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They are four guys from Indiana that love to drink beer and geek out. Each week they discuss some geeky topic and review a few beers. They typically drink one “IN” beer (a beer from Indiana) and one “OUT” beer (a beer from somewhere else). They also sample a “Strange Brew” to try to guess what it is and decide if they will keep it “IN” the fridge or pour it “OUT.” And as if that isn’t enough they even do “Lite” episodes from time to time where one or two of the guys can really GeekOUT on a topic.



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Episode 63 – Deadpool

This week we finally get around to talking about Deadpool. We begin with a little background information on the character, then we jump into all of his movie appearances. Everything from his laughable (in a bad way) role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine to his on film series, Deadpool 1 & 2. Dustin also tells us about all of the easter eggs we missed in the most recent movie. Then we review three beers from Clown Shoes Beer.


    Clown Shoes – Undead Party Crasher Clown Shoes – Space Cake Clown Shoes – Black Currant Saison


This week Keith and Saf discuss one of their favorite shows, Better Call Saul. They run through the premise of the show and talk about the main characters. Then they talk about the main plot points from the first three seasons and try to predict what might happen in season 4. They also drink a couple of beers and talk about them.


    IN Beer: Sun King – Pachanga OUT Beer: Neshaminy Creek Brewing – JAWN


This week Dustin takes a dive in the archive to find this almost lost episode on Psych season 3 and 4 that him and his wife Allison recorded some time ago.  The episode dives into each episode and what makes them great: the cast, the jokes, the love.

Don’t worry about the show format, this beauty we recorded before we set up our guidelines!


Beers: (cider)

    OUT Beer (Cider): Ace Cider – Pineapple Cider


Saf and Keith are back to talk about video game music and this time they cover the SNES classic, Super Mario Kart. They talk about 39 audio tracks and and reminisce about the game. They also review an IN beer from 450 North and an OUT beer from New Holland. What game should they cover next?


    IN Beer: 450 North – Pixel Bomb OUT Beer: New Holland – Hoptronix


Get ready for a full spoiler discussion of the latest Avengers movie. We run through the entire plot, giving our thoughts our thoughts along the way. We also did an Avengers dead pool and we see whose predictions came closest. And Dustin schools us on the Black Order. Then we drink four beers!



    Bare Hands Brewery – Brown Ale Brew Link Brewing – Nuttercup


    Against The Grain – 35K Stout Beer Surly Brewing – Coffee Bender


This week we announce our picks for the 2nd annual Summer Movie Wager. We each attempt to predict what the top 10 movies released between 05/1/2018-09/03/2018 will be, while Dustin also tries to redeem himself after last years humiliating loss. You can follow along with our picks all summer long and make your own predictions at the following link: We also review four beers, two IN and two OUT.



    18th Street Brewery – Psychedelic Lines Brew Link Brewing – Insert Hop Reference


    Against The Grain – Citra Ass Down Surly Brewing – Xtra-Citra


Last week we had 2 winners and 2 losers, so now we have to decide which team is the best and which is the worst. We also continue to clean OUT the fridge with more OUT Beers and another very special Brewhaha.

OUT Beers:

    Urban Chestnut Brewing Company: Winged Nut Ellison: Citra Evolution

Brewhaha (Lager Brawl)

    UCBC: Urban Underdog Ellison: American Lager


Now that we have picked our teams let the battle begin! This episode we will debate Team Saf vs Team Dustin and Team Keith vs Team Pail. The winners will go on to battle each other next episode as will the losers. We also continue to clean OUT the fridge with more OUT Beers and a very special Brewhaha.

OUT Beers:

    Bear republic brewing: Racer 5 IPA Mikkeller: Wit Fit

Brewhaha (Minneapolis Melee)

    56 Brewing: Nose Hair Bender vs. Fulton Brewing: Sweet Child of Vine


In honor of the Avengers Infinity War in theaters April 27th and the NFL Draft (April 26-28) over the next few episode we will be holding our own Avengers Draft and determine who has the best Avengers team. We have created a spreadsheet of 30 heroes and rated them based on Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Durability, Power, and Fighting Ability. And we will each draft 5 heroes to try and build the best team.

Then in the beer segment we are doing a little “Spring Cleaning OUT the Fridge” and we will have all OUT beers.

