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The search is over!

Episode 25 its happening!  The search is over we finally got our hands on the Pliny.  Jay is so happy he sings his own rendition of the Search Is Over!  


This episode we talk about the Waldos and 420!  We also take a trip to Escondido and brewing beer with bud!  Smoke em if you got em!!


This episode we talk about the Hopped Up Network!

 That bottle share tho!  

Our new friend Kyle supplies the Elipsis brew!

Jay tells us about the best breweries by state  and the search is over!


This week we learn a little about Bremerton Jay tells  about the 27 best craft beer names! enjoy!



The hottest IPA's in America right now!  Jay tells us the difference between ales and lagers.  We make black and tans!  Enjoy


Central Florida beers and breweries!   Jay explains how to properly pour a beer! Enjoy!


The guys get back from an Asheville brew tour....Jay gets jealous and does a brew tour of his own in south Florida!  Shower beers!  Enjoy the show!


This show we try beers from a brewery out of Roswell Georgia.  The top ten international cities with the most check in from untapped and we got some cookies!  


This episode we get together with some friends for the big game....Gary visits Dead Lizard Brewing and we do a flavor profile draft!  


Jay talks about his trip to Top Golf and describes the winter drinking game!  Gary tells us about his recent visit to Playalinda Brewing Company!  That being said grab a cold one and enjoy!


This episode we enjoy some cool weather dark beer and good cigars!  That being said....grab a cold one and have a listen!


This episode we drink some xmas brews and talk about some news and other holiday topics....pinkys up!!


This episode we get some trucker knowledge from Jay and try beer from his recent trip!  We also talk big brewery vs small brewery.  That being said...Pinkys up!


This episode we talk about and try some beers from jays journey we also have some amazing beers from our friend Paul at Dirty Oar Brewing company!  Grab a cold one and enjoy!


This week we try one of Jay's favorite beer and a new one from Dirty Oar brewing company.  we also get a delivery from a friend with some more beers to drink.  Enjoy!


This week we talk about Oktoberfest and try some fest beers...we also tell some stories from Gary's recent visit to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany  Justin donates some beer from his home town and rate some beers.  Enjoy!


Gary's back from Germany Sunday show!  We talk a little about the trip and Oktoberfest.  Enjoy!


This episode we talk about hurricane Irma evacuation and the beers we were drinking during the storm.  Gary brings back beer from Georgia and North Carolina.   Grab a cold one and enjoy!


hurricane prep...... what is your favorite hurricane brew?  we also rate and review some beer.  Enjoy!


This episode we have special guest Justin from Rogue River Taproom...we talk about our recent trip to Dirty Oar Brewery and of course rate and review some beers!  Enjoy


Tonight's show we talk about a new local brewery some of our favorite places to buy beer and drink beer Jay has a michelada for the first time and we of course drink and rate some brews.  Enjoy!


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