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Based out of the Scenic City, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sit down with Tanner, Jared, and Alan for a couple of pints of good conversation, theories, and beer. This show isn't for the faint of heart, or children. But neither is good beer. We can't promise you won't be offended, but we can promise good conversation and (hopefully) some good beer. After all, good conversation is intoxicating.



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The host of Chatt Talk Tonight at The Palace Theater, Donnie Marsh, is in the studio this week. He joins Tanner and Jared to drink a few Pale Ales and talk about how the government shut down is affecting beer business, Chilis, and how shitty music videos used to be. Don’t miss his show, Chatt Talk Tonight at The Palace Theater on January 19th.

BeersTailgate Brewing | Moose Lodge Hazy IPABack Forty Beer Company | Freckle Belly IPAGrimm Ales | Galaxy Pop!

Download Episode 175 - Donnie Marsh

Publish Date: 1/16/2019

For the first episode of 2019…. Ian Sharp and Donnie Award-Winning Comedian Bryant Smith are in the studio to drink some new pale ales and a cream ale. But this also begins the 2019 Chicken Showdown where, with the help of Ian and Bryant, they will be determining who in Chattanooga has the best fried chicken. But along with the boxes of cooked birds, they’re also discussing the new Netflix Original, Bird Box.

BeersMontucky Cold Snack LagerFat Bottom Brewing Knockout IPAFarmer Ted’s Cream Ale

Download Episode 174 - Ian Sharp & Bryant Smith

Publish Date: 1/11/2019

Here’s the end of the year Beer-Cap episode. Homebrewers and long time veterans of the show, Brian Bender and Connor Choate join Tanner and Jared to break down some of the near misses and the successes of the past year. They’re talking about historic styles, Connor has a list of “Get up off its” and they’ve got a whole roster of tasty beers to drink.

Download Episode 173 - Beer Cap with Brian Bender & Connor Choate

Publish Date: 12/19/2018

This week Tim Shields from Tennessee Brew Works and Jordan McCay from Naked River Brewing join the party. Tim brings the new sweet potato stout from TN Brew Works and they’re talking about a new beer that helps support the people affected by the California wildfires and how TN Brew Works has a beer that is brewed with all Tennessee grain.

Download Episode 172 - Tim Shields & Jordan McCay

Publish Date: 12/14/2018

Local comedians Bridgette Martin and Morgan Gray come in to help Tanner and Jared drink some beers, including some Crooked Stave Raspberry Sour and Terrapin’s Moo Hoo. They’re also talking about Mainx24 and some of Chattanooga’s most over-rated or most over-priced restaurants.

Check out Improv vs. Standup on December 15th and Naughty Mrs. Claus on December 16th. Beers:Terrapin | Moo HooCrooke Stave | Petite Raspberry SourMile Wide Beer Co.| Idlewild Session IPA

Download Episode 171 - Bridgette Martin & Morgan Gray

Publish Date: 12/7/2018

Local comics Natasha Ferrier and Ethan McFall swing by to drink a few beers and talk about being a cat man. They talk about some of the upcoming comedy shows including the first annual Donnies Award Show and they discuss Pabst and Miller settling their dispute.

Download Episode 170 - Natasha Ferrier & Ethan McFall

Publish Date: 12/4/2018

Barley Taproom’s event coordinator and bar-keep, Heather Jackson, swings by to drink some Florida and winter beers. She talks about some of the great upcoming events as well as the weekly recurring events. They also discuss Spam, Mainx24, and break into some holiday seasonals for the first time this year.

BeersAnderson Valley | Winter Solstice Seasonal AleKona Brewing | Fire Rock Pale AlePersimmon Hollow | Daytona Dirty BlondeRidgeway Brewing | Lump of Coal Dark Holiday Stout

Download Episode 169 - Heather Jackson from Barley

Publish Date: 11/29/2018

Local homebrewer and longtime guest of the show join Tanner and Jared in this episode. They’ve got a few special beers to try, and they talk some of their Mainx24 plans and Tanner tries a hot sauce made from a few peppers that nearly killed him the first time.

Download Episode 168 - Brian Bender

Publish Date: 11/28/2018

This week the fine gentlemen from One of Chattanooga’s newest breweries, Naked River Brewing Company join Tanner and Jared in the studio to party it up and talk about and drink about their Pilsner, River Pale, and Moon Pie Stout and Nate tells us about submarines.

Download Episode 167 - Naked River Brewing

Publish Date: 11/15/2018

This week, Strat Parrot of Juncture ( joins Tanner and Jared in the studio to tell us about Jeff Styles and his new podcast over at Strat also helps with the Tono/Chattanooga Sister Cities program and tells us a bit about Literary Ink, a Harry Potter and Tattoo themed convention here in Chattanooga, TN that he has been building an Olivander’s Wand shop for. They’re drinking and discussing Brown Ales.

Beers:Hi-Wire Brewing | Bed of Nails Brown AleStarr Hill Brewing | Last Leaf Maple Brown AleWild Heaven Brewing | Nitrode Nitro Coffee Brown Ale

Download Episode 166 - Strat Parrott

Had a little bit of connection issues on this stream. The audio file remains untarnished.

Publish Date: 11/11/2018

Eric McGaffic from the Brew Market and Beer Garden, and Kirby Garrison from Monkey Town Brewing Company are in the studio for a big Halloween bottle share episode. They’re drinking a whole mess of beers including some saisons, an surprisingly fruity winter beer and a few beers that Jared has been aging for a bit.

Download Episode 165 - Eric McGaffic & Kirby Garrison

Publish Date: 11/2/2018

This week local Chattanooga comedian Bridgette Martin swings by to drink a delicious pumpkin beer from New Belgium and to try Ommegang’s Queen of Dragons Game of Thrones Kriek. They’re discussing horror films, Scofflaw Brewing’s Trump kerfuffle, and David Schwimmer.

You can find Bridgette Performing at Once A Month Comedy this Saturday.

Download Episode 164 - Bridgette Martin

Publish Date: 10/26/2018

Rainbow Kitten Surprise at Southern Brewers Festival 2017

Natasha Ferrier and Grace Holtz from Once A Month Comedy are back on the podcast this week. They’re sitting down with Tanner and Jared to drink a few Pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers. They’re also discussing the closing of Moccasin Bend Brewing Company, A racial lawsuit that Founders Brewing has found themselves in, and they try to doll out some relationship advice.

Get your tickets for Once A Month Comedy here.

Beers:Devil’s Backbone | O’FestCigar City Brewing | Good GourdAvery Brewing | The Kaiser Imperial OktoberfestSchlafly | Oktoberfest

Download Episode 163 - Natasha Ferrier & Grace Holtz from Once A Month Comedy

Publish Date: 10/21/2018

Ian Sharpe and Bryant Smith who run Adventure Fight, a comedy based live Dungeons and Dragons game, swing by the studio to talk about their show, and The Lookout Comedy Festival. It’s time for pumpkin beers and Oktoberfest beers this month, so they’re drinking on a few of those.

