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Home Brewed BEER, yeah we have it. Well on this episode. Christian & Thad Chat with Uncle Dave (former & "alleged" future home brewer) had home brews from a friend and Chris "Patty" Patterson (Current Home Brewer). We sample and review the home brews and Christian has some frequently asked questions for home brewers that come from new home brewers. If you are considering home brewing this will be a good episode for you. As we do, there is some nonsense that come with every episode. 

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Publish Date: 11/6/2020

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Christian & Thad head north to Heavenly Goat and talk with owner and brewer Joel Miller. Joel tells us about his brewing school in Germany, the story of the Hall of Heavenly Goat, and some of the behind the scenes of the beer brewed. The guys each try a different beer and Joel share a special beer that is in a barrel in the brewery. Crack a cold one, sit back & enjoy our talk with Joel.

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Publish Date: 6/18/2021

Christian & Thad are in the here and now, enjoying some beers at Crooked Ewe in (1047 Lincoln Way E.) South Bend, IN. We are discussing after life hypothesis and beliefs. We slightly move off topic and touch on living in a simulation, flat earth & touch on religious faith (not too much). We also sample Crooked Ewes new barley wine. A 12% ABV Important Joes coffee infused with Madagascar vanilla. Crack a cold one & enjoy.

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Publish Date: 6/11/2021

Christian & Thad are at the GRAND RE-OPENING of the South Bend Brew Werks. They Have a new location in the Hubbard Building in DTSB (Down Town South Bend). The guys talk with owners Steve & Michelle Lowe. They also catch up with mBR Brewcrew members Tim & Mary Noble, Scott Selesky, SBBW Commuinty Partner Juan Contstantino Director at La Casa de Amistad, and the other local brewers Brandon Townsley of Niles Brewing Co., Ryan Withorn from Studebaker Brewing Co., & Brandon a local hop grower, to talk about their feelings of the NEW NEW Brew Werks. Grab a cold one, Crack it, & Enjoy.

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Publish Date: 6/6/2021

Christian & Thad headed over to see that NEW NEW South Bend Brew Werks. The guys sit down with owner/brewer Steve Lowe. He talks about the transition from the old location to the new. What can you expect to see from the old place to the new. Lear about the changes in the brewery size and equipment, as well the kitchen. The three friends even find time to trade some beers and sample them for you to know more about. 

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Publish Date: 6/4/2021

Christian & Thad meet up with owner Patrick Howard & No. Indiana Distributor Tristen Weiks from Bad Dad Brewing Co. Find out how you can be Bad Dad of the Year and get your mug on a can of beer, where to get some great artisan pizzas, and who has bowled 4 perfect games. Great conversation with more great Indiana beer makers. Crack a cold one, sit back & enjoy.

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Publish Date: 5/28/2021

Your Gastgeber (hosts) Christian & Thad hop down to Indiana's hidden gem, Koontz Lake Brewing Co. (7747 IN-23, Walkerton, IN 46574). We talk with GM/bar tender/mail courier/construction work/planner/consultant/etc. Sandra. Learn all about the commitment to perfection that owner/brewer Roger puts into his beer. Brewing German & Irish beer style to laws of purity. Sandra also tells you all about a tap room experience, mug club, the great food, the brewery's expansion into another city & the Annual Koontz Lake Oktoberfest Party. 

Crack a Cold One, Sit Back & Enjoy!

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Publish Date: 5/21/2021

Christian & Andy, that’s right, Facebook Admin Andy joins Christian at Lore’d of the Hops Brew Fest for Part 2 of our day of coverage of this FANTASTIC event. On this episode we talk to brewer/owner Tom from 2 Tom’s Brewery (Ft.Wayne, IN), head brewer/distiller at Ruhr 152 (Nappanee, IN) Dave, & Shaun director of operations/daddy at Hoosier Brewing (Greenwood, IN). Crack a cold one and enjoy some great beer with us at Lore’d of the Hops Brew Fest Part 2. Enjoy! 

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Publish Date: 5/14/2021

Christian & Thad covered events of the Lore’d of the Hops Brew Fest at Hop Lore Brewing (Leesburg, IN). It’s was great to be back in a normal free world. Christian and Thad talked with 4 of the breweries that were pouring their beers at the fest. Misbeehavin’ Meads (Valparaiso, IN), 18th Street Brewery Co. (Hammond, IN), Wild Rose Brewing (Dyer, IN) & Viking Artisan Ale (Merrillville, IN). Crack a cold one and enjoy our conversations with all the breweries at the fest. Next week part 2 with Christian & Andy.


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Publish Date: 5/7/2021

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