OUT Beers:

Lawson’s Finest Liquids: Sip of Sunshine

Tree House Brewing: Julius

4 Hands: Chocolate Milk Stout


Pail goes solo this week with the help from his wife, Kayla. They discuss everything you need to know about Game of Thrones season 2 including a season overview of the plot, new characters, top 5 favorite moments, and a fun quiz that Kayla was definitely not expecting. We finish up the show with a beer from Fort Wayne, IN and a Game of Thrones themed beer from New York.

IN – Hop River Brewing Co: Midnight Retreat
OUT – Brewery Ommegang: Game of Thrones: Winter is Here


This week on the podcast we speculate about a couple of the upcoming movies in the MCU. First we talk about Avengers Infinity War and what we expect based on the previous movies and what we have seen in the trailers. Then we talk about Ant Man and the Wasp and what we expect based in some previous movies and the trailers. Finally we finish up our Guinness beer mixes reviews with Half & Half, Chocolate Covered Cherries and Black & Garnet.


The week we talk about the creation of the Marvel character Black Panther, including his first appearance and the original back story. We also discuss the movie without trying to spoil too much. Then we continue with the Guinness mixes from last week. The mixes this week include Black & Tan, Black Hearted and the Chicago Black & Tan.


On this episode the guys finally get around to discussing Thor. They talk about the creation, some of the character history and review Thor Ragnarok. Then in the beer segment they do something a little different by mixing Guinness to make some new brews. They try four special mixes Black & Blue, Black Castle, Blacksmith and the Philadelphia Black and Tan. Tune in to find out what they are and let us know what your favorite beer mix is on Twitter.


On this episode we geek out on 450 North Brewing out of Columbus, IN. We talk about their brewery, restaurant, and their annual Corn Maze Beer Fest. We also discuss Simmons Winery and Gnarly Grove hard cidery which are both located at 450 North. Then we review many of their beers, most of which are part of their coveted Nuggets line.

Fruity Nuggets
Juicy Nuggets
Powdered Nuggets
Super Nugget Bros
Fresh Froot


On this episode Keith, Pail, Saf and special guest Bob talk about the Netflix original series Ozark. They discuss the plot at length as well as the characters and some of their expectations for season 2. Then in the beer portion they talk about the grand opening of Hop River, which they all attended, and the beers they tried their. They also review an “Out” beer and try to guess the “Strange Brew.”

IN – Hop River
OUT – F.X. Matt Brewing Company: Mississippi Mud Black & Tan
Strange – Coney Island: Hard Orange Cream Ale


This week we wrap up our Olympics coverage with the conclusion of the Winter Beer and Geek Olympics. The sports our geek teams compete in this time are Speed Skating, Alpine Skiing, Figure skating, Ski Jump and Snowboarding. We reveal the final medal totals and announce the winning team of the Winter Geek Olympics. Then for the WInter Beer Olympics we have the wildcard round, which features the beer that stood out to us.

Mad Anthony – Blueberry Wheat
Upland – Latitude Adjustment
Danny Boy – Scotch Ale


Our Olympics coverage continues this week with part 2 of the Winter Beer and Geek Olympics. During the Winter Geek Olympics the teams compete in Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton, Cross-Country Skiing, Biathlon and Nordic Combined. As for the Winter Beer Olympics we review the porter/stouts and determine who deserves the gold.

Mad Anthony – Jonesing for Java
Upland – Bad Elmer’s Porter
Danny Boy – Church


In celebration of the Winter Olympics we have created our own Olympic Games, which will unravel over the next three weeks. On the geek half of the show we imagine what the Olympics would look like if they existed in the Marvel Universe, in what we call the Winter Geek Olympics. We debate which characters would best handle each event and what team would take home the most medals. Then on the drinking half we chose three breweries to battle in three different styles and determine who deserves the gold in the Winter Beer Olympics. This week we discuss curling and hockey and review the pales.

Upland – Dragonfly IPA
Mad Anthony – Mosaic Moon
Danny Boy – Rock N Rolla


On this episode Keith and Saf are left to discuss Disney buying Fox. They cover the main aspects of the deal and what that might mean for the industry going forward. They also look at major franchises Disney will end up with after this deal officially goes through. Finally, after the geek talk they review three beers.

IN: 18th Street – The Fox and the Hunted
Out: Troegs – Blizzard of Hops
Strange: Blue Moon – Cinnamon Horchata


We gave you over a month to see the newest Star Wars and now we are going to share our thoughts. We do a full spoiler discussion of the plot which includes are favorite moments, things that disappointed us and some ideas about what will happen next. Then we round out the episode with a few brew reviews.