Download Episode 162 - Adventure Fight with Ian Sharpe & Bryant Smith

Publish Date: 10/10/2018

Ian Sharp and Bryant Smith who run Adventure Fight, a comedy based live Dungeons and Dragons game, swing by the studio to talk about their show, and The Lookout Comedy Festival. It’s time for pumpkin beers and Oktoberfest beers this month, so they’re drinking on a few of those.

Download Episode 162 - Adventure Fight with Ian Sharp & Bryant Smith

Publish Date: 10/10/2018

This week Tanner and Jared are back, and they’re finally diving into Oktoberfest beers and Pumpkin inspired beers. They’ve been holding off since the season prematurely began back in August and now that it is finally October, it is finally time for Oktoberfests.

Download Episode 161 - Diving into Oktoberfests

Publish Date: 10/5/2018

This episode Tanner and Jared decided to swing by Riverside Wine and Spirits and pick out a couple bombers each. They mostly ended up being Pale Ales, but there was a very interesting Saison on the back end of the docket. They’re discussing the ax-throwing bar a bit more, The Great American Beer Festival, and telling a few stories of crazy high-school teachers.

Download Episode 160 - Just Hosts

Publish Date: 9/28/2018

This week Jason Bowers, the owner of Bitter Alibi, The Fix, and The Daily Ration is joining the boys in the studio to drink some Strawgator, Stone Scorpion Bowl, and Oddstory’s canned Oktoberfest. We’re also talking about what it takes to be a restaurant mogul, how high he might build up his restaurant stack that is Bitter Alibi and The Fix. We talk about the anti-hangover drinks Tony gave them a few weeks back, and find out what Tanner thinks of the original premiere episode of Brew Chatt these days, spoiler alert, he cringes.

Download Episode 159 - Jason Bowers

Publish Date: 9/24/2018

Joseph Donovan is in the studio this week to talk about project of his called Kokbloc. An AI that he has taught to recognize unsolicited genitalia images aka “dick-pics”. He has accrued over 100 gigabytes of image data to help hone his AI, and hopes to progress it to help protect people from unwanted sexual images and to help protect underage cellphone users. He joins Tanner and Jared to discuss his app and drink a few Golden and Blonde Ales. They’re also talking about video games, crazy tales from Murfreesboro, and weird Canadian Maple syrup and soap smuggling cartels.

Check out Kokbloc’s Indigogo Campaign here.

Download Episode 158 - Joseph Donovan

Publish Date: 9/17/2018

Parker Allen, a long time friend of Tanner’s swings by the studio to drink a few Japanese and American Lagers and talk about Tono, Japan. Parker has lived in Japan for the last decade or so, and has helped facilitate the Chattanooga-Tono Sister Cities Project. In doing so he got involved with Tono Brewing and Tono Hops.

Download Episode 157 - Parker Allen

Publish Date: 9/13/2018

Local beer black belt, and Cicerone Tony Giannasi joins Tanner and Jared on this episode of the podcast for an extreme gauntlet of brews. They knew he would be bringing something special, but hot damn, if he didn't nearly bring an entire cellar with him. They crack into around 20 different beers and cap it off with a small celebratory Sam Adams Utopias.

Download Episode 156 - Tony Giannasi

Publish Date: 9/7/2018

Donnie Marsh swings through the studio to drink some thick and cloudy IPAs and tell us all about The Lookout Comedy Festival coming up in October. He also tells us about his upcoming show Chatt Talk Tonight. 

  Drinking:D9 Brewing | Carrington Event450 North Brewing | Juice BusterBallast Point Brewing | Aloha Sculpin IPASouthern Grist Brewing | Thrice Berry Hill

Download Episode 155 - Donnie Marsh

Publish Date: 9/6/2018

This week local home-brewer Brian Bender joins the podcast to drink one of his favorite beers and to promote his new podcast, Say Your Truth, found right here at Brew Chatt. Not only were the beers tasty, but they're also discussing Chai Spice and what the hell it is, The Fuggetaboutit Home Brew Competition, Cream Ales, and going through a few shows we've been watching recently like Fear the Walking Dead and Black Sails.

Download Episode 154 - Brian Bender

Publish Date: 8/30/2018

This week Tanner and Jared are joins by local artist, Alecia Vera Buckles. She makes dope art, has dope beer lapel pins for sale, and curates and manages the Bazaar portion of The Palace Picture House. When not doing that she's watching Black Mirror, Friends, or working in her studio. All of which, gets discussed on this episode of the podcast.


Bearded Iris Brewing | Technicolor Pilsner

Tool Brewing | Dangerously Close to Stupid Imperial IPA

Tailgate Brewing | Subtle Patriotism

Download Episode 153 - Alecia Vera Buckles

Publish Date: 8/24/2018

Local comedian Bridgette Martin is on this episode of the podcast. Tanner and Jared have a few fruity beers and a Cider to drink. They're talking about Jenji Kohan, Magic the Gathering, and some recent shows that have caught their attention.

You can find Bridgette at Gypsy Circus Cider Company along with Dave Hannah on August 31st.

Get tickets for Rail & Hops

Publish Date: 8/17/2018

Local artist and designer Justin Butts aka Muteon comes in for this episode along with his friend Scott Porbanski. They're drinking gluten free beers and talking about everything from being a creative professional to really bad dates.

You can check out some of Muteon's art and grab a few beers on August 24th, 2018 down at Chattanooga Brewing Company as they debut their new outdoor beer garden and it's only $15 for two beers and a raffle ticket.

Get your tickets for Rails & Hops Beer Festival.


Download Episode 152 - Justin Butts (Muteon)

Publish Date: 8/17/2018

Local Chattanooga comedians Ethan McFall and Dave Hannah drop in on the show this week. Ethan hosts an open-mic night at Barley Taproom and Dave hosts one at Moccasin Bend Brewing Company. This episode is focused on trying to figure out what the hell a blood orange is and attempting to isolate the flavor in various beers.

Check out the Rail and Hops Brewers Festival

Beers:Austin East Ciders | Blood Orange CiderDogfish Head | Flesh & Blood IPAMonday Night Brewing | Blind Pirate Blood Orange IPAFull Sail | Blood Orange Wheat Ale4 Sons Brewing | Land of Hopportunity Blood Orange IPA Download Episode 150 - Ethan McFall & Dave Hannah

Publish Date: 8/10/2018

On the second return episode Tanner and Jared sit down with Steven Disbrow, Kevin Bartolomucci, and Ashley Haddock from Improv Chattanooga. They're drinking a delicious mango milkshake IPA and a great farmhouse ale from Garr's Brewing. They're discussing who their favorite Batman is, and trying to make some sense of the recent drama with the Chattanooga Football Club (CFC).

