Midas Touch & Terrible Ways to Die

This week's episode is super morbid and kind of sad. To counter it, here's one of the B&B pups, Stella being super adorable. So as Josh and Sass discuss some incredibly terrible ways to die you can think about this pupper being all cute and stuff. Or you could drink the terrible thoughts away like us with @dogfishhead 's ancient ale, Midas Touch - seeing as King Midas also died terribly... Check out this week's episode! #beer #podcast #doggo #dogfishhead #death #DrinktheSadnessAway . . . Thanks again to @ohio_candle_factory! Go check them out!

Publish Date: 5/15/2018

Recent Episodes
We love revisiting old episodes and in this episode, the guys test four more hangover cures; pickle juice, hair of the dog, exercise, and, our sponsor, Happy Hour Vitamin! We are going on a month-long hiatus while Sass is playing soldier for a bit. This episode will hopefully hold you over. The guys try a local brewer Country Boy Brewing s fantastic brown ale aged on vanilla, Shotgun Wedding.

Publish Date: 8/1/2018

Some animals make amazing pets; dogs, cats, and… mud piranhas? This week the guys cover a whole slew of pet stories; discussing the best, worst, and exotic pets. Take a listen while the guys downNew Holland‘s Tangerine Space Machine.

Publish Date: 7/24/2018

Here on Beer & Banter, Josh and Sass are asking the tough questions like who would win in a fight? For instance, would Billy Eichner's character Craig from Parks and Rec beat Rainn Wilson‘s character from the Office? Take a listen to this week’s episode covering our most coveted battle royale deathmatches and a few we knew needed to be covered, like Goku vs Superman. The guys down a delicious fruit ale from Boulevard called Jam Band.

Publish Date: 7/17/2018

Channeling our inner trashiness, Sass and Josh cover the lewd topic of reality television. Only the classiest of reality TV has massive amounts of drunkenness and vomiting, the same could be said of podcasts which is why Beer & Banter continues to produce quality entertainment. Flowing through the episode is Dogfish Head’s Mixed Media, demonstrating that not only can TV mesh medias together – though tacky - but so can beer. Can this style of vino-esque live up to the example TV has set?

Publish Date: 7/10/2018

We who are about to drink salute you! That’s right, this week the guys are discussing the ancient warrior rockstars known as gladiators. Josh and Sass share as much as two unqualified men can about these slaves turned warriors even creating their own battle royale between pop culture figures. Sticking with the theme of trial by combat, the guys enjoy the limited release Queen of the Seven Kingdoms from Ommegang.

Publish Date: 7/3/2018

Space: the final frontier. These are the episodes of the podcast Beer & Banters. This week’s mission: to explore our strange solar system; to seek out new colonizable planets; to boldly go where no podcast has gone before. That’s right, this week the guys try to find a new planet for when we inevitably destroy Earth. We describe the conditions necessary for each planet, some dwarf planets, and an exoplanet or two to sustain an Earth colony. Appropriately, the guys enjoy Elysian‘s Space Dust IPA.

Publish Date: 6/26/2018

We are back! Had to knock some rust off from not recording for 5 weeks to give Josh time to be a dad, but we are back and stronger than ever. Coming off Josh’s first Father’s Day - full of amazing gifts, the matching shirts pictured below were one of many - the guys discuss fatherhood; covering the many aspects of being a father, as well as ranking famous and historical fathers. Take a listen as Josh and Sass debate Shit-Tier vs. God-Tier fathers while drinking a stellar seasonal release beer from one of our favorite local brewers Braxton Brewing Company; Summertrip.

Publish Date: 6/19/2018

Some things do not stand the test of time like David Hasselhoff’s music, milk, and many beloved films. When looking back at films and tv series, one tends to have rose colored glasses. The Beer and Banter hosts attempt to knock those glasses off and look at these older films in all their casually bigoted glory. Not all the films have random racism mixed in for laugh, but for one reason or another, the films no longer hold up. Take a listen as Josh and Sass delve into this week’s topic while enjoying Lagunitas The Waldos’ Special Ale.

Publish Date: 6/5/2018

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A podcast in which two completely unqualified men - Josh and Sass - discuss exactly what the title implies; a beer and a topic which they banter.



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