Episode 277 - Bridgette Martin & Stouts

We’re back with comedian Bridgette Martin this week and we’re drinking some thicc and heavy stouts. We’ve got an amazing French Toast Imperial Stout from Angry Chair Brewing and Untitled Art. We also talk about the old school Snick line up on Nickelodeon and how some people just can’t.

Publish Date: 1/21/2021

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We’re back this week to talk about some local restaurant closures and some announcements on our end. We’re also drinking some IPAs from Southern Grist, Sloop, and Pontoon Brewing. We’re talking about how Tiger Woods can’t catch a break and his recent car accident, and Bruce Springsteen getting let off of his DUI, because well… America.

Publish Date: 2/25/2021

We’re back at it this week and joined by comedian Ian Sharp. Ian co-hosts In Chaos We Trust with Tanner, and is working on a podcast version of his live Dungeons and Dragons comedy show, Adventure Fight. We hit some local points with Bitter Alibi possibly taking over Coin-Op’s spot. Chattanooga Billiards Club dragging people into the street for not wearing masks, what happens with Gina Carano’s character Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, and we discuss Wanda Vision. We’re drinking some Octopi Brewing, Ology Brewing, and Fat Bottom Brewing.

Publish Date: 2/18/2021

We’re joined this week by comedian Jeff Greenspan. Jeff moved to Chattanooga mid pandemic and decided he enjoyed living in the South. We talk to him about being in the South during an election year, how the South has rubbed off on him, and he tells us about his show at The Bode Hotel. Friday February 5th, at 8PM.

Publish Date: 2/4/2021

We’re back this week with Tanner and Jared, and they’re joined by Naked River Brewing’s sous chef and brother of Jared, Will. We’re drinking a stout from Trimtab Brewing, and a few others from Southern Grist, Bearded Iris, and our favorite Winter Solstice Ale from Anderson Valley. We’re talking about Coin-Op closing down, Trader Joes finally coming to Chattanooga, a juicy rumor we’ve heard on the streets about Heaven and Ale Brewing, and the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong.

Publish Date: 1/28/2021

Tanner and Jared are back for their first episode of 2021. Twelve days in, at least at the point of this recording, and it’s already been quite the year. We’re gonna try to NOT talk about all that nonsense and just have a good time. So we’re talking about people holding people hostage via chastity belts, shitty toys, and the declassification of UFO documents. We’re drinking a delicious beer from Untitled Art, and a few tasty pale ales from LIC Beer Project.

Publish Date: 1/14/2021

We’re back this week to drink a few hefty stouts like Goose Island’s Bourbon County 2020. We’re also talking about how the Covid-19 Pandemic has effected movie theaters and the entire film industry. Disney and Warner Brothers both announced huge moves and movies for streaming, let’s get into it.

Publish Date: 12/17/2020

We’re back this week with The Gravy Boyz. Chattanooga based comedians Charles Newby and Bryant Smith starting doing a cooking show during quarantine. We’re here for one big hunk of an episode to drink some beers from Monday Night Brewing, Voodoo Brewing, and Oddstory Brewing.

Publish Date: 12/15/2020

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