Beers:Garr's Beer Co. | Citrus Pepper Farmhouse AleHonkey Tonk Brewing | Mango Milkshake Green Bench Brewing | Happy Hermit International Pale Ale

Download Episode 149 - Improv Chattanooga

Publish Date: 8/3/2018

Tanner and Jared are back with part one of a double episode return. They've been away for a whole month and are catching up in this episode. They're discussing Marvel's Antman & The Wasp, Tomb Raider, and talking about what they've been up to with their one month off. They also delve into the deliciousness that is the Stone Brewing Woot Stout.

Download Episode 148 - We're Back, Like That Dinosaur Movie

Publish Date: 8/3/2018

This week Tanner and Jared gather together to drink a pretty incredible docket full of beer. They also discuss Hutton and Smith's anniversary party from this past weekend, the constantly changing world of camera technology, and they follow up on the discussion of racism and accents from last week. But the end the episode with their best attempt to decode what we just say happen in Westworld Season 2.

Reminder: This is the last episode of the podcast until the first week of August.

Publish Date: 6/29/2018

This week Grace and Natasha from Once A Month Comedy are back. They’re drinking some Belgian Tripels and a delicious Saison. Tanner poses an interesting song lyric he heard on the radio, and then they discuss whether or not accents are racist.

Download Episode 146 - Natasha Ferrier & Grace Holtz

Publish Date: 6/23/2018

Local musician Nick Lutsko, and local comics Bridgette Martin and Morgan Gray on on the podcast this week to talk about everything from Lord of the Rings to Cannibalism while drinking a delicious Imperial Ale from Nantahala Brewing and a few other tasty brews.

Download Episode 145 - Nick Lutsko, Bridgette Martin, and Morgan Gray

Publish Date: 6/15/2018

Kate Robertson runs A Thought and a Half and she has a new podcast called The Nooga Belle, and she's joining Tanner and Jared this episode to tell us about quite the journey she has had. She has sat down for the past two months and acquainted herself with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in order to catch up in time for Avengers Infinity War. That's right, she knocked out 10 years of movies in two months, just so she could have the floor torn out from under her by Thanos himself. On the beer front, the boys in brew are drinking some summer slammers.

Beer: Summer SlammersNantahala Brewing | Trail Magic #14New Heights Brewing | PilsnerJackalope Brewing | 7 CitiesSweetwater Brewing | Tropical Lovers BerlinerDogfish Head Brewing | Namaste

Download Episode 144 - Marvel Retrospective with Kate Robertson

Publish Date: 6/7/2018

     This week local home brewer, Connor Choate, and Tim Shields from Heaven & Ale Brewing join Tanner and Jared this week to drink a large variety of saisons. Including an incredible "Forest" saison that was foraged and brewed by Connor. But they don't stop with saisons, Tim brings Heaven & Ale's Blueberry Kush and Class Dismissed New England Pale Ale. They also discuss the best Hispanic food in town, and some of the breweries that are in the greater Chattanooga Area.

Beer:Wild Heaven Beer | White BlackbirdCambridge Brewing Co. | Working Class HeroYazoo Brewing | Saison De BoisUnibroue | A Tout Le Monde Megadeth

Download Episode 143 - Tim Shields & Connor Choate

Publish Date: 5/31/2018

This episode Tanner is joined by local comics Bridgette Martin and Matt Harris. Bridgette tells us about her comedy brunch coming up at The Comedy Catch on June 2nd, and they discuss dumb things that were said when they were children, Green Flash Beer going under, and some great new documentaries they've been watching.

Beers:Green Flash Brewing | Passion Fruit KickerBells Brewing | OberonChristian Moerlein | Strawberry Pig Cream AleBlake's Hard Cider | Wake FireRhinegeist Brewing | Press TartRhinegeist Brewing | Bubbles Rose AleFull Sail Brewing | Blood Orange Wheat AleNew Belgium Brewing | Tartastic Strawberry Lemon AleNew Belgium Brewing | Tartastic Rasberry Lime Ale

Download Episode 142 - Bridgette Martin & Matt Harris

Publish Date: 5/25/2018

This episode has Tanner and Jared heading down to The Palace Theater and Bazaar to have some drinks with the ladies in charge, Rose Cox and Alecia Vera Buckles. It's always a fun time when Rose is on, and this time she brought her partner in crime and they mix up some beer cocktails.

Download Episode 141 - Rose Cox & Alecia Vera Buckles at The Palace Theater

Publish Date: 5/21/2018

Chris Arnt and Brian Bender of The Barley Mob Brewers joined Tanner and Jared at Heaven and Ale at Cambridge Square Ooltewah. to have a few beers and talk about Chattabrewga.

Publish Date: 5/21/2018

This week Tanner and Jared are getting together immediately after viewing Avengers Infinity War to talk about one of the biggest movie events in history. Tanner points out glaring similarities between Thanos and Tony Stark, we discuss the film, the future possibilities of the MCU, and where we go from here. SPOILERS are about in this episode so DO NOT listen until you've seen Avengers Infinity War.

BEERS:Finch Beer Company | Hardcore Chimera Imperial IPACollective Arts Brewing | Mash Up the JamCollective Arts Brewing | Gose brewed with currant and Himalayan salt

Download Episode 139 - Avengers Infinity War Review

Publish Date: 5/10/2018

Tanner and Jared are joined by Dave Hannah, a local comic that you can find running Moccasin Bend Brewery's Open Mic Night, and actor, battle-rapper Jimmy Sowell. They're trying to not discuss Infinity War, while drinking a few of Tanner's favorite beers from episodes past, as well as a couple new ones.


New Belgium | Day Blazer Easy Going Ale

Mantra Artisan Ales | Saffron IPA

Destihl Brewery | Soundboard Session IPA

Ballast Point Brewing | Even Keel Session IPA

NOLA Brewing | Sauvage Brett Pale Ale

Download Episode 138 - Dave Hannah & Jimmy Sowell

Publish Date: 5/3/2018

Natasha and Grace from Once A Month Comedy come back bringing along their friend and colleague, Ethan. Jared has to sit this one out, but Tanner and the gang discusses some of the worst dates they have been on in their lifetimes. Tanner relives one of the strangest and most aggressive dates he has ever been on, and they drink some very welcomed lagers.

Download Episode 137 - Bad Dates with Natasha, Grace, and Ethan

Publish Date: 5/1/2018

This week Donnie Marsh of Chatt Talk Tonight joins Tanner and Jared to drink some fairly hefty beers. One coming in at a solid 13% ABV, it isn't something they expected. Donnie gives his side of the date with Grace Holtz from Once A Month Comedy and talks about a new comedy festival he's bringing to the city.