    IN: Warpigs – Foggy Geezer OUT: Warpigs – Lazurite Strange: Tallgrass – Strawberry Shortcake


On this episode Saf flies the ship solo and provides a ton of information on Marvel’s The Punisher. Listen in if you have ever been curious about the creation of the character or want to hear Saf’s thoughts on the previous movies. He also reviews The Punisher series from Netflix with some spoilers so beware if you haven’t watched it yet. Then he wraps up the show with a couple beer reviews.


    IN: Bloomington Brewing Co – 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat OUT: Iron Line Brewing – Vine Street Junction IPA


On this episode the full crew takes a look into the future to discuss some of the movies and TV shows they are looking forward to in 2018. Saf runs through the release calendar and tries to cover all of the big movies coming to a theater near you. Finally, as always the guys end the show with three beer reviews.


    IN: Central State – Oatsplosion OUT: Homebrew IPA Strange: Zima


On this episode the crew reunites to take a look back at 2017 and discuss some of the things they like and dislike. They begin with the movies from last years 2017 Preview episode to see if there expectations match up. Then they take a look at the box office numbers both domestically and worldwide to see who came out on top. Saf runs down the highest rated TV shows, IGN’s Game of the Year and Billboard’s top 10 songs. And the guys share some shows they enjoyed from last year. Finally they wrap up the show by reviewing three beers.


    IN: 18th Street – Candi Crushable OUT: Revolution – Fistmas Strange: 450 North – Dank Candy: Sticky Bubblegum


This week on the podcast Saf enjoys a beer and gives a “state of the podcast” update. He explains why there have been so many Lite episodes lately and teases some of the upcoming full episodes that are in the works for the new year. Then he reviews the Palisades Pineapple from Golden Road Brewing and shares a review of Sip ‘N Citrus from Summit City Brewerks he recorded with Keith a few months ago.

In preparation for X-mas Allison takes control and gives an X-traodinary run down of X-Files in its entirety.  She even gives insight and X-pectations for the new season set to come out.  After that Dustin jumped back into the fray with a X-cellent cider (Zombie Killer) from B. Nektar.


Keith and Saf are back behind the mics and this time Keith is educating Saf on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. They talk about what the series is and Keith breaks down the story of the first nine main games. Then they review another beer from 3Floyd’s the Canus Invertus.


Dustin and Allison decided to celebrate Dustin turning 30 by traveling around Indianapolis hitting up a few different breweries. These are their tales…. well enough law and order intro. Volume 3 is their second stop at Union Brewing Company in carmel. They also just finished season one of Vikings and they are here to talk about it! Please check it out.


This week Keith and Saf talk about the critically acclaimed AMC series, Breaking Bad. They discuss some of the main characters and read through a list of interesting trivia. Then they end the show by reviewing Breaking Bud from Knee Deep Brewing.


Dustin and Allison decided to celebrate Dustin turning 30 by traveling around Indianapolis hitting up a few different breweries. These are their tales…. well enough law and order intro. Volume 2 is their first stop at Beir Brewery. They also decided to check out the eclipse that just so happened the day of recording! Please check it out.


This week the group discusses some recent movie trailers before Dustin and Pail have to run. Then Keith and Saf talk about a recent visit to Laotto Brewing where they attended a Stranger Things premiere party and tried 4 new beers. They also review an “out” beer and a “strange brew” to fill out the show.




To celebrate the season and close out the month of October we finally get the gang back together to review a sundry of Oktoberfest beers. The brews come from BirdBoy, People’s, Sun King and Three Floyd’s which are all Indiana breweries, thus the title INtoberfest. We also begin the episode by finally revealing the results from our Summer Movie Wager. Congratulations to our winner, listen to find out who it is (hint: it’s not Dustin).


Keith and Saf are back to talk about video game music once again. Continuing the spooky theme this month they talk about the ghost theme from 13 Mario games. They compare similar tracks and give their thoughts. They also provide a little information about the composers. To finish up the episode they review two spooky beers; Sam Adams 20 Pounds of Pumpkin and Victory’s Hop Devil.


Dustin explores (virtually) the top 10 most haunted places in Indiana. We say virtually because he is too chicken to actually go there himself. He has a Black Fang mead with him from B. Nektar, from Detroit MI. Hopefully, this inspires you all to check these places out and let us know what you think and feel! I know Dustin will not be joining you!


