Summer Sippin' Craft Brewfest

Christian, Thad, & Kevin enjoyed some great beer for a great cause. We were invited to be part of the Summer Sippin' Craft Brew Fest in Plymouth, IN. We had a great time and were part of raising funds to improve Freedom Park, an inclusive playground for kids! They have big plans for this playground and they need your help!! To learn more about freedom park please visit or email

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Christian, Thad, & Kevin

Publish Date: 8/30/2019

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Christian & Thad covered events of the Lore’d of the Hops Brew Fest at Hop Lore Brewing (Leesburg, IN). It’s was great to be back in a normal free world. Christian and Thad talked with 4 of the breweries that were pouring their beers at the fest. Misbeehavin’ Meads (Valparaiso, IN), 18th Street Brewery Co. (Hammond, IN), Wild Rose Brewing (Dyer, IN) & Viking Artisan Ale (Merrillville, IN). Crack a cold one and enjoy our conversations with all the breweries at the fest. Next week part 2 with Christian & Andy.


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Publish Date: 5/7/2021

Christian & Thad talk with Stefan King co-owner/brewer at Hop Lore Brewing. As they are hosting a Lore'd of the Hops Brew Fest on Saturday May 1. Find all you need to know about the fest and tap room, Christian & Thad attempt to get Stefan to tell them about future beers coming. Also, hear different avenues to try all of Hope Lore beers.

We apologize for the sound issue. We got some new technology and Christian miss used it. We hope you still can sit back, crack a cold one & enjoy. 

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Publish Date: 4/30/2021

Christian & Thad belly up in Christian’s dinning room to open the book on their lives for you. They ask and answer the 6-pack of questions they ask guests of the show. As usual the nonsense slips and and we get slightly off topic. Crack a cold one sit back and enjoy! Support is on Patreon under michiana Beer Reviewers.

BIG Thank You to our sponsor NILES BREWING CO.

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Publish Date: 4/23/2021

Christian & Thad head over to Studebaker Brewing Co. and talk to the brew dude Ryan Withhorn. He has a collab with B&n sponsor Niles Brewing Co. and brewer Brandon Townsley. We sample a few other new brews at Studebaker and then these three dudes debate hard hitting topics like onion rings or French fries. Crack a cold one and sit back and enjoy. Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and the RATE, REVIEW & SHARE ~ CHEERS

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Publish Date: 4/16/2021

Christian, Thad & Brandon Townsley (owner/brewer @ Niles Brewing Co.) have a little fun & drink a few beers. Christian's random brain, or what he calls his "stupid brain", kicked in. He came up with random beer questions. For example, What is your favorite funny beer story or joke? and What triggers you to want a beer? Sit back, crack a cold one & find out how the guys answered.

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Publish Date: 4/9/2021

Christian & Thad belly up with owner/brewer Brandon Townsley at Niles Brewing Co.. Find all you need to know about Niles Brewing Co., here's a sneak peek, they have GREAT beer. Hear Brandon's brewing philosophy on making NE IPAs, plans for beers, his WOW series, and how Niles Brew Co. connects to the local Niles community. Crack a Cold One & Enjoy!


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Publish Date: 4/2/2021

Christian & Thad travel north to Niles Brewing Co. and meet up with Debbie co-owner TagaBrew USA. These tags are a supercool way to show off the breweries that you go to. They do SO much to help promote the breweries they work with. Find out about their tags, special tags, events and a lot more. Crack a cold one and enjoy.  and please give us a RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE ~ CHEERS 


Publish Date: 3/26/2021

Christian & Thad pay tribute to the big basketball tournament for colleges that is back in 2021. We decide to do our own tournament of champions with beer. The first ever mBR Fight Flight Beer Bracket. Shout Out Cousin Danny for the idea of a flight fight. We pop into Hop Station Craft Beer Bar, Indiana's #1 Craft Beer Bar, and have the owners/beer experts Casey & DJ Stuber pick out a flight of their favorite beers that they have on tap. This is only 8 beers, two fights, of the 30+ craft beers on tap at Hop Station. We set them up head-to-head and vote for the winner. If Christian & Thad can't pick the winner we go to a tie break from Assistant Brewers Uncle Dave & Patrick (MEGA President). Fid who is the champion... of the world or mBR.

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Publish Date: 3/19/2021

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