Oh crap, we’re a week late posting this episode. To make it up to you though, we’re going three stouts deep in this episode. Also, we bring back sports questions for Adam.

To kick things off we sample Franken gloop from Books &Brews. It’s a triple chocolate stout, aged in a rye wheat whiskey barrel. It’s part of their Monster Reserve Series.

Keeping it local, we then move to Deer Creek Brewery's Black Mystic Java Stout. Editor’s note: This was last year’s Black Mystic. The year’s release is more “robust.”

And to wind things down a bit, we venture out of state to discuss, Prairie Artisan Ales: No Chill Coffee Milk Stout.

Oh, and if anyone knows and Army recruiter, Adam is “on tape” indicating he wants to enlist. Send us an email!

* Photo Credit: Alyssa B
(abatula on untappd)

Publish Date: 11/8/2018

Recent Episodes

So uh, it's been about a month. We know that you've missed us and we promise to try and stick to our regular upload schedule. Things have been rough with Steve abandoning the show and HIS CREDIT HOURS!

That being said, thank you to our sponsor Books and Brews for seeing us through these trying times and allowing us some Nanceferatu to consume and review.

This then (naturally) leads us to a geography discussion because we then review Truth from Rhinegeist and Adam and Rob can't let a simple mistake die!

We hope you enjoy!

Also - Jet's go ahead and DM us for our mailing address for the sponsorship payment.

Publish Date: 4/4/2019

After our venture out in to pub-lic, we've returned to the studio. The typical shenanigans you've come to expect ensued.

This time around, we talked about a Black Kolsch called, "Sabbath" from Bier Brewery

Our mouths then experienced a taste of the North thanks to friend of the show, Jen P. She smuggled us back some Punxsutawney Philsner from Penn Brewery.

Naturally this led us to a discussion about rodents and lawn mower racing. Also, John Deere - we are in the market for sponsors.

Publish Date: 3/1/2019

What better way to celebrate this totally legitimate holiday than sampling beer at the new, Daredevil Hall at the Ironworks Hotel. If you've never been the Ironworks Hotel is a pretty swanky place off of 86th Street in the Keystone area.

Today they're offering a 3 course beer paired dinner for all of your Valentine's Day Needs. Being the investigative, hard-hitting podcasters that we are - We ventured out last night to preview the grub and brews. Give this episode a listen and then be sure to give Daredevil Hall a call before they're all booked up at 317-757-2888.

Publish Date: 2/14/2019

Yo Yo! To celebrate our new found print fame (We're in the Indianapolis Star today) we're releasing a double Indiana barrel-aged beer episode.

We kick things off with Books and Brews' Shiaclops. We follow that up with Taxman Brewing's Mescal Barrel Exemption.

Because Adam single-handily brought us the fame now bestowed upon us we allow him more bleeps and pauses than we ever have before! If you like, Adam you're sure to love this episode!

Publish Date: 1/27/2019

Happy (almost) New Year! Kick off your 2019 with Adam's rambling about raisins, Rob's peppered vodka, and whatever the hell the resident wine expert, Pete was talking about.

Thanks to Cardinal Spirits, Starlight Distillery and Books and Brews for manufacturing the fine products consumed on this episode.

Publish Date: 12/31/2018

Awoken by the sounds of Santa's reindeer,
Bound down the stairs to see what gift's he brought this year.
When looking under the tree what should you find,
But an mp3 of three dummies imbibed.

Burn 'em, Anchor, and Prairie are reviewed,
As this year a Christmas podcast ensued.

If you promise to listen, share and review,
We will never again make a Christmas poem for you.

Publish Date: 12/25/2018

A salute to our hophead listeners out there! We're going three deep again, but this time they're all IPA's!

We hit up Centerpoint Brewing to grab some of their Blood Orange Session IPA. The citrus notes really shine in this one and it is truly a sessionable beverage.

We venture out of town and sample an offering from Platform Beer Co. out of Ohio. Citra from The Project Series.

We wind things down with an interesting option from Taxman Brewing out of Bargersville. We gave their Bourbon Barrel Hop Collector a shot.

Shenanigans of note: Adam has abandoned joining the Marines and will "settle" for the Navy, we might have accidentally invented a racial slur, we learn the "P" in IPA does NOT stand for "placenta."

Publish Date: 12/13/2018

The parade is over! But why should that mean you are forced to interact with family and/or friends? Why not wander off and put in your earbuds and celebrate with your favorite podcast? Oh, because Joe Rogan didn't care enough about you to release a podcast today? That's cool, because we did.

We celebrate this Thanksgiving by talking about three collaboration beers. In the spirit of the holiday, different brewers got together and brought something to the table when they made their beers. This lineup features:

1. Polyjuice Potion - A Magical Elderberry Plum Sour Ale - Brewed by: Central State Brewing and Emporium Chicago
2. Across the Word - Dry Hopped Berliner Style Weisse - Sierra Nevada and Saint Arnold Brewing Company
3. De Kleine Dood - Belgian Inspired Weisenbock - Central Waters and The Local Option Chicago

Be warned - There are Harry Potter spoilers and atrocious puns!

Also, as a service to our friends in law enforcement we do offer some training that just may save your life one day.

As always, be sure to listen, subscribe, and tell your friends.

If you're looking for some sweet Holiday merch be sure to visit our store here.

Publish Date: 11/26/2018

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