Join Pail and Kayla as they discuss the new It movie while attempting not to wake Logan. They do some comparisons to the original miniseries and review the movie as whole. Pail drinks and reviews a New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin and now that Kayla is no longer pregnant she can finally try a Redd’s Wicked Mango.


The month of October is known to be spooky and scary so to kick things off Saf and Sara return to talk about season 2 of Buffy. On Lite 13 in June they covered season 1 and now they are back to talk about every episode from season 2. They break down the season, sharing a few of their favorite quotes and a couple fun facts. Saf also enjoys a Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Ale & Spirits.


On this action packed episode we discuss all of the Marvel Netflix Series which includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders. We talk about the things we like and dislike, and we rank our favorites by season. Then after Dustin leaves us we finally get to drink some beer and talk about it.

IN Beer – 450 North: Dank Candy Gummy Haze
Out Beer – Bell’s: Quinannan Falls
Strange Brew – Perrin Brewing: Blackberry IPA


This week on the podcast we do something a little different, when we GeekOUT about a brewery instead of our typical geeky topics. We focus all of our energy on 3 Floyds Brewing Co. out of Munster, IN. We talk a little bit about their history, the brewpub, their beers, the Alpha King comic book and Dark Lord Day. We also try three 3 Floyds beers: Gorch Fock, Floyd Division: India Pale Ale II and Necron 99.


On another Lite episode Saf, Keith and Sara (Confection Confessions) have a blast talking about The Fast and the Furious franchise. They rundown the complete series and talk favorite moments and quotes. They also review the newest movie, Fate of the Furious. Of course Keith and Saf had to drink Coronas, but they also review Sunset Coffee from Golden Road Brewing.


The whole gang is finally back together and they begin by catching up a little bit before getting into some recent news stories. Number one: the Obi-Wan spinoff movie, number two: Daniel Craig returning to James Bond and number three: the Joker origin movie. Then they get to reviewing the beer:

IN Beer: The Barrel Project – Unspoken Origins
Out Beer: Dark Horse – Thirsty Trout
Strange Brew: One Well Brewing – Xalapa


On this Lite episode Dustin and Allison relive seasons 1 and 2 of the TV show Psych. They briefly go through the first 31 episodes and give their thoughts. Also since you can’t have Psych without pineapples they try a pineapple cider from Cider Boys called Pineapple Hula.


Keith and Saf get back together to talk about The Legend of Zelda once again. This time they talk about the music and sound effects used throughout the series. They compare tracks from game to game and drink a Moon Man from New Glarus Brewing Co.


The Wolf’s are back to talk about their trip to hollywood FL to visit the Hollywood Brewing Co. right off the beach. Allison and Dustin started off their honeymoon with a super long flight of 11 beers from the brewery! Check it out to see what they thought!


Once again Keith and Saf are keeping the podcast going while Dustin
and Pail deal with life. This time they discuss stuff from Comic Con
including Marvel Studios, Superhero TV Shows, Warner Bros., HBO,
Netflix, AMC, Star Trek: Discovery, Horror and Everything Else. They
also finish of the remaining two beers in the “League of Heroes” pack
from Revolution Brewing.

Revolution Brewing – Tropic-Hero
Revolution Brewing – Amarillo-Hero

his week on an understaffed episode of the podcast Keith and Saf hold down the Fort while Dustin is moving and Pail is becoming a father. They discuss everything from the D23 Expo including Pixar, Disney Animation, Disney Live-Action, Star Wars, Marvel and Disney Theme Parks. They also drink two beers from the “League of Heroes” pack out of Revolution Brewing.
Revolution Brewing – Anti-Hero
Revolution Brewing – Crystal-Hero


Join Pail and Kayla as they discuss season one of Game of Thrones. They go into some serious detail so if you haven’t watched the show beware of spoilers. Then Pail reviews Dragons Milk from New Holland Brewing, while Kayla drink Welch’s Mocktail Sangria since she is pregnant.


The podcast is one year old today and we are celebrating with an extra long episode! We begin by taking a look back at all the beer we have consumed and talk about it again. We also talk about the birth of the podcast and some of our favorite memories from the show. Then we look towards the future of the podcast and talk about some of our hopes and dreams. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know!

