Summertime Revisited

Since Rob is still hating Zoom, we are bringing you a past episode where we talk about some summertime beers. Listen to the choices and I'm sure at some point Rob voices his disdain for sour beers which now he favors to drink.

Now that breweries are opening up their beer gardens, we will get back to recording new material and visiting places in a responsible way.

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Publish Date: 6/17/2020

Recent Episodes

More time in studio with just 3 of the members in an episode that we had recorded before Christmas

Publish Date: 1/20/2021

We sat down in the studio with one of our favorite craft beer enthusiasts, Richard and well, we just talked about whatever while we drank beers from Brotherton, Beach Haus and Bonesaw. We went over some the future breweries coming soon courtesy of New Jersey Craft Beer

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Publish Date: 1/11/2021

The crew got back together to visit Bout the Hops Brewing in Mt Laurel, NJ. Many people in the area know this is the brewery that as all of the roadside signs. For those of you who see the signs and are trying to figure out which brewery it is, well it's this one.

 We sat down and spoke with one of the owner's Kevin and then were joined mid interview by their brewer, Nate. They talked about the beers they were making, a collab beer our sponsor, Dr Brewlittle and their plans for there 1 year anniversary. BTW, it passed already because in the world of covid, everything is messed up.

 Make sure you visit them when you can, they have a great selection of beer. 

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Publish Date: 12/14/2020

As the pandemic continues, new businesses continue to open and the beer scene of NJ got another new brewery. Mechanical Brewing just recently opened (Black Friday) and before they did, Amy and Rob visited with James to talk about what he has going on in the brewery and what he's looking to accomplish. 

Make sure you visit them in Cherry Hill. Follow them on all of the social media platforms

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Publish Date: 12/2/2020

Swedesboro Brewing is a new brewery under construction in guess where? Swedesboro. The owners, Kevin and Marvin stopped over to the studio to talk about what they are doing with the space and and about what they want to accomplish when they open. Sit back and listen to the conversation and how they cracked Amy up.

Publish Date: 10/13/2020

On one of our previous episodes we sat down with Jack, who is an owner and general manager and Ingrid, the brewer that was hired. A lot has changed. Construction woes which delayed the project in turn caused the need to find a new brewer. Then a pandemic hit in case you were not aware.

After all the issues, they finally got their state approval, hired a new brewer and set the date to launch. Now that has passed, we are just a tad late but we sat down with again with Jack and their new brewer, Josh to try some beers and talk about all that they have been through.

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Publish Date: 9/8/2020

Eric came over on a Friday night, sat in the studio with me and we called Harry at X-Beerimental Brewing. A home brewing project that is looking to become another brewery once the pandemic is behind us. We sampled a few beers and had a nice long conversation with him on what he would like to do once he opens

 For the first time we were without Amy so we had nobody to say the tag line. She offered to call but we were already in to the conversation.

Make sure you check out X-Beerimental Beer on IG and our sponsors on social media. White Eagle Liquor, Beer Belly Brew Tours and The Thirsty Quaker

Publish Date: 8/10/2020

It's been a very difficult few months for everyone but since things seem to subsiding a little bit, we thought it was about time we reunited and did a show. Everybody showed up at the studio and we talked, laughed, drank beer and we had to shake our heads at something Amy did. Listen for Amy's new recipe for beer fruit salad.

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Publish Date: 7/8/2020

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