Episode 196 - Tommy Lape

You all know that Riverside Wine & Spirits sponsors the show. This week their beer guy himself, Tommy Lape, is in the studio to slam a huge roster of beers. They’ve got Rye Whiskey barrel aged beers, Bourbon barrel aged beers, Yazoo’s Open, and way more. They’re also discussing OJ Simpson getting on Twitter, and the new Joker film.

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Publish Date: 6/20/2019

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This week, Mike Ballard from the ChattaBrew Tour comes by the studio to talk about starting up a beer bus business, Chattanooga’s rapidly changing beer scene, and his travels. For those that don’t know, Mike spent the past year travelling the world with his wife Angela and trying beers from every continent. At least the ones that have beers…. looking at you Antarctica.

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Publish Date: 7/11/2019

This episode Tanner is drinking a couple tasty day drinking beers and then a delicious stout from Monday Night Brewing. But he’s also breaking down Marvel’s Spiderman Far From Home. Which was not only a huge step forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but an incredible film as well.

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Publish Date: 7/5/2019

This episode the Brew Chatt crew is discussing Corona’s new strategy on minimizing packaging with their stack-able six pack cans. They’re also getting in to this story about Germans defeating some neo-nazi’s by buying up every drop of their town’s beer. Kona Brewing could potentially buy you a free six pack if you have purchased their beer in the past few years, via a new law suit. Then finally they’re giving their thoughts on Tennessee’s new “mobile device” usage laws, and what it may mean for Tennesseans down the road.

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Publish Date: 6/28/2019

This episode is introducing Scott Samuels, who is the homebrew guy at Beverage World as well as a local comic. Scott will be joining Brew Chatt in the future to help break down movies and TV, and this episode he brings a bit of movie news along. They’re talking about X-Men Dark Phoenix, if Ballast Point is the first sign in the craft beer bubble bursting, and how we learned to like beer to start with.

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Publish Date: 6/13/2019

Eric and Tanner went and saw Godzilla King of the Monsters a few days ago, simply to bring you this spoiler filled review. They’re also drinking a delicious Maple Stout from Hi-Wire Brewing, and Jared is back for this episode bringing in some tasty session-able meads from the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

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Publish Date: 6/7/2019

Chris Hill, host of Comedy Tap Take-over at Hutton and Smith, joins this week to talk about comedy, home-brewing, and Berliner Weiss beers. This is also the inaugural episode of the new podcast setup.

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Publish Date: 5/30/2019

Stephanie Sutton from Cherokee Distributing rolls through the studio this week to talk all about contract breweries and beers. Kroger, Wal-mart, Aldi, and more all have exclusive beers, brewed only for them. So this week it’s getting broken down, and it ties in to the loss of the illustrious Rockdale Light.

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Publish Date: 5/17/2019

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