs to: Bier, Centerpoint and Tax Man

Publish Date: 1/19/2018

Papa Smurf, Tex Mex and Jordan travel to a land far away called Muncie where we find a hidden little gem known as New Corner Brewing. As we walk through the office and head to "what's behind the next door" it feels as though we are transported back in time to a true speakeasy. We sit down with the Owner Shawn Brady and his go to man Mark Watson. It is a fun, humorous, and informative roller coaster of an episode. We get to sample numerous amazing beers from these guys. We get to sample beer cheese from Tulip Tree Creamery and Beer Pickles. I think we touch on almost every topic. Do you know who made Heimdall's Sword in Thor? Do you know the secret to making pickles with beer? The answers to these and many more questions lie just ahead in this episode of Blind Pig Confessions.

Shout-outs to:  Bier Brewery, Great Fermentations, Tulip Tree Creamery, Sky Hope Acres, O'malley's (Weston Missouri) (sp), Broad Ripple Brew Pub, Jonathon Mullens, Ron Smith, Redemption, Winterfest, David DelaGardelle (Cedar Lore Forge), Griswold, Liberty Street, Andy Brading (came in did all the work ). Elm Street, Guardian, Wick's Pies, Alley's Alehouse, Mel, and Funkatorium

Publish Date: 1/12/2018

A slightly hung-over group of Pigs (thanks to Eddy’s Sports Pub, Kevin Fertig, and carbombs) settled in for a glorious day of craft beer, wine, and live music from Rock Island and Duke Tumatoe at the 3rd Annual Whitestown Brew Fest, hosted by Indiana On Tap. We can’t thank Sarah Burns enough for the invite to cover this fantastic summer event. We kick off the day with our great friends from the Moontown Brewing Company who helped us to kick the dust off from the previous night and get revved up for the day. We had the pleasure to drink and talk to some of the area’s up and coming home brewers throughout the day and ended this segment with Tow Yard. Such a fun event. We loved meeting the home brewers and getting their perspective on the scene and see the new things they had brewing. Can’t wait till Whitestown Brew Fest 2018! We hope to see you all there! Special thanks to those hard-working Dead Squirrels for the use of their tune Calabash Joe to take us out on this one. Be sure to go see them live at a pub near you!

Publish Date: 1/5/2018

BPC – Episode 130 – If at First You Don’t Succeed Try, Try a Gin…or Vodka

The boys return to their home away from home, Alley’s Alehouse.  Cowboy, Tex-Mex, Papa Smurf and Jordan sit down with the owner/operators of Mogul Distillery, James Jones and Anthony Joseph, and discuss all things spirits related.   We of course also have the watchful eye of our security Griswold there to be sure nothing gets out of hand.   We get to sample some fantastic Vodka and Gin from Mogul and have great discussions on life and drinking.   It just so happens that Alley’s Alehouse also has 10 new drinks that came out and we get to sample those on the show as well.   So, tune into to this episode for a great adventure in craft spirits.

Shouts out to Alley’s Alehouse, Indiana Whiskey Co., TwoDEEP


Publish Date: 12/15/2017

So the boys journey over to Whitestown to hit Moontown Brewing company. Jordan , Papa Smurf, and Tex Mex are onsite with special guest Dr. John. The Mattingly family welcomes us with open arms and plenty of beer. We FINALLY get to see and learn about this family brewing trio, and their vision for their very impressive Brew House. We talk all about what they have going on and the timeline of their construction of the new Brewhouse. Jordan had the pleasure of stopping in there just a couple days ago and they are ahead of their own predicted schedule. This is a very exciting thing for the Mattingly’s, Moon Town, and hell, the Blind Pigs too.

We sat down and talked about some of their beers including: Dortmunder, Summer Sunshine, and the William. We reminisce on Jockey Box Hero, Cowboys famous striptease, and William Hung. When is Moontown set to open? Which Pig is one of the Mattingly’s particular fond of?

Tune into this episode and get the answers to these questions and to learn about one of the biggest up and coming Brew Companies in our area.

Shout Outs to:

Indiana On tap, Jockey box Hero, William Hung, Deviate Brewing, Redemption Alewerks, Dan Gohr, Bier Brewery, Southern Tier, Guardian, Wicks pies, and Metazoa Brewing.

Publish Date: 12/1/2017

This is a must listen episode right here. We apologize for this one going a little over our normal time, but we became enthralled with being introduced to a new line of adult beverages for us. MEAD! Jordan, Papa Smurf, Griswold and Tex-Mex join the Masterminds of New Day Craft, Tia and Brett at their taproom in Fountain Square. We learn all about mead, how it's made, what it is, and its history. We had the chance to sample several of their most popular meads including Shelby Blue Ribbon, Washington's folly, Lavender Lemonade, The Rethinker (Which is dry hopped with Cascade and Columbus hops), and then some of their Barrel aged line which included their Cult Favorite Imperial Breakfast Magpie (Aged in Angel's Envy Barrels for 14 months). We even tasted some ciders that were quite amazing as well. The Imperial Breakfast Magpie gets released next week on Black Friday at noon. Tune in now to here all about their amazing products, Slushies, how mead can save your genitals, and much more on this episode of Blind Pig Confessions.

Shouts out to Bee Coffee Roasters, Redemption Alewerks, New Holland Brewing Co., Samano's Mexican Food

Publish Date: 11/17/2017

Outside the Green Room, we also did a little recording out in the crowd at the party level. Greg Jones of Whoa!Tiger jumps on the air to tell us about Tiger news and some of his solo projects as well, as Roberto relives some of his glory days. And we get up close with one of the city’s best artist, Amanda Keller of Keller Illustrations, and owner-operator of Indy Arty Party. We were a bit buzzed and energized but had a blast and can’t wait to do it again next summer. A weekend of live music and friends all for such an incredibly cause. It should be a “must go” on everyone’s calendar each summer. We ended the day of recording as 800lb Gorilla took the main stage so we had to once again end another episode with a tune from their newest album, Commander Wax. Get waxed! Cheers!

Shout outs in this episode include: Moxxie; Hop your Face; Terry Valde; Veseria; and Villainous

Publish Date: 11/10/2017

Hunter, Tex Mex, Jordan, and Papa Smurf are joined by the Gentlemen of Eight One Two Farms. We are kept safe by our security guard Griswold and stalked by our buddy John! Tune in and hear us discuss hop farming, Quaff On, and much more on this power packed episode. What is purple, has a large vein and is sticky? What would cause Papa Smurf to put on Feathers and stand guard? The answers to these questions and more on this episode of The Blind Pig Confessions.


Publish Date: 11/3/2017

Event sponsor, Benjamin Cannon, of Spark Joy Music kicks off Part II of this special episode from the Hops & Hertz Festival at the Fountain Square Brewery.  Ben works his way through the details of this incredible, inaugural, live music and craft beer festival dedicated to discovering great city talent, while putting up with a slightly inebriated Cowboy.   The boys discuss their own recent discoveries in music, where they go to find music today, the Manson Family, and Jack White(the Jamie Jackson of Indy).   Jeff Kelly joins the round table once again, along with one the best guitar pickers in the city, John Fell, to talk about The Graveyard Shift.  Jeff also tells all you need to know about knitting(maybe too much). Fountain Square partner, Jeff Gibson, has a brew with the boys to tell all that’s going on and what to look forward to at the brewery. The day is rounded out nicely with the sweaty clan from Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes after a rousing set on the inside stage.   A great day of live music and always great beer at Fountain Square Brewery.  The boys can’t wait to cover this fantastic event again next summer.   Cheers!   Shout outs in this episode include:  Dietrich Jon;  Chris Burch;  Musical Family Tree;  Square Cat Vinyl;  Indy In-Tune and Radiothon;  Mina & The Wondrous Flying Machine;  Kammy’s Kause;  and a special thanks to 800lb Gorilla for the use of their tune, Radboy, from their new album to end today’s show.  Be sure to catch those cats live! 

Publish Date: 10/27/2017

The boys join owner Brian Graham at Four Day Ray Brewing in Fishers. We have a discussion around many different brews and brewing styles.

Did you know in 2008 Michelob Ultra tried to do some craft flavors? Pat is obsessed with his new found love of these beers. We discuss spritzers and margaritas, and Brian's Cans. We dive into what FDR has coming out this winter and much more. This is a crazy fun rollercoaster of an episode.

We most importantly get to sample some of FDR’s finest brews including: Blood Orange Blonde, Purple Smash, Heat is on, and Oktoberfest. Cheers!!!

Publish Date: 10/20/2017

  The Crew:  Our gracious host for the day, Ryan Douglas; Brendan(Douglas Fresh) Douglas; Patrick(Pauly G.) Hall; Jeremy Nicely; Rick Greenless; and one slightly toasted, Warren Kluck Where to begin on this one?  This was Part Three of an afternoon in South Bend, Indiana on the weekend we introduced the newest Blind Pig, Mr. Warren Kluck.  By the end of hour three and a twenty minute rant on his hatred of Pink Floyd, we were wondering if we made a horrible mistake. Of course we’re kidding…we love our Warren.   The group was a bit drunk and ornery on hour three of the craft beer marathon… which of course we had to throw whiskey into the mix.    We talk Detroit Lions football, old ass QB’s, first tattoos, some rare but insightful words from Rick Greenless, and the re-release of Sgt. Pepper, Warren’s favorite Beatles album.   Lots of great craft beers went into the making of this episode including:  18th Street Devil’s Conclave; Prairie’s Sour Ale aged on Ginger; Bier Brewery’s award winning, Sanitarium; and we snuck in a little Jameson Black Barrel whiskey just for good measure and to be sure everyone got ripe.   Cheers! Shout outs in this episode include:  Boyd Risner and Mike Olivarez, Mos Eisley’s Tattoo Studio of Grand Rapids, Michigan; and 800lb Gorilla who takes this week’s show out with the tune, Commander Wax 2, from their new album Commander Wax  

Publish Date: 10/13/2017

The boys return to their home away from home Alley’s Alehouse for a discussion about all things autumn related. We are heading into the fall season and we discuss (the best holiday of the year) Halloween, Pumpkin Beers, TV Premieres and much more. Jordan, Cowboy, Papa Smurf, Hunter and Tex-Mex round out the pigs and we are joined by our Security Guard Griswold and a special guest appearance from the always entertaining Sarah Burns.

Listen to the pigs discuss several beers from some of our favorite brewers, Evil Czech and Taxman. We might even test out our skills as a new Boy Band as we turn to a little impromptu Acapella.

Tune in now for fun, banter, and as always good brew reviews! Cheers......The Pigs

Publish Date: 10/6/2017

We had the special pleasure of being invited to coved Kammy's Kause this year on it's opening night.  We couldn't have been more humbled being part of this incredibly annual two day live music event for such a great cause.  We had a blast from moment we stepped into the American Legion park and it just kept getting better as the afternoon and evening flew by, much to quickly.   Ben Jarvis of Audiodacity has a brew with the boys before going on stage and tells a little about the work they have going on with their upcoming 2nd album.   The man who can be miserable in any situation(yet has impeccable hygiene), Ryan M. Brewer jumps on board and things go from weird to He Man and Captain Planet talk.   Of course we had to have the man who put this all together, Mr. Jared Hiner, for his beautiful daughter, Kammy.  We couldn't believe how calm and cool this cat could be with so much going on around us, but he has so much support from family, friends, and musicians in and around Indy, he can now enjoy this amazing event he's built.  And we round out the show with our new friends from 800lb Gorilla after their amazing set.  They give some backstory on who they are and we talk about their upcoming album, Commander Wax.  They let use a couple of their tunes to kick off and end this episode, so be sure crank it up and join us at their album release party on October 13th at the Fountain Square Brewing Co.   Lots of great conversation and some great beers were destroyed over the afternoon including some splendid brews from Central State Brewing, Flix Brewhouse(who also sponsored Kammy's Kause), and Taxman Brewing Company. Tune in!  Cheers!! Shout outs in this episode include:  Hop Your Face;  18th Street Brewery;  Whoa!Tiger;  Brother O' Brother;  Chris Burch, and Ben Cannon

Publish Date: 9/29/2017

BPC - Episode 120 - Backyard Shenanigans

The boys decided to go back to their roots and do a home show that turns into some serious backyard shenanigans.Paulie G, Jordan, Hunter and Roberto show up for the pigs and then we are joined by our pig pen brethren; The Riley, Griswold, and Dr. John. We review several beers from Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We drink some Due South Brewery, 3 Daughters, Tampa Bay Brewing, Motor works Brewing, Stone, Wiseacre, and Central Waters.

Many brews and some interesting and tantalizing conversation about high fiber beers, toilet champagne,battery acid in beer, and some great other topics.Tune in to get some great laughs and hear some honest beer reviews. Cheers !!!

Publish Date: 9/22/2017

Dougy Fresh, Pauly G, and the freshest Pig, Warren, continue their round table beer reviews with friends, Jeremy Nicely, Ryan Douglas, and Rick Greenless on a sunny afternoon in South Bend, Indiana.   We pick up this one about an hour into the debacle with a riveting discussions on beer and music elitists, local snobs and posers, some of our favorite whiskeys, and Rick has a Silent Bob moment.   Another hour of great brews were passed around including, Three Floyds, Chevalier Bertrand du Guesclin, The Gimp, and some Dick Kicker Malt Liquor from Founders.   Tune in to join the laughter. Cheers! Be sure to join us tomorrow at the Whitestown Brew Festival from noon till 4:30p.                       

Publish Date: 9/15/2017

Publish Date: 9/8/2017

BPC - Episode 117 - Jockey Box Hero Part Hung

We had the utmost pleasure covering Indiana On Tap’s inaugural Jockey Box Hero at The Hatch in Broad Ripple a few weeks ago.   It was the perfect day for craft beer and karaoke…behind a live band!   A special occasion is certain way as our very own Cowboy got to perform against some talented Indy folk and the one and only William Hung.   We enjoyed talks with old friends from The Moontown Brewing Company, Mackenzie from The Roundtown Brewery, Nikki Reed and Carter, and our new friends at 99.5 WZPL, Toni Dekeyser and Dave Smiley of the Smiley Morning Show we all know and love.  The WZPL folks got very comfortable speaking their minds with the Pigs… and we enjoyed every minute of it.  We get some dirty secrets about Nikki as well as some awful driving tips from Dave.   And of course we had to have American Idol’s, Mr. William Hung hang out (no pun intended) with the boys for a round as well as some jeering from Cowboy.  Hung is Mr. Infotainment!   You won’t want to miss Part Hung of Jockey Box and we better see all of you there next summer! Cheers!!

A special thanks to the fantastic Cyrus Youngman of Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers for the opening and closing tunes for this episode.  And stay tuned for an upcoming show with this rare Indy talent we can’t wait to join us for a few brews and to talk about life and music. 

Shout out in this episode include:  Four Day Ray Brewing;  Jonathon Mullens and Broad Ripple Brew Pub;  Metazoa Brewing Company (who will join us for Part Two);  The Bier Brewery; Redemption Alewerks; and The Indiana Whiskey Company

Publish Date: 9/1/2017

The boys Sit down with Josh and King Dan (2 x reigning champ of Indy’s next hop model) to talk beer and food at Redemption ale works. This episode is chocked full of beer talk and some great Dan jokes. We go from Wing and Wang’s, to Domain Names and everything in between. Tune in to learn about Magnum P. Rye, Reclamation, Dan’s odd Hobby, the greatness of Dumpster conversations, and much more.

Shout outs on this episode to the Azimuth charity, featuring Redemption, Grand Junction, Hotel Tango, Two Deep, and Blake's Hard Cider. A crazy roller coaster ride this episode is guaranteed to give you plenty of information and make you chuckle too.


Publish Date: 8/25/2017

Part two of our rockin' day at the annual, outdoor, live music and craft beer festival at the Grand Junction Brewing Co. beings with our good buddy Justin of Indiana On Tap, the sponsors of day's festivities.  These guys know how to put on a grand scale show.  We talk a little of what's going on with On Tap, including last Saturday's wildly fun, Jockey Box Hero, which featured one Mr. William Hung . . . and Cowboy.  Big props given in this segment to the guys over at the Moontown Brewing Company who are working diligently in opening their brewery to the public.  We get to spend some quality time with our boy, Shawn Kessel of Taxman Brewing Company who gives us the squeeze on sweat, blood, and beer.  His wife also announced she is taking inquiries to sell a pretty amazing home brew system(Don't tell Shawn), after the Pigs brew with him first.  Such a great event put on by the folks of Indiana On Tap and of course the place we always rave about, Grand Junction Brewing Co. We can't wait till next year to do it again.  But don't wait till then to partake of some of the best brews in the state.  Get your butts to Grand Junction today. Tell 'em the Pigs sent ya.  Cheers! Shout outs in this episode include:  Brew Link Brewing;  18th Street Brewing;  Nikki Reed;  Josh Springer and Bottoms UP Beer;  The Hatch;  Whitestown Brew Fest 2017;  Mitchell Roelecke of Scarlet Lane Brewing Company; Oaken Barrel Brewing Co.;  and Kammy's Kause 2017 - Come by and see us TONIGHT and party all weekend at Kammy's Kause!

