BPC - Episode 152 - Blood, Sweat, & Beers

The Pigs were delighted to cover the 1st annual Blood, Sweat, & Beers hosted by the fine folks of Round Town Brewery and Indiana On Tap on a beautiful afternoon in Indianapolis to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Mackenzie Schenk, owner of Round Town, sat down to start the show and explain her thought process behind this wicked day of brew ha-ha and Brewery Beer Olympics.  Although the Pigs helped shape some of the Olympic games, Mack wanted to turn things up a notch and start the games with a growler chug which made some of the brewers nervous, and in the end, wound up being a thorn in Round town’s side as their very own Mr. Eric Fear was the first to . . . unload some of the tasty brew and put them behind right out of the gate.  In the end, the gents from Brew Link came out with the win and the first crown, and a taco hat. 

Tune in for some beer talk and laughs with many of the breweries who came out to serve some of their freshest summer brews and take part in the day’s activities. 

Joining the piggy round table during the afternoon included, David Yancey of Taxman, Eric (The Pinball Wizard) and Jerry of Round Town, Josh Miller and Jimmie Boros of Backstep Brewing, Seth of Elm Street Brewing Co., and of course the winning team from Brew Link, who are great with beers and balls. 

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  CenterPoint Brewing; Tappers; The Sinking Ship; Black Circle Brewing Co.;   Fountain Square Brewing; Carlos Guzman of One Well Brewing; Indy High Bines; Big Red Liquor; Sean Manahan of Kopacetic; 10-56; Guardian Brewing Co.; Burn ‘Em Brewing; and the Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co

Publish Date: 6/8/2018

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Lurking in the depths of the old Monon Hotel in Crawfordsville, Indiana is a very young, and new Pig favorite, high end craft brewery, Backstep Brewing Company.  A place already rich with history now has a new community hot spot to make some history of their own.   Walking into Backstep you immediately feel you’re at home.  Owners, Jimmie Boros and Patrick Pennington, wanted a place where everyone from all walks of life could come in and enjoy some great conversation to accompany their choice of high end craft beer and spirits.  The Pigs believe they nailed that objective.  A plethora of some of the finest craft beers the state (and surrounding states) has to offer as well as an impressive bourbon collection line the back wall of the gorgeous bar.   As you’ll hear on the show, they could have ridden on the success of the tap house alone. . .but brewing great beer was the dream that started it all and now they have it all put together.

Dougy Fresh, Pauly G., and Cowboy had the utmost pleasure to spend the afternoon with Mr. Boros and Head Brewer, Josh Miller to learn more about the planning, follow through, and future goals of the brewery.   The boys knew Josh from past endeavors but were more than pleased to see how Josh has flourished as the head brewer.  His wealth of knowledge and passion for the craft both come shining through each beer he makes.  

Tune into this week’s episode and then walk, drive, fly, bus, bike, however it is you travel, as soon as possible to Back Step Brewing in C-Ville.  

You can also sample some of their tasty brews at the upcoming Micro Brew Fest and Beers Across Wabash.  We’ll see you there! 

Shout outs on this week’s episode include:  Robert Rolfe Feddersen (and Honey Bee); Tailboarder Brewing; Round Town Brewing; Flix Brewhouse; Chris Burch; Noblesville Brew Fest; Ron Smith; and Brokerage Brewing Company


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Publish Date: 7/13/2018

Taint Dragon

Pauly G., Tex Mex, and straight outta the Pig Pen, Griswold, take over the mics for a night of Trivia at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub.  The monthly trivia night hosted by BRBP’s GM, Billy Hannan, has become a big, and entertaining, success so the Pigs were more than willing to send a team to compete along with BRBP’s head brewer, Mr. Jonathon Mullins. 

The boys quickly found out just how challenging the night was going to be with some difficult questions from Mr. Hannan. 

But as always, with the help of some delicious brews from the BRBP, much fun was had as usual, especially when Mullins is near, some odd conversation and laughs discussing what’s new at the BRBP, child star trivia, sock & sandals, and inappropriate adult theme parks. 

Tune in and be sure to join the trivia challenge next month at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub.

