Episode 224 - A Late 2019 Retrospective

As the first episode of 2020, we put up our late retrospective of 2019. Ian Sharpe and Scott Samuels join and we break down some of the gains and losses of the beer industry and some of our favorite movies of both 2019 and the decade. We talk about how streaming services stepped up their game in the 20-tens, how it was the age that we stepped into a mild future, and how 3 major franchises ended this past year. We’re also drinking a few beers that Jared brought back from Maryland, and we’ve got several stouts Riverside sent our way.

Publish Date: 1/10/2020

Recent Episodes

Dawn Hjelseth of the Chattanooga Breakfast Rotary Club and the Brew Skies Beer Festival is on this episode, which was recorded live at Five Wits Brewing Company. There’s lots of questions about some changes coming to the festival this year, such as a new location, new date, and more. We’ve got questions and she’s got the answers, we’re breaking it all down, and having some of Five Wits’ seasonal beers.

Publish Date: 1/17/2020

This episode has the three funny ladies that make of The Feral Hogs Comedy Tour in the studio. Hilliary Begley, Bridgette Martin, and Ari Kobler. They’re telling us all about their tour, where you can catch it, and we all give a solid college try at playing the illustrious Australian instrument… the didgeridoo. All while drinking a few ciders, a little bit of whiskey, and we try to push some beers that we thought they’d like onto them.

Publish Date: 1/16/2020

Hayli Chamberlain and Derek Burgess of Scenic City Oddities come by the studio to talk to them about their work. Which… might be some of the most interesting work being done in the scenic city. They gift us some dinosaur poop, tell us about taxidermy, and we try out some Gary Busey impressions. While drinking a few tasty beers from Westrbook, who is killing the game right now.

Publish Date: 1/16/2020

We’ve got Brady Effler joining for this episode to give a SPOILER FILLED review of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker. But what started out as a review of Episode 9 eventually turned into a great discussion and review of the full scope of the trilogy of trilogies. We found it hard to really discuss the newest installment without thoroughly discussing what is now the Star Wars ennealogy.

Publish Date: 1/5/2020

Long-time friend of Tanner’s, Parker Allen, comes by along with local musician, Lon Eldridge, to drink a few Belgian Beers. They’re discussing Belgium, Tono Brewing, Chattanooga’s sister city, the hop exchange program, and import and export laws dealing with alcohol.

Publish Date: 12/27/2019

Local comics Natasha Ferrier, Ethan McFall, & Elijah Craan join in on this show after a long day of helping Tanner construct the awards for the upcoming Donnies. It was a long day covered in paint, so they decided they needed a few beers to chill right on down. They’re drinking some Westbrook Brewing, some Trim Tab, and more. All while talking about Kumail Nanjiani’s new Marvel bod, New Belgium selling to Lion Little World Beverages, and Natasha and Ethan talk about their experience meeting Dave Chappelle.

Publish Date: 12/19/2019

Tanner and Ian discuss the finale to HBO’s The Watchmen. Yes, there’s probably a season 2, yes we see dong, and yes it was solid. But there were still a few gripes, but not the typical gripes you would get from super fans. It was a great season overall and it’s been a blast having these after-shows, alas the end is nigh. So go finish the season and come back here to see exactly what’s what and maybe have a beer after one hell of a ride with one of the best TV series of this past year.

Publish Date: 12/17/2019

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