Publish Date: 8/17/2017

We recently announced the newest Pig, Warren Kluck, and although he's been on a few shows, tonight is our first Blind Pig South Bend edition with Dougy Fresh, Pauly G, Cowboy, and Mr. Warren Kluck.  We were joined by good friends, the host for the evening, Ryan Douglas (Dougy's big bro), Jeremy Nicely, and Rick Greenless.  This turned into a three hour debauchery, so we split it up into three segments for your listening pleasure.   Part One starts out with some incredible beer, Taxman's Mexican Chocolate Cake a Belgian-style dubbel, aged in bourbon barrels with cocoa nibs, cinnamon sticks and Mexican peppers.  It quickly warmed our hearts and got us chatting about Untappd and how cool, or incredibly dorky it is; home brewing; Uber nightmares; deuchey beer bottle collections (for anyone over the age of 21); how much is too much for a beer; the best live music joint around, Vegetable Buddies; and The Stingy Pours, the all-star rock band that never was. . . The debates get heated at times, but love is felt throughout.  Ok, maybe it was all the high gravity beer, but we're sure you'll feel it too when you tune in.  Lots of great brews were reviewed in Part One including:  Perrin Brewery's Unfinished Business; 3 Floyd's Brewing Company's Gorch Fock; The Bier Brewery's Sanitarium; and a little hidden gem, Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad Belgian Ale


Shout outs in tonight's episode include:  Briarscratch Brewing; Short's Brewing Company; New Glarus Brewing Co; Fiddler's Hearth; Niko's Open Stage; Jockey Box Hero(join us tomorrow at The Hatch); Nicole Haworth and Sun King Brewing Company; and the 18th Street Brewery


Publish Date: 8/11/2017

The Pigs hit the airwaves to sponsor and cover a fantastic live music and craft beer festival at Fountain Square Brewery, the second of five Discovery Music events sponsored by Spark Joy Music and Musical Family Tree. Non stop, high energy talent hit the stages at noon and didn’t stop till after midnight. We started off the day with a quick visit from Grover, followed by Aaron from Musical Family Tree. We were all a bit ashamed to not know more about this non-profit organization doing so much for the music scene in and around Indy. Aaron educates us on the Family Tree as well as a little about her own band and where they can be found. Fountain Square’s, Luke Nelson joins the boys once again to tell us about the beer on hand at the event, as well as one made especially for Jackie Martinez, and what’s brewing in the upcoming future. We end Part One with a very special visit from Mr. Jared Hiner, the man behind Kammy’s Kause. We know all our fans in Indy know all about this incredible yearly event, but for those outside Indy not familiar yet, Jared goes into great detail about his organization, the upcoming event to benefit families dealing with 4p-, also known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS), an extremely rare chromosome disorder, and his beautiful daughter, Kammy, who is the inspiration for it all. The Pigs were invited to cover the 14th Annual Kammy’s Kause, the two day music festival coming up on August 18th - 20th at the Fortville American Legion Park. This year’s event includes: Kammy’s Kidzone, Kammy’s Ride, a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, balloon artists, bounce houses, live art, food trucks, 27 midwest bands, silent auKtion, merchandise, great people, free camping (tents only) and parking. ALL funds raised are donated directly to the 4p- Support Group.

Kammy's Kause Facebook Page

Tune into Part Two of Hops & Hertz coming out soon with Spark Joy’s, Mr. Benjamin Cannon, musical guests, and more. Cheers!

Shout outs in this episode include: American Legion Post 391; Round Town Brewery; The Ram Indianapolis; Indiana Mobile Canning; Danny Boy Beer Works; Ash & Elm Cider Co.; New Day Craft; Indy Pies and Pints; and BriarScratch Brewing (that’s right, we’re still talking about your beer)

Publish Date: 8/4/2017

Grand Junction Brewing Co. doesn’t just make great beer, they know how to throw one hell of a party.  They teamed up with those crazy kids from Indiana on Tap for a special summer throw down.  The Pigs were pleased to be a part of this amazing outdoor craft beer and live music festival.  A mild summer, mid morning storm didn’t scare away the beer drinkers and it ended up being a fantastic day of grooves and brews.    We have visits in Part One from a soggy Brian Graham of Four Day Ray Brewing, the boys from Brew Link Brewing (who took good care of us during the raining morning set up), Emily Denise(EmDog!) of the Deer Creek Brewery, Mr. Bob of Round Town Brewery, and a much needed, tasty visit from the electric Tipsy Turvey’s.    Lots going on with all these breweries.  You won’t want to miss Brew Link’s 1.5 Anniversary Party coming up in October.  We hear there is some Ivory aging in a Wild Turkey barrel we can’t wait to tap!  Join in the fun for Part One of Rock the Junction and stay tuned for Part Two coming out soon.  Cheers!    Shout outs in this episode include:  Indianapolis Girls Pint Out;  Taxman Brewing Company;  Ron Smith;  JD Brake and DEWALT;  The Guardian Brewing Co.;  Bent Rail Brewery & Restaurant;  CenterPoint Brewing;  Danny Boy Beer Works;  Metazoa Brewign Company;  Flat 12 Bierwerks;  Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery;  and the New Holland Brewing Co.

Publish Date: 7/28/2017

In this episode the boys return to Alley's Alehouse​and bring on Special Guest Bill Bolander​ of BHR construction. He talks about his construction business along with his impressive Cans (or collection of). We sample some beer from Elysian Brewing,​ their super fuzz, Taxman Brewing Company​ Double Aged Barrell, TwoDEEP Brewing Co.​ Stoutella, Track Bier from The Bier Brewery​ and Cashmir from Evil Czech Brewery and Public House​. Do You miss Jim Neighbors? Cowboy Does! We talk all about Indy 500 and Nascar!

Publish Date: 7/22/2017

We begin Part II of Radiothon 2017 at Alley's Alehouse with a pleasant interruption but always appreciated visit from Mr. Jerry Connor of The Bier Brewery.  Jerry joins the conversation with Fountain Square's Luke Nelson as we dig into craft beer, the woes of canning, and a little cans vs. bottle debate.  Next up, a few of the greats of the Indy music scene, Mr. Jeff Kelly and Eric Pedigo join to talk about how their scene has been transforming over the recent years, what they are currently up to, as well as an odd Wolf Man Jack impression from Jeff.  A not-so-sober Dougy Fresh and Pauly G. take the show out with some bizarre banter about allergies and radish aliments. Thanks again to Mr. Darrin Snider of Indy-In Tune and Benjamin Cannon of Spark Joy Music for inviting us out to participate in this great event.    Cheers! Big thanks once again to The Dead Squirrels for the use of their tune, U Gotta Lotta Nerve, from their new album to kick off tonight's episode.  Go to their FB page to find out how you can own your very own copy to hours of listening pleasure. Be sure to join us tomorrow(Saturday July 15th) at the Fountain Square Brewery Co. as we cover our 2nd all day, craft beer and music festival of this this season, Hops and Hertz, brought to you by Spark Joy Music, Studio Live Indy, Musical Family Tree, and yours truly, The Blind Pig Confessions.  Party starts at 12pm, we'll have cold brew waiting for you all! Shout outs in this episode:  Sun King Brewing Company;  Bigfoot Yancey;  Melody Inn;  Fleetwood Mac;  Joys House; Whoa!Tiger;  Tied; Chad Mills;  Jeff Byrd;  Four Day Ray Brewing;  Scarlet Lane Brewing Company;  Nick Wengler; and the Jeremy Vogt Band

Publish Date: 7/14/2017

This is a special Xmas in July,  Balls Out, episode not for those with sensitive ears.   The “Explicit” light went on early in this one. . . and never went out.   What happens when WWE’s Kevin Thorn stops by to have a few brews with the Pigs at Alley’s Alehouse?  Lots of fun and chaos!   The show got so out of hand, it took over 11 months to edit and release with an NC17 rating, but it was too good and the boys had too much fun on this one to not let it out.   Joining us for the evening(although he may wished he was not there) was the tenderloin, Chris Clark.  No way to break this one down.  Although he’s known to most the world as Kevin Thorn or Mordecai, we are privileged to know the man behind the tights, our friend, Kevin Fertig.  And Kevin goes deep and tells all in this one.  From his love of spandex, wrestling woes(and where fingers sometimes go), to an odd one on one in politics with Dougy Fresh.  But we also get the softer side to this friendly giant as we learn his number one focus in life, family.  (Which is about the only sweet thing to happen in this episode.) They get a bit personal and divulge what they are all wearing underneath, Jordan once again claims his love of the Dickel, and then they explore things they never thought they would . . . or should.  But through all the weirdness, they do talk beer and whiskey as they enjoy some Romantic Chemistry from Dogfish Head Brewery, Tiberius from Scarlet Lane, and a shot of Few Bourbon. An all adult show for certain, but an all around entertaining night they can’t wait to do again. . . next time in the privacy of Kevin’s private bar where they can really cut loose.   Cheers! Shout outs in this episode include:  Eddy’s Sports Pub, Douglas Sheets, PBR, Duluth Trading Company, and George Dickel

Publish Date: 7/7/2017

The Pigs were honored to cover Indy In-Tune’s fifth annual Spring Radiothon, this year in support of Joy's House and the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Indiana with a goal of bringing music to those living with Alzheimer's.   It was a perfect day whether you wanted to chill to the acoustic acts outside on the patio or get down with the electric acts on stage inside Alley’s Alehouse.  A big thanks to Mr. Darrin Snider of Indy In-Tune for inviting us to cover this beertastic, all day, live music event.   Cowboy, Dougy Fresh, and Pauly G. get the beers flowing early for this one as they kick things off with one of the Radiothon sponsors, Ben Cannon of Spark Joy Music, and Luke Nelson of Fountain Square Brewery.  Lots going on with Spark Joy this year, and the Pigs will be covering some of their big summer live music events at the Fountain Square Brewery. (Tune in for more info!) Joy’s House Program Director, Candace Preston, and Program Manager, Corrina Thompson, joined the boys for a brew and some laughs as they told them a little about themselves and what brought them to Joy’s House along with the inside scoop of all the great things Joy’s House does and how and where anyone can donate.   Luke sits with the boys once again to round out Part One of our show.  He gives some highlights on some of the fine brews being made as well as the path that led him to Fountain Square Brewery.   The show ends as they get a visit from funny man, The Bier Brewery’s Jerry Connor.  They’ll pick up Part Two of Radiothon show with Jerry and Luke.  Stay Tuned! And we must thank Indy’s own, The Dead Squirrels, for the use of their upcoming hit tune, What Love Is from their new album.  Where can you get your hands on a copy, you ask?  You can tonight by joining us at Alley’s Alehouse for their album release party. Shout outs in Part One of Radiothon include:  Evil Czech Brewery and Public House;  Four Day Ray Brewing;  Round Town Brewery;  Scarlet Lane Brewing Company;  93.1 WIBC-FM;  Autumn Androids;  Niko’s Open Stage;  Ryan Michael Gibbons;  Widmer Brothers Brewing;  McMenamins Pubs, Breweries and Historic Hotels;  Hop Cat;  Deschutes Brewery; Jack Barkley; Whoa!Tiger;  and Hop Head Farms    

Publish Date: 6/30/2017

Tax Day can be one of the most dreadful days of the year. . . unless you're lucky enough to be at Taxman Brewery's annual Death & Taxes Day Craft Beer Festival. We were lucky enough to cover this years event and it was a drunken delight. As old and new fans swarmed our tent to get on air, one new fan(Jackie) decided to become our producer for the day and had and endless stream of cheerful, buzzed festival goers sitting down for an interview.  An excited Carter Marshall from WZPL stopped by for a beer and tell us some of his horror stories of working with Nikki Reed(kidding...we love you, Nikki), Dan Gohr of Redemption Alewerks sits in to cohost and deliver a few of his always witty one liners, and we learn Cowboy's boat beers are a lazy 8% ABV.  Tune into Part One at Taxman Brewery and be on the lookout for Part two coming soon.  Cheers!


Lots of shout outs including:  The Blind Pig; The Indiana Whiskey Company; Four

Day Ray; Danny Boy Beer Werks; West Fork Whiskey Co.; Great Fermentations of Indiana; Evan Williams; Round Town Brewery; St. Joseph Brewery & Public House; Circle City Zymurgy; Smiley Morning Show; Nuvo; Jack Vermillion and Alley's Alehouse; Pinheads Entertainment Center; Cedar Creek Brew Co.; Triton Brewing Company; Planetary Brewing Company; and the Black Acre Brewing Co.

Publish Date: 6/23/2017

Our favorite Dead Squirrels, Jim and Donny, stop by Alley's Alehouse to tell the boys about their upcoming, fifth album, SQ1RL5.  Squirrel fans will not be disappointed and will quickly notice the deeper riffs, (with the help new drummer, Rocky Rodriquez) and some of the best song writing to date.  We got sneak peaks of a few tracks from the new album: We start the show with a snippet of U Gotta Lotta Nerve and they take us out at the end with Calabash Joe.  Not only do these fine gents like to jam, but they also won us over for their love of beer.  They are sponsored by one of the only big boys which works with and not against the craft brew scene, the one and only Pabst Blue Ribbon.  And when they join the boys at the round table, they have no problem digging into some craft beers.  Always a pleasure, Jim and Donny once again helped to provide a night of great conversation, laughter, and a lot of beer drinking.  So tune into hear more about the work that went into SQ1RL5 and be sure to join us at Alley's Alehouse on June 30th for The Dead Squirrels 5th Album Release Party. Cheers! Shout outs in this episode:  Chris Burch; Sam Ash School of Rock; Redemption Alewerks; Nuvo; Great Fermentations of Indiana; Nick Wengler; The Stranger





Publish Date: 6/15/2017

Dougy Fresh & Pauly G get beer schooled at Round Town Brewery by their quiet man, Eric Fear, and owners Jerry Sutherlin and Mackenzie Schenk.  Local comedian, Mr. Jeremy Brown, joins the Pigs to help derail the conversation.  Although Round Town has only been open for a little over six months, there is a wealth of beer knowledge and craft beer brewing skills to help lift the already thriving and healthy craft beer scene in the city even more. With a great downtown location, you're within walking distance to grab a craft beer before and/or after all the city's sporting events. Tune into this week's episode to hear Jerry's extensive craft beer brewing history and how Jerry and Mack went from some half-serious nudges about going into business to opening the next great, craft brew, must visit location of Indy . . . along with Pauly G's nostalgic trip back to his raving days.  Check out the episode and then drop by Round Town for some of their weekly specials such as their Sunday Trivia, Monday $6 Growlers, and Tuesday's Free Pinball and Vinyl Night.  Tell 'em the Pigs sent ya. Cheers! Shout outs this week include:  Oaken Barrel Brewing Co.; Skip Duvall and Chilly Water Brewing Co.; O'Reilly's Irish Pub and Restaurants; Liz Laughlin and Limelight Coffee Roasters; Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery; and 10 Barrel Brewing Company

Publish Date: 6/9/2017

The feast was on this week at Alley's Alehouse as we had a special visit from the GM, Jack Vermillion, and the culinary King, Chef Rod. Jack gives us the goods on what's going on this summer at Pinheads Entertainment Center and Alley's Alehouse which includes the upcoming wine dinner with delights from Oliver Winery and the new live, original music series, hosted by Nick Wengler and Studio Live Indy. Chef Rod steps in for the 2nd half of the show to rap about the new menu items that were unveiled in May. Pat takes a break from dining on Chef Rod's Chubs to partake of a fresh and stunning new item only found on the "Secret Menu" (details on how to get heard in this week's episode). Bowling, volleyball, arcade, live music, craft beer, fantastic food, and a friendly staff are just a few of the many things you'll encounter while visiting this one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Tune into this week's episode to find out why the Pigs call Alley's home, then come on down and join us for a few cold, craft brews.

