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WOMEN DRINK BEER TOO! – Join Katie Jones and Cathy Eisele every Tuesday as they try beers from a different brewery: the popular, the unusual, the local, and the craft. Their goal is to expand your beer knowledge so you know what to expect from any beer on the beer list.



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Episode 28: Cosmos Brewing

Come taste the stars with Katie and Cathy as they try Cosmos Brewing from Hugo, MN.  The line up includes: Martian Rambler Amber, Crispy Dream Imperial Cream Ale, ChocoBock, Pillars of Creation 2. With wonderfully nerdy names and quality beer, Cosmos is worth saving the space for beer- and the occasional Women Drinking Beer tangent.


Katie and Cathy try local brewery Utepils which brews in a traditional German style.  


Katie and Cathy are joined by Kaleigh from Insight Brewing Co.  We drink beer while discussing Kaleigh's journey in the beer industry, the #MeToo movement, and occasional fun tangent.  


This interview is a dream come true for Katie and Cathy: chatting with THE first all female owned micro-brewery in MN owners Jill and Deb of Urban Growler! Jill and Deb discuss what it was like to get their brewery started, their goal to be recognized beyond their female ownership status, and how beer is here to bring people together.

We want to thank Jill and Deb for being such amazing guests and amazing people.  We recorded this back on Dec 2nd and it was out of love and respect that it took so long to get this episode out. It also means we were pretty new to all this so we forgot to thank them on the episode so Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Beers we mention: Amber Skyline, Candy Corn Imperial Cream Ale, Russian Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter

Follow Urban Growler on Instagram @urbangrowler Twitter @UrbanGrowlerMN and Facebook Page Urban Growler Brewing Company



Katie and Cathy review Bent Brewstillery out of Roseville, MN which sends them on an emotional roller coaster!  They deeply apologize for all the EFFs said, but it couldn't be helped.  They were also super tired/had a long day and really needed a beer, so this episode happened.  Covered in this episode: Nordic Blonde (Blonde Ale,) Über Lüpin (Schwarz IPA,) Nicked (Export Double Stout,) and Enuff (IPA.) Cathy's favorite was Nicked and Katie's favorite was Enuff.

Keeping Us Local: Indeed Stir Crazy, Katie's friend Chris's home brew

Honorable Mentions: @hrishihirway @joshmalina (Twitter) @theflyingbeergirl (Instagram) Bitches Brew Crew MN (meetup)


In this episode Katie and Cathy chat with Kerry, Co-Owner and VP of 56 brewing.  We discuss her role as an Owner and how 56 Brewing came to be as well as have a few beers.



This week Katie and Cathy tackle some IPAs and Sours, definitely not in their beer wheel house but they couldn't have picked a more quality brewery.  Hum's Liquor provided Peak's Organic Line of Certified Organic beer including Peak IPA, Crush IPA with Blood Orange, the Winter IPA in the NE style, and Sweet Tarts New York Cherry Sour Ale.  The women also discuss their out of state travels, Katie at Port City Brewing out of Virginia and Cathy got to retry New Belgium's Mary Jane Ale in the perfect ski setting in CO.


This week Katie and Cathy enjoy three beers from Cold Spring, MN Third Street Brewhouse.  This lineup of Minnesota Gold Lager, Lost Trout Brown Ale, and Sugar Shack Maple Stout (along with others) was gifted to WDB by Hum's Liquor in Uptown Minneapolis, MN, thanks!  Katie and Cathy kept local with Waconia Brewing's Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter and with a trip to BentBrewstillery in Roseville with the Bitches Brew Crew MN.


Katie & Cathy sat down with Sarah (formerly) of Bent Paddle Brewing out of Duluth, MN. While we drank the amazing brews (Pils, ESB, Kanu, and Cold Press) we were able to talk about the brewery itself and women in the industry.  This is our longest episode to date clocking in at 1hour 12 min 28sec but it is well worth it to hear about Sarah’s experience in beer, and, of course, making dorky references.  


The ladies of Women Drinking Beer drink their favorite beers! 


Join Katie and Cathy as they try the brews of Minneapolis' own Indeed Brewing with B-Side Pils, Daytripper Pale Ale, Let it Roll IPA, and Stir Crazy Stout


Part 2 of our live event contains our interview with two beer reps that joined us at the Muddy Pig on Nov. 8th, 2017.  Gabby with Ballast Point out of San Diego and Sarah with Bent Paddle of our own Duluth, MN talk about their experience in the beer industry as well as their breweries and their views on the big companies buying craft beer.  We hope you enjoy our conversation with these awesome ladies as much as we did!


