Ep. 25 - The Brew Happy Show

The Brew Happy Show records live from Columbia River Brewing Co. Damian and Asha interview Matt Harhai local home brewer and tour guide for Brewvana tours. We try the new Hefeweizen from Rick at Columbia River Brewing Company that he brewed special for Oregon Brewer's Fest. We also discuss Damian's latest apperance on the Ed Forman Show (Thurs-Saturday 10:30pm @ Al's Den). Cheers to great beers!

Publish Date: 7/10/2013

Recent Episodes

Double trouble when you visit Double Mountain Brewery's 3rd location. Manager Jason Huey is here to tell you all about it the latest events, fresh hops, and upcoming community events. Ryan looks forward to cider season, Damian gets hopped up on a Killer Red, John remembers a hopped whiskey, and Bronwyn bites into an heirloom pizza. Planting seeds for future fun with collabs and seasonal beers with fresh hopped family fun. Double down on your next favorite Beer, Cider, and Whiskey on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 9/24/2023

Single Hill Brewery has been blooming in Yakima Valley's latest volley of fresh hops. Owner Ty Paxton tells us more about their freshest featured brews for this entire month at Function PDX. Casey Armstrong gives us a peek at other brands booked for future months, and Warren Wills pops in from Day One Dist. Ryan ruminates on sad cider news, John gets excited for fresh hops, and Damian and Bronwyn sample a new sour. Hops, balanced beers, and high hopes made delicious on this Brew Happy podcast!

Publish Date: 9/13/2023

For Labor Day one of us took the day off. The rest of us got together at Level 3 for some fresh hopped beer! John gets his lupulin fix, Damian has a new beer, Bronwyn gets excited about a watermelon beer. Fun times and field work, with your Brew Happy friends on this podcast!

Publish Date: 9/5/2023

Patreon rewards for our most generous listeners, with a party at Vault 31. Join our friends as they not only get to be on the show, but host as well. Ryan gets a whackajack, Jenn & Jeremy are going to Denmark, John has a whisky and cigar pairing. Celebrating those that appreciate our hard work and labor on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 9/3/2023

Upon news that Culmination Brewing may be on the rebound, we speak with Steven Shomler, to find out about his plan. We recount fond memories and meet a new friend from afar Takash from Adashi, one of the brewpub's international fans. Ryan recalls his first Phaedrus, Damian remains optimistic, and John enjoys fresh hops. Culminating on a revival with old favorites and new fans, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 8/24/2023

The hottest new spot to stay cool is Crux Fermentation Project's new SE Portland location. We are joined by Drayson Anderson and returning guest Cam O'Connor to tell us about open fermentation, other brews they make, and how Crux got it's name. Damian enjoys a Bochi Bochi, John misses Vegas, Bronwyn gets excited about Burger Week, and Ryan enjoys fresh cocktails. Plenty of free parking after 5, foodie refreshments, and exclusive information on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 8/17/2023

With a change in plans we meet up at Level Beer's level 1 location, for some fun with our favorite bartender and some of our favorite beers. Ryan relates about cleansing and cookies, Bronwyn reports on the beer scene in Fort Meyers, Damian hears from field reporter Bacon Dan, and John has advice about the heat. Breweries open, close, and sometimes rescued, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 8/13/2023

We change things up at The Beer Mongers with owner Sean Campbell, here to tell us all about the cool events and games at one of the best brew stops in town. We get some insight on beer selection and their upcoming 13th anniversary in September. Ryan relays the Brew News, Damian pulls from the Mail Pail, and a John takes us aside for some rare sherry cask spirits. Favorite pubs, new beers, and interesting can art on this episode of Brew Happy!  

Publish Date: 8/3/2023

The Show

The Brew Happy Show is a weekly show about beer. Hosted by Damian DeBuiser, he interviews brewers, beer fans, pub owners, and entertainers that all come together because of their love of beer. The show is fun, educational, and, above all, pro-beer. Music pairings, cigar pairings, food pairings, and many other things that go great with beer. Now all they need is you! In the United States, you must be over 21 years old to fully enjoy the fruits of the beer lover's labor. Enjoy and Listen Responsibly.



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