Be sure to join us tomorrow, Saturday, June 3rd, for the all day live music festival, Radiothon 2017, hosted by Darrin Snider and Indy In-Tune. Live music from 10am to 11:30pm(ish). All proceeds will go to the support of Joy's House and the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Indiana with a goal of bringing music to those living with Alzheimer's. Find out more here:


Publish Date: 6/2/2017

Always the gentleman, Mr. Brian Graham invited the Pigs back to his Four Day Ray Brewing home for an interesting evening of old school, blind beer tasting. Joining in on the lively evening is local comedian, Jeremy Brown.  The gang goes back to early pre-craft drinking roots for some blind taste testing of seven commercial beers from pale ales to heavy malts.  Tune in to see which seven beers were put to the Pig test and which one surprised everyone by topping the charts.  New friends of the show drop by and join in as well as they also celebrate Pig Pen member, Riley M. Wunnenberg's, birthday on this jubilant evening at FDR.  The conversation goes in many directions between beers as they discuss bas/offensive possible new beer names, Smokey and the Bandit, and Jordan's love for FDR's new Yoga Pants night.  The show rounds out with updates from Jeremy Brown and where he can be found, and what is fresh on Four Day Ray's taps and upcoming summer fun.  (And remember the FDR Beer Garden is now open!)  Will be able to catch FDR along with the Pigs at Indy In-Tune's Spring Radiothon going down all day next Saturday (June 3rd) at our home, Alley's Alehouse in Fishers, Indiana.  Come on out for a day of brews and live grooves for a great local charity. Cheers!


Publish Date: 5/26/2017

What a treat is was to be invited back once again to cover Indiana's Next Hop Model hosted by Indiana On Tap and Nuvo.  Another solid evening of beautiful brews and brewery models. but Dan Gohr of Redemption Alewerks once again stole the show and kept hold of his crown.  And hopefully all who made it were able to stop by the Redemption table and try some of our Blind Pig/Redemption collaboration brew, Sooey Saison.  Tune in to this exiting hour of the Blind Pigs as we took time between beers to talk to some of the folks including:  Eric Fear and Mackenzie Schenk of Round Town Brewery(look for the upcoming show recently recorded at Round Town); the man, Sean Hopenstein Manahan of the Kopacetic Beer Factory; Wooden Bear Brewing Co.; WZPL's Nikki Reed, Colin McCloy of Taxman; Old man Jerry of The Bier Brewery; and Mr. Mathew Muncy from the Indiana On Tap Podcast who were also our recording neighbors for the evening.  Lots of Shout outs including:  Josh Springer(or as Jordan refers to as, Chris...we still don't know why, but thank you, Mathew for calibrating him) of Bottoms Up Beer; Quaff On Brewing; Chilly Water Brewing Co.; Great Fermentations; Brian Graham of Four Day Ray Brewing; The Indiana Whiskey Co.; Metazoa Brewing Company; Evil Czech Brewing and Public House, Crooked Ewe Brewery & Ale House; Fiddler's Hearth; and Bare Hands Brewing(soon to be open in South Bend as well as Granger)





Publish Date: 5/19/2017

A bit of sadness goes along with the release of this special show at the Indiana Whiskey Company in South Bend, IN.  This episode is the 2nd half of our day spent with the Indiana Whiskers and Whiskey winner, Mr. Josh Lakins of Twisted Crew Brewing Company.  Unfortunately, since our visit, Twisted Crew has recently had to close its doors but we hope Josh and the Twisted brewers will continue on in the craft beer scene and keep brewing great beer.   Josh has been one of our closest friends in the craft beer family since our initial visit to Twisted a few years ago and we wish him all the luck in the world.  Tune in to this week's episode as the boys dine on bourbon and Twisted brews and learn more about the Whisker King and his homemade beer jelly(which is delightful). We'd like to thank Charlie and Molly once again for their hospitality we can't wait to get back in IN Whiskey for some more of that Hoosier made goodness.

Shout outs in this episode include:  Bare Hands Brew; our dear friend, Robert Rolfe Feddersen; The Powerhouse Brewing Company; 450 North Brewing Company; Oaken Barrel Brewing Co.; Upland Brewing Company; Central State Brewing; Bill Moseley and the next horror classic, Crepitus

Publish Date: 5/12/2017

As the boys, D Fresh, Cowboy, Pauly G, and Jordan were on their road trip to Memphis, Hunter got some help from a few of the guys of the Pig Pen to help him cover this fantastic annual event for the benefit of Indy’s Arts for Learning.   Big thanks to the Pen, Riley M. Wunnenberg and Roberto Cavazos Jr. for stepping up and helping out to host while the boys were away.  Roberto's buddy, from Hockeytown, Mr. Scott Klemm, also jumped on board to help co-host with Hunter.  Another night of music, artisanal pizza, and craft beer from some of the best of Indiana was enjoyed once again to the sold out crowd.   Tune is as the gang gets some fresh news from MashCraft Brewery, CenterPoint Brewing, Donatos Pizza, Round Town Brewery, Girls Pint Out, Haley Baas of Arts for Learning(Thanks for having us out again!), and the Indy Drinking Team. The whole gang will be back in full force for Indy Pies and Pints 2018. Cheers! Vendors in attendance for Indy Pies and Pints 2017:Sun King Brewing, Bier Brewery, New Day Craft, Black Acre Brewing Co., Centerpoint Brewing, Brozinni Pizzeria, MashCraft Brewing, Hops & Fire Craft Tap House , bebop Pizza Kitchen, Ash & Elm Cider Co., TwoDEEP Brewing Co., Rockstone Pizza Pub, Donatos Pizza, Round Town Brewery, Big Lug Canteen   

Publish Date: 5/5/2017

The boys enjoy an evening of beer an banter at Alley’s Alehouse.   Jordan makes his return after being stuck in a sexual paralysis the last few weeks as they discuss what’s been going down and what’s coming up as well as a walk down memory lane of their recent trip to Memphis.  Tune in to hear about what’s coming up at Alley’s from Chef Rod’s amazing cuisine to Niko’s Open Stage hosted by Mr. Nick Wengler.  Nick also just kicked off his new Studio Live Indy all original music “Imagine” series on Friday night’s at Alley’s.  Laughter ensues as the beer and whiskey flows.  Some tasty suds traveled around the table this evening including George Dickel Rye, Taxman Brewing Company’s Barrel Aged Deduction, Evil Czech’s Bigsby, The Bier Brewery’s Jadada, and Dogfish Head’s Beer To Drink Music To. You learn how our mascot, Professor Hamilton Pigsby is doing, Pat’s hatred for hippies, how Jordon loves the dickel, Cowboy’s obsession with dark hallways, Dougy Fresh’s serenade in Memphis, and Clark Griswold sits in from the Pig Pen and gives some overly expressive beer reviews.   Cheers!   Thanks to The Dead Squirrels for the use of their tunes to start and end the show coming from their upcoming fifth studio album.  (Stay tuned for their show with the Pigs and more album release party details coming soon!)    Shout outs in this episode include:  Jeremy Brown; Fountain Square Brewery; Ash & Elm Cider Co.; Elm Street Brewing Co.; Four Day Ray Brewing; and a toast to our friends, Rob and Eric of Whiskey on the Rails

Publish Date: 4/29/2017

Pat, Dougy Fresh, and Cowboy enjoy an evening with the always comical, Jerry Connor, at his home, The Bier Brewery.  They dig into some of the tasty new brews on tap including this year's release of Red 66 and get a sneak peak at the upcoming release of their Track Bier in 16oz cans. The cool can art done by the amazing Sarah Buschmann, who also does the killer artwork that can be seen on the black boards at The Bier Brewery, as well as Alley's Alehouse.  A lot of fun packed into this power hour as they boys and Jerry get into what's coming up at the Brewery, ridiculous beer laws, odd beer news, flying pet peeves, and an intervention for Pat to mow his own damn lawn. 

Tune into this week's episode and then get on down to The Bier Brewery for some luscious suds.  Now open on Tuesdays and don't forget about $4 Pint Night on Wednesday, euchre on Thursdays, and live music on the weekend.  Stop in for a few brews and tell 'em the Blind Pigs sent ya.  Cheers! Shout outs in this episode include: Dan Gohr & Redemption Alewerks(stop in and grab a pint of Blind Pig collaboration with Dan, the Blind Pig Sooey Saison); Evil Czech Brewery and Public House, Book & Brews; Taxman Brewing Company(join us this Saturday for Death and Taxes Day 2017 at Taxman); Indiana On Tap(join us next Friday at the Egyptian Room for Indiana's Next Hop Model); Sun Records; High Cotton Brewing Co.; and the Flying Saucer Memphis gastropub Thanks to Sarah Burns for stopping by and getting some show photos of the boys in action.  A big thanks to The Dead Squirrels for the use of their tune, When You Fall, from their last album, Squatro.  And stay tuned for the upcoming episode with the Squirrels as we talk about their newest album and release party coming soon at Alley's Alehouse. 

Publish Date: 4/21/2017

The Barley Island Brewing Company has been crafting award winning beers for their restaurant and pub in Noblesville, Indiana since the late 90's.  Wanting to step it up a notch, owner and brewer, Jeff Eaton, joined forces with long time friend and colleague, Eric Smith, to open the Deer Creek Brewery, Noblesville's first production brewery.  Pat and Dougy Fresh sat with owners, Jeff and Eric, along with their rep(and past guest), Emily Grounds to get the scoop on this massive facility.  Also joining us for the afternoon was Mr. Sean Webster of Monon Beverage Brokers who gave us a pre-show tour of the brewery.  Being one of the forefathers of Indy brewing, Jeff has a wealth of history and knowledge on brewing and the brewing scene which has exploded in Indy and the US. Tune in for a humorous ride through the history of some of Jeff's long time staple beers, such as Dirty Helen, as well as the many new beers now flowing out of Deer Creek.  Cheers!

Shout outs in this episode include:  Deer Creek Music Amphitheater(now Klipsch Music Center); Eilise Lane Servies of Scarlet Lane Brewing Company; Jonathon Mullens of Broad Ripple Brewpub; Broken Beaker Distillery; Vegetable Buddies; South Bend Cubs and Four Winds Field at Coveleski Stadium, and The Indiana Whiskey Company

Publish Date: 4/14/2017

Between rounds of The Masters, take a break to tune into this week's episode to hear about one of the most beautiful, as well as toughest, golf courses in the Midwest.  Located in majestic Northern Michigan in the small town of Onaway rests the UAW Black Lake Resort and Conference Center, a sportsman's paradise and nature lover's dream.  We had the pleasure of sitting with my friend and Black Lake's Event Sales Manager, Alissa and Mike, the resort's resident golf pro.  We get loosened up on a few craft brews available at the lodge which includes Bell's Oberon and some ice cold Leinenkugels.  Mike details the magnificent golf course which was designed by Rees Jones himself and soon after the storytelling begins.  Dougy Fresh gets a little nostalgic of growing up just up the road in Cheboygan, Michigan, Mike tells a chilling experience of falling through the ice, and we explain to Pat the meaning of "toehead" and "two tracking".  If you're thinking of where to take the family on vacation this summer where you can take in a bit of nature, plan a wedding or a reunion, tune in to hear about this amazing facility nestled in a thousand acres of high wooded land and evergreen terrain of the shores of Black Lake.  Dougy Fresh and Alissa had some old friends(Kurt Derhammer & Alex Chasse's pop, Bob) join for the last 20 minutes of the show to toast with a few shots of whisky and reminisce.  Cheers!

Lots of shout outs which include:  1991 Cheboygan Area High School 20yr Reunion, Michelle Dickey, Ryan Douglas(who refused to get on a mic), Downtown Johnnies Tavern Cheboygan, Benjamin K. Slocum and Beard's Brewery, Short's Brewing Company, Cheboygan Brewing Company, Clam Lake Beer Co, Round Barn Winery, Distillery & Brewery, Journeyman Distillery, Founders Brewing Co., Petoskey Brewing, Eddie Renner, and Adam Drake of the Black Lake Resort

Publish Date: 4/7/2017

The Pigs were treated to some southern hospitality on their recent trip to Memphis at High Cotton Brewery. The welcome mat was rolled out for our arrival to this one of kind, spacious, warm, countryesque brewery with some of the most delectable brews in Tennessee.  After a few brews to jumpstart the afternoon we sat down with Ryan, the owner and head brewer, and Cayleigh Tralongo, taproom manager and resident whiskey drinker. Lots of intense, comedic discussions on the pro and cons of high gravity brews, Ryan's brewing history, a hate filled rant on Bud, and Dougie Fresh accidently outs Cowboy.  The brews flowed, highlighted by a couple of our High Cotton favorites, their luscious stout and ESB, as the conversation cruised throughout the afternoon with some shout outs to Bailey Spaulding of Jackalope Brewing Company, Eilise Lane Servies of Scarlet Lane Brewery, Memphis Made Brewing, and the Yazoo Brewing Company.  Tune in for the ride and be sure to get to High Cotton on your next trip to Memphis for some fantastic beer and fine southern hospitality. Cheers! (And a big thanks to Cayleigh and her bf for being the pigs guide to Memphis that eventful Friday night and for popping our cherries at Wild Bill's.)


Publish Date: 3/31/2017

Elvis, Johnny Cash, Car Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis. . . and yeah that's right, now the Pigs have recorded at the legendary Sun Records. We had the sheer pleasure of sitting with Sun's engineer, Ples Hampton, to hear some of the amazing history behind this amazing recording studio and the birthplace of Rock and Roll.  We were giddy and full of goosebumps from the moment we stepped into the studio.  Ples, whose father was a producer at Ardent Records for over forty years, is well connected to the Memphis music scene and its rich history from the early days before the term "rock and roll" was ever coined (which we do dig into in this episode) to today's artists still making their way through Memphis and Sun Records to lay down tracks.  We couldn't have picked a better way to record at Sun.  Ples was nice enough to put some time aside for us before heading out the door to the premier of the new Sun Records show that was premiering on CMT that very evening.  And some great stories were told, including some secret nuggets, or happy accidents, that made it into some well known recordings.  Tune into to hear about the humble beginning of Mr. Sam Phillips as well as the pioneering disc jockey, which without him Sam's artists may never have been heard, the one and only Dewey Phillips.

Publish Date: 3/24/2017

BPC - Episode 93 - That Sweet Indiana Corn Whiskey

We've been raving about this whiskey since it first touched our lips, so it was a pleasure to be invited up to South Bend, Indiana and sit with owner and distiller, Charlie Florance, to talk whiskey. . . and drink whiskey! Also joining the boys on this fabulous afternoon was the brewmaster of the Twisted Crew Brewing Company, Mr. Josh Lakins (don't try and pronounce last name...he spells it wrong).  Josh had recently won the Indiana Whiskey Company's Whiskey and Whiskers competition and was in town for the crowning.  Piggy, Dougy Fresh, came in as runner-up so it only made sense to make the day a celebration and get everyone together to eat, drink, and be merry.  We can't say enough good things about Indiana Whiskey.  This Veteran owned and operated facility, specializing in small batch whiskey utilizes only those fine Indiana made and grown products, from the stills to the grains, this is Indiana.  This quaint and cozy place just makes you feel at home.  The always warm greeting provided by manager and mixologist, Molly Kolecki, along with her killer cocktails will put you at ease keep you coming back for the Hoosier hospitality as well as this fantastic whiskey.  And we loved her even more when she put Cowboy to work about 10 minutes after arriving.  Pretty sure he ended up wearing more whiskey than he transferred, but he smelled wonderful the rest of the day. Tune into this whiskey fueled episode to learn more about Indiana Whiskey and some of their upcoming events, such as their monthly Prohibition Comedy days that has brought in some of the funniest comics from the area as well as Chicago and Detroit.  And keep on the lookout for Part Two when we super charge our buzz with some treats brought up from Twisted Crew for another hour of laughs.  Shout out on this episode include Danny Boy Beer Works which seems very appropriate on St. Patrick's Day today. Cheers!


Publish Date: 3/17/2017

What’s the perfect date night? A beer and movie of course; and now thanks to Flix Brewhouse you don’t have to sit at home on your dog hair infested couch and 50 inch TV with crappy sound. Flix Brewhouse offers some great on-site brewed beer as well as other top-notch local craft brews, comfortable seating, and the newest and biggest blockbusters on the big screen. And no need to worry about getting in and out of a packed restaurant only to quickly shovel down a meal and miss the first five minutes of the film. Flix is a one stop shop for all you need for the perfect date night. They don’t just focus on beer, the food is upscale dining at affordable prices. And the food is so good, you’ll make it a weekly destination for a great meal and beer to unwind and relax. We got buzzed and absolutely stuffed on this episode as we sat with head brewer, Chris Knott and General Manager, Ron Hahn. We learned all about the America’s only first-run Cinema Brewery and had a blast cutting it up with the fine people of Flix Brewhouse. Cheers!

Publish Date: 3/10/2017

This week’s episode runs a bit long due to the amount of beer sampling we just had to do on our visit to The Guardian Brewery in Muncie.

Guardian’s Bill Kerr and Jason Phillips took us on a delightful beer journey as they told us their story from the days of home brewing, their time at The Heorot, to owning and operating their own brewpub. 

The little brewery with big flavors will be getting a new home this May which will allow them to more beer to their thirsty, ever-growing patrons. 

The night was full of laughs (which oddly increased as the samples increased).  Jordan’s peculiar use of the words “sports games” and “pocket book” leads us to believe he may be a much older man than we think…or woman . . with a possible drinking problem, and Dougie Fresh has to explain how the hell “wet old barn” is a pleasant term for describing a beer. 

