Ep. 326 – House of Sour/News from China

The House of Sour is a great name for a place where the best of Cascade Brewing's Barrel House is yours for the taking. Joined by "Big Mike" Mathis and Grant Richie to enlighten us about their bright tangy treats, their work with Surfrider PDX (non-profit), their Coral Horizon unveiling at this month's OBF, and their upcoming Raid the Cellar event. You'll be learning about the complexities of sour making, the time and patience it takes, and how certain radical ingredients require delicate balance. As a bonus we have Brew News from afar brought to us by our very own Matthew Harhai back from China, and our guest Jim Sullens from the Oregon Brew Crew and the Beijing Homebrew Society. These two have some inside knowledge about how thigs are done in another land. Damian learns about Paw Paw fruit, Ryan reveals his passion for peaches, Bronwyn fondly recalls her reunion with a Strupe Waffle Stout. Sour power, barrels of fun, fresh air, and brewing at unusual altitudes, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 7/16/2019

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She Brew is back at McPolander's Taproom. With over a month away from this exciting event, Shannon Long and Christine Garcia fill us in with Jenn and Jeremie hosting the fun. John brings a strong selection of spirits, including an Italian Whiskey, Damian remembers Henhouse at Function PDX. Barley wines, exotic spirits, and working women on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 1/12/2022

The New Year is here at Chill n Fill, we are saying goodbye to some of our friends that didn't make it, and hello to new friends making their debut while we enjoy fudge. Damian learns the difference between the Highlands and the Lowlands. John is confused by "Dry January", Ryan reviews some new releases. Glengoyne and other treats form afar and comfy onesies, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 1/5/2022

Bryant Cox at Chuckanut's P-Nut Taproom, is helping us bring in the New Year. We have new plans, new beers, and even new spirits to try. John hints at Scotch Fudge, Ryan does away with an old segment in favor of a new one, Damian relates to a fellow transplant, Bryant enjoys Edradour straight for the cask. We know where good beer is on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 12/29/2021

Just in time for Holiday fun, the crew gets together at Chill n Fill again, this time for more Holiday fun. John laments working through the holiday, Ryan reaches for a reserve beer, and Damian dives right into some seriously succulent seasonals. Revision, Chuckanut Brewing, Alesmith, Baerlic, Firestone Walker, and more. Expecting snow as we warm our hearts with cheer on this Brew Happy podcast!

Publish Date: 12/22/2021

Damian is back from Florida, after carefully documenting his journey on the Instagram, with brewpubs, before coming back for a 3 level tour at Level Beer! John laughs at the boys, Ryan has a broken adapter, Damian brings back gifts from Florida. We focus on Florida flavors like Big Top Brewing, Cooper Point Brewing, Pareidolia Brewing, Mash Monkey Brewing on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 12/15/2021

We last brought the show to a tiny space in April of 2015 to welcome them to the neighborhood. Now, they have survived and thrived. The only thing bigger than their selection is the room you'll have to stretch out while you quench your thirst. John isn't done with Hazy's for the year, Damian looks forward to Ruse Brewing opening nearby, and Ryan gets some new tunes to pair with your next favorite beer. Join our gift exchange on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 12/15/2021

After hours in Vancouver at Final Draft Taphouse, owners Mike and Kimberly always prepare a perfectly curated draft list. Curb your thirst and hear about the latest in popular beers, and Mike's obsession with humming birds. Ryan and JP ruminate about cigar pairing pitfalls, and Seawolf whiskey. Resurrected distilleries, and mushroom confessions on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 12/2/2021

This week Ryan and JP prepare for Turkey days ahead. Posting up at Ben's Bottleshop in Vancouver, you know there will be plenty of beers to talk about. The new Baerlic location is popping off, and spirits to be had on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 11/23/2021

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