Atco Brewery Part 2

After our conversation with Nic, we continued the visit with Shawn and Jay, 2 of the owners at Atco. They wanted to talk with us about all of the stuff going on with the brewery during the pandemic and their plans for when it's all over. 

Visit their location at 302 White Horse Pike in Atco. They have some great beer that is well worth the visit.

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Publish Date: 3/4/2021

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Amy, Rob and guest co-host Jack from Dr. Brewlittles, continue their conversation with Chris from Shoreside. Naturally they drink some of his brews along with some other local homebrewers who are in his homebrewers invitational.

Publish Date: 4/5/2021

We kinda went on the road to interview Chris from Shoreside Brewing in Ventnor. Amy and Rob went as far as Dr Brewittle Beer Company in Maple Shade and they were joined by one of the owners, Jack. The conversation went on for 2 hours so we cut this episode at one hour to spare everyone. 

 We discussed the Homebrewers Invitational that Shoreside is holding throughout the year. Make sure you check out their social media to see the progress. We also talked about what it takes to open up.

This show was sponsored by White Eagle Liquor Store, RIverside. Dr Brewlittle Beer Co. in Maple Shade and Thirsty Merch in Asbury Park.

Publish Date: 3/22/2021

 We got an invite to visit Atco Brewery on a Saturday to see the changes taking place. The first change is a new brewer, Nic, who sat down and talked with us about the beers that he has been brewing. From the conversation, you can tell that he is definitely a beer guy. We are joined on the show by Richard and our old friend, Kevin Reilly O'Reilly of Philly Beer Trail. Tony Iocono of the Two Brewthers Podcast has another installment of Tony's Take.

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Publish Date: 2/15/2021

 We packed up the equipment and went to visit the new location of Brotherton Brewing in Atco NJ. Our good friend Keith Oriente, one of the owners, sat down with us to talk their new digs, beers and what has been going on with them. A great conversation with the man who was the first to give us a chance and sit down with us. 

Before the interview Richard introduces a new segment featuring Tony Iocono from the Two Brewthers Podcast called Tony's Takes where he talks about whatever he wants. 

Follow Brotherton on FB, IG and check out their website for updates on what's going on.

Check out Two Brewthers on Instagram and make sure you listen to their episodes.

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Publish Date: 2/7/2021

More time in studio with just 3 of the members in an episode that we had recorded before Christmas

Publish Date: 1/20/2021

We sat down in the studio with one of our favorite craft beer enthusiasts, Richard and well, we just talked about whatever while we drank beers from Brotherton, Beach Haus and Bonesaw. We went over some the future breweries coming soon courtesy of New Jersey Craft Beer

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Publish Date: 1/11/2021

The crew got back together to visit Bout the Hops Brewing in Mt Laurel, NJ. Many people in the area know this is the brewery that as all of the roadside signs. For those of you who see the signs and are trying to figure out which brewery it is, well it's this one.

 We sat down and spoke with one of the owner's Kevin and then were joined mid interview by their brewer, Nate. They talked about the beers they were making, a collab beer our sponsor, Dr Brewlittle and their plans for there 1 year anniversary. BTW, it passed already because in the world of covid, everything is messed up.

 Make sure you visit them when you can, they have a great selection of beer. 

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Publish Date: 12/14/2020

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