Episode 157 – Sample Indiana 2019

This week the geeks record another live episode, this time at Sample Indiana 2019. The second annual event, presented by Indy Craft Brews and hosted by Scarlet Lane Brewing, featured 13 breweries and plenty of beer to go around. Hear our opinions and learn who we decided was best in show by listening right now.

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Publish Date: 11/24/2019

Recent Episodes

In order to honor the new hit movie the geeks are talking about Sonic the Hedgehog music. The touch on some of the classic tunes then play a top 10 list from some website. They also review a couple of brews.

IN Beer: Bier Brewery – Lil Wiz

Out Beer: Evil Twin Brewing – B is for Blueberry

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Publish Date: 2/17/2020

Keith and Pail talk about Legion season 3 on FX, the final season. They also drink beers from Central State Brewing and Untitled Arts Brewing.

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Publish Date: 2/9/2020

The boys are back at it again with, you guessed it, the 2020 preview! Listen to them judge upcoming movies based on their excitement! See if at the end of 2020 they were correct!

In beer: 2Tom’s El Cucuy Mole Stout

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Publish Date: 1/27/2020

First go at a complete remote session! All 4 of us from 4 different locations!

Instead of doing a beer, since we are remote, we are reviewing our untappd Year in Beer (2019).
If you are interested in your 2019 year in beer make sure you check out: https://untappd.com/yearinbeer
Then we reviewed a list of movies and tv shows that we were excited to check out in our 2019 preview episode!

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Publish Date: 1/13/2020

Dustin and Saf go to the newest brewery on the NE side of Indianapolis, located in Noblesville, IN: Primeval Brewing Co. They try all of the beers that Primeval has to offer and decide that they should bring up some fun trivia(l) information about Batman, and his batcave.

Beer list: http://primevalbrewco.com/beers

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Publish Date: 12/9/2019

Dustin and Saf jump a board a Thai Train to try the 2019 Variants of Double Thai from the Double Thai Day release from Bare Hands Brewing. Listen to see which ones they liked the most! (if any!)

Beers: Thai Session, Thai Haze DIPA, Thai Milkshake, Double Dry Hopped Double Thai

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Publish Date: 11/10/2019

Dustin and Andrew are back at it again with another Super Smash Brothers related music episode for you guys. This time they dive into the realm of Super Mario… wait… you mean? Luigi? Absolutely! This episode focuses on the Luigi Mansion series: including music from Luigi Mansion 1, Luigi Mansion 2 – Dark Moon and just recently released Luigi Mansion 3.

IN: Burn ‘Em Brewing – Baba Yaga
OUT: Oddside – Java Chip Mint Stout

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Publish Date: 11/3/2019

The Show

They are four guys from Indiana that love to drink beer and geek out. Each week they discuss some geeky topic and review a few beers. They typically drink one “IN” beer (a beer from Indiana) and one “OUT” beer (a beer from somewhere else). They also sample a “Strange Brew” to try to guess what it is and decide if they will keep it “IN” the fridge or pour it “OUT.” And as if that isn’t enough they even do “Lite” episodes from time to time where one or two of the guys can really GeekOUT on a topic.



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