Download Episode 136 - Hefty Beers with Donnie Marsh

Publish Date: 4/26/2018

For Episode 135, Tanner and Jared are headed out of the studio and getting a sneak peak at the new Brew Market and Beer Garden opening up on Riverside Drive. They talk with the manager Eric McGaffic about what it takes to get a brew market opened quickly, what started him home-brewing, and Ace Ventura.

Download Episode 135 - Eric McGaffic of Brew Market & Beer Garden

Publish Date: 4/19/2018

Tanner and Jared are joined by the Queen of The Palace herself, Rose Cox. She finally explains what Mexican hot chocolate is and tells us all about The Palace Theater.  They also discuss Hitler's failed art career, and they are drinking some deliciously new beers that have been hitting shelves in the Chattanooga area.

Download Episode 134 - Rose Cox of The Palace Theater

Publish Date: 4/12/2018

Rob Quinn of Driveway Brew Works, Natalie Cook of The Chattanooga Breakfast Rotary Club, and Brian Bender of The Barley Mob Brewers, join Tanner and Jared this week to talk about any last minute news about Brew Skies. They also discuss a recall on Stella Artois along with the Taco and Tequila festival that was in town this past weekend.

Get Tickets for Brew Skies 2018!Beers:Wiseacre | Tiny BombCollective Arts | Ransack the Universe Hemisphere IPALagunitas | Dark Swan Sour AleOmmegang | Hennepin Saison AleBrasserie De La Senne Brussels | Double Saison

Download Episode 133 - Rob Quinn from Driveway Brew Works, Natalie Cook, and Brian Bender

Publish Date: 4/5/2018

Natasha Ferrier and Grace Holtz from Once A Month return this week to talk about the Fifty Shades movies, and cults including all this crazy shenanigans with the NXIVM cult, all while they pop Grace's high gravity beer - cherry.

Beers:Knee Deep Brewing Company | Imperial TanillaTailgate Brewing Company | Might Unicorn Double IPAStone Brewing | Totalitarian Imperial Russian StoutEffin Awesome Imperial Lager Download Episode 132 - Natasha Ferrier & Grace Holtz from Once A Month

Publish Date: 3/29/2018

Ryan Darling and Ben Dalby, two local comics, join Tanner and Jared this week to drink creamy stouts. They also discuss the weird stipulations for admittance to Cinema One, The Predator, and more.

Beers:Stone Brewing | XocovezaGuinness | Draught200th Anniversary Export StoutGarr's Brewing | Red Vanilla PorterTurtle Anarchy Brewing | Portly Stout

Download Episode 131 - Ryan Darling & Ben Dalby of Cut Throat Comedy

Publish Date: 3/22/2018

This episode Tanner and Jared are joined by local comedian and host of Chatt Talk Tonight, Donnie Marsh. They drink some of Highland Brewing's newer beers, and discuss the insane sport of Buzkashi. They discuss some of their favorite late night talk show hosts and Donnie talks about his upcoming late night show, Chatt Talk Tonight.

Beers:Cerveza De Los Muertos | Queen of the Night Pale AleCerveza De Los Muertos | Death Becomes You Amber AleAtwater Brewing | Dirty BlondeHighland Brewing | ImperiumHighland Brewing | Southern SixerHighland Brewing | Black Mocha Stout

Download Episode 130 - Donnie Marsh

Publish Date: 3/15/2018

Jacqui Helbert and Fendall Fulton join Tanner and Jared this week to talk about how religion can be misused to control and abuse people. Jacqui tells about her interesting story of growing up in a strict church environment, and how she got out of it.

Beers:Clown Shoes Brewing | Space Cake Double IPALittle Harpeth Brewing | Chicken Scratch American PilsnerTurtle Anarchy Brewing | Another Way to Rye IPAHutton & Smith Brewing | The Good Schist American Pale Ale

Download Episode 129 - MisReligion with Jacqui Helbert & Fendall Fulton

Publish Date: 3/8/2018

Natasha Ferrier and Grace Holtz from "Once A Month", a monthly all female comedy show, are here to hang out and drink a few beers with Tanner and Jared. They dive deep into a blonde and golden ale, and then they have some Bearded Iris on the docket. They talk to Natasha and Grace about what how it is performing comedy in front of your parents, body hair grooming, and more.

Beers:Mother Earth Brewing Company | Born Blonde AleWild Heaven Beer | Invocation Belgian Style Golden AleBearded Iris Brewing | Offbeat Double IPA

Download Episode 128 - Natasha Ferrier & Grace Holtz Return

Publish Date: 3/5/2018

     Natalie Cook from the Chattanooga Breakfast Rotary Club and The Brew Skies Festival joins Tanner and Jared this episode. They discuss the various home-brews and breweries that will be at the festival, when tickets go on sale, and everything else you need to know. She also discusses how The Rotary Club has helped kick polio's ass, which everyone can all be thankful for.

Download Episode 127 - Let's Go to Belgium

Beers:Fuck Art - The Heathens Are Coming | To ØlGose To Hollywood | To Øl1809 Berliner Weisse | Professor Fritz Briem

Publish Date: 3/1/2018

This week the boys are back and they're singling out hops, including El Dorado, Azacca, Centennial, and Galaxy hops. Tanner and Jared have a load of single-hopped IPAs and they're breaking them down. They also recently visited the new pour your own beer bar in town, American Draft, and they have lots to tell you about that.

They also discuss what can give a beer a plastic or rubbery taste.

Below is from the MoreBeer website:


Tastes/Smells Like:
Plastic, Vinyl, Iodine
Possible Causes:
Using chlorinated tap water to brew or rinse equipment is the most common cause
for plastic-like or medicinal flavors. Medicinal flavors can also be the result of using
cleanser or sanitizer that is chlorine or iodine based. Some wild yeast will contribute
to a similar medicinal taste.
How to Avoid:
Don’t use chlorinated water to brew or to rinse equipment that will come into contact
with the beer. If chlorinated water must be used, use a water filter that removes
chlorine or boil the water for 15 minutes and then cool to room temperature to force
out any chlorine that may be present. Always use the recommended amount and
concentrations of sanitizers. Most sanitizers will not cause any off flavors when used
properly. When using bleach, use one-half ounce per gallon of water, let equipment
soak for 10 minutes and always rinse with sanitized (pre-boiled) water.”

Beers this episode:Founders Brewing | Azacca IPAFounders Brewing | Centennial IPAHighland Brewing | Daycation IPATerrapin Brewing | Beyond the Galaxy IPA

Download Episode 126 - Train Car or Train Wreck

Publish Date: 2/22/2018

It's the 2 year anniversary of The Brew Chatt Podcast, so Tanner and Jared are celebrating! They have a few select IPAs and they're talking about The Netflix Original Film, The Cloverfield Paradox, viral marketing and Monkeytown Brewing in Dayton. Tanner was up there earlier in the day filming and had an incredible experience.

