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The Wørt a Podcast with Mike and Pete is a beer podcast. We speak to local brewers, get their story and explore the beer they create.



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Mike and Pete broadcast from The Great Beer Expo at Nassau Coliseum Nov 10th. They sit with prominent breweries such as Barrage, Long Ireland, South Shore Craft Brewery, Harbor Head, Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts, Home-brews and Handgrenades, Hopwins and the Great Beer Expo Organizer Andy Calimano of Starfish Junction.

Publish Date: 11/13/2018

Mike and Pete are joined by Dave and Will from Harbor Head Brewing Co. Dubbed the Crowler show, the boys brought 7 Crowlers of delicious suds. We sample their award winning pumpkin and stumble our way to the finish line with their hometown NEIPA. Graz joins us in studio to partake in the festivities and laughs.

Publish Date: 10/30/2018

Mike and Pete are joined by Ryan and Melissa of 27A Brewing Co opening in our hometown of Lindenhurst NY. They discuss the future of the brewery and the journey they took to get to this point. WE take phone calls from Kenny and his mom. Our station manager Graz bookends calls to the show to discuss the opening and tries to convince another brewery to make his Chocolate Graz Stout!

Publish Date: 10/16/2018

Mike and Pete hang with Ken from Secatogue Brewing Co in West Islip NY. We discuss the journey Kena dn his family have taken to get to the opening of the brewery in a few weeks. We speak to John from OpenOutCry Brewing in Chicago IL to find out whats going on in Chi Town. We are also joined by Graz both on the phone and in studio. So many beers and so many laughs!

Publish Date: 10/2/2018

Mike and Pete are joined by John from Ross Brewing Co and All Sorts Brewing Co in Red Bank NJ. They discuss the future of the breweries and unleash breaking news about their future plans. Andrew from Hicksville Beer Distributor and Owner of Local to Locals talks about all the certified local brands his company works with including some great Long Island breweries. Alex from also calls in a talks about his useful products and unique designs that have taken over the craft beer industry. Queens correspondent Nick is in studio and we entertain our #1 fan Graz to talk beer and trips to all the breweries.

Publish Date: 9/19/2018

Mike and Pete talk with Randy and Chris from Jones Beach Brewery. They discuss the road to becoming a operational brewery with a Freeport based tasting room. Samplings of Jones Inlet IPA flowed and a little R&D from breweries like Troegs and Interboro led to an exciting show full of information and non sense. Major Jones became a great guest as the Horseshoe Crab lives on!

Publish Date: 9/5/2018

Mike and Pete hang out with Brian from Bellwort Brewing Co. and discuss the future of the company and the upcoming benefit show for PKU. Joined by Todd from Long Island Music and Entertainment and a phone call by Ryan Key of Yellowcard to talk about the event. Our correspondents Graz and Eric call and Steve from Barrage Brewing calls to discuss the recent release of Larger of Sin.

Publish Date: 8/8/2018

Mike and Pete hung out with Dan and Brett from Long Beach Brewing Company on Long Island NY. LBBC told their story of how they became a brewery, spoke about the brewing process and shared their visions of where their brewery is headed. We sampled a Hefe, 3350A Pils and their independently distributed Ghost Wave IPA. We spoke about he beer and fair bit of nonsense to go with it.

Publish Date: 7/25/2018

Mike and Pete sit with Larry and Sharon from Spider Bite Beer Co and discuss their journey becoming a brewery while sharing some of their brewing techniques of their award winning beers.

Publish Date: 7/10/2018

Mike and Pete are joined by the worlds worst bartender Frank. They take a phone interview with up-and-coming brewery Red Tank from Red Bank NJ. The cast of characters call in to talk about their adventures and Mike and Pete revel in SandCity, Industrial Arts, Rock Art and KCBC beers.

Publish Date: 6/27/2018

Mike and Pete talk with the east end posse of Long Island breweries, heavy hitters Montauk Brewing Co, Port Jeff Brewery and Long Ireland Brewery. Vaughan, Mike, Greg and Scott talk Long Island beer making. We take calls and hear from some of our listeners.

Publish Date: 6/12/2018

Mike and Pete are broadcasting live on and streaming live on YouTube. Joined in the studio by Dan Moss of Fire Island Beer Co, the boys discuss all of the events that took place throughout the Long Island Craft Beer week. Contest winners stop by to talk to Mike and Pete and collect their prizes. The host of Limo Talk Graz stops in and asks the hard hitting questions a craft beer snob should know. Sponsored by Fine Fare of Copiague.

Publish Date: 5/23/2018

Mike and Pete are broadcasting live from Croxley's in Farmingdale for LI Craft Beer Week. We are joined by John from Fire Island brewery, Scott and Tim from Long Ireland Brewery, Paul from Brickhouse Brewery and Billy from Sand City Brewery. The boys discuss all of the events that are taking place throughout the week...and the ones you don't know about. Sponsored by Fine Fare of Copiague.

Publish Date: 5/13/2018

Live with Mike and Pete on May 8th in studio with Jacki and Dave the co-presidents of craft beer week on Long Island and joined by Scott from Long Ireland Brewery and Steve from Barrage Brewing. Greg from Long Ireland and the President of the Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts call the show as we talk about all the upcoming events.

Publish Date: 5/9/2018

Mike and Pete chat with Brian from Barnshed Brewery in Hicksville NY. We talk about the roots of the brewery and what the future will hold. Also Art Mann from the Art Mann Podcast calls in and accepts the accolades of being the best beer journalist alive today!

Publish Date: 5/4/2018

Mike and Pete chat with Sarah and Mike (Stretch) from the Brewers Collective located in Bay Shore NY. They discuss the origins of this unique home brewers club turned business. The Collective shares secrets about their process and the future of the Brewery!

Publish Date: 5/4/2018

The Wørt a Podcast with Mike and Pete are broadcasting form Governors Comedy Club in NY. We break down our recent travels to Small Craft Brewery in Amityville NY and our recent discovery of beer heaven. We take calls from our correspondents Mike from Boston and Ashley from Orlando @blondbrewreviews and hear from @gothamgoldgraz and Nick from Queens.

Publish Date: 5/4/2018

The Wørt a Podcast broadcasting form Governors Comedy Club in NY. Mike and Pete are joined by Steve Pominski head brewer and owner of Barrage Brewing Co. in Farmingdale NY. We talk about all of Barrage's uniques styles of beer with "so much flavor" and wonder if using more Snickers bars will save the world!

Publish Date: 5/3/2018

The Wort a Podcast broadcasting form Governors Comedy Club in NY. Mike and Pete are joined by Dan Moss head brewer at Fire Island Brewery. We discuss the very beginnings of his brewing career and what the future may hold.

Publish Date: 5/3/2018

Mike and Pete hang with Mike Simms, a bartender and emerging comic. The boys talk beer, comedy and bevy of bar antics! Mike tastes some of the beers for the first time and momma Simms is even prouder than she was before!

Publish Date: 5/3/2018

The Pilot episode of the Wort a Podcast with Mike and Pete broadcasting form Governors Comedy Club in Levittown NY. Focusing on the craft beer scene on LI and beyond. Guest include brewers, bartenders and beer lovers. Our east coast correspondents call in and report on their beer travels. Mike from Boston, Ashley from Florida and Nick from Queens give us the scoop on breweries all over the US.

Publish Date: 1/18/2018