More Blondes!

Yeah, we’re featuring blondes… again. But hey, when the weather is this nice, sometimes you just need a nice refreshing beverage that Pete can mow his lawn drinking.

First up we have Gold Standard from Taxman Brewing Company. This Abbey-Style Blonde Ale spurred a fair amount of discussion amongst the group.

We follow-up our local beer with a trip to Germany, Ohio. Yeah. Germany. What of it?!?! We talk about Rhinegeist’s Cougar Blonde Ale. This one is an American Blonde Ale that shares some similarities with the Abbey-Style Blonde from Taxman. 

If our beer review shenanigans weren’t awkward enough for you, we end by discussing the following: Weird drinking laws, weird drinks, and a plea to Pat McAfee to save our show.

Publish Date: 6/4/2018

Recent Episodes

Three cheers for four beers and a Happy Fourth of July to all! Keeping with the tradition of expressing our unwavering patriotism we bring you another super special edition episode sponsored by our friends at Books and Brews!

We go back-to-back with two very different IPA's from Scarlet Lane Brewing. First their Vivian Red IPA and then a less traditional Bourbon Barrel Aged Braggot style IPA, Eirik Bloodaxe.

To finish up we bring in two offerings from Upland Brewing. We start a little safe with their Dragonfly IPA and then knock it up a notch with Darken, a sour ale.

Before you go and blow off your fingers with fireworks, make sure you click that download button!

Publish Date: 7/4/2018

Hi there loyal listeners! We're breaking our routine and not talking about blondes this go-around. 18th Street Brewery put out a refreshing beverage with hints of grapefruit, Rise of The Angels. So we start there and then veer directly off course and move on to a cider offering from Angry Orchard.

After that, things just get weird. There's a lot of discussion of crabs, cheese, and heists. Maybe not one of our more informative episodes, but certainly one to sit down and enjoy with a beer or twelve.


Publish Date: 6/19/2018

Celebrate National Beer Week with this banger from your buddies at thespeakpodcast!

On a warm Spring day we very few beers are as refreshing Gose. We kick things off with the Indiana standard gose from, Triton Brewing, Barn Phantom. An interesting offering out of Collective Brewing in Ft. Worth, Cup O' Beer is our out-of-towner.

To wrap things up, we may or may not have promised to spend a few hundred dollars obtaining a beer should this episode get 10,000 downloads.

Publish Date: 5/18/2018

Looking to supplement the fun you're having at Death and Taxes Day? Tune in and listen to our second installment of our Beer Education Series.

As Spring is here (technically) our style of choice is the easy and approachable Blonde. We'll let Brian and Brooke of Four Day Ray give us the BJCP style explanation and walk us through their Blood Orange Blonde on tap now. They then give us a sneak preview of their blueberry blonde at the end of the episode which will be released the first week of May. Or, if you listen close, we do let you know a few locations where it is on tap.

Pete tried his darn-dest to locate some blondes to compare and contrast some beers of the same style. as you might expect, he failed. However the beers he did acquire generated some great conversation. The line-up for this episode included: Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Gold, Evil Twin Classique Imperial, and Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza.

If you like our Beer Education Series leave a comment, share with your friends, and be sure to get out and enjoy the weather on The Pint Cycle and stop in Four Day Ray for a refreshing beverage! 

Publish Date: 4/21/2018

Look what's in your Easter basket... No, really, go look. That's right, a new episode of our favorite podcast! No, not the Last Podcast on The Left - thespeakpodcast!

Come enjoy some jelly beans and peeps and listen to us discuss stouts as white as the Easter Bunny himself! Even though white stouts are not currently recognized by the BJCP we'll still drink 'em!

We've got back to back Indiana beers. Starting with Ivory Stout from Brew Link Brewery and finishing up with Evil Czech's Bigsby.

Sprinkled throughout we have sound effects from Adam and Rob, discussion of time travel and ball pits and Adam re-enacts would it would be like if Oscar the Grouch were to speak like Batman and lure children in to his trashcan.

Publish Date: 4/1/2018

We sat down with some friends from Four Day Ray and The Pint Cycle at FDR Brewery in Fishers. We in the tap room on kegging day (if you're wondering what those noises are), and we gained some additional education and insight in to traditional Irish beer styles just in time for St. Patrick's day!

This is the first episode in our new Beer Education Series. Come learn with us! We cycle through a few beers in this episode. The first two are red ales: FDR's Kingstown Irish Red followed by Boulevard's Irish Red. The Four Day Ray beer is a little closer to the style with some added rye, and the Boulevard is a unique take on an Irish Red.

We then try Guinness's relatively new, Rye Pale Ale and wrap things up with a Mofo Risin' Stout. We learn about some of the history of Irish style beer, what SRM's are, the best beer to sneak in to the new #BlackPanther movie, and that Hutch calls those who ride The Pint Cycle "passengers."

Be sure to stop by Four Day Ray on March 16th and 17th and celebrate St. Patrick's Day for their, "Firkin St. Patrick's Day" event. Also, if'n you're in to whiskey - and more importantly, local whiskey, check out their "Whiskey Beer and Bites" event with West Fork Whiskey on March 15th.

Publish Date: 3/12/2018

Looking to satisfy both your inner gaming nerd and inner beer nerd? This episode we were lucky enough to sit down with Adam Rehberg of Adam's Apple Games  and discuss an exclusive and super-cool demo we were provided of: Brewin' USA Taproom Takeover. We discuss the in's and out's of the game a little bit and talk some Minnesota beer. You'll be able to visit with Adam in person at Gencon 2018  and you can find his newest game, Swordcrafters on Kickstarter!

A beer and a game later in to our evening we talk about two new offerings from Books and Brews: A Barrel to Arms and New Liberty Lager.

Adam's new job as a panda fluffer comes up and then stuff gets weird. You heard me, and THEN it gets weird.


Publish Date: 2/26/2018

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