Beers:Star Hill Brewing | Northern Lights IPARogue | Six Hop IPABelhaven Brewery | Twisted Thistle IPAThe Wild Beer Company | Evolver IPADogfish Head | Liquid Truth Serum IPA

Download Episode 125 - It's Our Birthday!

Publish Date: 2/15/2018

Jeremy Howard swings by this week to join us and brings with him a delicious beer he's been aging for a year or two, as well as some tales of the road. He discusses what it's like to party like a rockstar for a couple of days with actual rockstars.

Download Episode 124 - Like A Rockstar with Jeremy Howard

Publish Date: 2/15/2018

Natasha Ferrier and Grace Holtz from "Once A Month" join Tanner and Jared for this episode of the Brew Chatt Podcast. Natasha and Grace have an all women comedy show debuting at The Palace Theater on February 24th at 9PM with other female comedians such as Nashville's Laura Peek, Pensacola's Brynne Ruff, Atlanta's Jen Lenny and more! They join the crew this week to drink stouts and browns as they talk about everything...literally everything.

Be sure to lock in your tickets for their show for February 24th!

Beers:New Holland Brewing | Dragon's Milk ReserveHi-Wire Brewing | StrongmanMantra Brewing | Guru Gish Milk Stout

Download Episode 123 - Natasha Ferrier & Grace Holtz

Publish Date: 2/8/2018

Wasley Schultz joins Tanner and Jared on the podcast to drink Lagers and discuss Chattanooga Brewing Company, BMX, Logan Paul, Skiing accidents, and Youtube Monetization.

Publish Date: 2/1/2018

Tanner and Jared take in the splendor of weather that isn't 12 degrees by drinking something a bit more suitable to warmer weather. They also discuss dinosaurs.

Publish Date: 1/30/2018

This episode Tanner and Jared are joined by guest host Kate from A Thought and a Half to drink a delicious Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot and to talk about some of Budweiser's offbeat brews, and Gone with the Wind.

Publish Date: 1/24/2018

Sadly this will be Alan's last week on the podcast for a while due to the arrival of his baby boy. But they don't let that stop them from giving him a proper send off with loads of beers, discussions of which animals can kill you faster, and the new Han Solo movie.

Publish Date: 1/17/2018

This episode Tanner, Jared, and Alan reflect upon 2017 and talk about some of their favorite moments, least favorite beers, and the craziest moments. They're drinking wild beers this episode, meaning wild yeasts and funky flavors.

Publish Date: 1/9/2018

This week Tanner and Jared are joined by Brian Bender, and award-winning home-brewer, to talk about the Netflix Original Film Bright starring Will Smith. They're drinking a solid mix of brews including Schlafly, Wiseacre, and the old faithful that is Rockdale Light.

Publish Date: 1/2/2018

Tanner, Jared, and Alan enjoy a delicious Bootsy American Sour Ale from Green Man Brewery out of Asheville, North Carolina while discussing Star Wars The Last Jedi.


Publish Date: 12/22/2017

For this episode Kate Robertson is filling in for Alan and joining Tanner and Jared to drink more Christmas and Winter beers and a few special beers from Green Man Brewing.

Publish Date: 12/22/2017

Tanner, Jared, and Alan begin their deep dive into Christmas, Holiday, and Winter beers. They also discuss the Disney/Fox buyout and lay out their expectations for Star Wars The Last Jedi.

Download Episode 114 - Tis the Season

Publish Date: 12/18/2017

This week Jared, Alan, and Tanner drink several beers from various parts of the globe and wind up back here on North American soil with some great Canadian beers. They also discuss childhood juice drinks and the wondrous place that is essentially franchised Indiana Jones.... World Market.

Download Episode 113 - Around the World and Back to Canada

Publish Date: 12/11/2017

Kate Robertson from A Thought and a Half joined the guys down at MainX24 this year. They drank, they reveled, they podcasted, and drank some more.

Download Episode 112 - MainX24 2017 with Kate Robertson

Publish Date: 12/6/2017

Stephanie Lallement from Ballast Point Brewing joins Tanner, Jared, and Alan on their return episode from Thanksgiving. She brings several of Ballast's delicious beers, including one that hadn't been had here in town quite yet.

Download Episode 111 - Stephanie Lallement of Ballas Point Returns!

Beers in this episode:Ballast Point Brewing

Publish Date: 12/1/2017

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan have lots of beers on the docket. They have some gifts from Brian Bender, and some other beers from a newly found brewery, Phantom Horse Brewing in Rock Spring, Georgia. They're also talking a bit about Star Wars, the newly announced Lord of the Rings show, and Thor Ragnarok.


Stone Brewing | Hop Revolver IPA

Southern Grist Brewing | Bride of Broconut

Founders Brewing | Backwoods Bastard

Phantom Horse Brewing | Lady in White

Phantom Horse Brewing | Ole Green Eyes IPA

Einstock Brewing | Icelandic White Ale

Download Episode 110 - Lotso Beers and Thor Ragnarok

Publish Date: 11/15/2017

Heather Leigh Holt joins Tanner and Jared for a few beers on this episode of The Brew Chatt Podcast. Heather is a musician and the host of Chattanooga Open-Mic Spotlight, a podcast featuring local musicians. 

Check out her music at her website and check out her podcast Open-Mic Spotlight.

Beers Featured:HI-Wire Brewing | Lion Tamer Rye IPASouthern Prohibition Brewing | Suzy B Blonde AleBurnt Hickory Brewing | Courageous Conductor A Red Velvet Cake Porter Download Episode 109 - Heather Leigh Holt

Publish Date: 11/9/2017

This episode Tanner, Jared, and Alan try some beers via the new(ish) distribution company in town and aren't too please. This includes a year old beer from Alpine Beer Company, and another selection that was 6 months old. They also discuss and review Season 2 of Stranger Things.

Download Episode 108 - Stranger Thangs

Publish Date: 11/2/2017

This episode Tanner and Jared talk about The Thing as well as (hopefully) finish out with the Pumpkin Beers and Oktoberfests. They also give away a live trip to Jamaica, and discuss spam phone calls.

Download Episode 107 - The Thang

Publish Date: 10/26/2017

This episode has Tanner, Jared, and Alan starting to hit the bottom of the Oktoberfests and Pumpkin beers within Chattanooga's distribution market. They're also talking about Cherokee Distribution's buy-out of Carter Distributing and how that effects our beer in town.

Download Episode 106 - Proper Scoring Sheets

Publish Date: 10/20/2017

Download Episode 105 - Even More Pumpkins & Oktoberfests

Tanner, Jared, and Alan have even more Oktoberfest beers and Pumpkin Ales on the docket this episode. They also talk about The Cell starring Jennifer Lopez, and Universal Studios original monster films The Mummy and Frankenstein. 

