GABF 2022 Part 1

Our trip to GABF 2022 was a huge success! How exciting to see so many new breweries. At McPolanders Brewpub we review and catch up on their recent trip to Greece. Ryan covers the Festival, and Damian recounts his experience, John is just getting started. (Part One) Award winning coverage on this episode of Brew Happy! 

Publish Date: 10/14/2022

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Bottle share at Beer Mongers with our Patreon people and friends. So many familiar faces and brews showed up for this friendly event, and we are happy to invite you to join us. Hear about the latest as well as some of the best brews from the past. Damian brings some dark delights, Ryan has a familiar farmhouse to share, John gets excited about the right stuff, and Bronwyn is glad to catch up with our favorite people. Hear about what we brought down to flavor town on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 11/25/2023

We caught up with Zwickle Ric at his new post at Threshold Brewing. He turns us on to the new Harvest Haiku to bring home and muses about his chosen industry. Damian is concerned for Ecliptic Brewing, John wins a bet, Ryan wants you to stay healthy, and Bronwyn has a laugh or two. Plenty of news and seasonal styles on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 11/19/2023

Another year of recognition for breweries of the North as Washington Beer Awards doles out accolades. Plus we had a birthday boy at our favorite Chuckanut location. Ryan recounts a moving music moment at the Roseland Theater, John bring the peated speyside, Damian misses a dark beer event, Bronwyn enjoys an award winning Kolsch. Plenty of birthday fun and new awards for our friends here on Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 11/9/2023

At Level 1 you can play games, drink Level Beer, and run into your friends. We even livestreamed the beginning on Instagram to show you what a great time you can have, but you have to listen to hear the rest. Damian reports on a wedding, Brownyn is excited about a new spot, John speaks to our NY correspondent, and Ryan remembers a beer. Reaching out from fun places to see Brew Happy faces on this episode!

Publish Date: 11/2/2023

Ben Edmunds joins us again, at the new Beaverton location, to talk about crafting a legacy of teamwork, and breaking into new categories. Bronwyn plays with a barleywine, Ryan learns about a wit beer, John talks about the 5 distinct Scotch regions, Damian enjoys a Black and Tan. Dog friendly, award winning, suburban fun and education at Breakside, on this Brew Happy podcast!

Publish Date: 10/29/2023

The McPolanders are back from their European beercation. Jenn and Jeremy have done some serious field reporting to bring you news from places like Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, as well as other international flavors. Ryan wants to talk about Star Wars, John is off to do some field reporting of his own, Damian explains floor malting, Bronwyn enjoys a rye whiskey. Get into the spirit of learning on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 10/21/2023

Well it's that time of year, when autumnal beers come out to play, and Damian goes to his favorite local pub, on his birthday. Bronwyn drops in with new swag from Labyrinth Forge, Ryan talks toddler, Damian saw angels in San Francisco, and John has new t-shirts from our sponsor. Presents, travels, friendship, and seasonal beers, on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 10/12/2023

Second Profession is first on our list for the month of October, with fresh hops and delicious red lagers to kick off. Catch up with owner Charlie Goman as he opens up about keeping his business thriving through so many changes over the years. Bronwyn is entranced by the plants, Damian has a new favorite beer, John brings a new wine casked treat, and Ryan vouches for the cherry saison. The perfect number of taps for synergy on this episode of Brew Happy!

Publish Date: 10/5/2023

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