Episode 5

We welcome Andrew Shilliday and Kurt Fritzsche, two home brewers who make some really good beer. We talk about the brewing process, their home brewing experiences and naturally try and get Amy to understand.

Publish Date: 12/16/2017

Episode 5
What's this? Yet another episode of the ever popular, thespeakpodcast.

In this fun-filled, witty, episode we discuss our trip to Indianapolis Monthly's Beerfest in addition to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's movie.

For those of you beer review fans, we discussed several beers from the twenty brewing companies that showed up to the Beerfest as well as an exclusive interview from the Indiana City Brewing company's head brewmaster and owner. Please make sure to visit their site: http://indianacitybeer.com/ and try any of their tremendous beers. Having trouble deciding which one you will buy, listen to our podcast to find out our recommendation.

Publish Date: 7/25/2017

Recent Episodes

  We sat in the studio where we were joined by our buddy Rich Rabic from the Fear of a Craft Beer Planet Podcast. It was birthday weekend for a lot of the gang and we drank beer that we got from the gang at The Wort Podcast when we were at AC Beerfest. 

Publish Date: 5/15/2019

 In this episode we sat down on session 3, Saturday night, with a few old friends and some new ones. We talked to Damien of Nomad Brewing, Joe from Brainy Borough was joined by Mike from Westville Brewing and we tried to get them to do a collaboration. Mike from 3 Threes also joined us as did Kathy from Devils Creek. We also talked to the members of 3 shows that are on the Hopped Up Network with us. The guys from The Wort with Mike and Pete sat with us as did John Couchoud of South Jersey Beer Scene and Al Gattullo of the AG Craft Beercast.

Thanks to everyone who sat down with us. We enjoyed every minute of the best beer festival on the east coast. Make sure you check out everyone on social media and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Publish Date: 5/2/2019

On our first night of the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival we sat down and talked to Keith Oriente from Brotherton Brewing, Mike Nuhn from Tonewood Brewing, Joe. a new friend that we met before the festival and who we had the chance to talk with at the festival.

We also got to talk with Jason Campbell from Slacktide Brewing who was joined by Mike Kivowitz from New Jersey Craft Beer. We were inundated with Robs in the last segment. Rob Zarko from Ship Bottom Brewing and Rob Callaghan from Tuckahoe Brewing.

This is a long episode but we had a lot of fun making and we want to thank all those who stopped by. Make sure you check them all out when you get the chance, except Joe, he wouldn't use his real name with us. Thanks everyone for sitting down with us.

Publish Date: 4/23/2019

We recently attended the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival where we sat down and talked to various brewers and folks that attended. The tables were turned on us when Rob, Amy and Eric (Ian was MIA for this) sat down with Richard and Jay from The Fear of a Craft Beer Planet podcast. They are one of the first and longest running craft beer podcasts in NJ. We talked about some of the beers they had and how we all got started along with some other funny insights.

 Make sure you check them out wherever you get your podcasts and on the Osiris Network. They are also on FB, Twitter and IG. They even have a website and if look, you can find their "lukewarm" line where you an talk with Richard.

 Stay tuned for our episodes from AC Beerfest coming up very shortly.

Publish Date: 4/10/2019

 Our friends from Axe and Arrow stopped by the studio with some beers to continue the conversation we started a couple of episodes back. Greg, Josh and Krystle sat down and talked about what it's like getting a new brewery started and what it is like finally beginning production. That's right, production. They have begun making beer and will be opening soon.

Make sure check them out on Facebook and Instagram to find out the date of their opening.












Publish Date: 3/28/2019

We loaded up the equipment and headed to Raritan Bay Brewing in Keansburg where we checked out their awesome space, tried some really good beer and talked with owner/brewer Jeff Benfer about what he's doing in his historic building and how he's making an impact in a downtown area.

Make sure you visit them at 32 Church St., Keansburg NJ. Follow them on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the Jersey Beer Guys on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Download the episodes wherever you get your podcasts and on The Hopped Up Network

Publish Date: 3/15/2019

We packed up the equipment and went to Uno in Maple Shade where we were joined by Vic Sbailo from South Jersey Beer Scene along with Jason Campbell from Slacktide. We also talked with Mike Hahn bar manager with Uno, Rich Rabic our producer and one of the hosts of Fear of a Craft Beer Planet and the guys from Axe and Arrow brewing, a soon to be opened brewery in Glassboro.

Visit Slacktide Brewing at 1072 Rt 83, Clermont NJ. Stop in to Uno Pizzeria and Grill, 2803 Rt 73 S, Maple Shade, NJ. Check out Axe and Arrow Brewing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see when they are going to open








Publish Date: 3/4/2019

John and Ed from Somers Point Brewing visit the studio to talk about their brewery located at the old Somers Point ice company. The building at this time is still undergoing construction but they are expecting an early spring opening, possibly the beginning of April. Make sure you check them out on Facebook and Twitter to track of their progress and for the grand opening date. 

We especially want to thank Ed for being a long time listener of the show. He actually recognized Amy at the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival last year and we haven't heard the end of it from Amy since. Thanks Ed.

Somers Point Brewing, 705 New York Ave., Somers Point, NJ

Publish Date: 2/1/2019

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