Publish Date: 10/13/2017

Download Episode 104 - Pumpkin & Oktoberfest Beers

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan sit down to drink the differences between Pumpkin and Oktoberfest Beers. They also give a taste to one of the E.S.B brews from a local home-brewing competition. It's October which also means horror, which Brew Chatt will be discussing over beers all month long.

Publish Date: 10/5/2017

Download Episode 103 - IT & Narcos

Tanner, Jared, and Alan discuss the new film IT and touch on the new season of the Netflix Original Series, Narcos. They also have a clone beer from a recent home brewing competition that they compare with the and original.

Publish Date: 9/29/2017

Download Episode 102 - Shelton Brown

Shelton Brown from "The Twelve" joins us this week. An investigative podcast coming out a little bit closer to 2018. "The Twelve" is going to delve into the truth behind The Twelve Tribes and The Yellow Deli. So he's here to try to answer some questions and dig in a bit deeper to what exactly this religious group is.

Publish Date: 9/27/2017

Download Episode 101 - American IPAs with Jeremy Howard

Jeremy Howard, comic and bartender, joins us to drink IPAs and discuss everything from World of Beer closing it's doors to Steven Seagal. He also brings a deliciously tasty Imperial Stout to share.

Publish Date: 9/21/2017

Download Episode 100 - More North Carolina Beers with Kate Robertson

This episode Kate Robertson From A Thought and a Half joins us and brings along plenty of North Carolina beers that we can't snag here in Chattanooga. 

Publish Date: 9/15/2017

Download Episode 99 - The Final Countdown

This episode Tanner, Jared, and Alan are drinking a variety of beers and discussing how long-form series such as Game of Thrones, True Detective, and Breaking Bad effects feature films.

Publish Date: 9/8/2017

This episode Tanner, Jared, and Alan are taking in the some patio beers here at the last bit of the summer. They're also discussing Season 7 of Game of Thrones a bit, Southern Brewers Festival, and the knuckle dragging fools at Republic Parking.

Download Episode 98 - Patio Beers

Publish Date: 9/1/2017

Download Episode 97 - Game of Thrones Aftershow Season 7 Episode 7 "The Dragon & The Wolf"

George RR Martin has millions of people cheering for incest on the season 7 finale. We say goodbye to another great character and even a great location, and Cersei Lannister is still a bitch.

Publish Date: 8/28/2017

Download Episode 96 - The Defenders

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan sit down and review the latest entry in the Marvel and Netflix lineup, The Defenders. We also drink a few more beers than we normally do and review those as well. Including Chattanooga Brewing Company's canned Chickbock, 

Publish Date: 8/25/2017

Download Episode 95 - Game of Thrones Aftershow s7e6 "Beyond the Wall"

Publish Date: 8/21/2017

Download Episode 94 - Based On True Events

This episode Tanner, Jared, and Alan are discussing Dadfest, drinking a cold one with the boys, and films based on true events.

Publish Date: 8/17/2017

Download Episode 93 - Kate Robertson

This week Tanner is joined by Kate Robertson from A Thought and a Half. They drink a few beers that Tanner picked up from Riverside, and discuss Chattanooga Whiskey, College, CFC, and more.

Publish Date: 8/17/2017

Download Episode 92 - Game of Thrones Aftershow s7e5 "Eastwatch"

This is our follow up for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 "Eastwatch". Watch the fellowship of the zombies assemble and go try to catch a wight.

Publish Date: 8/14/2017

Download Episode 91 - Tropical Beers & Summer Bombs

This is a special (sort of) double episode. With a review of The Dark Tower tacked onto the introduction, and following up with Tanner, Jared, and Alan with Tropical Beers and Summer Blockbuster Bombs.

Publish Date: 8/11/2017

Download Episode 90 - Game of Thrones Aftershow s7e4 "The Spoils of War"

Publish Date: 8/7/2017

Download Episode 89 - Movie News & New Brews

This episode Tanner, Jared, and Alan are drinking some new brews we dug up down at Riverside, and we're discussing various movie news. Everything from The Dark Tower, Batman, to the return of our favorite Nicktoons.

Publish Date: 8/4/2017

Download Episode 88 - GoT Aftershow s7e3 The Queen's Justice

Publish Date: 7/31/2017

Download Episode 87 - Mississippi Beers with Walt & Patterson

This episode Tanner, Jared, and Alan sit down with Walt and Patter from the Wiggin with Walt Podcast to drink some Mississippi beers and talk about some Comic-Con news.


Publish Date: 7/27/2017

Join Tanner, Jared, and Brian to break down this week's episode of Game of Thrones. Dragonscale puss, porn dialogue, and unics bitching out.

Download Episode 86 - Game of Thrones Aftershow S7xE2

Publish Date: 7/24/2017

Download Episode 85 - Spiderman & Virginia Beers

This episode Tanner, Jared, and Alan are reviewing Marvel's new Spiderman: Homecoming, and talking about the other Spiderman films as well. They also discuss shitty neighbors, how CGI has changed in film, and they drink a nice selection of Virginia Beers.


Editor's Note: The audio claims this is episode 84 due to reasons.

Publish Date: 7/21/2017

Publish Date: 7/17/2017

Download Episode 83 - Jacqui Helbert, IPAs, and The Bechdel Test

This week Jacqui Helbert comes to drink a few IPAs and talk about The Bechdel Test. If you aren't sure who Jacqui is, she's the WUTC reporter that was fired a few months back. 

Publish Date: 7/15/2017

Download Episode 82 - Red, White, and Booze with Brian Bender

Tanner, Jared, and Alan join Brian Bender on his back deck for The Fourth of July. They embark upon the macro challenge, a blind taste test of 7 of America's Macro Breweries (Bud Light, Rockdale Light, Rockdale Classic, Coors Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Michelob Ultra, and Miller Lite.) They also drink a few solid pool beers and talk about Kong: Skull Island.

Publish Date: 7/6/2017

Download Episode 81 - Tim Shields from Tennessee Brew Works

This episode Tanner is joined by actor and Tennessee Brew Works rep, Tim Shields. He brings several of the brewery's tasty brews to drink as they talk about everything from acting and comedy in Chattanooga to cooking with beer.

Tennessee Brew Works:

Southern Wit Belgian Style White Ale

Extra Easy ESB

1927 IPA

Cutaway Rye IPA

Basil Ryeman Farmhouse Ale / Saison

Publish Date: 6/29/2017

Download Episode 80 - Summer Beers

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan have a full docket of topics. Including some deliciously juicy and amazing summer beers. They are also discussing the John Wick series, HBO's newly announced Watchmen Series, The Dark Tower, Kingsman The Secret Service, and some news regarding the Han Solo film.

Publish Date: 6/24/2017

Download Episode 79 - Last Minute with Plymyth

Tanner sat down with a new local rock band, Plymyth, at the last minute. Middle of the afternoon, a solid buzz, and running out of beer? The situation was dire which lead to a podcast episode.

