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  We sat in the studio where we were joined by our buddy Rich Rabic from the Fear of a Craft Beer Planet Podcast. It was birthday weekend for a lot of the gang and we drank beer that we got from the gang at The Wort Podcast when we were at AC Beerfest. 

Publish Date: 5/15/2019

Recent Episodes

A few Saturday ago we took a trip down to visit Larry and Nick at Core3 in Clayton, NJ. Most of us made the trip except one. Take a guess on who didn't make. Just listen to find out who.

We find out about how these guys got started and how they chose Nick to be their brewer. We also talk about there different take on pouring a beer. 

Make sure you follow them on social media to find out about upcoming events and what new beer cocktails they are making

Publish Date: 2/18/2020

We have talked many times about visiting different breweries so we thought we would sit down with a company that takes you and 17 of your friends (if you have that many) out to visit different spots. 

 Brothers Joe and Kevin run Beer Belly Brew Tours and will set up a custom tour or you can catch one of their tours that is open for all. Check out their website or follow them on social media to find out where they are headed to next or contact them to find up what kind of trip they can set up for you.

Publish Date: 2/4/2020

 It's a new year and we had taken a little holiday break but we got back into at the studio. The crew sat and enjoyed some beer from Third State Brewing, Spellbound Brewing, Jughandle Brewing and Somers Point. We talked about some of the new breweries that opened in the last few months and some that are opening soon.

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Publish Date: 1/15/2020

We loaded up our equipment and headed up to Bordentown NJ and visited Tindall Road Brewery located where Common Sense Brewing used to be. Owners Jeff and Marci sit down with us and tell how they got started and how they were able to get started quickly by taking over an existing brewery.

Take a ride to 102 Farnsworth Ave in Bordentown NJ. Follow them on social media to find out about all of the new beers they have on tap and what they have going on.

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Publish Date: 1/1/2020

Jay and Bill from 3rd State Brewing in Burlington City join us in the studio and talk about how they got started in one of the premier home brewing clubs in South Jersey, Barley Legal. We sampled some of the beers they have on tap along with some special beers they had for there stout weekend. Sorry guys, you probably missed it. It was great and the selections of stouts and porters were awesome.

 Make sure you stop up and see them in downtown Burlington City. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see all that they have going on.

Publish Date: 11/15/2019

 For those that listen to our show know that it is a family project. Rob started the show, got his son Ian on board, talked his long time friend Eric, who is like a brother, in to joining the show and the last piece of the puzzle is Amy. She is Rob's sister and Ian's aunt. Rob has another son, Steven, who is also one of the reasons that Rob got in to craft beer.

 In this episode Steven sits in with us to talk about his journey into the beer scene and what keeps him going in. By the end of this episode you will understand why Rob drinks and why he started a craft beer podcast.

 Richard from Fear of a Craft Beer podcast also sits in and when he and Steven get together... well, just listen for yourself. This is only the 2nd episode that we did where we had to edit some parts out.

Publish Date: 11/5/2019

We got a visit from our friends Tony and Nick Iocono of the Two Brewthers Podcast. They are 2 brothers (go figure) who travel to different breweries in the area. The first episode of the visit is where they talk to the brewers and owners and in the following part they dissect the beers that they tasted.

  We talk about their show, Nick's band and some other topics until the 2nd segment when we blind taste test some styles of beers. Listen to find out who got the most styles right.

 Make sure you check out their show. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts from. Also follow them on social media to keep up with all of their new shows.

Publish Date: 10/15/2019

Alexis Degan from the NJ Brewer's Association joins us in the studio to talk about the NJBA and what they are doing about the new rules handed down by the NJABC. We also talk about some of the breweries now making seltzer and a whole bunch of other stuff. We had a great time talking with her. 

 Make sure that you check out their site and social media to keep up with what is going on in the fight to save NJ Beer.

Publish Date: 10/1/2019

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