Episode 184 - Ethan McFall & Reed Landry

Local comedians Ethan McFall and Reed Landry make a stop by the studio to talk about how ridiculous R. Kelly is, drink some hoppy IPAs and there’s also a followup on Founders Brewing’s racial debacle.

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Publish Date: 3/16/2019

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The penultimate episode is here. Tanner, Ian Sharp, and Ryan Darling break down what has quickly become one of the best TV shows of this decade. Dr. Manhattan is finally revealed, eggs are cracked, pools are walked, and babies created. Come one come all, and “get the fuck up off the pool.” Join in breaking down the last episode before the finale.

Publish Date: 12/11/2019

The Nekkid Bois aka the guys from Naked River Brewing swing by with several of their tasty brews to drink and talk about all the things. They’re drinking some of Terrapin’s Reserve White Chocolate Moo Hoo, and Main Beer Company’s Another One IPA. They’re sipping and chatting about everything from Mainx24, new FTC rules for beer influencers, off flavors, and more.

Publish Date: 12/5/2019

There were a ton of answers in these two episodes of HBO’s Watchmen. SPOILERS, be sure to watch the show first or just ruin it for yourself. Your call.

Publish Date: 12/2/2019

You know him from The House, Bool-Aide, and Chatt Smokehouse… that’s right, Shoey Russell is in the studio. Him and Tanner are drinking Saugatuck Brewing’s Imperial Barrel-Aged Neapolitan Stout, Untitled Art’s Dragon-fruit Sour IPA, and Foreign Object Brewing’s New-American Hoppy Ale Batch #1. They also taste Shoey’s Bool-Aide and they discuss some of their favorite toys and shows from childhood, Disney+ and booze laws here in Tennessee and Georgia.

Publish Date: 11/21/2019

Tanner and Ian are reviewing and recapping episode 5 of HBO's Watchmen. Lots of answers and even more questions in this episode. But it looks like things are starting to come together.

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Publish Date: 11/18/2019

This episode has a few members of the Barley Mob Home Brewers Association joining Tanner to try some of Brian Bender’s favorite beers… Gueze and Lambics. Riverside Wine and Spirits sent over some nice Belgian beers, even one going back to 2015. They’re also discussing Mill Creek’s bankruptcy announcement, atmospheric vs. conical pressure, and their event for Mainx24 to help benefit the Chattanooga Area Food Bank with beer, metal, and more beer.

Publish Date: 11/14/2019


Here’s the review and recap of HBO’s Watchmen episode 4, and the series up to this point. They get into some answers on possibly where Ozymandias is, who has him captive, glimpses of a fetus pond, who has Will, and more. Tune in, listen to theories, and look at where this giant enigma of a series is going. They’re also cracking into Dynamic Ale’s Barrel Aged Full Eclipse Stout that was brewed at Monkey Town Brewing and aged in a Chattanooga Whiskey barrel.

Download Episode 215B HBO’s Watchmen Ep. 4

Publish Date: 11/14/2019

Local comedian, Bridgette Martin comes by to drink a few beers on this episode. Her, Tanner, and Jared are discussing the Founders Brewing settlement, the Coca Cola Stage leaving Riverbend next year, and Tanner talks about the great beers down at the Heaven and Ale 2nd Anniversary Party this past weekend. About halfway through the episode surprise guest, Tim Shields, swings through and brings a couple tasty beers as well. This episode they’re drinking 4Hands Brewing Warp Perception, TrimTab’s Beach, Please, Gateway Kolsch from French Broad River Brewery, and The Fragile Kind from Aslin Beer Company.

Publish Date: 11/7/2019

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Based out of the Scenic City, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sit down with Tanner, Jared, and Alan for a couple of pints of good conversation, theories, and beer. This show isn't for the faint of heart, or children. But neither is good beer. We can't promise you won't be offended, but we can promise good conversation and (hopefully) some good beer. After all, good conversation is intoxicating.



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