Publish Date: 6/19/2017

Download Episode 78 - Colorado Beers

Tanner, Jared, and Alan sit down to drink some beers from the land of the Rocky Mountains. They also discuss Bonnaroo, cell phones in movie theaters, and the first half of season 5 of House of Cards.

Boulder Beer | Pulp Fusion

New Belgium | Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA

Left Hand Brewing | Braveheart Nitro Scottish Style Ale

Publish Date: 6/19/2017

Download Episode 77 - Stephen King & New England Beers

This episode we have Tanner, Jared, and Alan sitting down to talk about Stephen King's stories and the films based on such. They also talk about bonfires v. brush-fires, smart phones, and what the hell actually classifies as "New England".

Publish Date: 6/8/2017

Download Episode 76 - "Alien Covenant" Review with Brian Bender

This week home-brewer Brian Bender joins Tanner, Jared, and Alan for a post screening podcast all about "Alien Covenant". There's not a particular beer theme this week, but they managed to grab a few tasty brews regardless.

Publish Date: 6/5/2017

Download Episode 75 - Hunk Funny & North Carolina Beers

This episode has Tanner, Jared, and Alan following up on a discussion from a previous episode about Hunk Funny. Which has been classified here at Brew Chatt as a Hollywood hunk who was in fact a hunk BEFORE he was found to be funny.

Publish Date: 6/2/2017

Download Episode 74 - Propaganda with Brian Stone & Brandon Jones

This episode Tanner is joined by Brian Stone from the Stone on Air Podcast, along with an old friend and philosopher, Brandon Jones. They're discussing propaganda and the effects there of. Along with fake news, new media, and the effects media has on people.

Reference material provided by Brandon:

Publish Date: 5/28/2017

Download Episode 73 - Chattabrewga & Florida Beers

Tanner, Jared, and Alan discuss Chattabrewga, upcoming summer blockbusters, cranberry sauce, and drink Florida beers.

Publish Date: 5/26/2017

Download Episode 72 - Mayor Andy Berke Recorded Live at Brewhaus

Chattanooga Mayor joins Tanner, Jared, and Alan at Brewhaus to try a few of their beers and talk about beer and innovation and well.... beer innovation in Chattanooga.

Publish Date: 5/24/2017

Download Episode 71 - Live at Chattanooga Brewing Company with Carlos & Wes

This episode Tanner is recording live at Chattanooga Brewing Company and is joined by Carlos from ChattanoogaEATS/Chattahooligan Live and Wes from the brewing company itself. They talk about CFC and how soccer has grown in Chattanooga as well as taste a few of the Chattanooga Brewing Company Beers. Including the  Chattahooligan Lager, Dark Lager, and Bitterwheat Symphony.

Publish Date: 5/12/2017

Download Episode 70 - New York Beers & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan discuss the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 film, and drink New York beers. They also discuss the Wicked Weed buyout, as well as the AMC/Carmike Buyout, and Tanner has a bit of nerd-rage over Star Wars trivia.



Southern Tier | Nu Skool IPA

Brooklyn Brewing | Insulated Dark Lager

Six Point Brewing | Hi Res

Publish Date: 5/10/2017

Download Episode 69 - Michigan Beers with Brian Bender

Brian Bender joins us this week to drink beers from his home-world of Michigan. We also discuss the films Split and The Lazarus Effect.

Publish Date: 5/3/2017

Download Episode 68 - Bryan Stone

This episode Bryan Stone from The Stone On Air podcast joins us to discuss everything from wtf is going on with the Tomorrow Building, new media in Chattanooga, and how he brewed beer in college.

Publish Date: 5/2/2017

Download Episode 67 - Fate of the Furious & California Beers

This week we are kicking off our State Series, where we will eventually travel the entire United States via brews in our mouths. So to kick us off with that, we decided to start with California beers in honor of our film topic for this episode... The Fate of the Furious. 

Publish Date: 4/28/2017

Download Episode 66 - 420 Especial Stoner Films & Dank Beers

This week we celebrate the High Holy Holiday of 420 with stoner films and dank beers. We also discuss just how "meat-like" fake meat actually is, and we discuss the FX show Legion.



Publish Date: 4/20/2017

Download Episode 65 - Hangovers with Walter & Bevan at CFF17

Walter and Bevan were down at the Undaground booth all weekend at The Chattanooga Film Festival, and decided to join us for a podcast on the last day. Hangovers were the topic at hand, simply because everyone at the film festival was just that. Hungover... as hell.

Publish Date: 4/18/2017

Download Episode 64 - The Worst Films with Spencer at Chattanooga Film Festival 2017

This is the first of a series of podcasts we recorded live at The Chattanooga Film Festival 2017. For this episode Spencer joins us to talk about some of the worst films ever made, along with some of the highlights of the festival. Stay tuned after the episode for a special interview with Director Uwe Boll courtesy of Undaground.

Publish Date: 4/15/2017

Download Episode 63 - Ciders & Cheese with The House

The House recently won best music video at the Chattanooga Film Festival, and they're joining us this week to talk about white sauces, shitty jobs, and a few cartoons. All over some cider and cheese. You can check out more music and videos from The House coming soon.

Publish Date: 4/14/2017

Download Episode 62 - Nostalgia

We're coming at you this week with a few of the beers that started it for each of us. We're taking a trip down memory lane to drink and discuss the first beers that we learned to enjoy. 

Our beer this episode:

Stella Artois

Magic Hat #9

Blue Moon Cappuccino Stout

Publish Date: 4/6/2017

Download Episode 61 - Iron Fist & Asian Beers

This week Jared's brother Will returns to discuss Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist and to drink a few Asian beers. Iron Fist has a few issues that we discuss in this episode, including: poor martial arts, Marvel's great Character development, and the overall problems that plagued this production.

Our beers this episode include:



Lucky Buddha

Publish Date: 3/31/2017

Download Episode 60 - Brian Bender Returns to Enter The Matrix

Brian Bender returns this week to enter the Matrix and talk about his Ashville adventures. He also brought some tasty Ashville brews as well! We discuss The Matrix film series. 

Check out The Matrix Resolutions

The beers this episode:

Ashville Brewing | Rocket Girl Lager, Shiva IPA

Pisgah Brewing | Greybeard IPA

French Broad Brewing | Gateway Kolsch

Samuel Adams Fresh as Helles Lager


Publish Date: 3/23/2017

Download Episode 59 - St. Patty's Especial

We're here this week to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and talk about Logan, The Return of Xander Cage, Legion, Deadpool, and pretty much the entire X-men Cinematic Universe and the mess that lies within. Who could possibly replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? How can they bring X-23 back into the current X-Men film continuity? What the hell happened in Westchester? 

