About Hopped Up Network

Hopped Up Network is an ever-growing group of independent beer podcasts. We are dedicated to providing insight into our local craft beer communities. As podcasters ourselves, we understand the struggles of reaching a wider audience once you’ve captured the friends and family market.

But how do we do that?

The Team

Rob Towey

President, Owner

Rob turned his passion of craft beer in to the Jersey Beer Guys (and a girl) Podcast. In addition to loving New Jersey craft beer, Rob also believes that he should have been a radio DJ and podcasting became the avenue to explore that missed career opportunity. Rob is also the co-host of The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast that can also be found on The Hopped Up Network. Rob also started Taranis Media to oversee his new podcast concepts and studio and to help others get their dream of podcasting started.

When the founders of the Hopped Up Network, Mathew Muncy and Dustin Wood of the Barrel Chat Podcast, got busy with life they decided to shut down the network. After telling the other members of his podcast, one person stepped forward with an idea.

Eric Bracken


Eric and Rob have been friends for over 50 years, so when Rob told Eric about a podcast that involved drinking beer, he was all in. Eric is not one to embrace technology, but he has embraced craft beer and has become an insightful voice on the show. When Rob told Eric that the network was shutting down, he talked Rob into keeping it going.

Together, Eric and Rob are going to continue what the founders of The Hopped Up Network started, bringing you the best craft beer podcasts from the US and Canada. They envision a worldwide podcast network bringing together people from all corners of the globe to share their love of craft beer.

Why we started Hopped Up Network?

On our first attempt at being a podcast duo, we reached a loyal listener base of 300 per episode. It was a small audience but one that we worked really hard to get. As we met other beer podcasters around Indiana, we realized our niche industry was lacking a real support system.

So we set out to fix that.

How the Network works:

As a group, our podcasts don’t just reach the audience that followers the network’s social media accounts, but also those who follow each, individual podcasts. That means every time you publish an episode, it has a chance to reach thousands of potential listeners without you raising a finger.

We’ve also built an incredible support system by combining like-minded podcasters. Everyone listeners, shares, and discusses their favorite shows on the network and we provide support whenever technical issues or questions arise.

There are plenty of Facebook groups or other networks, but no one else will help market your show directly to the audience you are trying to capture.

Speaking of our audience, we’ve also built our website for ease-of-use. We make it easy for our listeners to subscribe and follow new and familiar podcasts. Because without our listeners, our shows would be nothing.

Interested in joining?

It’s 100% free to join our network. Think of it like adding your podcast to iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify, except we provide you with additional marketing and support. We don’t want to own your content or even play ads during it. We get asked all the time, “What’s the catch” and honestly, there isn’t one. This is a passion project for us and we only want to support you on your podcast journey.

Here are some additional Frequently Asked Question about joining the network:

What are the requirements to join?

We are interested in promoting beer podcasts that are at minimum 50% beer education which also includes reviews and interviews. If you spend the other 50% talking about sports, movies, music, dating, etc, that is fine.

Is this an exclusive partnership?

Absolutely not. We have no desire to own your podcast, we only want to help the beer podcast industry grow. You are free to do whatever you would like with your podcast and that includes joining other groups or network.

What does the network expect from the podcaster?

The only thing we ask is that you mentioned being part of the network during each episode. You do it in your own unique way.

When it comes to cross-promoting other shows on the network we would encourage you to do so on social media and some shows even trade promos to air during an episode. While encouraged, it’s not a requirement.

How do I join?

Fill out this form and we will check out your show and get back to you!