Episode 126: The Relentless Hustle with Tap Truck AZ

In this episode, I hang out with Kinsey and Neal owners of Tap Truck AZ. Their truck is a 1966 Chevy C-10 Panel Truck with 5 tap handles protruding from the side of the truck. The tap handles have poured everything from Morning Sex Milk Stout from Beer Research Institute to root beer. Founders of the liquid catering company "Couple of Bartenders" Kinsey and Neal were looking to diversify their offerings to their clients and discovered the awesomeness that pouring straight from a badass truck could bring. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 6/5/2019

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Maybe its because I'm getting older but I feel like customer service is slowly dying. However, for those who still make it a focus, I believe it helps them to stand out in the crowd. And what if I told you a company who makes customer service also has the best quality AND prices? No brainer, right? Well, let me introduce you to my friends at Goodfellas Merch in Glendale. In this episode, I sit down with founder Joe to talk about how his love of craft beer and homebrewing translates into the passion he puts into his own craft as a screen printer. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 6/12/2019

Events from this episode:

June 12th - Grand Canyon Brewery Tap Takeover at Richter Aleworks

June 13th - Design Your Own Beer Can Pint Class at The Shop Beer Co. 

June 14th - Double Can Release & Tapping at Goldwater Brewing

June 16th - Fathers Day at Beer Research Institute

June 22nd - Downtown Chandler Brewery Crawl

This week's beer review:

Flagstaff IPA from Lumberyard Brewing Co

Reviewed by Marcus Pina (@brewery602 on Instagram) and follow his page on YouTube

Extra special thanks to Chris Dodson for his awesome production/editing work to help put the audio side of the episodes together

Intro/Outro music is “La Veganza” by the awesome local Arizona band Fayuca

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Publish Date: 6/10/2019

In this episode, we head down to Queen Creek to hang out with Travis Tolmachoff from Grain R&D. Located at the 100-year-old Sossoman Farm Grain R&D is doing amazing things to provide Arizona breweries and restaurants with the highest quality local grains with a sustainable approach. Some of the best in Arizona food and beer proudly use their products including Old Ellsworth Brewing, Chris Bianco, Wren House Brewing, and Arizona Wilderness Brewing. Luckily we all get to then enjoy a true taste of Arizona. Enjoy the show! 

Publish Date: 5/29/2019

Since opening less than 2 years ago Cider Corps in Mesa has made a huge splash in the Arizona craft beverage scene. When they were originally on the podcast they had a concern of how their cider would be received by the public. Well, they now have a new concern: making enough cider to meet the demand. These guys create some of the best most unique beverages in the state and are making the right moves to ensure more people get to try them. 

Myke Olsen is quickly making a name for himself in the Arizona food scene. Olsen was recently compared to Arizona's own world-renowned pizza guru Chris Bianco and some feel Myke makes the best pizza in Arizona. A humble man who is focused on making the best product that he can was a natural fit to pair up with the Duren brothers and their Cider Corps team.

In this episode, I hang out with Myke and the Duren brothers to talk about their individual paths to lead up to this remarkable partnership. Enjoy the show! 

Extra special thanks to Chris Dodson for his awesome production/editing work to help put the audio side of the episodes together

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by the awesome local Arizona band Fayuca

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Publish Date: 5/22/2019

This episode is the second part of the conversations I had during Camp Coolship. Sharing some beers and talking with some of the most highly respected beer people in the country was an incredible experience. The level of knowledge, passion and commitment to creating something unique all these guests possess while staying completely humble and down-to-earth fully encapsulates what I love so much about craft beer. It was an honor to have every one of them on the show. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 5/15/2019

This week's "News & Reviews" features a handful of events including Beer School 9. Listen to the episode to see how you can win a ticket to Beer School 9 happening this Saturday at Beer Research Institute. Plus, we get schooled on Pilsners by Preston from Wren House and Chris Dodson reviews a new Huss beer. Enjoy the show! 

Publish Date: 5/13/2019

A tad bit west of 32nd Street, off of Cactus, you will find a bar that at least from the outside may not strike you as…well…a bar.

But make no mistake, Lovecraft is not only a bar, but one where you will find a delicious selection of beers on draft and in the fridge.

Rebecca Golden, you might remember from the popular 32 Shea, told TapThatAZ that after a little less than 7 years there, she realized it was time to move on.

“I literally gave it all that I had to give, and it was a good time to sell,” she said. “So I sold it and cried from joy.

“That’s crazy because a lot of people don’t know why I sold it.”

Golden said she needed a break, but she could not mentally or emotionally get away. So, 32 Shea got to a point where it was rolling and a highlight of the neighborhood, she knew it was time to move on.

The business sold, she took a break. Nothing was on the docket, which for someone who worked as hard as she did was a well-earned vacation. Golden said she never really planned on getting back into the industry, but at the same time always wanted to open a beer bar.

That was always in the back of her mind, which meant she was never quite done. Finding the place for her new venture was a challenge, especially since she couldn’t put a bar in one of the nice locations near her old stomping grounds.

Then one day when she was on her way to Home Depot she saw a “For Lease” sign on a building that used to be home to a struggling BBQ joint. The owners of 32 Shea weren’t interest in teaming up, so with some assistance from her boyfriend, Golden went ahead and created a beer bar in a part of town that she would like to help improve in part because it’s where she lives.

“At the end of the day I’m a creative and I’m an optimistic pessimist,” Golden said of putting a beer bar in a part of town that many believe cannot – or will not – support one. “I always see opportunity in things and it’s really hard for me to see things that I think can work...and not at least try.”

That’s not to say she is sure Lovecraft will be a hit – after all, nothing is guaranteed. Having more than  100 craft beers available, 31 of which come courtesy of rotating taps, should help.

Then, there’s the food.

“Originally even though we were going to have a beer bar – we were a beer bar, first and foremost – I knew we needed to have food,” she said.

That realization came from visiting other beer bars who were missing out due to not offering food. Given that Lovecraft was moving into a former BBQ restaurant and it made sense to offer something.

Given that Golden grew up in New Mexico, BBQ was not exactly something she was familiar with. About a week and half before Lovecraft opened, a chef friend of hers suggested making New Mexico fare.

After sleeping on it, a menu was born.

“I wake up and I’m like, ‘this is genius,’” she said. “New Mexican food, I know, it’s amazing. It goes well with smoked meats and nobody else is doing this.”

At least, she said, you couldn’t find the BBQ/New Mexican fusion, and once that epiphany came the rest of it came together pretty quickly. Stop in and you will get to enjoy appetizers like Green Chile Blanco Queso Dip, Creamy Green Chile Mac-N-Cheese or Frijoles. You also have a choice of customized tapas.

Delicious beer and a unique menu? That makes sense for a place called Lovecraft.

You can be forgiven if you think that would be the name for a sex shop. In fact, at one point the sign out front made sure to point out that it’s not a place for that. 

“I didn’t come up with it,” Golden said, before with a chuckle calling out her boyfriend Ryan as being the responsible party. Of course, she admitted she was fond of the name “High Jolly” which you’ll probably need to Google to understand.

At any rate, she was outvoted and now says she likes the name Lovecraft because the point of the place is that “we get to support everything craft.”

The food, beer, wine, mead and cider. Everything.

“This, I get to support all those people who took the leap, who took the jump, who did something that was scary or whatever and decided to open whatever that thing was,” she said, likening it to her own risk in opening the bar. “And I get to be the person who supports that.

“And I think that’s super rad. I love being a craft beer bar, or a craft bar. So for the love of everything craft.”

Publish Date: 5/8/2019

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