Take this Job & Shove It

Christian & Nick talk jobs and work. Believe it or not some weird stuff has happened to them on the job. Well Learn what has happened to them and some of the people they worked with. Sit back and Enjoy.

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Publish Date: 9/13/2021

Recent Episodes

Christian and Thad came to the zoo to talk with Josh Sisk Executive Director. The Patawatami zoo is hosting a beer tasting event call Brew at the Zoo. It’s a fundraiser for the zoological society and support to the Potawatomi Zoo. Christian and Thad talked to Josh about that and much more happening at the zoo. Find out with the guys spirit animals are and what you’ll be able to taste at brew at the zoo.

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Publish Date: 9/17/2021

Christian & Thad are starting a mini podcast as part of the Beer & nonsense brand. They are calling it Just the Beer. Here is a taste of what you will get from this podcast short. 

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Publish Date: 9/10/2021

Christian & Thad pooped into the South Bend Brew Werks to talk with owner/brewer Steve Lowe. They discuss the world today, what SBBW is doing, what Chef Kayle thinks of Thad, & the busy September the michiana Beer Reviewers will have. So, crack a cold one & Enjoy!

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Publish Date: 9/3/2021

Christian & Thad get on the mobile with MB Mooney (Britt) author of the book Beer Fest USA. Amazon description & Link:

Beer. Friends. Fun. Put them together, and you have a beer fest! Join M. B. Mooney as he travels the United States to bring you the delights of Beer Fest USA.

While beer has always been an important part of American culture, the last three decades have seen an explosion in the popularity of craft brews and microbrews, and, along with them, beer festivals. Modeled on their German counterparts such as Munich's Oktoberfest, beer festivals allow brewers to introduce customers to their creations, to educate the public about the differences between various craft beers, to learn from beer drinkers, and to promote friendship. 

Beer Fest USA introduces beer enthusiasts―novices and seasoned beer geeks alike―to thirteen of the biggest and best beer festivals in the US, giving you a taste of the unique history and flavor of each. So get ready to drink up, laugh with friends, and start planning your next beer festival vacation.


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Publish Date: 8/27/2021

Come on a fantastic voyage with Christian & Thad. They literally are driving to mBR at the Tap event at Fessor’s Brewery (Argos, IN). They discuss the event, time warps, Christian’s brewing experience with (Studebaker Brew Co.) brewer Ryan & more. They do a fast wrap of the event on their way home. Crack a Cold One & Enjoy! 

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Publish Date: 8/20/2021

Christian & Thad picked up the phone and talked to a good friend Dave Michael, Brewer at Ruhe Brewing in Nappanee, IN. Ruhe is one of the coolest places in Northern Indiana. Dave tells you all about what’s going on at Ruhe, beer, new beers, distilling & plays a quick game of One Goes, One Stays. Crack a Cold One, Sit Back & Enjoy.


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Publish Date: 8/13/2021

Christian & Thad are going on vacation. Not together…sad. They breakdown what you will hear when they get back, talk about an article on 2021 beer trends and do some review michiana Beer Reviewer style. They drink a few and talk beer.

Crack a Cold One & Enjoy

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Publish Date: 8/6/2021

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