Cousin Danny’s Monster Mash

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Cousin Danny is back but it’s not Christmas. He bring Alaskan beer to Christian, Thad, & Uncle Dave. He also tells us some Alaskan urban legends & folk lore. Christian had a few Alaskan creepy creatures himself and shares some Hawaiian urban legends as Cousin Danny is headed there for the winter.

Crack a Cold One & Enjoy Cousin Day’s annual appearance on the show.

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Publish Date: 10/29/2021

Recent Episodes

The mind of these two guy’s (Christian & Thad) is either broken or they are quietly genius. These guys tell you some things that are on their mind. Find out who does not believes in the moon landings, who thinks ghost are real, which believes in the bloodline of Jesus, & what popular band they both believe is overrated. They may not be dumb but the both are “unbelievable”…

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Publish Date: 1/14/2022

Christian & Thad belly up at the Tippecanoe Place Mansion with Ryan Withorn the brew-brew-brewer at Stu-Stu-Studebaker Brewing Co. They talk what's new in 2022 for the brewery. The guys also sample three of the newest brews on tap at in the tap room. Crack a Cold One & Enjoy the podcast. 

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Publish Date: 1/7/2022

Christian & Thad invited the michiana Beer Reviewers Facebook admins to do reviews beers on an episode of Just the Beer’s. Up first is Thad with Greenbush Brewing “Brimley’s Best. Second, Christian with Maumee Bay Brewing Co. “Uber Blitzen”. Third, UNCLE DAVE with Bell’s Brewing “Two Hearted” (three different types) & Illi-Andy’s review of the Revolution Brewing “Deep Woods Series”. That’s Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, & Illinois beers all reviewed on this episode. Sit Back & Enjoy!

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Publish Date: 12/31/2021

Christian & Thad are back up north at Niles Brewing Co. talking with owner/brewer Brandon Townsley. The guys look forward to the new year and what is ahead for them individually and business. Of course they share a few beers and tell you about them. Crack a cold one & enjoy! DOWNLOAD, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! Check out our sponsors on the web: / / Or at  CHEERS!

Publish Date: 12/17/2021

Christian & Thad go north to Niles Brewing Co. to talk to owner/brewer Brandon Townsley. We discuss how things have changed, most popular of his beers and events that are held at the brewery. The guys sampling some of the beers on tap at Niles Brewing Co. Of course the nonsense finds it way into the conversation. Pecan….

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Publish Date: 12/10/2021

Christian & Thad talk about holiday and Christmas beers. Find out the history of the style, what separates the two, and the guys sample each style of beer. When you think there is no more, possibly the best idea they have ever emerges. The menorah of beers. Maybe you could help this happen. So, crack a cold one & enjoy!

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Publish Date: 12/4/2021

Christian, Thad & Uncle Dave break down the differences between porter and stouts. They also sample a few along the way. If you want some history on these styles this is the podcast for you. Oh and Andy, you will want to listen till the end. So, crack a cold one & Enjoy. Thank to our sponsors for making the podcast possible. Niles Brewing Co. ( ) & South Bend Brew Werks (

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Publish Date: 11/26/2021

Christian & Thad talk with owner & brewer Duncan at the Lakeville Brew Crew (LBC). They talk tailgating at the Norte Dame vs Georgia Tech game. The LBC is having an event at the November 20th game. Christian helps Duncan prepare and bring all the right stuff and make sure he knows the Do’s & Don’ts. Crack a Cold One & Enjoy

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Publish Date: 11/19/2021

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