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Similar to many home brewers, Neil Kade dreamed of having his own brewery one day. Although it’s not exactly the dream he expected, he’s now commercially brewing beer for New England. 

We first heard of Neil and Gilded Skull Brewing after our friends the Mass Brew Bros. wrote this article in February 2019 and their follow up article released just a couple weeks ago.

In the article we found that not only was Neil trying to launch Gilded Skull Brewing but he was also diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and fighting for a future. Neil was quoted saying “all we wanted was normalcy, to start our family and build this little beer project into a brewery.” 

Flash forward to the present, after successful surgery and a grueling 12 months of chemotherapy Neil is currently cancer free and he and his wife are expecting a child in a few weeks. On top of everything, Neil is in the middle of releasing his first beer, Gilded Empire, a 7.2% ABV New England IPA featuring Citra, Cashmere, and Lotus hops along with spelt and flaked oats. Make sure to get your hands on this beer with their convenient beer finder on their website

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Publish Date: 5/29/2020

Recent Episodes

This week we sat down with one of Massachusetts's newest breweries, Rockport Brewing Co. out of Beautiful Rockport MA. Ray Pickup is owner and head brewer and just an overall incredible person who cares about community, being eco friendly, and dedicated to having incredible beer. If his first commercially available beer "Hatchet" is any indication of the quality of beer that is being brewed out of Rockport, you're going to be hearing a lot of them in the near future.  Cheers!

To learn how to get your hands on their beer check out their website

Make sure you check out our friends The Mass Brew Bros article with Ray from Rockport Brewing Co.


PS. Wear a mask everyone!

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Publish Date: 7/3/2020

What's up everybody! We're back for another episode with our honorary co-host Rob from The Mass Brew Bros and Eco-Friendly Beer Drinker. This week we discuss and extrapolate on The Mass Brew Bros article "The Biggest and Fastest Growing Massachusetts's Breweries in 2019". Then we discuss is Massachusetts's the Best Beer State? with David Fields from Wormtown Brewery out in Worcester Ma.

Please check out our friends the Mass Brew Bros Article on this subject as well!

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Publish Date: 6/26/2020

Mark has worked everywhere and he tells us his stories about his time at those various breweries. We were able to catch up with him during his time at Idyletime Brewing in Stowe Vermont and we are able to learn a little bit of their story as well. 

We definitely encourage our listeners to make their way up to the Stowe area. Not only is it beautiful but the beer and food scene is unreal.

To find out more about what’s going on at Idlyletime Brewing go to their website


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Publish Date: 6/19/2020

This week we take you just past the White Mountain’s off of Route 3 to a Small Mill Town called Lancaster NH. 

We met up with our guests this week, Michael and Cara of The Copper Pig Brewery. We discussed some of the trails and tribulations of opening a brewery in a former mill building and trying to balance having excellent food with excellent beer. 

Right now the Copper Pig is open Thursday through Sunday, for outdoor seating and will be opening the indoor seating on June 18th 2020. The brewery is still open for takeout food and beer to go with their growlers.

For more information on what they have on tap and cooking up check out their Facebook

Also make sure to check out this awesome article from our friends The Mass Brew Bros, who revealed the Biggest and Fastest Growing Massachusetts Brewery in 2019.

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Publish Date: 6/12/2020

If you were to look up Mead you’d most likely come across Moonlight Meadery. They have set the standard in mead around the world and it’s right in our backyard in Londonderry, NH. So tune in and learn about mead from Michael of Moonlight Meadery. 

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Publish Date: 5/22/2020

Ever have a beer that tasted weird, maybe like butter? It could be an off flavor created by dirty draft lines. In this episodes we talk to Shane from Modern Draught (pretentious Draft) who talks about the importance of keeping your beer lines clean and what goes into making world class draft systems. He goes into some pretty cool details like their recent trip to build Lawson's beautiful taps and the past build they did with Trillium.

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Publish Date: 5/15/2020

Did you know that North Easton Ma is known for creating shovels, more specifically the Ames Shovel which helped build the trans- continental railway? Well now you do… 

Did you also know there is a brewery deep in the heart of North Easton that specializes in crafting unique, and high quality craft beer. That’s the story we’re telling today. Shovel Town Brewing. 

This interview is a lot of fun and you’ll learn a thing or two.. Plus it has Andy from Castle Island and who doesn’t love Andy? Seriously we love Andy

Make sure to stay up to date with Shovel Town as they open their second location in Foxboro. 

In addition, check out their website. To get your hands on some of their great beer and not to mention their awesome brick oven pizzas, cause who doesn’t like pizza and beer.


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Publish Date: 5/8/2020

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