Bonus Episode - West Shore Brewing 1st Anniversary

Two episodes in a week?! We went to West Shore Brewing and met with Owner/ Brewer Josh Dziomba to discuss the upcoming West Fest 1st Anniversary Party they're throwing on July 7th. He let us in on the 4 special beers he has brewed for the occasion, took a look back on the past year and even shed a little light on some future plans he has for beers and more! Event Page: We're now members of the Hopped Up Network! Check it out and enjoy plenty of other wonderful podcasts focused on craft beer just like ours! Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe, Thanks for listening!

Publish Date: 6/29/2018

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Ah, Christmas Time... chopping down trees, spending a ton of money on Amazon, and your local radio station playing Christmas Music the day after Halloween. Brian and Eric got together to talk just about that, that's right, it's a Christmas Music episode! Not just any Christmas Music though, as reformed emo kids they still hold on to those holiday hits they listened to 10-15 years ago. Don't worry, beer is involved too as we drink Founders CBS, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and Keytar Bears, a collaboration between Thin Man Brewery and Aslin Beer Company. Listen to us as we drop that early to mid 2000s Christmas knowledge in the spirit of the holiday! Be sure to rate, review and subscribe where you get your podcasts and follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Thanks for listening!

Publish Date: 12/10/2018

Here's Part 2 of our talk with John from Buffalo Brewing Company! We touch base a bit on Buffalo's East Side history, why he uses dates for his beers as well as Buffalo beer history. We also talk collabs and the Sabres. Troy from Drinking Points is still with us too! Be sure to rate, review and subscribe and follow us on : Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Publish Date: 11/27/2018

It's another two parter for us! Adam and Brian went down to Buffalo Brewing Company to watch some hockey, drink some beers and talk shop with owner, John Domres. This half we touch base on what he has going on the day before Thanksgiving as well as the weekend after. As always with John the conversation gets in depth on aspects of the industry also. Troy from Drinking Points is with us too to add his flavor to the conversation so you know it's going to go a bit off the rails! Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe and follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Publish Date: 11/21/2018

The stars finally aligned and we were able to sit down with Paul, Dave and Josh from Mortalis Brewing Company. Only opening back in August these guys have made quite the impression on the WNY beer scene. We touch base a little bit on what got them to where they are and what the future holds. Stop reading and start listening! Be sure to rate, review and subscribe, as well as follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Publish Date: 11/13/2018

The guys went to 12 Gates Brewing where they sat down with Brewmaster Scott Shuler, Josh Dziomba from West Shore Brewing and their friend Steve, a homebrewer. We try some of Steve's homebrews with Scott and Josh and get a sneak peak at this year's batch of Dissolution, their Oaked Aged Baltic Porter. Josh let's us in on some stuff he's been working on including a Grape Sour IPA that we have a little fun coming up with marketing ideas for. Come for the beers and Mac Sabbath talk, stay for the hot brewer on brewer action! Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe and follow us on : Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Publish Date: 11/7/2018

We're at it again with another collaboration! Brian's brother Shawn and his wife Jen were in town for a family event and what else is a family full of podcasters supposed to do?? They have a podcast called Worst Collection Ever where they review terrible comics so Brian brought some great beer to cancel that out. We drink the Brickyard Brewing Company/ West Shore Brewing Company collab Das Blep as well as the Mikkeller San Diego Freddie Murkury. We read the "wonderful" 90s Marvel comic Darkhold # 5 guest starring Punisher and Ghost Rider. Highlights include: - Ghost Rider is a Facebook Pro - Punisher watched Thriller on The Box - Carrot Top and TJ Miller Zombies - Bruce Wayne Rage - Cannibalism Podcasts Be sure to check out Worst Collection Ever wherever you get your podcasts. Rate, Review and Subscribe! Follow us on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Publish Date: 10/24/2018

It's finally fall beer weather and with that comes the start of hockey season! The guys discuss fall, pumpkin beers, and hit the hockey talk hard. It's an exciting time in Buffalo as the Sabres gear up for a season of high expectations. Beers for the episode include offerings from Dogfish Head, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cigar City and North Coast Brewing. Be sure to follow us on Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!

Publish Date: 10/3/2018

We headed to Village Beer Merchant on Hertel Ave for this episode! while there we discussed Buffalo Beer Week and drank some beers from Fat Head's, Evil Twin, Barrier, Upper Pass and Big Ditch. We were also joined by our friends from Drinking Points for a bit where the conversation takes a turn and goes a bit off the rails but what else is new?? Be sure to go check out Village Beer Merchant at 547 Elmwood Ave or 1535 Hertel Ave in Buffalo, NY and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Faceook! Find us on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!

Publish Date: 9/27/2018

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