Shout outs in this week’s show include:  Lafayette Brewing Company; Mike Hofferman; Sean Manahan; Union Brewing; Red Lion; Brewed IN the Fort; Noblesville Brewfest, Beer Across Wabash; and Mr. R Feddersen


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Members of the Hopped Up Network. An ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. Dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities. www.hoppedupnetwork.com

Publish Date: 7/6/2018

BPC - One From The Vault - Robot Feet Here’s an “after hours” show that slipped through the cracks. Back in the very early days before better sound quality and professionalism, the original three Pigs had one (or two) too many and decided to keep the mics hot. Long after the show ended and after many more brews, a slightly intoxicated Cowboy, Dougy Fresh, and Jordan shared some muddy thoughts on life. Topics shift quickly from Jordan’s fear of small holes, South Park, dirty girls, dating women on parole, and Cowboy’s odd fascination with Carol Burnett . . . and feet.

Publish Date: 6/29/2018

Jordan, Pauly G and Tex-Mex return to Four Day Ray Brewing in Fishers and bring on a favorite, Brian Graham.  We revisit some topics from our day at Rock the Junction, their summer Break Series and FDR’s charity work like Tapped for a cause Tuesdays.    We sample some the current stock of released beers and even get a crack at some of the upcoming releases not yet available.  Jordan pleads his case for the creation of the MILF Stout and we get into some music and movie talk.  Warning, there might be some Star Wars spoilers in here. 

Publish Date: 6/22/2018

Pigs & Founders at Tippy’s Two (Premium)

The tap takeover night was going to well to call it quits with Founders Brewing Co.’s Adam Lepper and Tippy’s owner, Sheila Jimenez, so the boys hung out for another power hour of laughs and more Founders brews to keep the party going. 

A few local home brewers (AJ Berger, Kenny Fisher, & John Crist) joined the round table discussion and talk about some home brewing hits and disasters.  

Adam delivers some beer mixing tips and sorts out some confusion for Pauly G. on a Tap Room versus a Tap House.  

Off the rails is where this one begins, so pop a top, put your seat belts on, and enjoy this week’s episode. 

And of course, head on down to Tippy’s afterwards for some cold beer and hot pizza.  And be sure to made Founders Taprooms in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan a stop on any Michigan adventure.  


Shout outs this week include:  Taxman; Mind Over Mash; Marshall County Brew Club; The Bier Brewery; Sean Manahan; Great Fermentations of Indiana; Ron Smith; Final Gravity; Jeremy Kosmicki; and the one and only Mike Hofferman

Publish Date: 6/15/2018

The pigs take on Westfield at the 3rd annual Rock the Junction (A beer fest that’s all about local charity) sponsored by none other than Grand Junction Brewing.  Jordan, Doug Fresh, Pauline G, and Tex Mex along with their security guard Griswold try beer from many breweries along with some special guest interviews from Grand Junction, Taxman, mad Anthony, Tin Man, Ash & Elm Cider Co., Four Day Ray and even Evan Williams himself.  Learn about the horrible prank played on Jordan by the Great Jonathon Mullens and the other pigs, Find the cure for erectile dysfunction, New beers, the Milf Stout and Stripper Dust, and much more on this long episode of Blind Pig Confessions. 

Shout-outs to:  FDR, Metazoa, MashCraft, Bier, Foam Blowers, Ash & Elm Cider Co., Broadripple Brew Pub, Jonathon Mullens, Redemption Alewerks, Brew Link, Moontown, Round Town, Mad Anthony, Tin Man, Taxman, Wooden Bear, Mind Over Mash, Deviate Brewing, Union Brewing, Pax Verum, Jan’s Village Pizza 

Publish Date: 6/1/2018

United in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the boys, Pauly G., Warren Kluck, Dougy Fresh, Ryan, Carol (Matt Patricia) Guzman, Jerry Huener, and Ernie, get buzzed up on some savory brews from One Well and discuss some of the most important topics challenging our Nation today.  Just kidding, it’s just beer talk and nonsense as usual. 

They discuss Jerry’s lady (Alexa) issues, Michigan sports, Norte Dame hockey, the Kalamazoo Promise, bad roommate stories, and for a special treat, Tales of Romance by Kluck. 

Tune in for another ride with the Pigs and be sure to check out One Well Brewing for some great beer and fun for the whole family. 


 Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Crooked Ewe Brewery; Alain Helfrich; and Four Day Ray

And a special thanks to 800lb gorilla for the use of their tune, Commander Wax 2 to end tonight’s show.

Publish Date: 5/25/2018

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