Cathy and Katie hosted a live event, "Come have a Beer with Us" at the Muddy Pig in St. Paul, MN on Wednesday Nov. 8th.  Join us as we talk to the Women who drank beer with us, including an interview with our Benefactoress and co-owner Dawn.  Thanks to those who joined us and we hope to see you in January!


This Brewery took one man’s “bad habit” and turned it into a very good brewery.  Bad Habit is out of St. Joseph, MN just outside of St. cloud. We tried the Hang Up Blonde, the churn it Up cream Ale, the Good Guy American Pale Ale, and the Dark Addiction Stout.  Definitely worth the trip to Central, MN as this is the first of our episodes you can’t find in stores, yet!


Welcome to the Porter Smack Down!  We try Waconia Brewing Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, Central Waters Mud Puppy Porter, and Founders Porter.


This week we embark on an epic journey with Insight Brewing out of Minneapolis, MN!  Join us as we travel the world to the Sunken City, swab the decks with the ghost pirates of the Banshee Cutter, and visit our Crazy Aunt whom the villagers fear may be a witch!  Insight Brewing pairs delightful beers to their whimsical tales, each chapter you’re sure to enjoy.


Come have a beer with us as we sample the fine beers of Lift Bridge out of Stillwater, MN.  Found out our favorite of the Farm Girl Saison, Hop Dish IPA, chestnut Hill Brown Ale (Note: this beer was renamed to Fireside Flannel,) and The Warden Milk Stout. 


Nothing says fall more than pumpkin.  Katie and Cathy make a very limited compare and contrast of three pumpkin ales to find one that is the definition of fall as any other pumpkin spiced drink.  The challengers? New Holland Brewing’s Ichabod Pumpkin Ale, Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale and  Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale. Grab one and come have a beer with us!


With the fall season approaching comes seasonal beers.  We explore the history of Oktoberfest before trying three Oktoberfest style beers.  The Oktoberfest Märzen Lager from Left Hand Brewing Co, Oktoberfest from Third Street Brewing and Spaten Ur-Marzen.  Which Oktoberfest did we think was best?  You’ll just have to listen and then grab one and come have a beer with us!


Join Katie and Cathy as they try a hometown beer, Enki Brewing.  After a visit to the taproom, Katie and Cathy return to review their experience and also try full reviews of the Litmus Pils, Victoria’s Gold Cream Ale and Cacao Porter.  This one is a sweet treat!  Grab one and come have a beer with us!


Katie and Cathy return to an Oregon brewery this week for Deschutes Brewery.  We try their Fresh Squeezed IPA, Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Black Butte Porter.  Bonus!  An IPA correction.  Grab one and come have a beer with us!


Full Sail Brewing Company is on the tasting menu this episode.  Katie and Cathy focus on their session brews, including their Session Water, Session IPA, Session Lager and sesión cerveza.  Grab one and come have a beer with us!


This week, Katie and Cathy picked up a sample pack of Alaskan Brewing Co and tried their White, Icy Bay IPA, Cran-Spruce and Amber.  There were some good surprises in the box.  Grab one and come have a beer with us!


We try three different Surly brews this week, a hometown beer for Katie and Cathy.  We check out their Furious IPA, Hell Lager, and Coffee Bender, with our usual gusto and laughs.  Grab one and come have a beer with us!


Aloha!  Hawaii’s Kona Brewing Company is on the agenda for this episode.  We try their Longboard Island Lager, Big Wave Golden Ale and the Wailua Wheat. Grab one and come have a beer with us!


Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale and Vanilla Java Porter from Atwater Brewery are tried this week.  Katie and Cathy cannot say enough positive things about either.  Grab one and come have a beer with us!


Katie and Cathy try three similar beers from Goose Island Beer Company, the 312 Urban Wheat Ale, Goose Honkers Ale and Goose IPA.  Grab one and come have a beer with us!


Women drink beer too!  Katie and Cathy are on a mission to build a perfect beer list for women, by women.  For their first episode, they highlight the first beers they ever tried, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy and New Belgium’s Fat Tire.  Grab one and come have a beer with us!


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