Frank the Tank may have drawn us to The Guardian, but the Sex Panther and array of other great beers on tap will keep us coming back for more.  Tune into hear about all the brews we tried this fine evening, including their recent release, Sweetie Pie Sugar Cream Pie Pale Ale Stout, made with real sugar cream pie from Wick’s Pies Inc.  They seriously just toss whole pies in there.  And it’s dreamy.



Publish Date: 3/3/2017


Amazing local artist, Todd P. Gingerich of Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, joins us at our home, Alley's Alehouse, for an evening of brews and laughs. We dined on a tasty porter from The Bier Brewery and we learned about Todd's peculiar artistic tastes as well as some of his favorite beer artwork and artists. Shout outs include: Rob Syers, Three Floyds Brewing; @Mikkeller Brewing, Sun King Brewing Company; Evil Czech Brewery and Public House; Megadeth Beer, Unibroue, and Elijah Craig

Music in this episode provided by Indien.

Publish Date: 2/24/2017

After a relaxing drive through some of Indy’s southern, country roads, Jordan and Dougie Fresh found themselves in Bargersville at the doors of The Taxman Brewing Company.

Although we are stoked to soon have a Taxman tap house in Fortville, Indiana this summer, a little closer to our neck of the woods, a trip to the birthplace of Taxman is a must for fellow lovers of fine suds.

We toured the production facility before setting up shop on the 2nd floor of their spacious, country-esque tap house and restaurant with our Taxman guides, Chief Production Officer, Colin McCloy and the Head Brewer and manager, David Yancey. Loving everything we’ve had from Taxman before the visit, we were determined to find one brew we could turn our nose up to say, “Meh, It’s alright”.  But damn it… these guys are just too damn good.   We just found more Taxman beer we now love. But love is a good thing, right?  Their Belgian inspired beers are complex yet easy on the palate and they all have rich, almost mesmerizing aromas.  Tune into tonight’s episode to hear just what is going on at Taxman, stories of inspiration, and a little history of how they came to be.   Not only serving some of the best craft beer in the state, they have a unique and delicious farm to table restaurant that you must treat yourself.  Find out what's going on in 2017 at Taxman, their upcoming tap house opening this summer in Fortville, Indiana, and the day we are all patiently awaiting, Death and Taxes Day and the release of Evasion.  Justin McIntosh of The Dump Buckets hops on in the 2nd half of the show to talk about his amazing artwork that was inspired by the great craft beer scene in Indy.  He gives some shout outs to some of our fellow craft beer supporters in town including Indy Beer Sleuth and Thespeakpodcast.  A special mention in this week's show for Indy Pies & Pints which takes place next Friday night at the Ivy Tech Culinary Center.  All proceeds from the event will benefit Arts and Learning.

Publish Date: 2/17/2017

The boys hang with The Bier Brewery co-founder and head Pain in the Rear, Jerry Connor on tonight’s episode of Friday Night Confessions. Joining them to round out an evening of shenanigans is local comedian, Jeremy Brown, and Kyle Buck of The Stampede String Band.  And if you couldn’t guess, Bier has more beer medals, as usual, to gloat about and we get to sample some of the last of this year’s wonderful Barley Wine which we all agree had just the right amount of wood. Mr. Brown tells us about some upcoming gigs which includes a charity event at Britton Hall in Pinheads Entertainment Center on March 10th .   Kyle gives the scoop on the much anticipated live concert, Opposites Attract, at the HiFi with Indy’s beloved Moxxie and Tracksuit Lyfestile coming your way next Saturday, February 18th.  You don’t want to miss this show! Stampede will also be performing a special Cinco de Mayo show at Alley’s Alehouse with that groovy cat, Ryan M. Brewer,  so clear your calendar today. Tune into this exciting episode jam packed with alternative facts, Jerry’s love of Britney Spears, Dougy’s love of wood, and be sure to get to The Bier Brewery on February 24th for this year’s release of that sexy as hell, Barrel Aged Sanitarium. Cheers!   Tracks from tonight’s episode:  Rider and Miles to Go from The Stampede String Band   Shout outs include: Rick Garret, Dave Dugan, Ryan Michael Gibbons, Austin Reel, Cam O’Connor, Nick Wengler and Niko’s Open Stage, and some teasing love for our little buddy, Chris Burch

Publish Date: 2/10/2017

Back at one of our favorite spots, the Pigs cut loose with Brian Graham at Four Day Ray.

This is one of those off the wall episodes where the conversation goes off the track pretty much when we leave the station. But never a dull moment when fueled with FDR brews. What's coming up at Four Day?

Jump on board and take the trip to find out.


Publish Date: 2/3/2017

Jeremy Nicely of Evil Czech and Holly Cole of New Holland Brewing Company have visited us so often in Indy we kind of feel like family.   So it was a must to finally travel to Mishawaka, Indiana and visit with Jeremy in his home at Evil Czech Brewery and Public House.  We will be visiting New Holland this summer. Joining us on co-hosting duties this week is John Bahler of The Stampede String Band.   We get down and dirty early in this one as we toast the start of the show with a lovely glass of whiskey from Journeyman Distillery which is always available at Evil Czech.  Lots covered this week from hearing about Jeremy and Holly’s visit to Colorado for the World Cup of Beer 2016, upcoming events and brews, bad jokes, John’s first job shoveling shit, cannibal sandwiches, and Dougy Fresh realizes he was subjected to child exploitation and illegal child labor as a young boy.  Many Evil brews were harmed in the making of this episode including: Luscious Mounds, a coconut, oatmeal milk stout and a delicious Farmhouse Black IPA.  And be on the hunt for another killer beer from the Dragon’s Milk family, the Coconut Rum Dragon’s Milk and Hopronix, the Double IPA made with those beautiful mosaic hops. We do tend to talk highly of all the Evil Czech brews almost weekly on the show, but you must get to the brewery to not just enjoy the on tap line up, but some really stellar food as well.   So sit back and enjoy this week’s ride and be on the lookout for the upcoming show with the rest of the boys from The Stampede String Band as we highlight their upcoming show at the newly renovated HiFi in Fountain Square.  Na zdravie! Shout Outs this week include:  Vegetable Buddies; Tappers Arcade Bar, Twincade; Jeremy Brown; Fiddlers Hearth; Wild Rose Moon; Twisted Crew Brewing Company; Indiana Whiskey Company; Moxxie; Tracksuit Lyfestile; Otis Gibbs; and People’s Brew

Publish Date: 1/27/2017

It’s back!  The historic live music venue of the mid-seventies, Vegetable Buddies, which featured legendary acts such as Canned Heat and Muddy Waters has been brought back to downtown South Bend, IN. New owner, Jeff Harrison, wanted to pay homage to those great acts that once graced VB’s stage and bring in some of the best blues and rock bands of today. The pigs had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff, as well as VB’s mixologist, Steve Alger, and bar manager,  Maggie Czech to hear more about this classic venue’s history and all the new things in store for the future.

Co-hosting on tonight’s episode is our brother from another, Mr. Warren Kluck of The Jason Lee and Kluck Show on 103.9 The Bear, as well as,  Here’s your Freakin’ Podcast.   VB’s didn’t just bring back great live music, but they are providing some tasty, unique, Cajun inspired cuisine from chef Jeffrey Nawrot and prohibition cocktails thanks to Maggie and Steve, along with some of the finest whiskey and craft beer around. Things get nostalgic on this episode as we got a little loopy and discussed some of our most memorable concerts, Warren’s nightmare in the octagon, and how MC Hammer made one of Warren’s greatest Xmas memories while parachute pants made one of Dougy Fresh’s worst birthdays ever.

While talking about some of the many upcoming acts coming to VB’s in 2017, we spoke about the possibility of Savoy Brown taking the stage, and before this show was released, it became a reality.  The legendary Kim Simmons and Savoy Brown will be here on February 28th.   Be sure to get tickets now before they are gone.  (

For a list of all the great live music coming soon go to: Lots of shout outs tonight including:  Bare Hand Brewery; New Holland Brewing Co.; Indiana Whiskey Company (be sure to come see the Pigs here on Feb. 18th); Perrin Brewing Company;  Arcadian Ales; Davey Knowles; Kofi Baker; Rich Hardesty; Desmond Jones; Monon Beverage Brokers; Evil Czech Brewery and Public House; and Founders Brewing Co.

We had too much fun to only spend an hour with our friends at Vegetable Buddies, so tune into tonight’s part one of two fun episodes. 


Publish Date: 1/20/2017

BPC – Episode 84 – Red Remains With all the bickering and name calling you’d never guess just how tight-knit this band really is.  But there is no shortage of respect for one another and each member brings their unique talents to make Red Remains a driving force. 

Melodie Reffey, Mike Schroll, Shawn Walters, and Matt Burch recently joined the Pigs at Alley’s Alehouse for some drinks and laughs as we got an in-depth look at one of Indy’s freshest bands.

Tune into hear how Matt plays bass with his leg, Mel’s hidden talent, what they’re listening to when not creating their own music, and a discussion about Nickleback. . . yes, you read that correctly. . . freaking Nickleback.

When Mel isn’t laying down vocals for Red Remains, she also manages this beautiful craft bar, right here at Alley’s Alehouse located inside Pinheads Bowling Alley in Fishers, IN.

It a one shop stop for all your pleasures from outdoor volleyball courts, bowing, newly renovated arcade with an adult swing(NO, not that kind of a swing!), live music, open mic night hosted by Nick Wengler, craft beer, and upscale affordable dining. Mel has some help from Ben Hildebrand who together are bringing in some of the finest craft beers such as the brew highlighted in tonight’s epidose:  Scarlet Lane Chocolate Vanilla Dorian Stout. Crank up the volume, grab your favorite craft beer, and check out tonight’s show and find out how you can support local music. You can start by joining us on January 21st, right here at Alley’s Alehouse for the premier of Red Remains along with Seldom Told.  Two great female fronted rock bands and no cover charge, just rock and brews. See you there.  Cheers! Shout outs in this episode include:  Among the Compromised; Niko’s Open Stage, Crystal J Soto, Beer School at Alleys, and Fallout Productions

Publish Date: 1/13/2017

Our first encounter with those tasty brews from Grand Junction Brewery was at the 2016 Noblesville Brewfest, and boy were we pleased. Owner, Jon Knight, knew he didn’t want to mess with fancy, dancy, new fangled brews.  He wanted to get back to the basics and make good clean beers inspired by his rich European heritage the way they did in the past. So he joined forced with Head Brewer, Shawn Kessel, and went to work and have quickly made the young Grand Junction Brewing Co. one of the most sought after and successful breweries in the state. We had the pleasure of being invited to a special VIP night to sit with Jon, Sean, and assistant brewer, Mike Hofferman, have a few brews and learn more about this wondrous brewing company nestled in downtown Wesfield.   

As usual, humor quickly ensues as we devour some fantastic GJ brews, the Orange Bird on a Boat Double IPA, Radio Moscow Imperial Stout, and the perfect Imperfect Backside Stout.  Tune in for the fun and learn more about Jon and Sean’s beginnings into the beer scene and how you can become a member to a special VIP Grand Junction club which has some marvelous benefits. Not only are they making solid brews, they are giving back to the community who is showing so much support for them.  You could feel and love and cheer in the room coming from the packed house of local VIP members.  We bellied up to the bar after the show and had a chance to meet some of the local patrons and hear some of their favorite Grand Junctions stories.  It was a difficult place to leave at the end of the night.  We weren’t able to thank them or their patrons enough for such a fun night and we can’t wait to get back there again. 

Lots of shout outs this week including:  Jonathon Mullins and Broad Ripple Brewbub, Chris Knott and Flix Brewhouse, Andrew Castner of Mashcraft Brewing, Anita Johnson and Great Fermentations, The Ram, Chris Bly and Central State Brewing, Dan and Jerry of The Bier Brewery, Brian Graham and Four Day Ray, and of course, Mr. Dan Gohr of Redemption Alewerks   And a big thanks to Mr. Robert Rolfe Feddersen for letting us use his music to end the show.  The big man with the bigger heart, who, like the Pigs, loves this special Indiana craft beer scene.  Check out his page ( and find out where you can see him live.


Publish Date: 1/6/2017

Happy Holidays!

Awhile back we had the pleasure of covering an amazing Evil Czech beer and Arni's new menu food pairing. On this episode, part two of this segment, we were a number of brews in and having a blast while stuffing ourselves silly. 

Tune in for more laughs and be sure to Meet Me at Arni's. 


Publish Date: 12/31/2016

We can’t get enough of these guys… or their delightful brews. We are joined once again this week at Alley’s Alehouse by Holly Joy Cole of New Holland Brewery and Jeremy Nicely of Evil Czech Brewery and Public House. Returning this week to Co-host is the Grandfather of Indiana beer, Mr. Ron Smith, who gives some insight into Black Lagers, Hops, and Saisons vs. Farmhouse ales. When we start a show, typically everyone at the table is drinking a different beer until we get into the reviews for the evening. Oddly enough, tonight, we looked around and everyone at the table was sipping on a Taxman Bean Counter, which has quickly become a Pig favorite at Alley’s. But as always, we got to dig into other craft beers as well. And tonight was a treat with two great breweries in the house. Jeremy brought us the Plato 14 Black Lager, and if we didn’t already love him enough for introducing us to the Evil Bigsby, he took it up a notch and brought us some delightful and inspiring Barrel Aged Bigsby. Not to be outdone, Holly brought out the big guns with a little New Holland Dragon’s Milk Vanilla Chia, some Cabin Fever Brown Ale for those chilly winter nights, and then took us over the edge with some wonderfully complex New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon. Another splendid evening with good friends and great beer and whiskey. Cheers!

Shout outs tonight to: Taxman, Dan Gohr(again…) and Redemption Alewerks, Brewers of Indiana Guild, Tappers Arcade Bar, Twincade and thanks to Indien for the closing song on tonight's episode

Publish Date: 12/23/2016

Sean Patrick Webster brought this unique business plan to the table just a short time ago and has already made quite a splash in the alcohol industry and is supporting some of the biggest names in craft beer and spirits. Plus, he's a blast, so he fit right in with the Pigs and it didn't take too long before we derailed into shenanigans in this one. So much fun, we ended up running about an extra 20 minutes for your listening(and our drinking) pleasure. We reviewed some fine beverages tonight such as Arcadia Ales beautiful Barrel Aged Shipwreck Porter, O'Fallon's refreshing Wheach, some delicious rhubarb delight from Moonlight Meadery, and the gloriously smooth corn whiskey from The Indiana Whiskey Company. We talk about the Indiana Whiskey Whisker Competition, but sorry folks, the contest has ended... but Blind Pig, Dougy Fresh did take home a great gift package for being runner up. Congrats to our buddy down south, Mr. Joshua Lakins of the Twisted Crew Brewing Company for taking home the gold in that one and a life supply of whiskey. (We'll be back to visit soon!! Line em' up!) Sean tells us about some of his humble beginnings into the beer industry, such as the time he spent in the legendary Heorot Pub and Draught House in Muncie, IN. Pat gives us too much detail about a recent physical, and guest co-host, Chris Burch, explains his love for Christmas and all its miracles, and we get a review from Riley of the Pig Pen.

Lots of shout outs in in this episode including, but not limited to: Guardian Brewery, Taxman Brewery (congrats on soon to be new location), Books and Brews, Copper Still, Scarlet Lane Brewery, Heady Hollow Brewing Company, Bottoms Up(we need to talk), New Day Meadery, B Nektar, West Fork Whiskey Co., and The Dead Squirrels(who can be seen and heard live this Tuesday at our Christmas Charity Event at Alley's Alehouse)

Publish Date: 12/16/2016

Porters & Stouts 101 w/world certified, Master Beer Judge, Ron Smith World Class beer traveler, certified cicerone, Master BJCP Judge, and beer and brewing educator, Ron Smith joined the boys at the round table at Alley’s Alehouse for tonight’s episode of Blind Pig Confessions.

We may have told more humorous stories than talk strictly beer on this one, but Ron is full of great stories from his many beer infused travels and the numerous classes he instructs.  Finding a love for all beer and diving into homebrewing back in the ‘87, Ron has won numerous awards on the state level as well as a Gold Medal in the AHA’s National Homebrew Competition, the largest homebrewing competition in the world. Lots of great conversations and many brews slayed on this episode as we got into, not just those glorious dark brews, but butter beers, Budweiser’s guerilla tactics, and why Quaff On’s Common Necessity reminds Cowboy of Xmas. Tune in to learn more about Mr. Ron Smith and how you can attend classes and work toward getting your MBA(Master of Beer Appreciation).   Many of Indy’s great brewers will tell you they got their start learning all they could from Mr. Smith. Cheers!

 Shout outs in this episode include:  Chilly Water Brewing Co., Redemption Alewerks, & Taxman Brewing Company

(Tune taking out this week’s show is Squirrelin’ Around by The Dead Squirrels.  And be sure to check out Niko’s Open Stage every Wednesday evening, only at Alley’s Alehouse.)

