#17: Bearded Owl Brewing

Brewers Nick Babcock and PJ Hoehne of Bearded Owl Brewing sit down with us to talk about their evolution from homebrewing to running a successful craft brewery in the eager market of Peoria.  They aren’t shy to try new styles and push the envelope to get craft beer drinkers in central Illinois excited for what’s next.  Nick and PJ are looking to forge a new enthusiasm for craft beer locally and they talk about Bearded Owl’s future.  Listen in to this episode to learn all about this great new brewery plus celebrations of Dan’s birthday, Phish references and discussions of beer in gas stations. Cheers from P+P!!

Publish Date: 6/9/2018

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Ryan and Evan are joined by lambic fanatic Bryan for some talk about the traditional Belgian style of Lambics.  Like tart, dry, funky, and rustic beers?  What's a coolship and spontaneous fermentation?  Some of the traditional Lambic breweries have been around since before the First World War and their techniques are steeped in tradition.  We discuss what makes these beers unique and why you can't call it a Lambic unless brewed under specific guidelines.  On the docket are beers from Cantillon, Side Project, and Boon Brewery.  Cheers!!

Publish Date: 12/7/2018

Happy Black Friday everyone!  Ryan, Evan, Brett, and Michael share thoughts on the annual Thanksgiving share hosted by Ryan.  We blind taste different years of WeldWerks Brewing's Medianoche barrel aged stout, enjoy some Open Spaces by Side Project Brewing, and discuss how we are out to get our allotments of Bourbon County Brand Stout from Goose Island Beer Co.  Chicago's FOBAB (Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beers) also just finished and we review winners and how great it is for the city.  Cheers!!

Publish Date: 11/23/2018

Daniel and Evan talk Thanksgiving and how best to enjoy the day, especially if you are a craft beer enthusiast.  We discuss our favorite dishes and how we best enjoy the day with libations whether it wine, cocktails, or beer.  Thanksgiving is about getting together and enjoying great food, drink with a little fun with the family.  Cheers from P+P!!

Publish Date: 11/17/2018

Ryan, Evan, and Mark sit down with Brian Buss, head brewer of Industry Brewing Co. located in Peoria, IL.  We learned more about his transition from seasoned home brewer to his position at Industry where he crafts his own twists on classic styles.  His crushable beers are a reflection of his approach to craft beer which focuses as much on the beer as the conversations and people he drinks them with.  This was highlighted by the beers we sampled including his saison, double IPA, red ale, and porter.  Tune in for our time with Brian and hear him construct his "Ideal 4-pack"!  Cheers!!

Publish Date: 11/5/2018

Evan, Mark, and Daniel are joined by guests Tim and Phil for a fun filled episode of beer trivia!  We recorded at Daniel's house in Lombard where we may have successfully indoctrinated Phil into the depths of craft beer geek-dom.  Although we strayed way off topic at times to discuss the economics of big beer and how growing craft breweries are able to deliver a consistent product, we still managed to stay humbled by our trivia questions.  Did we mention we cracked some really awesome beers?  Tune in wherever you get your podcasts!!

Publish Date: 10/31/2018

Ryan and Evan, along with guest host Luke, talk to the brewers of Bearded Owl Brewing, Nick and PJ, about our collaboration brew "Did We Just Become Best Friends?"  This tasty NEIPA turned out to be a melon forward, full bodied, hazy IPA so go get some before it's gone!  We also talked about Bearded Owl's experience at the Great American Beer Festival.  Finally, we sample some great beers from Henry and Fran Brewing and Weldwerks to celebrate stout season.  Cheers from P+P!!

Publish Date: 10/12/2018

Kyle joins Ryan and Evan for our second installment of reviewing classic styles called Beer 102. Evan gives a little background on the annual Oktoberfest event and its origins while discussing amber marzen style lagers with the one that started it all.  Ryan shares a special lambic geuze he recieved from a friend in Belgium and how unique the style really is.  Finally, Kyle gets to crack the OG saison that everyone should try and why it's universally adored.  Thanks for tuning in!  Cheers from P+P!!

Publish Date: 9/21/2018

We are joined with special guest Daniel, who shares with us his love of Chicago beers and we help him push his palate a bit with a big stout from J. Wakefield Brewing and a sour from DeGarde Brewing.  As we sip across the Pour Bros. tap wall, disucssions include the Peoria Beer Mile, our Labor Day adventures, and even avocado toast.  Thanks to Daniel for joining us, cheers from P+P!!

Publish Date: 9/8/2018

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When hobbies become obsessions, we often like to share what we know and love about them with others. Although we have dedicated the most time learning the ins/outs of beer, brewing, and breweries, we have also extended our knowledge on those things that complement it: bourbon, wine, coffee, food, and cooking. Listen in to Evan, Ryan, Mark, and Dan, and with periodic guests, dissect those crafts that we love to imbibe.



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