Episode 243 - Parker Allen from Japan

This episode has Tanner’s long time amigo, Parker Allen, recorded from Japan. They drink their beers from opposite sides of the world , and discuss how Japan and the US have been handling Covid-19, the Tokyo Olympics, and his new podcast… Tokyo Wave.

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Publish Date: 4/17/2020

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Adventure Fight is a live action Dungeons and Dragons show featuring comedians here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Hosted by Ian Sharp and Bryant Smith. While in quarantine we have produced the first installment of “A Most Potent Brew”. So come along with us and join in the adventure. Complete with sound effects and music. It basically plays like a really weird audio book.

Publish Date: 5/27/2020

We are very excited to head up to Dayton, TN and sit down with Kirby Garrison Brewer/Owner of Monkey Town Brewing Company. We drank a damn good pilsner he has on tap, talked about how business has been, and how Coronavirus could lead to lagers being the next big thing.

Publish Date: 5/27/2020

We decided to get our hosts together to do some porch drinking and sitting. Tanner, Jared, and Scott went to Jared’s to catch up on some recent movie news, and to do some deep porch sitting. So y’all come back now ya hear? We’re talking about how this quarantine situation may bring about the revival of the craft lager, and what we’ve been watching and catching up on during this pandemic.

Publish Date: 5/19/2020

An in-person podcast, Star Wars, Beer!? Yeah, you’ve got one hell of a mix to make us pretty happy. For our first in person podcast since the Covid-19 Quarantine, we are down at Naked River Brewing Company to taste their new Star Wars themed beer, The Mangalorian, and to discuss Star Wars, how they’ve fared during the pandemic, and to just throw back a few cold ones.

Publish Date: 5/11/2020

This show has a few long time friends of the show getting together for a couple virtual beers during quarantine. We catch up on that ‘tine life and talk about the Heaven & Ale’s facility going up for sale, how Coronavirus will effect the beer industry, and talk about some of the fun recipes we’ve invented during this pandemic.

Publish Date: 5/6/2020

We’ve got local comedian Bridgette Martin in the interweb to have a few beers, or ciders in her case…. We’re talking about some Hamilton County opening back up, fools protesting, Crash Bandicoot, and some skills we’ve sharpened up on while being in quarantine.

Publish Date: 4/28/2020

Morgan Maier the local rep for Wiseacre Brewing Company is on this episode from quarantine. She tells us about the water in Memphis, blue swede shoes, and how life has been couped up inside.

Publish Date: 4/20/2020

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