Angel's Trumpet Ale House

Right in the heart of Downtown Phoenix sits a single story standalone building that has served as an anchor for the Arizona craft beer community since 2012. Angel's Trumpet Ale House began when the craft beer resurgence was just beginning in Arizona. To educate an entire community in something unfamiliar can be an uphill battle but owners Mat and Sharry Englehorn are game. In this episode host Eric Walters sits down with the Englehorns to hear the story behind their beloved ale house. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 11/12/2020

Recent Episodes

In this episode host Eric Walters hangs out with  Cathy Wise and Steven Prager from National Audubon Society for Arizona. This time we're at the Downtown Location for AZW as their bird friendly beer garden to talk about.....well, the garden. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 1/9/2021

The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild has been behind most of your favorite Arizona beer festivals. Behind the scenes they work tirelessly to ensure all our favorite Arizona breweries are up to speed on all the legislative side of things. Its often a thankless job but during COVID-19 the guild showed its value in spades guiding its members through the continually changing food & beverage landscape. In this episode Kristan Drews from the guild joins to talk with host Eric Walters. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 12/30/2020

In this episode host Eric Walters sits down with Tyler Smith from Kitsune Brewing Company. With the help of the great folks at Simple Machine Brewing Company Kitsune has developed a great reputation in its short history. Not only does Tyler make great beer but the attitude he brings to the Arizona beer community is of equal value. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 12/28/2020

Rodg Little from Oak Park Brewing Co. in Sacramento recently reached out and basically said, “dude you gotta hear the story of Ted Mack and Peoples Beer”. I looked into it briefly and quickly said HELL YES! Along with Rodge and Geoff from Oak Park Ted Mack Jr. joins as well. Mr. Mack was one of the most captivating people I’ve ever been in the presence of and am very proud to share this episode. He tells the story of his father whose message transcends beer and encourages us to think for ourselves. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 12/4/2020

Ok, lets face it. Some animals are just cuter than others. Burrowing owls might take the cake on cuteness. About the size of a "potato with legs" these little fellas are in danger. Luckily Arizona has awesome people like Cathy Wise and Steven Prager (episode 178 also) from National Audubon Society for Arizona to spearhead efforts to save them. Add in Wren House Brewing to create a beer to bring awareness to this issue and you have U-9 Lager. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 11/27/2020

In this episode I am emphatic that this cheese I tasted was the best ever. After reflecting on that….it’s 100% true! So Arcadia Premium has been a huge supporter from day one and I’m embarrassed it took me so long to get them on the show! Owners Joel and Lara join to tell their story as well as share some amazing cheese. And we even have a special guest pop in. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 11/20/2020

In February of 2017 Pedal Haus assistant brewer Ian Campbell-O'Neill tragically passed away. To honor Ian Pedal Haus makes a rye IPA called rICON every year. This year the beer will help to raised funds for the struggling Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. Tune in as host Eric Walters talks with those involved with making this wonderful beer!

Publish Date: 11/8/2020

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