Episode 132: AZ Brewcon and Real Wild & Woody 2019

This episode is sponsored by the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. I sit down with Rob Fullmer from The Guild as well as Alex Phillips from Grand Canyon Brewing + Distilling and Sarah Ritchie from 12 West Brewing. We chat about the current state of Arizona beer as well as two huge events coming up at the end of the month: AZ Brewcon and Real Wild & Woody. Get your tickets and listen today! 

AZ Brewcon tickets HERE

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Extra special thanks to Chris Dodson for his awesome production/editing work to help put the audio side of the episodes together

Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by the awesome local Arizona band Fayuca

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Publish Date: 7/10/2019

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Opening a business is no easy task. Breweries are no exception. In fact, breweries are notoriously difficult to open. A major key to getting to opening day is to have a strong team. Front Pourch Brewing in Phoenix has nailed that. Everyone from investors to the person sending hop baskets from Oregon to use as light shades are friends and family. From the early days of making beer on their front porch (surprised?) to the madness that was the soft opening they have banded together to open one of the nicest taprooms in Arizona. And the beer? Yeah, its REALLY good. The top hit for the soft opening was a blonde ale that packs a punch at around 7% due to the brewers not understanding the efficiency of the new equipment. And I applaud you for that happy mistake. Keep "Toasty Blonde" on that list. Please.

Publish Date: 9/11/2019

Our instructor for this Beer 101 is Will Walthereson from The Shop Beer Co. Over the past few years lambics and beers inspired by the iconic lambic style have started to gain some momentum. With places like Jester King in Austin who make nothing but these wild type of beers and now in Arizona with Arizona Wilderness, Grand Canyon and a few others exploring this wild frontier consumers and brewers alike are really finding joy and appreciation for these funky treats. 

Publish Date: 9/9/2019

I’ve always been a big fan of the traveling food shows like "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives", Anthony Bourdain shows, and even locally now with Plate & Pour featuring chef Mark Tarbell. A few years ago I came across a Travel Channel show called "Booze Traveler". Ok, traveling AND drinking? I’m in. I immediately fell in love with the show and thought the host, Jack Maxwell was one of the coolest guys ever. Hell, even my kids loved the show and Jack. Fast forward to last year and there I am at Goldwater Brewing having a beer with who else? Jack Maxwell. We’ve since become great friends and our schedules finally aligned to get him on the podcast. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 9/4/2019

In this episode our resident beer reviewer Marcus Pina, aka Brewery 602, reviews the Boysenberry Sour from Helton Brewing Company and Neonic Sour Ale with Raspberry, Vanilla, and Lactose Dreams from The Shop Beer Co. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 9/2/2019

Beer School is always full of great people, great beer and you might actually learn a thing or two. Plus it supports a great cause. Put on by Blue Pint Society these events and Blue Pint Society in general were created to bring awareness and raise funds for testicular cancer awareness. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 8/28/2019

The following are some great things you should check out between August 26th and September 29th, 2019:

8/30 Goldwater Brewing Co. - DDH Hop Chowda & GOGO Sour Rangers Blue 9/7 JamBEERee 9/14 Born and Brewed 9/14 Mother Bunch 5th Anniversary Luau 9/20 National Sour Beer Day at The Wandering Tortoise NEW OPENINGS! Front Pourch Soft Opening 8/29-8/31 Borderlands Public House SOON! State 48 Rock House! Late 2019 Lazy G in Prescott is now open 9/26  The Meading Room Tentative Soft Opening for 9/26

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Extra special thanks to Chris Dodson for his awesome production/editing work to help put the audio side of the episodes together

Intro/Outro music is “La Veganza” by the awesome local Arizona band Fayuca

Publish Date: 8/26/2019

In this episode, Liz heads to Real, Wild and Woody. The best summer beer festival in the Southwest RWW is always a great time and lots of fun conversations to be had. And when you have a microphone things can get very interesting. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 8/25/2019

For this episode, I head down to Gilbert to hang out with Rob the owner of Flying Basset Brewing. These guys are one of the new kids on the block but with a handful of well known Arizona beer mentors he’s worked with it makes sense why they hit the ground running. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 8/14/2019

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