Ep. 324 – Hidden Gems

One of Portland's best kept secrets, is Upright Brewing, and if you can find it, you will be introduced to one of the city's most interesting and coveted brands. Having just expanded their hours, we are invited to a private Bottleshare Meetup by our friend from Tasting Nitch (Video Blog), featuring some of her favorite picks smuggled in from accross the pond (Arbor Ales, Pressure Drop Brewing, and Trappisten Abtei-Tropfen). Speaking with Head Brewer and Upright Brewing's founder Alex Ganum about his latest hits and departure from conventional ideas, as the landscape of his lineup becomes more deliciously daring. Also Warren Wills recounts about his recent escapades and beer commentary on his favorite picks, Beer enthusiast Don Shite brings a 'Rare Barrel' pick from A Sour Beer Co., as Other picks include Buriel Beer Co., Hill Farmstead, Upland Sour Ales, Bibine Red grape Ale, a wine from Liten Buffel in Buffalo NY, and Cellarmaker's Chronic Juice Hog. There were others but you'll have to listen or check out Instagram to find out. Damian goes North to meet a long lost brother, Bronwyn is overwhelmed by the reception of beers upon her return, and Ryan has an announcement in the samme vein as well. So many different beers, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 7/2/2019

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What is a terpene? How is it used? These answers in deep rich tones by Ross Hunsinger from True Terpenes. Plus Rob Litz from Xylem Cider Works is looking forward to a big harvest and what berry good ciders it will bring. Ryan gives us the run down on North Bank Beer Week, John lays out a plan for Hop Season, Bronwyn is broadened by a botanical connection, and Damian sinks into a really grape cider. Compelling conversation, awesome applications, and terriffic tie-ins on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 9/10/2019

One of our favorite bottle shops is turning 10! The Beer Mongers is throwing their annual anniversary party to celebrate a decade of dedication to hundreds of beer fans, near and far. Owner Sean, joins us to explain what he loves about his community and why he wants this year's party to even bigger than ever! With a week of fun filled taste buds, and something different each day of the week, we are each looking forward to piece of the action next week. John shares about the latest Hazy Fest he went to, Damian brings some aged beers for a bottleshare, Ryan can't wait for high stakes cribbage next Tuesday, and Bronwyn spies some of her favorite stouts in the cooler from Beachwood Brewing. Juicy aromatics, Spinal Tap, and cellared beers revealed on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 9/3/2019

Mikkeller, the Danish sensation, has been a gypsy brewery since their inception in 2006. With a keen knack for interesting recipes, and provacative flavors, Mikkeller has planted their flag in multiple spots all over the globe. Sought out by many, we now have an outpost of our own here in Portland, and the fanbase just keeps growing. Manager Alex Schmittenlein enlightens us on the latest pairings from their Japanese inspired kitchen, and her encounter with the artist behind Mikkeller's iconic branding. John sprinkles his beers with fresh hops, Damian is back on a Kolsch kick, Ryan relishes the wings, and Bronwyn gushes over the puppy pool. Some great event announcments, illiteration, and pronunciation practice on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 9/3/2019

Following up with West Coast Grocery Co. It's been a little over a year since their opening and there are now barrels aging, awards, new beers, and food pairings. Owner Charlie Hyde IV talks with us about their cellaring as well as a new venture, "Bodega Beer", 3 upcoming fresh hopped beers (including a saison), watermelon wheat, and more! Damian can't wait to dive into the new $5 burger, Ryan reaches for a reserve line, Bronwyn falls in love with a new stout, John raises an eyebrow for some fresh hopped beers. Gangster chickens, cupcakes, collabs, and Brainstorm Brunches on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 8/20/2019

Malted barley is one of the 4 main ingredients in beer, and we have some of the best available here in the Pacific NW. Country Malt Group distributes brands like Great Western Malt and Brewcraft, to bring flavor to professional brewers and home brewers far and wide. Sales Specialist, Brittany Sturtz joins us to talk about diversity in the industry, her favorite malts, and some new flavors you might not know about. Also plenty to talk about from Vancouver Brewfest. Ryan plays with effects knobs, John brings blueberries again, and Damian makes a new commercial for Beer Mongers. Great malt, special sauce , and Washington love, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 8/13/2019

Pop-up events have been becoming more common, an exclusive venue of intrigue, dedicated to craft beer, and other kinds of pop-up events, Function PDX is a turnkey experience from branding, marketing, and promotion. With an appreciation for networking, Casey Armstrong carved out his own place to give brands a space to showcase their products or have closed events, like their recent "Double Tap", and upcoming event with Modern Times this Thursday. Damian talks beer clubs and bottleshares, Ryan anticipates future events, Bronwyn raves about their vacation to Cape Kiwanda. Pet peeves, callbacks to Amnesia Brewing, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 8/6/2019

Great show at Untapped Fill House after a week of beer events. Reflecting on Little Beast release, Maletis’ Fest on the the Edge, OBF from the brewers brunch, parade, and the rest. Our indepth review will give you a well rounded idea of the fun you may have missed, and definitely want to look out for on tap or at the store. We have some updates on more fun summer stuff at Uptapped, including trivia, game nights, and upcoming Barky event this Sunday. John talks about his 28 beers, Ryan gushes about his first Brewer's Brunch, Damian reveals the return of Dean's Scene on the horizon. Oud Bruins, surprising sours, and a barbershop social, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 7/30/2019

Art Larrance is one of the seven founding fathers of the Oregon craft beer industry. He's helped the brewpub law get passed, found Portland Brewing, the Oregon Brewers Festival (OFB), Cascade Brewing and the sour beer movement, as well as introducing the NW Sour Ale. Today we hear about the history of the man himself, his journeys accross the globe, his tribulation through untried waters against all odds, and rise of one of the most complex and misunderstood styles of beer. Last week we brought you to the House of Sour. This week, travel West to a place where it all began, The Lodge at Cascade Brewing. John is back to tell his tales from Bend and Eugene, Ryan gets excited about Roscoe's, Bronwyn gets planty with our guest, and Damian gets Primordial. Proving that time and experience, is a key ingredient of the best sours this side of the Willamette River, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 7/23/2019

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