Our beers this episode are:

Innus & Gunn | Bourban Aged Dark, Rum Aged, Irish Whiskey Aged, and Original

Blue Pants Brewing | Amber Ale

Highland Brewing | Gaelic Ale

Publish Date: 3/16/2017

Download Episode 58 - Ballast Point with Stephanie Lallement

This episode Stephanie Lallement, a local rep for Ballast Point Brewing Company, joins us on the show. She brought a fair amount of Ballast Point Brews, including the ever-so-delicious Red Velvet Nitro, and the Indra Kunindra India-Style Export Stout. Which tasted a bit like curry, but was utterly delicious, and all in all the one of the most unique styles of beer we've had on the show.

At Ballast Point, quality is a team effort from grain to glass. Learn more about the steps we take to ensure our beer tastes great every time.

The Ballast Point beers this episode:


Peach Kolsch

Sea Rose

Manta Ray

Victory at Sea

Indra Kunindra

Red Velvet

Publish Date: 3/9/2017

Download Episode 57 - Tomorrow Is Not Today with Joel Kratstrunk

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan are joined by Joel Krautstrunk from Hutton & Smith Brewing Company. Hutton & Smith opened a couple summers ago on Martin Luther King Boulevard here in Chattanooga. They are always serving delicious beer on their 20 taps, you can also find their beers on tap all around town. Joel brought a few of his beers to try while discussing beer education, alpha acids, beer gas vs. Nitro, and James Bond.

Joel brought these great Hutton & Smith Beers:

Vadose Zone Vanilla Stout

Bivouac Black IPA

Belay on Blonde

Publish Date: 3/7/2017

Download Episode 56 - Brian Bender & Good Wood Brewing

This week we have Tanner and Alan joined by Brian Bender, award-winning home-brewer and beer judge. They are drinking beers from the Goodwood Brewery out of Kentucky, and discussing everything from brewing competitions, the Oscar's flub, and the newly budding Kaiju cinematic universe.

Publish Date: 3/3/2017

Download Episode 55 - Coffee & Milk Stouts with Danielle Wennerstrom

This week Danielle Wennerstrom from Akekos joins Tanner and Jared at the table to drink a few coffee and milk stouts. Akekos is a local company helping businesses with brand and marketing development. We get down to it about beer branding and design, John Stamos, The Beach Boys, and the best cereals. 

The beers this episode:

Tailgate Brewing | Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Blackstone/Monkeytown Brewing | Barista Brew Collaboration

Wiseacre Brewing | Gotta Get Up To Get Down

Publish Date: 2/24/2017

Download Episode 54 - Disney Films & Witbier with Cole Sweeton

This week Cole Sweeton joins us to discuss Disney films and drink Witbier. Cole is a Co-founder of Undaground, a local streaming radio platform. You can find The Brew Chatt Podcast on there along with loads of other great Chattanooga-centric content. Check out for more info.

The beers are:

Erdinger Brewing | Weissbier

Einstok Olgerg | Icelandic White Ale

Tennessee Brew Works | Southern Wit

Publish Date: 2/18/2017

Download Episode 53 - Chick Flicks & Bitch Beers with Ryan & Dick Long of Opposite Box

This week Ryan and Richard (Dick) Long of Opposite Box are joining us for our Valentine's Episode. Riverside sent us a few bitch beers to drink and we decided that Valentine's Day is a great reason to discuss chick flicks. We also discuss grifters, Super Smash Bros., and listen to a bit of their funky, soul-soul crushing music.

The Beers:

Red Hare Brewing | SPF 50/50

Founders Brewing | Rubaeus Rasberry Ale


Opposite Box is a genre-bending experimental rock band from Chattanooga, TN known for high energy live shows and a seamless blend of psychedelic jazz, progressive rock and dirty funk – dubbed “Belligerent Jungle Funk” – that is often compared to acts like Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle and Parliament Funkadelic.


Opposite Box presents a theatrical live experience with an over-the-top, psychedelic atmosphere. Dazzling lights, a spectacular cast of characters ranging from belly dancers and fire eaters to live painters and costumed freaks and an organized cacophony of sounds and inspirations hearken back to a time when artists were more than still life paintings in the background performing the soundtrack to failed dive bar pickup lines and overly complicated drink orders.  Opposite Box challenges all in attendance to engage and react, allowing the audience to become the show.                                                                                                                                   -

Publish Date: 2/16/2017

Download Episode 52 - Sports Films & Macro Crafts

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan discuss this past weekend's ridiculous Superbowl, conspiracies in professional sports, and all of it culminating into a discussion about sports films. They're drinking macro crafts this week. Which may be redundant, but simply put: beers that were small craft breweries 10 years ago, but now produce on a larger scale.

The beers this episode:

Founders Brewing | Azacca IPA

Lagunitas Brewing | Undercover Investigation Shut Down Ale

Stone Brewing | Enjoy by 2-14-17 Chocolate & Coffee IPA

Publish Date: 2/9/2017

Download Episode 51 - Unpopular Opinions & Lagers

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan gather 'round to discuss some of their more unpopular opinions regarding films. Those movies that everyone seems to like other than you. For whatever reason you just can't seem to get behind it. We're also drinking lagers.

Our Lagers are:

Einstok Beer Company | Icelandic Dopplebock

Nantahala Brewing Company | Little Tennessee Logger

Founders Brewing | PC Pils

Publish Date: 2/2/2017

Download Episode 50 - STAR WARS

It's finally here and it's hard to believe. Our 50th episode, but also our Star Wars episode. Tanner's friend Brady Effler guest hots this week along with Alan and Jared as they break down everything they have wanted to talk about over the past year involving Star Wars. They also discuss Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and old AIM screen names.

Our beers this episode are:

Stone Brewing Company | Woot Stout

Yellowhammer Brewing | Rebellion

Shmaltz Brewing | Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale

Publish Date: 1/26/2017

Download Episode 49 - Belgians & Evil Schemes

This week Tanner, Jared, and Alan drink a few Belgians that were sent over by Riverside. They also discuss the best evil schemes and their evil villainous creators. Also, what exactly is a Baron?

Publish Date: 1/21/2017

Download Episode 48 - Fantasy Films & Dealer's Choice

This week Jared's brother Will joins us to discuss Fantasy Films and to drink lots of beer. What started as a curiosity to drink some of Riverside's staff favorites evolved to lets just bring a ton of tasty beers. Other than that, we discuss how Michael Cera would be as Austin Powers, and figure out why Gandalf is a shitty wizard.

We're drinking:

Blackstone Brewing | Choco Mocha Coffee Stout w/ Frothy Monkey Coffee

Bayerischer Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei | Gose

North Coast Brewing | Pranqster

Dogfish Head Brewing | 60 Minute IPA

Magic Hat Brewing | Number 9

Bouldershake Brewing | Shake Chocolate Porter

Publish Date: 1/13/2017