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 This is the 3rd part of our 4 part episode from inside the Neck of the Woods Brewery at the Summer Swelter Beer Festival. In this episode, Chuck from Death of the Fox Brewery talks with us about the only coffeehouse/brewery in NJ and how the new ABC special ruling affects his business.

 Next up is our interview with John from Hidden Sands Brewery, a large production brewery located in Atlantic County. He brought Amy her favorite beer of the festival, a watermelon sour. We talked about the water that they use for their beer and where they get it from.

Thanks again to Neck of the Woods Brewery for hosting us. 

Publish Date: 9/10/2019

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 We continue our interviews inside Neck of the Woods at the Summer Swelter Beer Festival. In our second segment we talk with Chris from Oyster Creek Brewing in Waretown NJ and Tony from Mudhen Brewing, a brewpub in Wildwood.

 Make sure you patronize these guys when you get a chance and follow them on social media.

Publish Date: 9/1/2019

 We attended the Summer Swelter Beer Festival in Pitman NJ and we set up our equipment inside Neck of the Woods Brewery. Eric didn't make it for this episode so we had Richard fill in for him. You'll miss him in the first interview but he makes an appearance in the second segment.

 First up is our interview with John and Tom from South Jersey Beer Scene. We talk about their upcoming beer tour and all of the great things they have going on.These guys are really busy. Make sure you check out the website and follow them on social media.

Next up is Zack from Gusto Brewing in Cape May. He tells us about his small batch brewery in the southern most part of NJ. This is the first time that we sat down to talk to him and I don't think he knew what he was getting in to. Follow them on social media and make sure that you get down to see them when you can.

A giant thank you to the guys from Neck of the Woods Brewing for all of their hospitality and hosting us. 

Publish Date: 8/22/2019

 Summer Swelter is fast becoming one of the best craft beer festivals in all of NJ. This year is even bigger and better than it's inaugural year last year. The festival has grown to 50 NJ breweries and with that, a new spot.

 Maureen Fitzpatrick, the author of the book "A Guide to New Jersey Craft Beer Breweries, South Jersey Edition" and one of the organizers of the festival sat down and talked to me and Amy about what you can expect, how to get your tickets and some of breweries that will be there.We also talked a little bit about her book but that is a podcast for another date. Check out the website, for more info and updates. Follow Summer Swelter on social media and make sure you find a copy of Maureen's book for info on the breweries in SJ. You can find her book on Amazon and on the SJ Beer Scene website.

Publish Date: 8/4/2019

We did this episode a little while ago. We are joined by Richard from Fear of a Craft Beer Planet and we sat around and didn't talk about much until we turned this episode in to a beer tasting where most of the group tried to figure out what they were drinking. 

 I just have to say, we need to do it on a bigger scale and we really need to get better.

 We drank beer from Workhorse Brewing out of King of Prussia, Pa. I know, not a New Jersey brewery but they have some really great packaging for their takeout beer. Check them out on social media.

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Publish Date: 8/1/2019

 Scott Akin from Thunderbolt came to the studio to talk about how he went from running a brewery tour service to getting in to the distributing part of the business and how he's doing it differently.

 We had Richard from Fear of a Craft Beer Planet sit in with us again because we were missing a member in the studio but he joined us via phone. Five hour Amy didn't live up to her nickname, barely making it through this episode.

Check out Thunderbolt on social media to find out what NJ craft beer they distribute along with all of the out of state offerings that they are getting.

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Publish Date: 7/20/2019

 It's not a new brewery but what happened to us. We had a brewery that was supposed to visit with us but cancelled at the last minute and left us to talk about whatever we could think of. We are missing one member, as we sometimes do, but the show must go on. 

 Honestly, I can't remember the things we discussed but I'm at least one of us said something stupid and meaningless. 

Publish Date: 7/1/2019

We got a visit from Megan of Human Village Brewing in Pitman. She brought over some good beer to share with us. One of the members of the show was drinking and enjoying a beer that they usually don't drink. 

Rich from the Fear of a Craft Beer Planet joined us and sat in the engineering chair, filling in for the kid. We had a really good time and talked about a lot of things including how the new ABC rules will effect a small brewery like Human Village.

Thanks to Megan and Rich for joining us and make sure that you visit Human Village in Pitman, NJ and follow them on social media.

Publish Date: 6/14/2019

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