Publish Date: 12/9/2016

In preparation for tonight’s wintery, spicy, Snow Shed Release, the boys knock back some pints with owner, Brian Graham.

Joining the boys, and making his debut on Blind Pig Confessions, is the founder of Indiana On Tap, Justin Knepp. We had the thrill of covering the inaugural Indiana’s Next Hop Model, hosted by Indiana On Tap and Nuvo ,earlier this year. So it was a pleasure to finally meet Justin learn more about all they have to offer the beer lovers of this great Hoosier state.

Joining The Indiana On Tap Tasting Society Marketplace gives its members a unique rewards program with benefits from over ninety participating Indiana breweries and partner locations for the dirt cheap price of only $59 a year. Four Day Ray Brewing, being the newest brewery to partner with Indiana On Tap, has a dynamite rewards program now available to Tasting Society Members. Tune into tonight’s episode to find you how you can become one of the cool kids and get some of the best drink specials in the state. And then be sure to make it to The Hatch in Broad Ripple on Friday, January 13th, for the Gathering of the Indiana Tasting Society which will feature brews from Four Day Ray.

Much was covered in this entertaining episode, so you won’t want to miss a beat. We discuss our upcoming beer trip on the Indiana On Tap bus, Ale Force One, how to judge “mouthfeel” as Nikki Reed once referred to a beer as “chewy”, craft beer strip joints, a little Tap Room etiquette 101.

Be sure to get to FDR this Monday, December 5th to celebrate Repeal Day! Many shout outs tonight which includes; Dos Ringos, Dig In, Noblesville Brewfest, Jonathon Hoyt & Hoosier Brews, Girls Pint Out, Hop Cat, The Dump Buckets, Lebanon, Indiana Mayor, Matthew Gentry, ‘Savor Lebanon’ Craft Beer, Wine and Food Festival, Winterfest 2017, Bottoms Up Beer, Craft Draft 2 Go, and Robert Rolfe Fedderson (who’s tune, My Teri Ann can be heard at the end of this episode).

Publish Date: 12/2/2016

We were stoked to finally get into Four Day Ray Brewing.  While we were patiently waiting for this prime venue in Fishers, Indiana to open, we had the pleasure of trying a few of their brews at the Noblesville Brew Festival this Fall and we fell in love with them instantly.   Tune into tonight's episode as we celebrated National Stout Day as we sat and drank and with owner, Brian Graham, who had over twenty years of home brewing experience before stepping out and opening his own brewery with the help of brewer, Mitch Ackerman, and executive chef, Andrew Miller.  They are taking Fishers by storm with a creative menu and straight forward, full bodied brews that will make any beer lover salivate.  We spent the evening enjoying some fantastic brews while Brian tells the story of FDR and some of its upcoming endeavors and new brews, including their absolutely delicious Imperial Stout which was just tapped a few hours ago to celebrate Black Friday and quench the thirst of the holiday shoppers.  We formed a great friendship with FDR over some fantastic beers and great conversation.  Look for many more Blind Pig/FDR future shows and celebrations. Shout outs to Great Lakes Brewing Company, and to still one of the kings of the stouts, Guinness(although Cowboy, unlike the millions of stout lovers out there, sadly and oddly disagrees) Cheers!


Publish Date: 11/25/2016

Unpretentious:  The one word that can summarize the dining philosophy as it relates to their cuisine, service staff, and ambiance of Madison’s which located in the heart of downtown Pendleton, IN. Through the little hall just past the garden patio and indoor family dining rests a charming little, prohibition era like, adult only bar which boasts one of the best stocked bars in the Midwest with an eclectic wine list, an amazing array of whiskeys, and a wide variety of domestic, craft beers.   The Pigs thought they died and went to heaven.  The Pigs were invited for their World Tour of Whiskey event and had the pleasure of chatting with owner and chef, Dan Stackpoole, before their delightful whiskey journey.  It was easy to figure out after hearing Dan talk about his passion for food and drinks just why Madison’s has such a fantastic selection of fine wines and whiskeys.  Only the best of the best make their way to this overflowing bar of goodies.  The warm, quant, brick atmosphere, along with the savory menu and mammoth drink selection, is enough to provide anyone with a congenial time while dining at Madison’s. But it’s the great staff and local regulars who treat everyone who walks in the door as part of the family that will keep you coming back time and time again. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear about Dan’s journey to Madison’s, it’s great food and drinks, and some of the great live, original music you may encounter while you are there.  Also hear from Mayor elect, Dwayne, who joined the boys after the whiskey tour as they discussed some of their favorites of the evening. Shout outs included: Fall Perk’s Coffee House, Quack Daddy Donuts, The Bier Brewery, Redemption Alewerks, Taxman Brewing Company, The Guardian Brewing Company, Chapman’s Brewing Company, Chilly Water Brewing, Upland Brewing Company, Fountain Square Brewing Company, Rick Garrett(the tenderloin man),  Evil Czech Brewery, Tin Man Brewing Company, and the 12.05 Distillery. Cheers!

Publish Date: 11/18/2016

Sitting just outside of Fountain Square in downtown Indianapolis is the cool (no pun intended) little brewery serving some incredibly smooth and tasty beers.   Needing to cool their hoofs, a couple of the Pigs made their way to Chilly Water Brewing Company after hearing countless raves about the place from some of Indy’s finest brewers and beer lovers.   They strolled through the outside seating area and into the laid-back atmosphere inside Chilly Water where they were warmly greeted by owner, Skip Duval.  After a couple pre-show brews, the boys sat with Skip, along with his business partner and brewer, Dan Krzywicki, to learn more about Chilly Water and some of it’s delicious beverages such as their Daytripper Imperial IPA and their Built To Last Pilsner (which we could not get enough of while we were there).  Tune into hear why we can thank the Grateful Dead for helping to deliver Chilly Water to Indy, as well as some of the beer and music events coming up in the near future such as the Black Friday Turn It Up Bottle Release and their One Night Stands. Come for the beer, stay for the great food and music that will accompany some of the finest lagers in the state. 

Publish Date: 11/11/2016

Nestled in the quiet town of McCordsville is a brewery making some big noise.  Scarlet Lane is still young in the Indy brewery scene but making some sophisticated brews to temp the pickiest of palettes.  Owner and Head Brewer, Eilise Lane, cut her chops in the brewing business out in Oregon, and when the home brewing system started to overtake her home, Eilise and her husband Nick decided to pack it up, move back home to the Midwest, and start their own brewing business.  What began as a production business quickly turned into a tap room due to the droves of locals who kept stopping by trying to get a cold one.  So they found a corner to throw in some taps and a bar for a place to belly up to and it didn't take long for the word to get out.  The good people of McCordsville have become quite protective of what like to think of as their Scarlet Lane.  Cowboy, Pat, and Dougy Fresh had the pleasure of celebrating the Bicentennial at the Scarlet Lane Chili Cook Off.  Unfortunately, we were unable to dazzle the crowd with our chili techniques, but that didn't stop us from having a great time while enjoying some delicious Scarlet brews. Tune in and hear as Eilise goes into depth on her journey from craft beer fan to craft beer master and why it's Halloween every day at Scarlet Lane.  Then make your way to Scarlet Lane and meet us for a few pints. Cheers!

Publish Date: 11/4/2016

Nobelsville Brewfest was such an amazing event and the weather could not have been better. So many great beers and wines to choose from and the crowd was fantastic. It was the perfect way to kick off the Fall. We were surrounded in the beer tent with lots of old friends such as the reigning King of Next Hop Model, Dan Gohr of Redemption Alewerks, and we met many new brew friends as the day charged on fueled by some incredible craft beer. In this episode at the Brewfest we are joined in segments by owner and brewer of Heady Hollow, Keefe Pietri, Grand Jucntion Brewing Co.’s Jon Knight and Shawn Kessel, Four Day Ray’s Brian Graham, Fuzic Media’s Brent Oakley, and a very tipsy Riley Wunnerenberg from our very own Pig Pen. We would like to thank Riley for running us samples all day as we worked the mics. A big thanks to Greg and Julia of The Noblesville Brewfest for inviting us to cover this wonderful, annual event. We are already looking forward to being there again next year. Special mentions to Metazoa, Redemption Alewerks, Flix Brewhouse, Scarlet Lane, and the Bier Brewery (we’re not gonna lie… we kinda missed Jerry) Tune in and make sure you don’t miss out next fall. We’ll see you there! Cheers!!

Publish Date: 11/2/2016

  A crunch, a munch, a jingle, he’ll make your spine a-tingle. You think the recent clown sightings have been off-putting? Wait till Crepitus is unleashed onto the earth. On a recent trip to Northern Michigan, we had the pleasure of sitting down with creator and director of the upcoming horror film, Haynze Whitmore. There was already a lot of buzz around this film prior to casting, but once casting was complete, that buzz turned into a frenzy. Along with Michigan natives, Mike Hard of Hell, Michigan and Caitlin Williams of Cheboygan, they also snagged the young Raiden Moore known for his roles in the hit TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Haven as well as the Lizzie Borden Chronicles, staring Christina Ricci. Playing the part of the deputy, as well as a producer on the film, is model/actor/film producer, Lance Paul of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Lance is also the founder of Ginger Knight Entertainment. Playing Mother in this nightmare is the young and beautiful, Jackey Hall of Little Rock, Arkansas, known for her work on The Invited, Biohazard: Patient Zero, Walking Dead, and Van Wilder: Freshman Year. And to round out this already fantastic cast is none other than Mr. Bill Moseley. We all fell in love with Bill when he broke out onto the scene as the unforgettable Chop Top in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Recently he’s given us the chilling delight of playing Otis B. Drifwood in the Rob Zombie films House of 1000 Corpses and the Devils Rejects. Soon he will be terrifying audiences as the creepy, killer clown, Crepitus. When the moon is bright and you can catch a sight of his crooked ol’ Crepitus pout, then you better run fast, cuz he’ll snatch your ass, and eat all your insides out. Many kudos to Mr. Eddie Renner, who along with his wife Sarah, wrote the screenplay for this film. Longtime friend of our own Dougy Fresh , (both Cheboygan, Michigan natives) Eddie is an incredible artist who provided us with our wonderful cover photo art work and could very well be making the artwork for the Blind Pig Confessions Crepitus Ghost Pepper Stout which will be released in limited addition for this film. You may just have to show up at its premier to get some. We wish Eddie Renner could have made this show along with Haynze but we couldn’t persuade him to leave sunny Florida to be with us for this one. But we’re sure we will be back with the Crepitus gang again as the filming gets underway. We had a blast talking horror and drinking brews all afternoon with Haynze. Tune into hear more about Crepitus(and follow up plans) and how you can become part of this soon to be horror classic. We’d like to thank Alisa Doe-Klinger for hosting this show at the UAW Black Lake (stayed tuned for the upcoming episode with Alisa) and for fueling the show with some of the delicious craft brews available at the Black Lake Golf Club. Shout outs to Benjamin Slocum and Beard’s Brewery's Holy Diver, Goodfellows Grill, and our friend Steven Welsh, whom you may know better as Captain Smee of Attack of the Show.

Publish Date: 10/28/2016

A pre-Halloween special for all our beer and horror fans out there.   We were joined by friends and horror fans, Warren and Angela Fisher for this frightful evening of booze and fun.  We discussed some of our favorite, as well as least favorite, horror flicks to date and we find out which horror movie makes Angela tingle. (We imagine Warren has had it on nightly since this recording.)  Another old Alabama shipmate of Dougy Fresh, Pauly Boy - Paul Murdock, stops by to tell us all about Sodom Maniac and we all agree Blair Witch sucked.   We were kept on our toes in this one with the help of Taxman default and Upland’s Bad Elmer Porter.   Special mention to Haynze Whitmore and Eddie Renner and their upcoming horror movie, Crepitus, staring Bill Moseley due to be unleashed in the theaters next fall.  Tune in Friday night for our 2nd installment of this year’s Halloween Special with  creator and director of Crepitus, Haynze Whitmore. 

Publish Date: 10/25/2016

Talented musicians? Hell yes. But just all around good guys and fun to chill with and have a few brews. Kyle Buck and Aaron Nicely of The Stampede String Band stopped by Alley’s Alehouse to have some beer with the boys and tell ‘em about what’s going on with the band, as well a some Stampede history. They discussed the soon to be released new live album while sipping on Alpine Pilsner from Bier Brewery, which went over well with the group. They switched over to O’Keeffe’s Irish Red from Evil Czech as they got a little Evil/Stampede anecdote.

They talk a little Colts and a lot of Cubs and their hopeful appearance in the upcoming World Series(sorry Aaron) and they relive a couple scorpion burger challenges that did not go well.

Tune in for the convo and then get out to see Stampede live. They will be at Indiana Red barn tomorrow evening (Oct 22nd), returning to Fiddler’s Hearth on 11/22, and the Vogue w/Reverand Peyton on November 23rd.

Thanks to Stampede for letting us use tracks, 5 Rider and 3 Miles to Go to open and close this week’s episode.

Shout outs this week included Fiddlers Hearth(which Dougy, Cowboy, and Pat are actually enjoying some brews and live tunes at tonight), Ben Myers and his scorpion plight, Evil Czech, Adam Cox of Suspended Audio, Blue Mafia, James and the Drifters, and Jerry Connor of Bier Brewery, who if he had his way, would be on every show . . . we’ll keep a chair open for him.


Publish Date: 10/21/2016

Due to the length of this episode, we decided to release this as a weekday special. So all you faithful listeners get two episodes this week. And a special episode it is. We had the pleasure to be selected to cover DigIn~A Taste of Indiana this year and we beat the heat and had an incredible time and made many new friends. Kolsch and pilsners were the main theme of the day, which were perfect for this hot summer afternoon. So many great breweries and chefs, and restaurants were showcased we got a bit dizzy trying to get them all on the air. Tonight’s segments were split between the following guests: DigIn’s very own, and past guest, Mr, Thom England, Bee Coffee Roasters, One World Catering, Robert Rolfe Feddersen, Justin Miller – owner of Black Acre, Emily Grounds of Deer Creek Brewery, Kelly from 18th Street Brewery, Sean Lewis and Brock, Head Keg Monkey, Hicorse of Flat 12, and Steven Hackney of S’more Mobile which is sooo much more than just your everyday s’mores….think big… think alcohol. We spent the entire day next to the fine folks from Madison’s being intoxicated by the scent of grilled duck, and just as the day was coming to an end and we finally got Dan Stackpole on the mic… wouldn’t you know it… they killed the power in the park. So we thought, screw the 15-minute segment, let’s get over to Madison’s for an entire show. So be sure to join us next Tuesday, Oct 25th at Madison’s in Pendleton for a night of brews and fine whiskey. This event should be a must for every beer enthusiast and foodie out there each summer. Big thanks to Bier Brewery for taking extra good care of us (as they always do) during the event. We love you! And thanks Roberto Cavazos Jr. for stepping out of the Pig Pen to help co-host this incredible event with us. Cheers!

Publish Date: 10/20/2016

Tonight on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions we are back to one of our favorites spots, Redemption Alewerks.

We are joined by Redemption owner, Brandon Smith, and head brewer and reigning King of Indiana’s Next Hop Model, Dan Gohr.

Also joining us is my ol’ shipmate, Brad Ringstmeier of Perpetual Moto Discovery who has his own BPC episode which will be released soon.

We came to love Redemption for their great, malty goodness, brews, but we soon found out that they have an amazing menu to accompany the beer. We were treated tonight to their luscious pork balls, famous triple threat wings, and Not Yo Normal Nachos… and of course… BEER.

Tonight we relive our time at Indiana’s Next Hop Model, get the background scoop on Brandon Smith and their “accidental” beer, Queen of Tarts.

Tune in to hear what’s new at Redemption and all the great weekly events and specials such as Taco & Trivia Tuesday and their everyday, mouthwatering, smoked wings.

We find ourselves in the hot seat tonight as well as Dan reviews some of our own home brews (he loved them, I swear… no matter what he said in the episode). Tonight’s show was fueled by Redemption’s Deliverance IPA, Salvation Wheat Ale, Absolution Double IPA, and the Queen of Tarts Apple Ale.

Tonight’s “Confessional” guest is Isaiah Lovett.

