Episode 304 - Jeff Greenspan

New York Native and host of The Bode Hotel’s comedy night… Jeff Greenspan is joining us. He sets Tanner’s Covid paranoia straight, and how the South has been treating a native New Yorker.

Publish Date: 9/9/2021

Recent Episodes

We’re back this week to catch up on Comic Con and Marvel news. We’re also talking about Ms. Marvel on Disney+ and touching on some Star Wars news.

Publish Date: 8/8/2022

Tanner, Jared, and Will are back this week and they’re pretty stoked on the brews they’ve got actually. Tanner recently saw Thor Love and Thunder, and they’re talking about Ms. Marvel.

Publish Date: 7/26/2022

We’ve got Tommy Lape from Riverside Wine and Spirits with us this episode, and it’s a special one. Not only did Tommy bring one of his meads for us to try, a Key Lime Pie mead….. we’re also doing the Lager Off. Lagers are making a comeback and we’re doing a blind taste test of six different ones on the market right now.

Publish Date: 7/12/2022

We’re back, and the new Obi Wan Kenobi show on Disney+ has come to an end. Here’s our thoughts, and honestly, despite a few hiccups, we think it stuck the landing.

Publish Date: 7/6/2022

Tanner, Jared, and Will are back and it’s the longest day of the year. The summer is in full swing, and so is this podcast. We’ve just finished up The Obi Wan Kenobi Series on Disney+ and we’re blowing it wide open. So SPOILERS abound people!. Go watch that series before listening to this podcast because we WILL spoil it for you. But hey, don’t we all know how it ends already?

Publish Date: 6/28/2022

Tanner, Jared, and Will are back with a packed episode. Tanner is giving his non-spoiler review of Jurassic World Dominion, Will and Jared discuss The Boys, they’re talking about the new Ms. Marvel show on Disney +, and they’re capping it off with a spoiler filled discussion of Obi Wan Kenobi.

Publish Date: 6/20/2022

Tanner, Jared, and Will have returned with comedian Ian Sharp in tow! They sit down to talk all about the new Obi Wan Kenobi show on Disney+. Spoilers people!

Publish Date: 6/15/2022

We’re back and we’re reviewing the recently wrapped HALO tv series.

Publish Date: 6/7/2022

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