Ep. 70 - The Brew Happy Show

The Brew Happy Show records live from Base Camp Brewing in Southeast Portland. Damian and the gang talk to Seamus king from the science themed Bunsen Brewing in beautiful Sandy, Oregon. We try a couple of the Base Camp lagers, a stout, a session ale, and more. We discuss the latest brew news, gear up for Cheers to Belgian Beers at Metal Craft, and drink some great beer. Matt Harhai talks brewing, Casey Workman updates us about his recon mission here in Oregon to bring craft beer to Peru, and Lenny keeps us all on task. And as always a cigar pairing from John Paul himself.Prost! Prost to listening!

Publish Date: 5/27/2014

Recent Episodes

A spirited return to Vault 31 Bar, just across the river in Vancouver, WA. We visit with owners and Patreon subscriber David and Chrissy. They are gearing up for more gaming events, beers, cocktails, and a new weird food menu they can't wait to tell you about. John storms the field, Ryan gets all of the blue and leaves the pink at the bottom, and Damian names drinks. Old games, new games, and even Old Gregg on this Brew Happy podcast!

Publish Date: 12/2/2022

Well it's that time of year when more seasonals are coming for the feast day we all love. Chill n Fill is a great spot for filling our pregame glasses. John is back from Key West, Bronwyn boasts a dessert beer, Ryan has a new stache, and Damian meets a local fan of Chill n Fill. Plenty of stories, beers and events to talk about, on this Brew Happy Happy Show!

Publish Date: 11/24/2022

Double trouble this week, as we hop from Chill n Fill with our featured guests Teri Fahrendorf founder of the Pink Boots Society, with board member Sonia Marie Leikam from Leikam Brewing the only Kosher brewery is the U.S. Then back to Level Beer's original Brewpub "Level 1" with Patreon member Ryan Finn, and lush greenery brought to you by Green Goddess Botanic, Bronwyn Landis. We eagerly await new breweries, new beers, and new events! All coming up soon including one on the 27th so check this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 11/18/2022

In the Slabtown District of NW Portland, we gather at Breakside Brewery to hang out with our Patreon subscriber Ryan Finn, and shower him with gifts. Bronwyn joins us as she tends to the lush foliage, Ryan plots more Patreon moments, John discovers someone new to share whiskey with, Ryan mashes it up on the music pairings, and Damian recalls hosting the Oregon Brew Crew's delayed 40th Anniversary Dinner and Awards Ceremony. Award winning breweries and community members to celebrate on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 11/10/2022

We are having a spooky time at Ben's Bottleshop. All dressed up to  see Halloween out and drinking a little bit of the sweet stuff. New things on the horizon, Ryan wants a new theme song, Bronwyn sees Hocus Pocus at the symphony, John goes to a party, and Damian tells us what he likes about costumes. Plenty of music, mystery and plans ahead on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 11/4/2022

At the ever blossoming P-Nut Taproom by Chuckanut Brewing we get a taste of award winning beer, while we plan for Halloween. We bump into Warren from Craft Beer Scribe, Ryan takes a music request, John brings a Offerman offering, and Damian enjoys a Japanese lager. Hear about some of the newest changes at this Brew Happy location!

Publish Date: 10/27/2022

The Beer Mongers, a local favorite beer spot, has officially moved, one block away over to 11th St. After 13 years open over 4,700 days in a row, we couldn't wait to check out the new digs, and owner Sean couldn't wait to tell us all about the new changes, improvements and show off the new space. Come celebrate with The Beer Mongers and get Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 10/20/2022

Continuing at McPolanders with our review of GABF and some gift giving. Ryan makes cocktails and tastes a Mountain Toad, John brings the whiskey, and Damian recounts the Sam Adams brunch with  Dogfish Head, the New Belgium tour Many other stops including O'Dell, Strange Brews, Golden City, Snow Bank, High Hops, Left Hand, and more. Interviews from Walking Stick, Von Ebert, Alesong, and Highland Park at the tail end there. Plenty of coverage on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 10/15/2022

The Show

The Brew Happy Show is a weekly show about beer. Hosted by Damian DeBuiser, he interviews brewers, beer fans, pub owners, and entertainers that all come together because of their love of beer. The show is fun, educational, and, above all, pro-beer. Music pairings, cigar pairings, food pairings, and many other things that go great with beer. Now all they need is you! In the United States, you must be over 21 years old to fully enjoy the fruits of the beer lover's labor. Enjoy and Listen Responsibly.



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