Publish Date: 10/14/2016

This episode picks up midstream at Metazoa Brewing Company after local musician, singer/songwriter, Robert Rolfe Feddersen, finished his last set and joined us for some more cold brews and hilarious, tipsy conversation.  Metazoa's own Haley Fennel was still hanging strong from our first show and still filling our bellies with delicious Metazoa brews.  Robert's beautiful wife, Terri Piet Feddersen, also jumped on a mic to round out this fun evening with new friends.  A high brew fueled conversation went in a number of different directions in this one from vinyl records, Cream, social media, the return of Dougy's glorious beard, and Pat's odd ability to hear audio warmth(which may have been the beer talking).  Some shout outs to DigIn~A Taste of Indiana, Beards Brewery, and Public House Cinema.  (And our apologies to PHC for being so loud during the outdoor movie.  The stupid sun went down a little too early.) Robert is more than just a talented musician, he is a gentleman with a big heart and a true lover and promoter of craft beer and music.   All music in this episode is of course provided by none other than Mr. Robert Feddersen.  Check out tonight's special episode and be sure to jump over to Robert's music page to find out where he'll be playing next.  We promise there will be craft beer!


Publish Date: 10/12/2016

It's comedy night once again on Blind Pig Friday Confessions at Alley's Alehouse. Seemed like the perfect night to air this episode since not only is Doug Stanhope mentioned, he is also performing tonight at Morty's. We are joined by comedians Mr. Rick Garrett and the pleasantly plump, Jeremy Brown, for an evening of debauchery. This is the 2nd installment of this episode, so as you will quickly hear... we were quite ripe when this one begins. We can't apologize enough to Rick's sweet wife, Holly Garrett for making it through the whole evening with us jackasses. She does however provide a sound clip that will go down in the Blind Pig History books as one of best. We somehow fit in a review of Evil Czech's Vanilla Rye Porter between the shenanigans. We get some stand-up comedy horror stories, Rick tells us how John Denver blocked his chances of entering the priesthood, Jeremy describes the "art" of comedy, and Cowboy brings the entire group to complete silence. This is one that can't be missed. (Ok, none of them should) Too much to go over on this one. You'll have to tune in and take it all in. (No pun intended) Some comedy favorites mentioned such as Michael Malone (also in town performing tonight at Morty's), of course Doug Stanhope, the brilliant D Jay Dangler and Junior Stopka. Beware, this one may contain a fair amount of sailor language. Oh.... and Dane Cook sucks! Cheers!

Publish Date: 10/7/2016


Thanks to Captain 30 Pack, Duane Finley, for a great night of fighting and beer! Duane  specializes in story telling within the mixed martial arts community. He has written for outlets like Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, FanSided, and MMA Junkie before joining FloCombat. But tonight, he found time to sneak out of Room 313 and joined the boys at the round table at Alley's Alehouse for some humorous discussion as we review Dale's Pale Ale and Kona Longboat. Cheers!

Publish Date: 10/6/2016

She had so much fun with the Pigs last week, Holly Joy Cole of New Holland Brewery graced us with her presence one again this week as we got the inside scoop from Benjamin Cannon on his new company, Spark Joy Music. Anyone in the music scene in and around Indianapolis know the name Ben Cannon and are aware of the many great things he’s already accomplished. So we were pleased to have him join us once again to talk about Spark Joy Music as well as the many endeavors he is currently involved. Tune into hear just what makes Mr. Cannon tick as well as some of the events presented by Spark Joy Music including the recent Josh Kaufman live show and the upcoming Masquerade Halloween: Featuring Audiodacity, Kyle Megan, & Bobbie Morrone Trio at the Hi Fi on Oct 28th. Tonight’s episode was pleasantly powered by New Holland Dragon’s Milk reserve which we are all still suffering from withdrawals. Being the humble man Ben is, he spread the love around to many friends in the Indy music scene including(but not limited to) Moxxie’s Jamie Jackson and Ryan Gibbons, Katie Pederson, the trailblazer and mentor - Darrin Snyder of Indy In-Tune, MP Cavalier of DoitIndy Radio Hour, Jared Hiner of Kammy’s Kause, Coup de’Tat, and Memphis Josh Drake. Special thanks to Brandon Wilson for providing his tune Love and Cigar for this week’s featured song. Be sure to catch Brandon at the Thirsty Scholar on October 7th for his upcoming album release show.

Publish Date: 9/30/2016

Whenever one mentions Dragon’s Milk around the Pigs, we tend to get a little excited.  So when we had the chance to sit with Holly Joy Cole of New Holland Brewery, we were overjoyed.  Holly joined the boys at the round table at Alley’s Alehouse to talk, not just about the wonder that is Dragon’s Milk, but about all the fantastic brews and spirits that can be found at the brewery or on the shelf at your favorite party store.

She also brought with her a few New Holland brews to sample (Monkey King farmhouse and Full Circle kolsch) while she gave us some of the backstory of New Holland as well as some of the upcoming events such as the Porter’s Perfect Pint which is happening next Saturday, Oct 1st, and the Filthy Pumpkin which going down at Chathum Tap in Fishers on Oct 25th.  Located near the shores of Lake Michigan in the small but beautiful Dutch city of Holland, Michigan, New Holland Brewing has been a staple in the beer scene since 1996, and they have just opened their new distillery and brewpub in Grand Rapids, Michigan, New Holland Brewing The Knickerbocker.    Also joining us this week was our good buddy, Benjamin Cannon of Spark Joy Music, who’s episode for Friday Night Confessions releases next Friday, September 30th.  There was also the late, special guest appearance, straight out of the Pig Pen, of Mr. Riley Wunnenberg.   It was a special night to celebrate the birthday of our own, Hunter Blind Pig, with some great beer and laughs.  We can’t wait to do more with Holly and New Holland Brewing in the future.   We’re not certain yet, but we may have coined their new tag line for 2017.  You’ll have to listen and find out what it is.  Many shout outs in this episode, including Black Acre Brewing Co, Central State Brewing, Jeremy Nicely and Evil Czech Brewery and Public House, Urban Chestnut, and the Fiddler’s Hearth. (The groovy track behind Nico’s Open Stage commercial you hear on each weekly episode is from that cool Indy band, Whoa!Tiger, who will be playing tomorrow night, September 24th, only at Alley’s Alehouse.)


Publish Date: 9/23/2016

If you listen to our show, you know we mention quite often that with all these new breweries opening, what seem like daily, they better be putting out a quality product if they want to have some staying power.

We recently stepped into Metazoa which opened its doors just this past April and we were pleased to taste so many quality beers from such a young brewery. We spent a beautiful evening on their large outside seating area with Haley Fennell to fill us in on this young Indy brewery while live grooves were flowing indoors from the talented Robert Rolfe Feddersen.

We had an array of great Metazoa brews while enjoying a great view of downtown Indianapolis as the sun went down.

Metazoa is a big, bright, beautiful brewery that would fit in on any corner of San Diego, but we are pleased they have planted themselves in Indianapolis. Not only are they making some solid beers, this animal friendly brewery, is also giving back part of their profits to wildlife funding. Great view, pet friendly, live music, and good brew… what more do you need?

Tune in and find out which were our favorite brews of the night and then get down to Metazoa to quench your thirst.


Publish Date: 9/16/2016

Now owned by former Indianapolis Colts LB great, and Super Bowl Captain, Gary Brackett, The Stacked Pickle is becoming more popular than ever.  The boys had the pleasure of spending an evening at The Stacked Pickle in Fishers, IN a few weeks ago.  The first half of the show they were joined by the Pickle's Assistant GM, Bryce Gerlitz, who told us a little of the history behind the Pickle as well as the many things available for its hungry and thirsty patrons.  The second half of the show the boys were joined by local comedian, Sam Loyd, and straight out of the Pig Pen, Clark Myers.  The second half is a free for all as they enjoyed some splendid Bulleit Bourbon cocktails brought to us by a couple, very lovely, Bulleit Bourbon reps, whom we hope to have on the show very soon.  We review a few of the many fine craft beers available at the Pickle, get into a little whiskey & scotch discussion, some Bulleit Bourbon history, and Jordan gives away his not-no-secret Bloody Mary recipe.   Grab a cold one and tune into hear about the many great daily specials available, from special prices on burgers, wings, and pints, to the live music and trivia.  Looking for a place to bring the whole family and enjoy the games during this football season?  Bring 'em to The Stacked Pickle to watch the games on one of the many TV screens while enjoying some great food and drinks at very affordable prices.   Some shout outs in this week's episode include Bell's Two Hearted and Scarlet Lane's Espresso Dorian Stout.   This week's music provided by Chris Burch(opening) and The Dead Squirrels(closing).   Cheers!

Publish Date: 9/9/2016

It's always a special night when honorary Pig, Jerry Connor, joins the boys for the evening. Jerry invited us back once again to The Bier Brewery to be some of first to sample this year's batch of Pumpkin Bier which will be released to the public at Bier's Pumkin Ale Party next Friday night, Sept 9th. Be sure to join us for this fantastic fall kick off event.

Also joining in the fun this evening was the coordinator of the upcoming Noblesville Brewfest, Greg Baker. We couldn't be happier to part of this fantastic event coming to Noblesville on Sept. 24th. There will be an amazing line up of breweries(which includes The Bier Brewery, of course) and some great food along with live music for all to enjoy for a bargain price. And all event proceeds benefit the Forest Park Aquatic Center. Be sure to stop by the beer tent and say "hello" to the Pigs. Tune in to hear all the details of these two great events. Cheers!

Publish Date: 9/2/2016

Dougy Fresh takes the Pigs back to his home in Northern Michigan for the 1st in the Northern Michigan series as the boys take over the airwaves at Goodfellow's Grille on Mackinaw Island.  This episode also features Beard's Brewery from Petoskey, MI.  They had taken over the taps that evening just one day before their anniversary party at their own taproom the following day when they made the big announcement that they were expanding and moving to a bigger, well known spot in Petoskey.  This was our introduction to Beard's and we were not disappointed.  It was quickly and clearly recognized just why this young brewery was already growing.  J.C. Olmo of Goodfellow's joined the roundtable to tell us all about Goodfellow's and all it has to offer before mixing us some killer cocktails of his own which comes out in part two of this night to be released soon. We're not sure how Beard's Ben Slocum finds time to brew with everything he has going on, but we are sure glad he does.  He is just one of the team of fine brewers at Beard's putting out some delicious beer.  We struggled to find any fault with everything we sampled that evening.  We were so impressed at one point, we just sat in awe of the lacing still thick on a glass which had been sitting empty for more than 30 minutes. And as bourbon barrel aged lovers, we were ecstatic to be some of the first to be drinking their newest batch that was not being made available to the public til the following day.  And it was glorious.  It reminded us of another of our favorites out of Indy, Sanitarium, from The Bier Brewery.  Each unique in their own right, but both equally fantastic.  It was a thick, rich, chocolatey, bourbon delight in a glass.  We had such a good time we are already making plans to go back to the Island for the big Halloween bash hosted by Goodfellow's Grille in October.  Thank you again, Greg Klinger, for inviting us to this fine establishment where you'll find some of the best food and drinks in Mackinaw. Shout outs in this one to HopCat, a mutual favorite craft brew place of ours and our new friends Hail Danza!

Publish Date: 8/26/2016

If you live in or around Indianapolis, you know the name Sahm, and you know it's synonymous with great food.  But young Eddie Sahm didn't want to stop at just providing great food, he dove into the craft beer scene, found a great brew master, and opened Big Lug Canteen in Nora next to another Sahm's great, Rockstone Pizzeria.  And along with some fantastic Big Lug brews and grub, for the whiskey lovers, they carry some of the finest of Journeyman Distillery.  You feel like your part of the family when you're at Big Lug's and the crowd had just as much fun on this evening as we did.   Things get weird as one of the most active local artists and our good friend, Chris Burch, who's tune, The Gate is Broken, can be heard at the end of this episode, just happened to be in the house, so he jumped in to co-host along with passed guest and co-host Roberto Cavazos Jr.  Lots of great laughs and conversation along with special mentions to brewing collaborators on Big Lug's Stranger in the Alps, Flix Brewhous and to all our friends at The Bier Brewery (why does Jerry come up everywhere we go?).  Hunter makes the ultimate alcohol faux pas in this one, but luckily Big Lug always has lots more fresh brew on hand for these moments.   Tune in and as always, Cheers! 

Publish Date: 8/19/2016

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions we are joined by crazy man, Brandon Saunders of the rock band, Indien. He took us over the edge from take-off, but we had a blast.  He does some name dropping of some great recording studios in town such as Chris Wodock of the Music Garage and Eric Johnson of The Pop Machine.  Brandon goes into detail about the upcoming benefit for Brendan Vandergraff of Bizarre Noir who was viciously attacked recently.  A big thanks to Roberto Cavazos Jr. for stepping in and  co-hosting.  This is an off the wall show in which we reviewed Dogfish Head Festina Peche and discussed a little bugs bunny.  


Publish Date: 8/12/2016

We spend every week gloating about all the great beer in Indiana, but this week we were able to have a great local chef and master mixologist, Thom England of Dig IN, join us at Alley's Alehouse to talk about a one of kind event that only happens once a year each August, the premier farm-to-fork event featuring the best chefs, restaurants, producers, wineries, and breweries, Taste of Indiana.   We pride ourselves on knowing a little about beer, but Thom is a true connoisseur when it comes to fine wines, dinning, and brews.  Tonight's humorous discussion was of course had over a few cold brews, highlighted by Evil Czech's Vanilla Rye Porter, Voodoo.  Tune in to learn more about Thom's road to his culinary expertise as well as the main event, Taste of Indiana 2016, happening this August 28th in downtown Indianapolis at the Military Park.   This, as it is each year, is going to be amazing.  One price gets you some of the finest foods from 40 of the finest chefs along with samples of dozens of craft beers and wines from around the state while enjoying live music from some great local bands.   The Pigs may just be recording on site, so be sure to get your tickets today.   We highly recommend going to or to their Facebook page at Dig IN~Taste of Indiana today and buying your tickets in advance since this event has been selling out fast.  VIP tickets available for those who want to beat the crowds as enjoy some special benefits.   Cheers!  http://digindiana.org


Publish Date: 8/5/2016


The tables were turned a bit on this one as the Pigs spent some time in the hot seat and got a couple of their freshest home brews evaluated by EZ Eric Fox & Dr. Hopenstein himself, Sean Hopenstein Manahan of Flat12 Bierwerks. Some time back, Sean stepped out of the shadow of his pop, aka. Atticus Finch, and decided to leave law school and brew beer. And let me tell you, there are a lot of happy people he decided to do just that. He is brewing some marvelous beer helping to put Flat12 on the Beer Map.

Lots of great brewing talk and tips in this episode as Sean and EZ give us some pointers on sharpening our brew skills as we enjoyed a few beers and laughs before they finally threw us out the door. And it's not every day we get to pass around a Ch'ti Blonde. . . so we had that going for us.

Looking forward to getting back to chat with these gents again and do a little Pig/Flat12 collaboration in the near future.

Tune in to this week's episode and then make your way to Flat12 Bierwerks Indianapolis to enjoy the cool, laid back atmosphere and friendly staff.

Lots of shout outs in this one, such as Central State Brewing, Jolly Pumpkin, and as so many times before, one of our favorite little gems in TN, BriarScratch Brewing


Publish Date: 7/29/2016

We thought about taking a departure from our usual slap stick antics for a evening and have a serious conversation about male pattern baldness. But then local stand-up comedians, Rick Garrett and Jeremy Brown showed up and we said, “Screw it. Here we go again”.

Rick is coming hot off his Nuvo nomination for Best Stand-Up Comedian, and Jeremy was coming hot off the buffet at the Golden Coral.

You’ll hear one the greatest Star Trek jokes and about Rick’s battered up bride and about one of our favorite strip clubs in northern Wisconsin. Rich and Jeremy tell us some of their stand-up nightmares and why “All Ages” doesn’t always mean “ALL” ages.

We were having too much fun to stop, so tune into part one of Comedy Night at Alley’s and be on the lookout for part two which will be released in a couple weeks. Some shout outs to other local comedians Jeffrey Lewis Lance and the late Big Jim Leugers.

And a huge thanks to Holly Garrett for being so sweet and patient with us idiots all evening.

Publish Date: 7/22/2016

The boys enjoy an evening at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub with Head Brew Master, Mr. Jonathon Mullens. We first met Jonathon at Indiana's Next Hop Model(hosted by Indiana On Tap) when he left our boy Cowboy alone on stage to hang out to dry before making his own, a bit out of time, entrance to the main stage. Hopefully next year they'll master that runway. But tonight, we sit and enjoy some of Jonathon's creations and talk beer shop. He gives us insight behind Broad Ripple's owner, John Hill, who operates Indiana's oldest working brewery. The unique atmosphere, traditional European brews, and friendly staff makes you feel right at home at this little hidden gem in Indianapolis. Some shout outs to Sean Manahan of Flat12 Bierwerks and Redemption Alewerks.

Publish Date: 7/15/2016

The Pigs teamed up with historic Arni's Restaurant and Evil Czech Brewery for an evening of fine dining and brews.  Everyone knows Arni's has some of the best pizza around, but their menu has much more to offer than just great pie.  Megan Keevil Frank did the leg work for this event, and Arni's chef created some fantastic new menu items which Evil's Jeremy Nicely brilliantly paired with some frothy Evil brews.  Join us tonight for the first humorous hour of the Arni's New Menu & Evil Czech Pairing. And then we'll Meet You At Arni's so you can indulge in this terrific new menu, along with their always amazing pizza we all know and love. I swear, just by listening, you can almost taste the delicious food and brews. Cheers!