Redemption – People’s: Mr. Brown
IN – 3 Floyd’s: Space Station Middle Finger
OUT – Leinenkugel’s: Anniversary Ale
Strange Brew – Saugatuck’s: Blueberry Maple Stout


On another collaboration episode between DrinkIN GeekOUT and Confection Confessions Dustin and Allison talk about the pirates movies and drink pirate beers.


The boys are back to talk about more E3 news and this time they cover Xbox and Nintendo. Keith also shares a bit of information from one of his favorite series of games.


    IN – Deer Creek: Cork County OUT – Kona: Castaway Strange – Southern Tier: Thick Mint


This week we do a quick update on how the Summer Movie Wager is going so far. We find out who is on top and what we might expect with the rest of the movies to come. Then Pail regales us with all the PlayStation news from E3. E3 or the Electronic Entertainment Expo is the premier event for gaming fans all around the world.


    IN – Taxman: La Maison OUT – Cellar Dwellers: Jeremiah Morrow Stranger – Tin Man: Damascene Apricot Sour


For our first crossover episode between DrinkIN GeekOUT and Confection Confessions your hosts Saf and Sara go deep on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season One. They talk about their background with the series and how much they love Joss Whedon. They also introduce the cast and breakdown all 12 episodes of the first season. If you haven’t watched Buffy yet you will probably want to do that before listening. Also what are you waiting for? It’s great!! They end the show by reviewing Founders Rubaeus and a chocolate heart from Sweet So Geek.


On this Lite episode Keith and Pail talk about the FX show Legion. There are spoilers for the 1st season so listen at your own risk. They also review Fat Head’s Brewery Head Hunter IPA.


On this episode we talk about the Alien movie franchise. Then Saf goes down the list of his favorite Aliens on TV and movies. We also talk about the new Star Trek Discovery teaser. Finally we drink some beer and Pail debutes a new segment called “I Remember My First beer.”

    IN – Brew Link: Ivory Stout OUT – Schmaltz Brewing: Klingon Imperial Porter Strange – Rhinelander Brewing Company: Chocolate Bunny Stout


On this episode we talk about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and finally review Vol. 2. We discuss some of our favorite moments and provide some insight on the post credit scenes and what they might mean moving forward. Then we wrap of the show by reviewing some space themed beers


    IN – Birdboy: Canine Cosmonaut OUT – Revolution: Galaxy Hero Strange Redemption – Short’s: Space Rocket


On this very special episode we brew beer and talk about it. DrinkIN GeekOUT teams up with BirdBoy Brewing to make a red IPA. Throughout the process we stopped a few time to record our thoughts and at the end we even get to review the beer. If you are in the Fort Wayne be sure to stop in to BirdBoy Brewing on Collins Rd or look for them on the menu at your favorite restaurant/bar.


In this Lite episode Saf talks to himself about Iron Fist. He provides some history of the character and reviews the Netflix series (beware of spoilers). He also drinks New Holland: Mad Hatter and talks about it. Note: There is a slight buzzing noise coming from the computer fan throughout the episode, hopefully that is not too distracting.


In honor of this weeks release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 we rank the Marvel movies and come up with DrinkIN GeekOUT’s official ranking. We also talk about a news story featuring Anheuser-Busch giving away free beer to people on the streets.


    IN – Mad Anthony: Anniversary Ale OUT – Greenbush: Anger IPA Strange – Provided by Saf


In this episode Dustin shares a news story about a collaboration between Target and Mario Kart. We also begin our Summer Movie Wager, check out our picks on all of our social media and the scoring is below. You can also follow along with our picks this summer, here. As far as beer goes we drink:

    IN – 450 North: Copperhead Amber Ale OUT – Nebraska: India Pale Ale Strange Brew – provided by Keith

Summer Movie Wager Scoring: Getting number 1 or number 10 dead-on gets you 13 points (each). The rest of the scoring goes like this: 10 points for numbers 2-9 dead-on 7 points if your pick was only one spot away from where it ended up 5 points if it was two spots away 3 points if your pick is anywhere in the Top 10 1 point for each dark horse that makes it into the Top 10 The scoring is tabulated so that you get the SINGLE HIGHEST point value for each pick- that is, if you get number ten right, you don’t get 13+3, you only get 13.


Dustin traveled to Carrollton GA to visit his friends, while there he interviewed Matt about his job and past drinking experiences. They also drink Georgia’s own Creature Comfort’s Tropicalia while playing Rocket League. Check it out!


