Collaboration Thanksgiving

The parade is over! But why should that mean you are forced to interact with family and/or friends? Why not wander off and put in your earbuds and celebrate with your favorite podcast? Oh, because Joe Rogan didn't care enough about you to release a podcast today? That's cool, because we did.

We celebrate this Thanksgiving by talking about three collaboration beers. In the spirit of the holiday, different brewers got together and brought something to the table when they made their beers. This lineup features:

1. Polyjuice Potion - A Magical Elderberry Plum Sour Ale - Brewed by: Central State Brewing and Emporium Chicago
2. Across the Word - Dry Hopped Berliner Style Weisse - Sierra Nevada and Saint Arnold Brewing Company
3. De Kleine Dood - Belgian Inspired Weisenbock - Central Waters and The Local Option Chicago

Be warned - There are Harry Potter spoilers and atrocious puns!

Also, as a service to our friends in law enforcement we do offer some training that just may save your life one day.

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Publish Date: 11/26/2018

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It's a Berliner Weisse extravaganza!

-        Black Acre  Brewing Company – Cherry Ol’ Fritz
-        Untitled Art – Marionberry Berliner Weisse
-        Fountain Square Brewing Cherry Vanilla Berliner Weisse

Publish Date: 8/23/2019

Man oooh man did we have a great time with our friends from Out Here Having a Pint. We decided to get together for a few pints at Deviate Brewing.

Deviate has some of the most robust beers you'll ever experience. Each glass of their beer takes your taste buds on a unique flavor experience that you simply must try. OR, if you're Pete - You take all 14 taps of that experience and ask that it be poured in to one glass. Deviate from the Norm, right?

We also discuss how vaping makes you a badass with friend of the show, Doug.

Mike and Greg knew to steer clear of this episode, but thanks just the same for letting us crash your place for a few hours.


Publish Date: 8/8/2019

We decided to celebrate our 5 year recording anniversary at our most favorite speakeasy, O'Banion's. We sat down with the proprietor, John and talked beer. We also let IndyCar mechanic and pipe maker extraordinaire join in on the fun.

As the weather is heating up, we cooled down with Triton Brewery's Strawberry Golden Ale and Urban Chestnut's Escape Tropical Ale. Tune and and hear all about what we thought!

Publish Date: 7/18/2019

What's more patriotic than celebrating American with your favorite podcasters? Probably lots, but that question was rhetorical, dick!

Fire up the ol' internet radio and light up some sparklers. We're drinking some good old-fashioned, cheap American macro brews to determine which beer is the best "bang for your buck" to watch sky explosions with. We also test Adam and Pete's blind beer tasting identification skills and mix up a special beer concoction that you'll probably want to try at home.

Cheers America! And suck it Britain!

As is tradition now with our celebratory super-special episodes there will be some occasional swearing.

Publish Date: 7/4/2019

You ever wanted to hear Adam make car noises? Ever wondered about Adam's extensive IndyCar knowledge? How about Adam's car knowledge in general? Perhaps Adam's insight in to colors or flavors?

If not, you'll have to suffer through all of the above to hear our review of two new Jarrett Andretti releases from Flat 12 and a popular standby; Hinchtown Hammerdown.


Publish Date: 6/6/2019

If we're being honest, "Comprehensive" is a bit of a stretch. We can promise we have delivered on a solidly mediocre, but approachable "Joe Six Pack" kind of review.

We ran out and purchased the 10-4 Good Buddy collaboration 4 pack. Sun King teamed up with 3 Floyds, Rhinegeist, Austin Beer Works, and Cigar City Brewing. It's been about the best $18.99 we've spent on beer in a long time.

Why not grab your own 4-pack and drink along with us?

Publish Date: 5/24/2019

If you think you're the only one that doesn't understand that title, you're not.

While the weather is finally getting warmer, that doesn't mean that stouts aren't still in season. We've got Night Goat Coffee Stout from The Devil's Trumpet. We follow that one up with a Belgian Chocolate Toffee Vanilla Stout from Octopi Brewing. Then, for good measure we mix the two. The result was tremendous.

Spattered in there, Adam does his best Cardi B impression, we shout out Ant, and due to the ridiculous nature of this entire episode we have decided to offer a discount on our merch!

Publish Date: 5/16/2019

Looking for exciting new beer to sample this weekend? Make sure you hit up Black Acre on Saturday (5/4/19) and Four Day Ray Sunday (5/5/19) to snag one of the most unique and highly rated gose beers our group has ever sampled, Pina Fantasma.  If you're not really sure what a gose is, give this episode a listen. During our on-site recording at Four Day Ray Brewing this time around, we were joined by Hutch of The Pint Cycle and Brian Graham. We were able to have some truly insightful and down to Earth discussion about not only beer styles, but the state of craft beer. 

Be warned - Pete got too lazy to edit this one. Some adult language and humor has made it in to this weeks episode.

Publish Date: 5/2/2019

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