Publish Date: 7/8/2016

We always look forward to our talks with Jerry.  Bier Brewery's owner and house comedian, Jerry Connor, always brings good conversation. . . and delicious beer.  Sitting with the Pigs back home at Alley's Alehouse, Jerry does some well deserved gloating from Bier's recent Gold Medal award won at the World Beer Cup which is becoming a standard from this Indy brewery.   It's not always just fun and games on BPC, and this week we get into some serious discussions. . . about belly naval beer and Dougy's tasty stache.  Although Cowboy was unable to attend this week's round table, Jerry took his abuse out on poor Pat who had to be taught the hidden meaning behind Bier Brewery's Track Bier.  As usual, we express our love for American craft brews (our despise of Bud) while sipping on some Bier Brewery brews with a number of shout outs on this week's show including our partners over at Great Fermentations, Indianapolis Girl Pint Out, and our good friends down south at BriarScratch Brewing.  Cheers! 

Publish Date: 7/1/2016

We pick up midstream in this episode of Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions back where we left off at Alley's Alehouse with our special guest from Evil Czech Brewery, Jeremy Nicely.  We were having so much fun after the first hour, we decided to keep the tape rolling for some extra debauchery.  Megan Keevil Frank unfortunately had to cut out early, and it seems the boys manners went with her.   This segment is all adult comedy as we partake of some more delicious Evil brew and talk a little about oyster brew, silky panties beer, and lip sweat saison.  We start this segment far off the rails and never quite get back on, but it was a fun ride for all.   Cheers!  Happy Friday!   

Publish Date: 6/24/2016

Tonight on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions, Emily Denise of Nuvo Promotions to get the lowdown on the upcoming, ultimate Burger Week Challenge in Indy. There are 35 locations where you will be able to get a mean, tasty burger for only $5. And even better, you can eat your way to win a weber grill or beer for a year. So get hungry and dig in, Indy!

Nikki Reed joins us once again as the girls offset the testosterone levels of the round table at Alley's Alehouse. We dive into some One Hit Wonders, Salt n' Peppa, creepy stalkers, being fancy, and the love of Abba. Don't miss out on another night of hilarity as we review New Belgium Citradelic and rap. Tune in, and join us for Burger Week.

Publish Date: 6/17/2016

WZPL's Nikki Reed of the Smiley Morning Show joins the Pigs for a hysterical craft beer fueled evening of adult conversation. Tune in to hear about some of the events she has coming up this summer including the 99.5 WZPL Birthday Bash and the after party at Revel Nightclub with a Meet & Greet with Charlie Puth, hosted by Nikki. We review a few beers, Widmer Brothers Hefe and Moldelo Pacifico, and Nikki suggest we brew some rabbit beer. Too much to mention here, so you'll just have to turn up the knob and hear about Jordan's boozy tomatoes, edible 6packs, Strip and Go Naked, and Emily Grounds of Nuvo Promotions crashes the show. Shout outs to The Bier Brewery, Great Fermentations, and Nuvo's upcoming Burger Week that will dive into in much more detail on next week's episode.

Publish Date: 6/10/2016

We have been asked for months by fans when the hell were we going to start brewing.  Well, the time is finally here.   Thanks to our new sponsors at Great Fermentations of Indiana, the Pigs are now, not just talking smack about other people's beer, but walking the walk and producing our own Blind Pig Confessions brews.  And we could not have done it without the expertise help from Great Fermentations, the largest supplier of craft beer and wine supplies in the state. They have everything one needs, whether they are the beginner looking to brew as a hobby in the garage, or the experienced novice brewing on a large scale.  Not only do they have everything needed to brew, but they also provide many classes on the finer points of brewing and wine making.    Join us the evening for a fun, yet quite informative journey with the owner of Great Fermentations, Anita Johnson. We had a great time talking shop while enjoying some beers made at Fermentations.  If you're not brewing your own beer now, you will be after this episode.  Check out Great Fermentations and tell 'em the Pigs sent you.  (A few shout outs in this episode to their neighbors, The Bier Brewery, Journeyman Distillery, and Evil Czech Brewery and Public House.)   

Publish Date: 6/3/2016

A dark cloud hung low over Alley's Alehouse as two forces came to clash on the Pigs homestead.  As Indiana's historic Arni's and the new blood of Evil Czech Brewery met for the first time, the air loomed with dreaded anticipation for what might come.   But alas, the evening talks began and the clouds quickly dissipated as this turned into a meeting of new friends, good brews, and lots of laughter.   Megan Keevil Frank tells us the roots of Arni's Restaurant and their famous pizza and Jeremy Nicely explains the birth and quick and successful growth of Evil Czech Brewery and Public House.  We review and rejoice about Evil's highly sought after, Clayton Bigsby, the deceptively delicious white stout, and we learn about the upcoming event, not to be missed, the New Menu Preview and Beer Pairing hosted by Arni's. Jeremy will be bringing some of Evil's finest brews to pair with Arni's fantastically tasty new menu items and the Pigs will be onsite to partake of the feast and record live from the event. Due to all the fun we were having, this turned into a two part series.  So relax and tune into Part One of Evil Arni's, be sure to get to Alley's to try the Evil on tap, and then meet us at Arni's on June 7th for great night of fun, food, and craft brews. 

Publish Date: 5/27/2016

We kick ourselves repeatedly for not finding this little gem of a place nestled in downtown Fishers earlier, but we are certainly glad we did. Brixx Fire Wood Pizza is not only delivering up some elegant pizzas from their wood burning ovens, but they have some great craft brews on tap to quench any thirst. Dougy Fresh walked into Brixx one evening after one of his monthly pedicure & eyebrow waxings to check out the scene and see what this little pizza joint had on tap. He was delighted to find himself in stout and porter heaven. With the hop craze going on in and around the city, it was great to find a place which still catered to us dark beer lovers. He met bar manager Jeremy Lemon, thanked him for the array of fine porters and stouts along with the many other great craft beers on their 23 rotating taps, and made a good friend that evening. He quickly assembled the Pigs and said they need to get into Brixx as soon as possible. So here we are tonight sitting down with managers, Robert Yeley and Jeremy Lemon, discussing and partaking of a few of the many fine beers and talking about all Brixx has to offer. As well as a fantastic rotation of every different style of craft beer, Brixx has excellent food for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, and it’s served in a cozy atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating that is dog friendly and near the Fishers Nickel Plate District Amphitheater. Want something not on the menu? Just ask chef Mike and I’m sure he will do whatever he can to accommodate. A top notch friendly staff that will make any visit pleasing is found every day of the week at Brixx. The perfect summer spot to stop for a bite and a beer before or after a concert in the park. Tune into tonight’s show and then hit the Brixx.

Publish Date: 5/20/2016

We are pleased to be sponsoring Arni's New Menu Preview with Evil Czech coming June 7th at Arni's Restaurant on 96st Street.  Check out this brief message about the Evil meeting that will soon be upon us. 

Publish Date: 5/18/2016

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions, Jordan and Dougie Fresh sit down in the depths of the Redemption Alewerks brewery with owner, Cameron Fila,and Brew Maestro, Dave Gohr.  Not only is Redemption brewing up some of the best beers in town, they have a scrumptious food menu to delight your taste buds as well. (Be sure not to miss the smoked chicken.) A few brews in, counting apparently became a problem for us all, but we had a great time indulging ourselves with some magnificent ales and some humorous conversation.  We learn about the passion and what makes these guys tick along with the history behind Redemption and what the future may hold.   Some love went out to John Manley and the Copper Still, The Dead Squirrels, Chris Burch, Mr. Stevie Yzerman, Bell's Two Hearted Ale, and Journeyman Distillery.   Tune in to this week's episode and be sure to get to Redemption on 96th Street and like the Pigs, you'll keep going back.  

Publish Date: 5/13/2016

What an amazing event!  Very proud to have been part of the 1st Indiana's Next Hop Model hosted by Indiana On Tap and Nuvo and took place at the Foyt Wine Vault in Speedway, In.  Ed Wenck of Nuvo and James Hinchcliffe did a great job MCing as the local breweries hit the runway, along with our very own Cowboy who got to tear up the catwalk to end the show.  The crowd was fantastic and our thirst was quenched by some excelling local craft beer.  Tune in for some snip-its from old and new friends including Flat12 Brewery, Two Deep Brewing, Broad Ripple Brewpub, up and coming Moontown Brewing, Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, our good buddy Jerry of Bier Brewery, Nikki Reed of the Smiley Morning Show, and IndyCar driver, James Hinchcliffe.   And a big congrats to Redemption's, Dan Gohr, for taking home the crown.  (And be prepared for next week's show featuring Redemption Alewerks Cameron Fila and Dan Gohr.) Cheers!

Publish Date: 5/6/2016

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions the boys go Hollywood. Who doesn’t love beer and movies? Flix Brewhouse in Carmel, IN lets you enjoy the hottest flicks on the big screen while enjoying some great craft beer and some killer food. This isn’t your run of the mill fake, nasty cheese nachos and soggy hotdogs you get at your neighborhood theatre. We’re talkin’ a full menu from starters through entrées with Vietnamese summer rolls, pulled pork sandwiches, gourmet pizzas, big juicy burgers, as well as chicken and waffles. . . that’s right, chicken and freakin’ waffles. And what better way to wash it all down than with some award winning craft beer brewed by Flix. General Manager, Ron Hahn joins the Pigs to give all the details of this unique theatre and talk a little Batman vs. Superman as they sampled their six core beers and a Flat12 collaboration with Flix called Boys Night Oat.

Publish Date: 4/29/2016

The Dead Squirrels attack tonight on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions.

Jim Streisel and Donny Coyle of The Dead Squirrels join the Pigs for an entertaining look back at some of our favorite 4th rock album releases from bands such as Def Leppard, Toto, Slayer, AC/DC, Beastie Boys, and Steely Dan, to name but a few.  On this episode we review a fine coconut stout from the Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, we find out Jordan can't count, Cowboy cannot make it through a music topic without mentioning Bob Seger, and Donny and Dougy Fresh will never agree on anything.  Jim nerds out on Highlander and Iron Eagle, and Hunter brings the crickets with his tribute to Poison.  Why on earth would we discuss 4th album releases?  To celebrate Squatro, the upcoming 4th album and CD Release Party for The Dead Squirrels which takes place right here at Alley's  Alehouse on Saturday May 14th.  Tune in to hear some tracks off the new album and hear details about the kick ass Pabst Blue Ribbon guitar giveaway during the night of the CD Release Party, then join the Pigs and the Squirrels on May 14th for an evening of live Dead Squirrels rock and and brews.  Shout outs to Danny Boy Beer Works, Jamie Jackson, Moxxie, and Casey Harshbarger who knocked out some killer guitar work on the track, Milky Way which takes us out of this episode.  Cheers!

Publish Date: 4/22/2016

What'll you have?PBR me, ASAP!  Tonight we pay homage to one of the country's oldest and still finest beers, Pabst Blue Ribbon.  PBR survived and thrived after Prohibition and have recently been creating havoc in the beer sales world.  We had the pleasure of being joined by PBR's very own Matt Martz as well as the owner of Alley's Alehouse and bowling aficionado, Kevin Walter.  Pabst has had a unique, yet hugely successful business approach.  Teaming that with their sincere comradery with the growing craft beer society has given them not just success, but the respect of beer enthusiasts around the globe.  Kevin, being the brilliant business man that he is, has beautifully paired PBR along with the great craft draft beer selection at Alley's along with a delicious menu that keeps beer and food lovers coming back for more and staying longer each time.  Tune in.  We're sure you'll be surprised at all these two fine companies have to offer and what's in store to come.  Cheers, and enjoy the show.   

Publish Date: 4/15/2016

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions, we were visited by the elegant Sarah Burns of Indiana On Tap. She fit in so well with the boys, we forgot she wasn't one of us. We reviewed some incredible BriarScratch Stout and some rare Barrel Aged Brad Singleton let us sneek out of Tennessee. Check out what is in store for the summer from Indiana On Tap and find out which Pig will be on Indiana's Next Hop Model runnway.

Publish Date: 4/8/2016

It was such a delight to have Jerry and Beth of BIER Brewery visit us at home at Alley's Alehouse a few weeks ago, we decided to invade and ransack their home at the brewery on Euchre night.  Jerry joins the gang once again and pulls out some very special 2014 Barrel Aged Sanitarium.  The 2016 Sanitarium is being released TODAY!  I advise everyone to get themselves a bottle of this (before the Pigs get it all).We had a blast on this episode and gave some air time to a few of the many Bier customers surrounding us while reviewing some great biers.  Tune in to this weeks episode and then make your way to the Bier Brewery this afternoon and indulge in the Sanitarium.    

Publish Date: 4/1/2016

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions, the boys take trip on Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout, Tin Man Milk Stout, and some tasty Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey from The Indiana Whiskey Company. Aliens find their way into this episode and Jordan has the displeasure of finally ingesting a little of Death's Door. We would also like to give a shout out to our good friends Eddie Renner and Haynze Whitmore who are working on the upcoming tale of horror, Creptius. Please (if you have the stomach) check out their movie page at and consider to help make it all happen with a contribution to their Indiegogo fund raising campaign that is nearing the end and close to reaching their goal.

Publish Date: 3/25/2016

During our recent Nashville trip, we luckily took the time to stop in Cottontown, TN to see what was cooking at the BriarScratch Brewery, and we were damn glad we did. We sat down with owner and master brewer, Brad Singleton, who introduced us to some fantastic beer and a ton of beer knowledge. This is a guy who is going above and beyond to bring some great tasting brews to the public. Brad is brewing with science and a keen focus on the local community and our environment. We liked the beer so much, we ended up putting off the last track to Nashville for a day and stayed near the BriarScratch tap room at Prince Street Pizza and Pub in the historic downtown of Gallatin, TN. A big thanks to Brad and the great statt at Prince Street for hanging out with us and showing a great time. And we apologize if Pat offended anyone. (Kidding Pat, you were lovely.)

Publish Date: 3/18/2016

A pleasure to have been part of Indy's 1st Pies & Pints. Arts for Learning put on an incredible event that we are looking forward to being a part of each year. We spoke to so many great people from some of Indiana's best breweries and pizzerias including Big Lug Brewery, Rockstone Pizza, Ash and Elm Cider, Sun King, Piezanos, Chapman Brewery, Brozinnis, Arni's, Quaff On, Hunter from 100.9, and of course, Haley Bass and Susan Oliver of Arts for Learning who did a fantastic job of making this happen. The night was an overwhelming success and the crowd was amazing. Tune in to hear some of the night's excitement and we hope to see you all there next year.

Publish Date: 3/11/2016

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions, we changed things up a bit and sit down with our #1 fan Jared and review some excellent beers he brought to the show. It's the bomb.

Publish Date: 3/5/2016

Jerry and Beth of BIER Brewery joined the Pigs at Alley's tonight for a few rounds of Confessions.  After reviewing about 20 beers on previous shows, we finally got them to join us at home.  We loved their beer, not we love their people.  We reviewed a couple tasty BIER brews and talked BIER 101.  Can't wait to take the show to their living room for more great BIERs.  

Thanks to Chris Burch for the music to start and finish this fun episode.  



Publish Date: 2/26/2016

The Pigs are stoked about Beer School coming your way right from out home at Alley's Alehouse.  Tune in to this special announcement from Alley's to learn when and how to participate. . . did we mention there will be FREE beer??  Check it out!!

Publish Date: 2/21/2016

Time for the 2nd installment of Outlaw Country with Dos Ringos.  Trent and Busey join us this week at the round table at Alley's Alehouse for a bit of country history.  The boys talk about a couple of their favorites, Buck Owens and Mr. Johnny Paycheck, as tonight's highlighted artists along with some side banter about other greats such as Ray Price and Elvis.  Beer reviews for King Leo and Cabin Fever level out the conversation and Hunter has his first Old Chub in the can.  The brews flowed heavily on this one and we got off track a few times, but as always, we had a blast, even though we had to keep reminding Jordan that rap and outlaw country were not the same thing.  Cheers! 

Publish Date: 2/19/2016

The Scorpion Burger Challenge is on tonight on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions as we dig into some history... boozing history that is, and some of its prominent figures. We review some fine brews back at Alley's Alehouse and are graced by one of Alley's chefs to prepare our boy for his flaming hot challenge. The Scorpion Burger is not for light weights. Although it is absolutely delicious, it will melt your stomach lining. But if you can handle the heat, it's truly an amazing burger. The scorpion pepper jelly may scorch, but the flavor will keep you going back for more. Tune in to find out how our boy Hunter does with this feast and if he makes it through the challenge.

