Starting 2021 Off Right

Ryan and Evan catch up on how the 2020 Holiday season went and start the new year off right.  We were fortunate to sample some beer sent to us from Waypost Brewing Co. in Fennville, MI, which was a great zwickel style lager.  Musings on the Kyle and Evan annual home-brew stout, online beer ordering apps, great selfies and of course a sip of some Swish from Bissel Bros. Brewing Co. out of Portland, ME.  Cheers!!

Publish Date: 1/22/2021

Recent Episodes

Ryan and Evan had a great time hosting to Mike Zoller, midwest editor of, to talk Chicago beer and all things current in craft beer.  Check him out on Instagram (@chicagobeer) for great craft beer insight and cheeky content about the absurdities we see in the industry.  We got to talk about what Chicago is doing great in the current climate and what he likes about the city which loves craft beer so much.  Tune in to hear all this and what Mike considers his desert island 4-pack.  Cheers from P+P!!

Publish Date: 2/13/2021

Ryan, Evan, Brad, and Kyle virtually gather to discuss their stand out beers and breweries of the year 2020.  It must have been the year of the lager because many great lagers showed up on our lists in addition to some obvious beers (did someone say B:B:T from Side Project??) and some surprises like the one from Homes Brewing.  Some breweries pivoted amazingly this year and we also talked about how well we did in our local liquor stores allocated bourbon raffle (it didn't go great).  Tune in!!

Publish Date: 12/12/2020

Evan and Ryan caught up with a couple friends they have know virtually for a number of years.  While never having a beer in person together before (well, Evan and Nate did a long time ago), Max and Nate joined in to see where all the hype is these days as excitement has moved more into the bourbon world.  We still enjoyed some good beers on the chat but much of the conversation shifted towards spirits.  Tune in to get our take and enjoy a fun hour with Nate and Max.

Publish Date: 11/2/2020

Ryan, Bryan, and Evan sit down with more than enough barleywines to sample for a weekday evening.  Notable entries from Side Project Brewing, Fremont Brewing, and Bottle Logic Brewing round out the best of the sampling.  Get yourself ready for the breakdown and tune in!

Publish Date: 10/23/2020

We finally got a gang of four together and enjoyed a night discussing the best parts of our summer on Ryan's back porch.  Great night to be outside and sip on some stouts and talk our favorite beers and food over the last couple of months.  Ryan, Mark, Kyle, and Evan (with Brad joining us off mic) enjoyed some great beers from Bottle Logic Brewing, Side Project Brewing, Funk Factory Geuzeria and more.  From BBQ to homemade Korean Fried Chicken, we all enjoyed some wonderful meals this summer - tune in to hear all about them!

Publish Date: 9/21/2020

Last time Daniel and Evan sat down for a chat was the hot sauce episode pre-COVID and a lot has happened.  We got to catch up on our summers, favorite beers, and what podcasts we are digging right now.  Sampled the new wild ale from Bearded Owl Brewing and touched on topics like what the fall sports season looks like in the pandemic era.  Also on the docket was the recent backlash against unfriendly patrons at Short's Brewing in Michigan and why you gotta play nice with those businesses navigating their new rules.  Listen in!!

Publish Date: 8/26/2020

We are back!  Yes, summer got busy, but not too busy for coffee!  Ryan and Evan talked to Neal Beegle of Alert Coffee Co. from Tampa, FL.  He's a friend of the beer world who moved his interests from home roasting coffee to starting his own business.  Listen in to hear us talk about favorite regions, how Neal procures his beans, to why he partnered with a local brewery for his coffee shop.  Don't forget to snag some beans from their site!!

Publish Date: 8/13/2020

The Show

When hobbies become obsessions, we often like to share what we know and love about them with others. Although we have dedicated the most time learning the ins/outs of beer, brewing, and breweries, we have also extended our knowledge on those things that complement it: bourbon, wine, coffee, food, and cooking. Listen in to Evan, Ryan, Mark, and Dan, and with periodic guests, dissect those crafts that we love to imbibe.



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