On this episode we are down to the last two beers and we determine the winner. Will it be 3Floyd’s Gumballhead or Atwater’s Decadent Dark Chocolate? We also compare our brackets and decide which beer was the worst of the bunch. Then to keep the show geeky we share information about our favorite X-Men characters.


After the diversion last week March Madness is back on track and we have your final foul for real this time. We also share some interesting March Madness trivia. And between match-ups we are going to try to make sense of the convoluted X-Men timeline.


As an April Fools treat the wives take over the show to talk about soda and chocolate. The show begins with some soda news. Then the girls talk about the Justice League trailer, Beauty and the Beast and John Wick. The IN soda is a cola from Antiqology and the OUT is Red Ribbons Cherry Soda. They also have IN chocolate from Debrand and OUT from Ghirardelli. As always they end the show with a Strange Brew, and this time they try two weird sodas.


Round 1 continues with the Dark and Brown Conferences. We also give you a little more March Madness history. Then we talk about the X-Men franchise and rank the movies in order to determine DrinkIN GeekOUT’s official ranking.


The competition is finally under way and it is fierce. In this episode we describe what March Madness is and start our first round of beers. This week are the ale and wheat conferences. Also between rounds we talk about Logan (beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet). If you don’t understand what we are doing, go back and listen to the last Lite Episode for details.


In this brief episode we introduce the concept of our March Madness Brewhaha along with a special guest. We also breakdown the brackets and beers that we will be consuming over the next few episodes. Thank you Bob for assisting us on this episode.


In this extra long Lite Episode Saf and Keith get together and talk about a little game franchise called The Legend of Zelda. They start out discussing each game as it was released, then the go in deep on the official timeline. The wrap up the episode by discussing Blue Moon’s White IPA in honor of that creepy moon from Majora’s Mask.


In this episode we have a news story about a Walmart beer and do a quick Marvel update. Then we drink Carson’s Brewery’s Brown Cow for our IN beer and Payette Brewing’s Pistolero Porter for our OUT beer. Then we get back to our roots with a Strange Brew.


On this episode we start with a little beer news, one about beer and yoga and another about an Oreo beer. Then we talk about some recent news in the DC Entertainment Universe. In the beer section we try Evil Czech Vanilla Rye Porter and Arcadia Ales IPA. Then instead of a strange brew we have a donated brew, the Pinkus Hefe-Weizen. An enormous thank you to Alex for the beer.


In this Lite Episode Pail takes a trip to Triton Brewing and does a little on site review. He also drinks and reviews the Milk Man Milk Stout from Confluence Brewing.


In this very special episode we invite our first guest to the show. Ben Thompson founder and head brewer of BirdBoy Brewing talks to us about beer and how he got started. He also shares with us two of his recent brews, the Stovepipe Lager and the Old Crown Coffee Porter. Then we try Hop For Teacher from Fountain Square Brewing (IN) and the Cardinal Pale Ale from Nebraska Brewing (OUT), with some adding insight from a pro. As always we end the show with another Strange Brew.

For more information on BirdBoy Brewing you can find them on Facebook or on the website. You can also visit the brewery at 210 E Collins Rd Fort Wayne, Indiana on Friday and Saturday nights from 5-9 PM and talk to Ben yourself or get some samples, a pint or a growler fill. Check the map for a full list of tap locations and be on the lookout for bottles in Fort Wayne liquor stores.


In this episode Pail shares a quick news story about paring girl scout cookies with beer. Then we tell you everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch and talk about our favorite Nintendo games of all time. Then for the IN beer we try TaxMan Brewing’s Deduction and the OUT beer is 8-bit Pale Ale from Tallgrass Brewing Company. Finally we end the show with a Strange Brew and the guys try to guess the flavor. We also reveal a surprise coming up on next week’s show that you are not going to want to miss.


In this Lite episode Dustin talks about the lovely Sherlock Holmes (no spoilers) and enjoys an English beer, the Double Chocolate Stout from Wells and Young Ltd.


In this episode we discuss some of the most anticipated movies and TV shows of 2017. We also drink Hinchtown Hammer Down and Overrated IPA. We also try a brand new Strange Brew.


On this episode we take a look back at the year that was and discuss movies, TV shows and more from 2016. Then for our IN beer we try Old Stolen Bicycle from Birdboy Brewing and the OUT beer is Red Tail Amber Ale from Mendocino Brewing. Finally we end the show with a Strange Brew.

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