Episode 157: The Brewmance

In one of the funnest episodes I've recorded I hang out with The Brewmance and Earn Your Booze at The Shop Beer Co in Tempe. Rob and Mike are true professionals on the mic and always a great time to hang out with. These guys have been all about the craft beer scene for quite some time now. It was only a matter of time before we got together for an episode. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 11/26/2019

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In this episode I travel.....5 minutes south of my house. Woohoo! Along with Front Pourch off Happy Valley Road and the upcoming State 48 Rock House we are starting to get some great places up in North Phoenix. I am especially stoked about Simple Machine. I have known co-owner Marshall Norris for a few years and he's the first person I've met who I've known before they opened up a new brewery. Oh yeah, plus him and co-owner Matt Wright are just super cool dudes who happen to make some really badass beer. Did I mention they are 5 minutes from where I live? This could be trouble...

Publish Date: 12/4/2019

In this episode I chat with Jim McCune and Jackie DiBella from Craft Beer Marketing Awards. This is the first year for the awards and it sounds really awesome. The liquid in the beer world tends to get all the attention (and rightfully so) but the marketing side is one of my favorite aspects of craft beer. Jim and Jackie explain what the awards are all about as well as the excitement from the beer community for this long-overdue recognition. If you want to enter please click this link. The early bird discounted entry ends November 29th. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 11/25/2019

In this episode I head up north to Lazy G Brewhouse in Prescott. A newly built build creates a large and beautiful space (both indoor and outdoor) to enjoy what will be a long line of great beers and fantastic food in the coming years. With a brewer who hails from the legendary California brew scene and who knows a thing or two about great beer, Lazy G is on the must-visit list every time I head up north. Enjoy the show! 

Publish Date: 11/20/2019

In this episode I sit down with Marc and Rooster from Blue Pint Society to chat about Beer School 11. BS11 will be at Helio Basin on December 15th so Dustin and Mike from Helio joined in to talk about what they're up to and how stoked they are to host the latest iteration of Beer School. Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to see how you can win a ticket to BS11. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 11/18/2019

In this episode I head down to Washington St. to hang out with the folks at PHX Beer Co. One of the valleys newest brands PHX Beer Co. is coming out swinging. It starts with a stellar brew team which then completes the flavor loop with amazing food. Three beautiful locations, including one with a patio overlooking  Marguerite Lake in Scottsdale, make these guys an easy visit. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 11/13/2019

GIVEAWAY: we are giving away a copy of "Drink Better Beer" so be sure to check out our social media to enter to win. In this episode I get to chat with my favorite beer writer, Joshua M. Bernstein. Josh just put out his 5th book, Drink Better Beer, and it seemed like the perfect time to get him on the show. Josh was able to set some time aside to talk about his beer journey. If you are looking for someone who has their finger on the pulse of craft beer, Josh is the guy to follow. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 11/11/2019

AZ Barrels, Bottles & BrewsNovember 23rd - 2pm-5pm (VIP gets in at 1pm) Salt River Fields at Talking StickClick HERE to get your tickets

Imagine an event that features nothing but Arizona made beverages including beer, wine, spirits, cider and mead. Now imagine that event is in November when the weather is perfect AND due to limited tickets the lines for drinks are short and you get to chat with the great people behind your favorite Arizona-made drinks. Well, that event exists and its happening November 23rd. In this episode we sit down with the folks behind AZ Barrels, Bottles & Brews to talk about their goal for making this the premiere beverage festival in Arizona as well as all the great things they have in store for you this years event.

Publish Date: 11/6/2019

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