Episode 183: Greenwood Brewing Company Is Open!

Meagan Greenwood has a machine over the past few years getting her beer out to the masses, and spreading the good word (in many ways). Its crazy to think I had her on the show 2 years ago (as you’ll hear….LITERALLY 2 years ago) and I'm so stoked she now has Greenwood Brewing Company open right downtown. And it couldn’t be any more perfect. Meagan is an amazing human, her beer is kick ass and she has one of the best spots in the state for sure. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 8/5/2020

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The past several months have been strange/stressful/life-changing/etc. for all of us. But as we come out of this I am excited for what we have in store for you on the horizon. I want to give you all an update on everything I'm working on and the future of Tap That AZ. Hint: We're just getting started. Check out the episode to hear it all. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 9/23/2020

When Drekker Brewing Co. in Fargo, North Dakota in 2014 their mission was to make beer completely on their terms. Now, approaching their 6th anniversary these guys are making some major waves in the craft beer world still doing it completely on their terms. From the amazing liquid in the cans to the beautiful art on the outside Drekker is making fans quickly across the country. But if you think you're crazy about them based on their beer alone wait until you hear their story from co-founder Mark Bjornstad. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 9/11/2020

I'm gonna be honest: this episode is out of right field. I have some ideas I want to play around with and want see what you think. So lets start off with a story that involves a windowless room blasting rave music, riot police and zero craft beer. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 9/1/2020

Beer School by Blue Pint Society is always a great time. But we can’t all gather just yet so the folks at Blue Pint Society said f**k COVID just like they say f**k cancer and planned an online beer school for its 12th installment happening on September 19th. But this isn’t just any old Zoom call. It includes beer delivery! Enjoy the show and hope to see you at Beer School 12!

Publish Date: 8/19/2020

The Arizona Territory in the 1800's served as a beacon of hope for many who sought to take their place among the wealthy. Hans Von Biermann immigrated to AZ in the 1800’s to find his uncle (the famed Lost Dutchman?) who told him of riches in the Sonoran Desert. However, Hans found neither. His personal journals have been recovered by Bone Haus Brewing who now have the task of telling the stories and drinking the beers of this larger than life figure. Do your part and go check this place out. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 8/14/2020

When Steven Larson was a child a freak pizza oven accident turned what would be a normal desire for pizza into a lifelong obsession to eat all of it. Well, not actually. And that first part was made up. But Steven DOES love pizza so a couple of years ago Wizard of Za was born. Through this Steven takes his followers on a journey to the best pizza spots in Arizona. It only made sense to meet up at one of Arizona's newest pizza/Italian spots, Osteria Mia. Owner/Chef Mario Rana joins in as well. Enjoy!

Publish Date: 7/30/2020

BlackRock Brewers opened in 2017 and have been steadily kicking ass since. Taking home awards from local festivals is quickly becoming the norm for this small but powerful Tucson brewery. Owner/brewer Tony Williams joins the show to tell us how his focus on quality lays the foundation for the long-term success of this neighborhood favorite. From award-winning IPA's and crisp Pilsners to experimentals like a roasted green chili wheat there's something for everyone at BRB. Enjoy the show!

Publish Date: 7/23/2020

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