Episode 122 – 2019 Preview

This week the geeks are looking forward and discussing all the major movies that are coming out in 2019. They also decide if they will buy it, rent it, stream it or won’t see it and mention some of the big upcoming TV shows.

OUT Beer: Revolution – Cashmere-Hero
IN Beer: Triton – The Hempire Strykes Back
Bonus Beer: Summit City – Old Crown

Publish Date: 1/27/2019

Recent Episodes

This week we are debating the world’s first Geek Bowl! We have randomly selected characters from across movies, comic books, video games and TV and created a tournament bracket. Once the bracket is set we will vote on who would win each round until we crown one character the Geek Bowl Champion. We also take a couple breaks from the action to review some beers.

IN Beer: Brew Link – Cosmic Crush
Out Beer: Two Brothers – Domaine DuPage

Publish Date: 2/17/2019

Pail and his wife, Kayla return for a season 3 discussion that you wont want to miss. They introduce the new characters to the cast and also give their top 5 most memorable moments from the show. Kayla drinks a wine from Two-EE’s winery and Pail drinks a beer from Brewery Ommegang.


IN Wine: Two-EE’s Winery – Plonqe

OUT Beer: Brewery Ommegang – Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragons

Publish Date: 2/10/2019

Keith and Pail are back to talk about SYFY’s new hit show Krypton, that premiered on March 21st, 2018. They talk about characters, episodes, and speculation into season 2. They also drink beers from Sun King Brewing and Revolution Brewing.

IN Beer: Sun King Brewing – SKB
OUT Beer: Revolution Brewing – El Dorado-Hero

Publish Date: 2/3/2019

This week the geeks take a look back at the year 2018 and rehash the list they talked about on Episode 42 – 2018 Preview. They talk about the movies and TV shows they watched and some of the video games they played. The also review three pretty fantastic beers and mention a few things that weren’t on the list that they would recommend.

IN Beer: Hop River – Kolsch
OUT Beer: Founders – Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) 2018
Bonus Beer: Stone – WootStout 2018

Publish Date: 1/21/2019

Keith and Pail take us under the sea to discuss one of DC’s “Hottest” movies to come out (yes we are counting Wonder Woman). Head along with them as they take you on quite the wettest adventure ever!


    Triton Brewing Company – Barn Phantom Gose with BlueberryMaumee Bay Brewing Company – Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout

Publish Date: 1/13/2019

Please take a moment to enjoy the best of 2018! the boys are back at it but first – we wanted to revisit the highlights of one of our best years so far!

Publish Date: 1/7/2019

This week we are wrapping up DCember with a discussion of Gotham. We begin with the plot of the show as well as our overall thoughts on the series. Then we run through the cast and talk about the characters. We also talk about the first four seasons and Batman’s top 10 villains.


    IN Beer: Grand Junction – One With NatureIN Beer: Bare Hands –  THAI.P.A.OUT Beer: Central Waters – Vanilla Bean Stout

Publish Date: 12/24/2018

The Show

They are four guys from Indiana that love to drink beer and geek out. Each week they discuss some geeky topic and review a few beers. They typically drink one “IN” beer (a beer from Indiana) and one “OUT” beer (a beer from somewhere else). They also sample a “Strange Brew” to try to guess what it is and decide if they will keep it “IN” the fridge or pour it “OUT.” And as if that isn’t enough they even do “Lite” episodes from time to time where one or two of the guys can really GeekOUT on a topic.



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