Publish Date: 2/12/2016

Pig Wars!! Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen Star Wars The Force Awakens… climb out from under that rock and tune into this episode. Tonight on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions we have a few brews and discuss our likes and dislikes of the rebirth of the Star Wars Saga. Although Cowboy is still upset Jar Jar did not make his triumphant return, the cold beers helped to sooth his aching heart. Much we agreed upon and as usual, some we did not… but we had a good time throwing a few back at Alley’s Alehouse while we dissected the film.

Publish Date: 2/5/2016

Brew Years Eve! We can't thank Danny Boy Beer Works enough for their great beer and hospitality. Tonight's episode of Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions was recorded on site at Danny Boys during their New Years Eve Celebration. We had a great time as always and had some great discussions with Danny's own Jennifer Dickman, the brew maestros during their special Brew Year Eve brewing, as well as some feedback from the crowd and we got the inside scoop of pig farming from owner/operator of Hayden Family Farms who is quite the interesting fellow. A grand time getting together with old friends and meeting new friends while enjoying some great food and beer as always at Danny Boys. Danny Boys is a must for all beer lovers. Stop in to say "hello", and grab yourself a tasty beverage. Tell 'em the Blind Pigs sent ya.

Publish Date: 1/29/2016

Check in to this rockin' episode as we explore Butt Rock with Dead Squirrels...  I swear that's not just a bad pun.  Our good friends, the boys of The Dead Squirrels, join us this week to rap about the origins of Glam Metal as we enjoy the Bogside Stout from Bier Brewery on stage at our home at Alley's Alehouse.  We dig into the early stages of Nerf Metal, Jim defends his love of Kip Winger, one of the Pigs prays for Alice Cooper, and Donny explains how Vince Neil is contractually too fat to go on with another Motley Crew tour.  Enjoy the show and come see the Pigs tomorrow night at Alley's Alehouse as The Dead Squirrels rock the stage. 

Publish Date: 1/22/2016

A big thanks to Towne Spirits and Fine Wines for inviting the Blind Pig boys into their home for a special show with manager, Mike Haddin. There is lots to take in on this episode. We discussed Indiana vs. northern states loves of hops vs stouts and porters and the many amazing craft brews and fine wines and bourbons available at Towne Spirits, as well as their sister store, Elite Beverages, which just opened off Hwy 37 in Nobelsville. Check the man cave full of stogies and their elite selection of bourbons in the display case up front. See how long it takes you to get through their entire selection of craft brews. (It's never ending and always changing, so good luck.) And find out how to get on their waiting list for limited edition beers. We reviewed a few elegant brews as well which Mike picked out for us. We got twisted on some Hairy Eyeball from Lagunitas Brewing Company, extended our holiday season with a little Alpha Klaus Xmas porter, and dug into some Eville American Wheat from Carson's. We are stoked to have these two fine craft beer and liquor stores in our neck of the wood with a great fully stocked selection of all your drinking needs.

Publish Date: 1/15/2016

This week on Blind Pig Confessions we are joined by Kyle Buck of The Stampede String Band at Alley's Alehouse to chat about bar and leisure sports.

Publish Date: 1/8/2016

It's time to confess our sins of 2015.  We had a ball (with the exception of one nasty beer) recording this episode as we reminisced about some of our favorite shows of the year.  We touch on numerous topics on this one, such as, Dos Ringos, Whitey Morgan and the 78's, Bill Quaalude Cosby, who is Prudence of Dear Prudence, a typical Dougy Fresh rant about the Oscars(and he would also like to apologize now about this show starting with the crappy tune by Garth Brooks), a debate over whiskey in space and/or deep ocean whiskey, as well as what's to come in 2016.  Grab a cold one, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.We would like to give a big thanks to Danny Boy Beer Works for letting us celebrate New Year's Eve with them last night at their fabulous brewery in West Clay, and Alley's Alehouse for giving us their stage to do our show on Tuesday evenings and for the fine brews to review each episode.  Be sure to check our page each week for the upcoming week's Blind Pig Special at Alley's Alehouse (located inside Pinheads Bowling Alley in Fisher, IN) and come on by on Tuesday evenings to join the fun.  

Publish Date: 12/30/2015

Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays. Enjoy this Christmas edition of Blind Pig Confessions recorded at our home away from home, Alley's Alehouse. We share some past Christmas experiences and some of our most rememerable gifts with a few brews from The Bier Brewery.

Publish Date: 12/25/2015

Woooo hooo!!  It's finally here!!! The Force Awakens!!!Don't worry!!!  NO SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE!!!!!!The evidence is overwhelming.  The people have been waiting for this one like none other.  Join the boys for a very special episode as we discuss our love of Star Wars and our anticipation for The Force Awakens.  We go back to our childhoods to discuss seeing Star Wars for the first time and debate our favorite characters and film so far.  Again, there are no spoilers in this episode.  We will give the rest of the world some time to go out and see The Force Awakens before we get back to the round table or part II of this episode to discuss our thoughts of the new film. 

Publish Date: 12/18/2015

This week on Blind Pig Friday Night Confessions we have a very special guest, Alley's General Manager, Jack Vermillion.  Jack talks about the many fine craft brews available at Alley's as well as the upscale, yet affordable menu made possible by their fine chefs.  We have loved our Tuesday nights at Alley's and look forward to many more in 2016.  Be sure to come join us every other Tuesday as we record the Blind Pig Show and be sure to ask for the Blind Pig Special for a great price on a tasty pulled pork sandwich and wash it down with one of the beers we will be reviewing that evening.  Great food, drinks, live music, cool, "lodge like" atmosphere, friendly staff, an arcade for the kids, sweet sand volleyball courts, and bowling are all available in one spot at Pinheads Entertainment Center & Alley's Alehouse. Enjoy this week's episode, get to Alley's, and be sure to come join the Blind Pigs this coming Tuesday (Dec. 15th), and maybe we can get you on the show to talk about your Alley's experience.    

Publish Date: 12/11/2015

Happy Days are Beer again!! Tune in an join us for a special episode as we celebrate Repeal Day on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions. Tomorrow is the anniversary of not just the return of alcohol, but freedoms lost during those dark days of Prohibition. The boys are joined with friends at Alley's Alehouse in Fishers, IN as we dine on some tasty seasonal brews from The Bier Brewery and discuss those dingy days long gone and the rebirth of American craft brews and spirits. Cheers!

Publish Date: 12/4/2015

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions we took a field trip to Danny Boy Beer Works in the Village of West Clay. Our Marketing Director, Mandy Curry, sat in to guest host with the boys for a delightful evening. It was each of ours first trip to Danny’s so we were not sure what to expect. The first thing to hit you is the cool ambiance. Unlike many breweries which typically have a separate space for brewing hidden from the public view, Danny Boy invites its guests into the belly of the brewery. Only a chain link fence separates the crowd from the brewers, so as you enjoying your brew, you can watch and take in the intoxicating aroma while brewers work. Joining us on the show were Jen Dickman(Media Manager & Event Coordinator), Dustin Brown(Head Brewer), Derrek Herring(Assistant Brewer), and Jason Burkman(Manager). It will only take a few minutes of this episode to figure out how pleased we all were with the beer starting with their delicious Take Me to “Church” Irish Milk Stout. Tune in to find out the history of Danny Boy and the team, as well as what’s in store, as we make our way through a fantastic flight of brews with highlights on each from Head Brewer, Dustin Brown.

Publish Date: 11/27/2015

Time for a Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions Hunting Season Special with special guests, Shannan Bauer or Cabela's and our new buddy, Ryan.  Perched on our stage at Alley's Alehouse, we get into the hunting seasons along with some campfire stories while reviewing another delicious brew from The Bier Brewery.  Dougie Fresh goes on minor rant about farm animal hunting, draft dodging, knuckledragger, Ted Nugent and we hear about giant mutant coyotes in Fishers.  Tune in for a fun night with good friends and enjoy a nice cold craft brew. 

Publish Date: 11/20/2015

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig confessions we had the pleasure of having one of Indy's own, highly sought after singer/songwriters, Mr. Chris Burch. Chris sits in with the boys to talk Holiday Pleasures. . and Pet Peeves. Once again we enjoy the atmosphere at our home away from home, Alley's Alehouse. We also review The Bier Brewery's PDG, that went perfectly with the delicious pulled pork sandwiches which are a must at least once a week

Publish Date: 11/14/2015

Blind Pig Confessions Exclusive We've already recorded our first two shows at Alley's Alehouse, but recently we had a chance to sit and talk with manager, Melodie Reffey. Tune into to an Exclusive Blind Pig Confessions to hear more about the many great craft beers, amazing food, music, and events available at Alley's Alehouse and Pinheads Bowling Alley. The boys are exited to have Alley's as new friends and sponsors of the show. Keep up with our FB page and our website for the upcoming live Tuesday recordings at Alley's and the secret Blind Pig Specials which will only be available on the day we record.

Publish Date: 11/11/2015


Tonight on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions the boys sit down with a great new local band, Dressed In Red at Alley’s Alehouse in Fishers, IN.

These guys are creating quite the ruckus in the music scene before even putting out their first album. But they are putting on some great, must see, live performances that already has the city abuzz. Tune in and meet the band and find out where you can hear them next (hint, big show coming soon right here at Alley’s). A special band consisting of some seasoned players (that’s seasoned, not old, Nick) as well the rookie, (although anyone in these parts were already well aware of her amazing voice), Mel Reffey, who not only sings lead for Dressed In Red, but also manages the fabulous, Alley’s Alehouse. She talks about taming her bandmates and gives us a taste of all Alley’s has to offer. We review Scarlet Lane Brewery’s Vivian Red and their Dorian Stout, which are just a couple from one of the best craft beer selections in the area. Alley’s is a must for the beer and whiskey enthusiast. Sounds like they will be seeing quite a bit of the Blind Pig boys in the future.

Publish Date: 11/6/2015

Tonight the boys at Blind Pig Confessions are talking about the films that scare you into having to drink yourself to sleep because you are too scared to just go to sleep, or at least have another excuse to drink. 

Publish Date: 10/30/2015

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions we had the pleasure of sitting down at Claude and Annie’s in Fishers, IN with some very special guests. Joining us this week was Mr. Darrin Snider from Indy In-Tune (our syndicator), our famous and deliciously sexy bearded buddy, Patrick Hall, and the host of Niko’s Open Stage at Claude and Annie’s, Nick Wengler. Nick gives us the low down on open mic night every Wednesday as well as Keith Disbro’s DJ Bingo on Tuesdays (and Trivia on Thursdays) to name just a few of the many activities to enjoy each night at Claude and Annie’s. Due to the Back to the Future predictions that were not, we pay tribute to the many sci-fi predictions that have come to fruition as well as a review of Goose Island’s Autumn Ale. There were also some shout out to local musicians, Dead Squirrels, Dave Vogt, among others in this well rounded and fun episode with friends and drinks. And a big thanks to Heather Jones to putting up with us all evening.

Publish Date: 10/23/2015

A pleasure this week to sit with Nick Yoder of Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan during their 4th Anniversary Party. Cowboy and Dougy Fresh could not have been more giddy on this trip. Spent the day before preparing by hitting some fine breweries in Michigan (one of Dougie's favorite, Right Brain Brewery, Jolly Pumpkin, Clam Lake Brewery, Greenbush Brewery). But we could not have had a better time on Saturday at Journeyman for the celebration. Still hard to believe they have only been around for four years and have such amazing spirits. A Journey here will not soon be forgotten. A beautiful old buggy whip factory, originally built by a staunch prohibitionist, EK Warren, set on a historic location with something to offer for every whiskey lover. We were able to enjoy some great live music from Brett Wiscons before sitting down with Nick to talk shop and share a glass of Last Feather Rye. Some special shout outs to our buddy Warren Kluck of Jason Lee and Kluck in the Morning Show, who was enjoying some great food and mixed drinks downstairs with the rest of our clan (Ryan Douglas, Jerry Huener, Jacilynn Ferris), as well as 18th Street Brewery and Central State Brewing in Indianapolis. Enjoy this week's show and then get yourself a bottle or three of their tasty spirits, and do yourself a favor and get to Three Oaks to see this amazing place.

Publish Date: 10/17/2015

Cowboy, Jordan, and Dougie Fresh enjoy an evening of whiskey and brews with the boys from Dos Ringos, Trent Harris and Scot Heminger(aka. Busey).This episode we explored the roots of Outlaw Country and where it's at today as well as Trent's odd obsession with Taylor Swift.  Our good buddy Jamie Jackson posted about Ryan Adams new album covering Swift which prompted Dougie (being a Ryan Adams fan) to give it a listen . . . and now wishes he just would have downed a bottle of ammonia instead.  

Publish Date: 10/9/2015

Pumpkin Beer, Family Reunions, and a Free For AllThis week's episode he have special guest, Jay Jones, the legend in his own mind. He talk fall, football, pumpkin beer, and the love of motorboating. We began drinking a bit early on this one and Jay was unable to keep the BPC boys on topic. But an enjoyable off the wall evening for us and our listeners.

Publish Date: 10/4/2015

This week we discuss some cheap yet surprising bourbon and Fountain Square Brewery Backyard Porter while discussing some of our favorite live shows. Dougie Fresh expresses his love for quiet nights with Barry Manilow and Cowboy yammers on about Bob Seger.....again! Opening music by Sherman Tedder and Gladys Bently takes us out with a little 'Worried Blues'. A handful of shout outs to the always lovable Jamie Jackson and Sam Ash Music, Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys, Journeymen Distillery, and Right Brain Brewery and others.

Publish Date: 9/25/2015

The boys journey to Journeyman Distillery’s 4th Anniversary Party starts with a wonderful bottle of Journeyman’s Silver Cross. Whether you swear by whiskey, bourbon, or scotch, this will satisfy all your tastes and needs. In this episode we discuss our upcoming trip to celebrate with Journeyman and where to find your own bottles to enjoy (which includes my favorite Irish Pub, Fiddlers Hearth, in South Bend, IN) We sample beers from Rogue and Boulevard while giving love once again to Upland’s delicious success in a can, Champagne Velvet. We give a few shout outs to Darrin Snider of Indy-in-Tune (where you can also here us ramble on each week), St. Joe and 3 Floyds Brewery as well as my confession of a failed attempt to open a few bottles of Moosehead beer with my eye socket. A special thanks to upcoming guest, Memphis Josh Drake and his band, The Prowl, who open this show with one of their killer tracks, "Cold Dead Hands" and take us out with "Heatwave".

Publish Date: 9/19/2015

This week we talk Triton Brewery and different syle beers that they offer and different styles of beer around the world. Then of course we get off topic and talk alot of randomness. 

Publish Date: 9/13/2015

This week the boys talk one of the big brewers, Miller. Jordan is gitty like a little school girl that he gets to talk about his old faithful. 

Publish Date: 9/4/2015

This week's edition of Saturday Night Blind Pig Confessions, Jordan, Cowboy, and Dougie Fresh attempt to talk about the history of bootlegging. But a good ol' fashion beer discussion dominated this hour. But we do talk about the early days of bootleggin and the birth of NASCAR, which means we will have many more episodes on bootlegging in the future. So tune in and keep drinkin'.

Publish Date: 8/31/2015

It's that time again faithful listeners; this week's episode of the Blind Pig Friday Night Confessions. Jordan is out of a ledge this week, so Cowboy and Dougie Fresh will be your hosts this week as we explore some Eagle Rare Bourbon. We also show some love for Taxman Brewery and later in the show, as the bourbon kicks in, we do give a couple bad bourbon night confessions.We also ask for your best, or worst, bourbon stories at the end of this episode. Hear our horror stories and please send yours to Blind Pig Confessions mailbox so we can post them to FB and the best will be aired on a later show.

Publish Date: 8/21/2015

This week Jordan and Brendan talk Budweiser in our series about the big dogs of beer. They also bring along some other local beers from the north and also take a trip on some Absinthe. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 8/7/2015

Well kids, for this week’s installment of Blind Pig Friday Night Confessions we started off the rails instead of our normal midway derailment. We talk good and bad beer, the new Joker, burnt nuts, and the new Crooked Ewe Brewery in South Bend, IN. We apologize for some of the sound quality, but we were on the edge of a good day drink and decided to record this one in the great outdoors. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 8/1/2015

We got to sit down at the new Sun King Brewery in Fishers, Indiana. We got to talk about what the new tap room has instore for them and they brought us over some great beer. If you haven't had the chance to give them a shot, get out from under the rock you live under and head over to one of their locations and enjoy!

Publish Date: 7/24/2015

This week we dig into the roots of the signing of the 18th Amendment and the humble beginnings of bootlegging while we sip on some Prohibition Style Cutty Sark, some Tank 7 Farmhouse Saison, a little cider, and PBR.

Publish Date: 7/17/2015